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In the year 1450 BC, the Amorite Hebrews of the Levant, one of the branches of the Hyksos expelled from Kmt, occupied the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, and those coasts are the home of the Ugarit people, the owner of the ancient history and civilization.

The Hebrews established a colony called Phoenicia. The Hebrews discovered the expertise, knowledge and skills of the Ugarit people in geography, shipbuilding, navigation, and trade. The Amorite Hebrews exploited the defeated Ugarit as laborers and slaves to establish the first sea piracy fleet in the Mediterranean.

The first piracy campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew were the sea bands falsely called the Sea Peoples. This wave of piracy also resulted in bringing Palestinians from different regions.

The second campaigns of Hebrew piracy resulted in the establishment of the colony of Carthage in Tunisia.

The third campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew piracy resulted in the establishment of the colony of Rome, coming from Sicilia, Sardinia and Corsica, and from Rome, they made the Roman colonial empire

The fourth piracy campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew resulted in human hunting and Roman slavery for the southern coasts of Europe and western and northern Africa

In the year 760 AD, gangs of Turkic Mongolians called the Khazars began to raid central and northern Europe and riverine navigation of trade routes between them.

The Turkic Khazars targeted the Baltic peoples for their knowledge of geography, shipbuilding, navigation, and trade and indeed the Khazars defeated the Scandinavians. They made the Vikings

The Turkic Mongolian Khazars exploited the defeated Baltic peoples as laborers and slaves to create the first sea piracy fleet in the North Sea the Vikings or Norsemen “Northmen”, the Viking Age (793–1066 AD)

The first Khazar-Turkic piracy campaigns of the Khazar Viking gangs were in 770 AD, which they called falsely Normans of Scandinavia and resulted in gains the Anglo-Normans ruling class in all Western Europe

The second campaigns of the Khazar Turkic piracy resulted in defeating the Anglo-Saxon in 1066 AD and the establishment of Norman colonies with France as base. The Anglo-French War (1202-1214) divided them

The third campaigns of the Khazar Turkic piracy resulted in the establishment of centers for piracy in Portugal, including and covering the Atlantic and exploration campaigns and raids on Asia.

The fourth campaigns of the Khazar-Turkic-Mongolian piracy resulted in the occupation of the Americas, large human hunting and slavery of the coasts of western and southern Africa and colonization of Asia

Turkic Mongolian Ottomans (1299–1922) deployed the expelled Turkic Mongolian colonizers of Iberia in 1493 AD Reconquista to wage further campaigns of Mediterranean and Atlantic piracy and with the Moors slavery on Africa that profited them from the invasion and colonization of the Americas.

Turkic Mongolian Ottomans had the lead in creating and nursing Zionism for Turkic Mongolian Khazars to recolonize south Ugarit that became Canaan in 600 BC. Turkic Mongolian Abbasids agreed in 740 AD with Turkic Khazars to settle some of them in Canaan creating western Jews. It was to displace Hebrew Jews who were Amorite Umayyads. Turkic Mongolian Khazars left Canaan to Western Europe and Americas. In 1850, they with the Ottomans decided to create a political entity called Israel, and Ottoman colonial officers facilitated the project with acknowledgement and support from Palestinians.


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