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The Creator and the Universe, aka Existence, is one and omnipotence. Life in the Universe goes in countless successive cycles and each cycle is tens of thousands of years. However, life in each cycle run in several parallel separated worlds knowing or feeling about each other because they have different frequencies, vibrations and energies. Only those chosen by God for a reason can cross from one realm to another.

The Universe have a basic first law setting the general rules of life for all creatures in all cycles and worlds towards the Creator and each other. Life in each region in Earth start with a single creature for each specie sprouting from soil and water of the region. Forms of life in each region have different first fathers from other regions. Each specie on Earth have regional sub-species. Humans any other forms are multiple species and have different first father and beginning but all sprouted from their lands and water.

The Universe basic first law of life for all creatures towards the Creator and each other pre-existed Creation and it is THE RELIGION. It is universal, eternal and one. When nations go stray and do evil God send them teacher/s with verbal or written scriptures. Teachings are not religions but they are local guidance for specific nations in their languages. No set of teachings is for export or import because every nation receive their own teachings in their own language and for their own case just like medical prescriptions.

Since 4000 BC Amorite nomads of the deserts of Levant kept attacking the surrounding nations and civilizations of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arab states of Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha (Iraq, Syria, Mediterranean eastern coast, Arabia). The Amorites lived on raiding trade routes linking nations.

Around Altai Mountains, in East Asia, nomads discovered riding horses for raiding in 3500 BC. These Turkic Mongolian gangs started in 2500 BC raiding westwards in rapid massive scale. Many civilized nations and stated defeated and succumbed. Turkic Mongolian gangs reached the Amorite gangs and allied with them. Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Sumer (2334 – 2154 BC) and were the Akkadians

In 2166 BC, in Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, Abraham was born (died at 175) and his people were dependent on dromedary camels not available except in Punt. In 2006BC, Jacob was born (died 147 in 1859 BC) and the start of his Israelites descendants.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC) known as the Hyksos in Kmt. They branched into Hebrews raiding Ugarit, Mitanni raiding Ebla, Kassites raiding Sumer and Mukarribs raiding the Arabs. They kept controlling trade routes.

In Punt, injustices between Israelites and a heathen ruler near Lake Tana/ Tsana (Blue Nile source) erupted. Moses was born, instructed and then led the Exodus of Israelites. Moses received the Ten Commandments and the genuine Torah on Simien Mountains in 1446 BC.

The news of a new Devine message and rich Israelites reached Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs in southern and western Arabia and other Turkic Mongolian-Amorite ex-Hyksos gangs. In 1200 BC, the Mukarribs Hyksos made D’mt colony in Eritrea today to raid, enslave and loot all Punt peoples including the Israelites.

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel. In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit


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