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The Crusaders were Amorites Hebrew Romans targeting primarily the Byzantines, who were Europeans from the peoples of the Aegean and Balkans. Most of the Crusaders’ victims were Europeans

The second goal of the Crusaders was within the framework of the permanent contest and conflict with the Turkic Mongolians, including the Abbasid Khazars, who represented the second party of the Hyksos.

Therefore, the battlefield had four parties, namely 1. The common enemy of the Crusaders and the Abbasids, and they are the Byzantine Europeans.

In contrast to the Byzantines, there are three parties agreeing and conflicting: 1. The Romans, who are Amorite Hebrew Jews, and 2. The Turkic Mongolians, the Khazar Jews, who invented the Ashkenazi Jews in 750 AD and 3. The other side of the older Turkic Mongols, including the Persians, the Abbasids and the Kurds


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