Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

1. Europeans are not the Westerners. However, Asiatic settlers are the Westerners and they abandon any law.

2. The Teachings of Mohamed are only for Arabs in Arabia only; there is no international teachings

3. Each and every nation since their creation received their own teachings in their language, by a messenger from them and fit to their life.

4. The Teachings of Mohamed, Jesus and Moses are not Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

5. The Hyksos Amorites and Turkic invaders created Umayyad and Abbasid fake versions of the Teachings of Mohamed for colonial purposes and called them “Islam” of Sunni, Shiite, Sufi and other sects

6. Anybody does not point clearly that the Levant Amorites are the Hebrew Jews and the Umayyads and are not Arabs and are against the Arabs and against the teachings of Mohamed and against the nations of the region and the World is cheating

7. Anybody does not point clearly that the Asiatic Turkic Mongolians like westerners are the Zionist Jews and Abbasids and they are not Israelites and are against the Israelites and against the teachings of Moses and Jesus and against the nations of the region and the World is cheating

8. Each and every nation must live by their own God given teachings, and the teachings are not religions, and they are not for import or export.

9. The Universe has only One Eternal Religion with uncountable number of unique teachings.

10. No one is supposed to look, or dress, or speak, or named, or behave like foreigners, and preach foreign teachings to impose strange code of living.

The One Eternal Universal Religion its name is Islam. There are countless number of nations and languages. Each nation has its own set of teachings, God sent to each of them one messenger. All sets of teachings are nameless. All holy books guided to The One Religion and do not name the teachings to avoid considering them religions competing or impersonating the One Religion. Obviously, each messenge is identified by the name of the messenger. Therefore, I personally call them such as Muhammadanity, Jesusianity or Mosesianity; but not the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos allegations of religions of islam, christianity or judaism.

The Arabs are a single nation composed of the ancient indigenous inhabitants of Arabia south of 29-degree North parallel. They are three major groups 1. Dilmun in the center and the east; 2. Magan in the west and 3. Meluhha in the south. Magan and Meluhha Arabs are close relatives and partners with Punt Lands, Kmt and Kerma. Dilmun Arabs are close relatives and partners with Sumer and ancient Iranians

Upon the death of the Prophet, the Arabs refused to let the state of Zakat be in the hands of the rulers of Yathrib, due to the strong influence of Amorites and Turkic Mongols in it. The Amorites and the Turkic Mongols declared war against the Arabs claiming that this was an apostasy and a fight against the message.

The Umayyads were Amorite from Levant. The Abbasids and Ottomans were Turkic Mongolians from East Asia. Both the Amorite Umayyads and the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids are descendants of the Hyksos not Arabs. They were against the Arabs and the nations of the region; and they were against the teachings of Mohamed, Jesus and Moses and all other heavenly messages of nations


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