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Here I present the outlines of a scientific theory and a set of logical possibilities that explain the reasons for the differences and similarities in form and genes between racial groups and organisms, as well as the differences that we may find within the same group.

I called my hypothesis KMT, and it requires extensive data collection, in-depth study, laboratory tests, analyzes and investigations to become an integrated and reliable scientific theory.

Kmt Hypothesis explains and confirms that foreign invaders, settlers and occupiers in any country or continent are gradually absorbed and digested, regardless of their number and strength. There are two reasons: 1. Foreigners, no matter how many they are, are a minority in relation to the indigenous, and 2. Foreigners live in different soil, food, water, environment and mentality

KMT Hypothesis is presented as a scientific alternative to the multiple and contradictory proposition of narrations and assumptions called erroneously scientific theories and religious facts.

Firstly, the theoretical foundations on which the KMT Hypothesis depends on determining the factors of shape and genetics features in humans and organisms are as follows:

1. Every living nation and group on Earth descended from sexual reproduction of its first pair and that is of unique origin for the nation and group under study

2. The first pair of every nation and group of beings grew out of soil, water, and the environment of their own homeland, by the power of a Creator, and not by chance or from nothing.

3. The nations of Earth do not share a single, first origin, as is common in the religious accounts of creation, as well as the accounts of evolution and the Big Bang.

4. All the peoples of Earth and most of the species do not migrate and do not move extensively, such as the movement of birds, fish and locusts. Therefore, the accounts of the migrations of the living are invalid.

5. Humans and beings, despite their physical and sometimes biological similarity, are different human species and beings that are independent from each other.

6. Life on Earth and in the entire Universe revolves in cycles of a length of few tens of thousands of years, and each cycle has creatures that are unrelated to their predecessors

7. One life cycle is going on at the same time in several life worlds separated from each other and hidden due to the differences in energy, vibration and frequency

Secondly, the elements of KMT Hypothesis to determine the factors of shape and genetics in humans and organisms are as follows

1. Differences in shape, racial genetics, and organisms, which we may find within the same group, are mainly from different mineral composition

2. The structure of the gene structure depends on 1. Primary mineral composition and 2. Transient and circumstantial mineral formation before and during pregnancy and 3. Secondary mental state

3. The natural processes in the production of new species and forms of humans and organisms are continuous and constantly evolving, and are mainly related to the change of basic ingredient components

Nations have different origins. Every nation has some natural differences that occur without foreign mixing. The difference of the few elements in a family, tribe, or people, and their similarity with other nations, does not at all mean the occurrence of migrations or breeding. We should not worry if the mother, wife, or sister gave birth to a newborn with different features from the rest of the family, because the reason is most likely a difference in the composition of the basic mineral, the different elements during pregnancy, and the difference in mood and environment

If we want to produce children that look like Chinese or Germans, we just have to transfer the mineral composition of soil and water in a similar climate. This explains to a large extent why the people of the Delta in Egypt differ in their features from the people of Upper Egypt or Sinai. And why do the features change when moving and settling in a governorate or a country different from the country of origin or parents, both for the first generation and more clear in the following generations, even if the interbreeding between individuals of the same ethnicity and people

The similarities of human traits that exist among the peoples of nations are a result of the broad permanent mineral similarities as well as the situational, instantaneous mineral similarities in their soil, water, and environment. For example, the similarity between a group in Afghanistan with blond German people, blue and green eyes, large physique and intelligence has nothing to do with history or the hypothesis of migrations, but the reason is simply a similarity in minerals and the environment

This logic has not been touched upon or understood by even the world’s most famous universities and research centers. If spouses live before and during pregnancy in an environment different to the usual for them, then the fetus will change the features, the form and genes to those associated with the ethnicity of the owner of the land, even if they did not breed with the woman. The reason for this is that the minerals of soil, food and water, as well as climate and state of mind have an effect on the shape and genes of pregnancy, fetus and newborn

Instead of dangerous and completely unhealthy manipulation in the genesis of humans and organisms, we should focus on developing the mineral composition of soil, water and food, as well as the climate and state of mind before the period of gene formation. This way there will be a natural evolution in the genes that does not lead to health risks.

Therefore, it is possible to produce a people completely similar to the Japanese, for example, in all respects without interbreeding with the Japanese at all


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