Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Putin was inaugurated the President of Russia on 7 May 2000. Putin’s reintroduction of the “State Anthem of the Russian Federation” in December 2000 was the quite symbolic announcement of the birth of a new patriotic Russia challenging the Khazarian Zionists.

Europe and Europeans today are still in the hands of Asiatic mafia since the rise of Persian bandits in 500 BC. Alexander the Great tried during his reign in 336–323 BC to stop Turkic Mongolian invaders.

The defeats of Europeans in the Greco-Persian Wars 499–449 BC were the motive of Alexander the Great to put an end to the persistent Asiatic attacks since the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC on the hands of offshoots of Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Akkadians and Hyksos, as the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Babylonians and Kurds

The Persians are active Turkic Mongolian mixed bandits of nomads and they invaded repeatedly different parts of Europe since 513 BC.

Ironically, the Khazarian Zionists still label the Asiatic nomadic invasions as part of the so-called Indo-European migrations

East Asiatic Turkic Mongolian invaders of Rouran Khaganate in 330 AD became the Khazars and succeeded in turning Europeans of today to be a large secondary community and pool of labor, entertainers and guests in Europe. The Khazars turned into Zionists in 1850

Colonization, Imperialism, slavery, world wars and many plights of humanity made by Westerners of Asiatic Khazars origin together with their partners the Amorites; but all the accusation fell unfairly on Europeans and Arabs.

The West and the Westerners are actually the lands controlled by Asiatic nomads always raiding westward who run Europe since WWII, they are not Europeans, and the West does not mean but point deceptively to Europe.

Surely, the existing European Union EU is not European at all but rather it is the Asiatic Western Union that controls Europe since WWII. This Asiatic Western Union maintained power and wealth over Europe and Europeans since before WWI and WWII.

The wide and insanely escalating global dangerous situations and risks require speed, firmness and seriousness in discovering and understanding the history and the present, and they need strong and conscious joint collective action between patriots in Africa, Europe, Russia, India, the Arabs and the Americas.

The dangers created of Zionist globalization, the Western Khazarian European Union, NATO and their various new weapons and means that threaten peoples and national states necessitate the establishment of an international organization corresponding to the Western European Union and globalization entities in various fields.

Putin is a strategist and intelligence expert. He started the preparation in 2005. Surely, Russia will win over Zionist EU


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