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The Greeks made the word Copt to avoid using the new Babylonian term of Misr when they imposed the word Misr on Kmt in 343 BC, after they had invented the word Misr in 580 BC within the Talmud.

Originally, Copts pointed to only the citizens of Greek origin, and not the entire population of Kmt.

Moreover, the origin of the term Copt is from what the Greeks meant the land of Ptah as Ekptous, which the Romans pronounced Ekpet that became Egypt is also from the Greek Copt

The people of Kmt mean all the original indigenous inhabitants north of the island of Philae in the old 22 provinces/ nomes, namely Upper Egypt, plus the 20 provinces that King Menes added to them by the organization of for the newly formed lands in the northern swamps/ the Delta in 3150 BC after he expelled Amorite infiltrators.

In addition to the 42 nomes, Kmt encompassed the population and lands of the oases and the western and eastern deserts, including Sinai

It is not true that the name of the ancient people and land of Kmt is Copts, which is a Greek term. The term Misr is a modern Babylonian Hyksosian term and is not related to the land and the people of civilization and history

Therefore, even the term of the ancient Egyptians is not accurate and misleading, and it is more correct to replace it with the term Kmtian and Kmt civilization

Kmt Geographic Media is Coming

Soon an international credible research institution will be established. The archeological evidences of the real Israelites, Israel and Jerusalem in Punt Lands will be discovered.

All the allegations of the Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos made and propagated since the Babylonian Talmud made in 580 BC will collapse.

The world must know for sure that the Hebrew Jews are Amorites Syrian like the Umayyads; the Zionist Khazars Jews are Turkic Mongolians of East Asia like the Abbasids; and Both are Hyksos


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