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The Scandinavian Normans were peaceful and smart merchants with all the Antes peoples of Eastern Europe. Suddenly, in 750 AD the Turkic Khazars invaded all of Ukraine and Poland from their colony Turkic Mongolian colony in North Caucasus.

The Turkic Khazars went west to invade and seize Eastern Europe immediately after their agreement with Turkic Abbasids to make Ashkenazi Western Jews. The Abbasids took some of them to settle in the Umayyad Amorite colony in southern Ugarit, and that was the first appearance of Zionism.

After the fall of Ukraine and Poland, the Antes groups of East European withdrew, gathered, and strengthened their protection by forming an alliance, the Great Moravian State (833-907 AD). Great Moravia protected the Antes of Eastern Europe, whom the term Slavs referred to as slavery, for some time and protected Scandinavia from the Khazars and their Magyars branch.

Nevertheless, the Khazars continued to attack the Balkans and the Norman Scandinavian coasts. The battles resulted in great losses among the Normans.

It is certain to me that the Turkic Khazar gangs formed the Viking pirate gangs and used the expertise and resources of the Normans to create their pirate fleets and campaigns. The peak period of Viking pirate gang activity (793-1066AD) followed the Collapse of Great Moravian (833-907AD)

Only after the collapse of Great Moravia did the Turkic Khazars who became Ashkenazi Jews launch extensive land raids into all of Europe after the formation of the Magyar gangs, and in the seas through the formation of the Vikings. Using the expertise and resources of Norman Scandinavians the Viking were able to conquest the seas. The coasts of Western Europe, especially England and France, fell into the hands of the Vikings Turkic Mongolian Khazars who were the Ashkenazi Jews.

Norman Scandinavians, in fact, did not make Viking pirate gangs. However, the Turkic Mongolian Khazars Vikings included many Norman Scandinavian elements. Historians believed and misled the world by saying that the Viking pirates were of European Scandinavian origin.

The Ashkenazi Vikings were Turkic Mongolians more than they were Norman Scandinavians.

In addition, what happened to the Scandinavians using the expertise and resources of a trading nation operating in the seas in piracy had happened before in 1200 BC.

Where the Hebrew Hyksos invaded and colonized Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and formed the Phoenician colony of piracy that destroyed the entire coasts and islands of the Mediterranean and overthrew the countries and civilizations of the Aegean Sea.

Hebrew Phoenicia established the colonies of Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily, and their raids reached the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean became the White Sea because the Amorite-Turkic pirates of the Hyksos, who controlled all the coasts, were white in complexion.

Gangs of the Turkic Khazars had previously participated in the Phoenician-Hebrew gangs from their colony of Carthage in the conquest and settlement of Italy and the establishment of the settlement of the village of Rome in 753 BC, from which the Romans appeared. Therefore, saying that the Romans and the Vatican are not Europeans and that they are partners with the Turks, the Persians, and the Hebrews, the Eastern Jews, is a sound saying with certainty and the evidence.


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  1. El Pacofrancisco CorderoyÁlvarez said:

    Hey Tarig hola from Spain again

    Vladimir 🇷🇺 & Volodimir 🇺🇦 are both KHAZARS 🔯

    Putin is a Khazar Prince

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