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Few thousands Turkic Mongolian gangsters in 2400 BC started invading, roaming, raiding, colonizing, reproducing with conquered peoples, enslaving, calling defeated peoples with newly invented names, and kept raiding for 4400 years.

After all these millennia no Turkic Mongolian genes, blood or features could ever be traced at all, but still the associations, regimes newly created groups, monarchs and gangs are indeed Turkic Mongolians

Really genetic studies are based on very wrong deceptive foundations and ridiculous assumptions when it relates or denies international groups linkages.

Genetics will never discover the Turkic Mongolian origins of regimes, gangs, slaves, political groups, European monarchs, wealthy elites or many invented but so-called peoples

The Vikings, Normans, the colonizers of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia are all of Turkic Mongolian origins. Genetics will never tell the world that the Romans are of Amorite Levant Hebrew Hyksos Bedouin origins

The subjects, slaves and vassals of the Romans and the Vikings must not be called Romans and Vikings

Can Britain, the US, Canada, and Europe liberate itself of 1000 years of Turkic Khazar Vikings Norman colonization; and from 2770 years of Amorite Hebrew Roman colonization?

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