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Whoever wants to know the history of all the nations of the world should look into the history of the Amorite gangs of Levant and Turkic Mongolians in East Asia. The raids of these two gang groups first resulted in forming the Akkadian gangs in 2334 BC and then the Hyksos gangs in 1670 BC. The expelled Hyksos branched into the gangs of the Hebrews, the Mitanni, the Kassites and the Mukarribs in 1523 BC.

Then you move to the history of the bands of the Amorite Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, who produced the bands of the Amorites Hebrews Romans in 753 BC. The history of the Amorites Hebrews Roman gangs extends to the fall of the Amorites and the establishment of the Turkic Ottoman colonies in 1300 AD, followed by the colony of Turkey

In 550 BC, the Eastern Turkic Mongolian gangs formed the colony of Persia, which invaded and occupied all of the Middle East. After that, the history of all the peoples of the world is linked to the Xiongnu gangs who appeared in 300 BC.

They were also from East Asia and they made several gangs, such as Turkic Khanates, including the Khazars in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. This group invaded the Han people and changing their name to China. They also invaded and changed the name of Bharata to India

In the year 660 AD, the Hebrew Amorites formed the Umayyad colonies. In 750 AD, the Turkic Mongols overthrew the Amorites and formed the Abbasids’ colonies, and at the same time, the Turkic Khazars in the Caucasus started the invasion and occupation of central and northern Europe.

And the Turkic Mongols Khazar gangs produced the Vikings gangs who are called Normans in Western Europe the, and from them all the ruling class, kings, wealthy and feudal lords were formed in Western Europe until today, and these are called the West and the Westerners

Some Norman Vikings gangs reached the Iberian Peninsula, which is Portugal and Spain in southwestern Europe. After expelling them in 1492 AD, the Turkic Mongolians began to invade and occupy the Americas.

The Norman Viking Turkic Mongolians divided their colonies in the Americas into territories belong to each colony of the Norman Viking Turkic ruling regime that occupies a part of Europe.

Intense hunting for peoples and human trafficking campaigns in Europe and Africa by Norman Turkic Mongolians followed the occupation of the Americas. They shipped slaves to the various Norman Turkic Mongolian colonial settlements in the Americas.

Hebrew Amorites agents and merchants, with Moorish and Fulani gangs provided for Norman Viking Turkic Mongolian ships. Hebrew Amorites, with Moorish and Fulani gangs carried out the chases and the actual hunting, and were the supply of agents and dealers in the ports of West Africa.

Comments on: "Guidelines for Studying and Discovering the True History of the World" (2)

  1. The last part you wrote was historical distortion out of your spite towards Afrocentrics and some Fulani clans,

    I noticed this years ago but agreed with much of what you wrote. I can bring up Middle Age travel memoirs that debunk your claims against the Moors. Unless you’re going to dismiss everything that doesn’t align with your theories as lies too?

    I have tremendous respect for you as a scholar but your disdain towards West Africans jades you.

    “Fulani and Moorish gangs were supply dealers”? Please…. The first slaves that came to the Americas in the 1500s were African Muslims from Spain and the coast of the Senegambia. That is a fact. Though you did have Moors that assisted the Portuguese Conquistadores.

    Are you also going to ignore that Fulanis were enslaved as well? Because of their knowledge of rice cultivation, cotton weaving, and cattle herding? All throughout the gulf states of United States, you will find proof that many Fulbe people were enslaved.

    Did the Mandinkas not sell many into slavery at the height of their power?

    Why don’t you mention the fact that the Dahomey Kingdom founded by Fon people, were literally the biggest slave dealing kingdom in Africa during the 1600s? Was this a Fulani kingdom?

    The Queen of Angola sold slaves to Portuguese criminals. Was she a Fulani or Moorish warlord?

    Mai Idris Altoona, a Kanuri sultan, enslaved many people south of Borno and sold them to Ottoman Turks? Was he a Moor or a Fulbe?

    In the southeast of modern day Nigeria, the Portuguese Sephards formed a partnership with barbarians from Northern Benin called the Aros, which created the “Igbo groups” as we know them today. Also some of the biggest slave traders in Africa in the renaissance era, hence the Osu caste system. Were these Moors or Fulani?

    I will NEVER excuse barbaric behavior from any people. But to smear an entire people with one brush while deliberately ignoring the crimes of others in Africa is intellectually dishonest and dangerous.

    • The Fulani and the Moors are not ethnic or tribal groups and this fact is very clear to me.
      These mixed formations were made . When I write about Fulani or Moors I mean their rulers since their majority are also victims and we’re abducted from different tribes.
      I really disrespect any person who comment with I, you or we and stray from the subject and turn it personal.
      The problem with the Fulani and Moors is that they are bandits of victims ruled by criminals. The two groups do not represent or belong to Africa but belong to their Amorite Hyksos and Berber masters

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