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Khazars are not an ethic group of a nation, they are like cowboys, and they are a global phenomenon originated from the Far East. They controlled and formed subject groups including the Vikings and that led the creations of all monarchs including the Windsor of UK.

The Viking Age (793–1066 AD) led to the monarchs of the High Middle Ages, or High Medieval Period, the period of European history that lasted from around 1000 AD to the 1300s. The High Middle Ages preceded by the Early Middle Ages and were followed by the Late Middle Ages, which ended around AD 1500

The Turkic Khazars attacked Western Europe coming via Northern Europe. The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos attacked Western Europe in the form of Romans. The Hyksos since 1670 BC were a coalition between 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolian.

There Were Indeed Blacks in Han that became China called Chinese

The Mongol-led Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) ruled before the establishment of the Ming dynasty of Han origin (1368–1644). The Javans sent 300 black slaves as tribute to the Ming dynasty in 1381. When the Ming dynasty crushed the Miao Rebellions in 1460, they castrated 1,565 Miao boys, which resulted in the deaths of 329 of them. They turned the survivors into eunuch slaves. The Guizhou Governor who ordered the castration of the Miao was reprimanded and condemned by Emperor Yingzong of Ming for doing it once the Ming government heard of the event. Since 329 of the boys died, they had to castrate even more. On 30 Jan 1406, the Ming Yongle Emperor expressed horror when the Ryukyuans castrated some of their own children to become eunuchs to give them to Yongle. Yongle said that the boys who were castrated were innocent and didn’t deserve castration, and he returned the boys to Ryukyu and instructed them not to send eunuchs again.

Ming rulers, as a way of limiting slavery because of their inability to prohibit it, passed a decree that limited the number of slaves that could be held per household and extracted a severe tax from slave owners. The case of black Chinese is related to Turkic Mongolian colonization over the Han who are the vast majority in what became China. The colonizers brought black African slaves as they did in the Americas, Europe and wherever they invaded.

Natural differences in features and color occur in any nation as scattered and ancient cases not like in slavery and invasions. World colonial history is dominated by Portuguese. People will assume wrongly that these so-called Portuguese are Europeans. Colonial Portuguese as well as Viking are indeed Turkic Mongolian of Khazar origin. Although the African community in China seems to be a quite recent phenomenon, African migrants in fact first appeared in southern China in the second half of the sixteenth century, when pioneer Portuguese navigators arrived and settled in Macao (Morais, 2009, 1–19).

Africans were assigned as galleys in the trading ships that sailed from Macao to Portugal’s posts in India and Japan; they were also employed in private households or at Jesuit missions in southern China. Some Africans who came to China as slaves served under Chinese forces or became pirates who ravaged Chinese coasts (Show, 1988, 250).

Despite the abolition of slavery in 1878, African migrants from Mozambique, Guinea and Angola continued to arrive in Macao, where they served in the Portuguese colonial army as soldiers guarding the governor’s palace (Morais, 2009, 5). The Portuguese government kept these African troops in Macao until 1975. The African soldiers left the territory to return to their newly formed home countries.


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