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Invalidating the Amorites allegations of being Arabs, and their Arabized colonies are Arab

Historical, Political and Religious Awareness is Inevitably Coming

Arabized peoples and the real Arabs in the Arabia will realize that the Amorite groups impostering as Arabs are Bedouins of the Levant, and among them came the Hebrews who established the first Jewish entity in 600 BC by occupying southern Ugarit.

The partners of the Amorites are the Turkic Mongolian Bedouin groups from East Asia and among them came the Ashkenazim, who appeared and took control of the Jewish entity since 740 AD.

The Levant Amorites and the Turkic Mongolians both are dangerous and in an alliance, that threatens the whole world, and they are not the children of Israel

The World will know that the so-called Islam invented by Amorite Umayyad and the so-called Islam invented by Turkic Mongolian Abbasid prevalent today both are frauds.

These two fake claims have nothing at all with faith but they are colonial terrorist paganism and both have no relationship or amity with the teachings of Mohammed, the Arabs, and the peoples of the region, and with all heavenly national messages leading to the One Religion called in Arabic Islam

Certainly, the world will know that the teachings of Mohammed for Arabs had died completely when it was only fifty years old. It died just as the messages of Jesus, Moses and the rest of the messengers died.

The World will know that there was never any international messenger and international teachings however the One Religion is Universal and not only international.


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