Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

The discovery of the site and ruins of the real Jerusalem, which contained King Solomon’s Temple, would have grave and devastating effects on the claims and narratives of the Talmud/Hebrew Bible, the Amorite Hebrew Jews of the Levant, and the Khazar-Turkic Mongolian Zionism.

The discovery of the real Jerusalem will also result in the demise of the pagan Umayyad Amorite Islam, the Abbasid Turkic Mongolian pagan Islam, the Amorite Hebrew Roman Christianity, the Zionist entity, Judaism, all religious organizations and beliefs, all the prevailing history of humanity and the claims of Palestine

These discoveries will be the final blow to religious charlatanism, gangs of terrorism, corruption and internal disintegration

The geopolitical map will completely change in the interest of the security of all the peoples of the region


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