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The newly discovered Antiquities of King Ramses II on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea near Tel Aviv is aged around 1250 BC.

This happened after the date of the Israelite Exodus from somewhere, certainly not from the current Egypt, because the Israelites nor Abraham were not in the present Egypt, which was Kmt until the occupation of Persians in 343 BC. The Exodus of the Children of Israel and all their stories and history happened in an unknown location, not the current Egypt, the eastern coast of the Mediterranean or the current Iraq.

The children of Israel have no relationship with the Hebrew who are from the Hyksos, like the Umayyads, nor the newer Turkic Ashkenazi Zionist Jews, who were made by the Abbasids. However, the Exodus was from an unknown place due to forgeries since 600 BC. The Exodus is certainly was in 1446 BC coincided with the sabotage of Tuthmosis III to Kmt and the region. Nevertheless, the exit occurred elsewhere and was followed by the establishment of the true kingdom of Israel and the establishment of true Jerusalem, which was in 1406 BC.

Certainly, King Ramses II in the year 1250 BC did not find neither Palestine, Jews, the Kingdom of Israel, Jerusalem, nor any Israelite. Also, the Kingdom of Israel, and its capital, Jerusalem, was never in the current place in the Palestinian Zionist entity, but a forged version of the Kingdom of Israel and its capital was invented in the year 600 BC by the Turkic Babylonians and the Levant Amorite to be a colony for the Hebrews of the Levant Hyksos.

The real place for the Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem are in a different area from the Palestinian Zionist entity. I discovered and confident that they were in Punt, including the current Ethiopia. This modern discovery supports the strength of my theory and its name “The Punt theory for the true history of Israel”

The modern discovery of antiquities confirms that the Palestinians are new foreign settlers, who were brought by the Hebrew Hyksos with their Phoenician gangs from the Mediterranean. In addition, the imported Palestinians came after the era of King Ramses II, specifically in the year 1200 BC. Palestine is the ones who first were called the Sea People instead of the sea mercenaries. Therefore, the Palestinians have no history, connection, or right to the land that was and will remain the country of Ugarit.

Ramses II (born about 1303 BC – died in July or August 1213 BC) was also referred to as Ramses the Great, was the third king of the nineteenth rulers (referee 1279 – 1213 BC).

Of course, the discovery of Antiquities of King Ramses II near Tel Aviv is another evidence of the falsehood of Zionist and Palestinian accounts, because this proves that there was no Palestine, Jerusalem, Jews, and Israelites at that time at the location of those discovered Antiquities, as stated in the theory of the Punt of the History of the Israelites

Amorite Syrian Hebrews began to bring the Palestinians from different places of the Mediterranean in the 1200 BC. Therefore, their allegations are that the Palestinians and the Hebrew Jews have a history, origin and right to the land whose name was Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, clearly baseless. They are only lies, deception, and ancient misinformation, supported for 2600 years until today

There is no Palestinian issue, and there is no issue of Jerusalem, but the issues are Ugarit and Aelia Capitolina, Al -Aqsa Mosque and Jesus sanctities. And Palestine are neither Arab nor from anywhere in the region. Moreover, the Hebrew Jews are the creation of 600 BC from Syrians Levant Bedouins, who are the Hyksos. The Syrians are Amorite and never Arabs. And the Israelites existed in 1800 BC and this is 1200 years before any Jew

The campaign of King Ramses II on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea was patriotic, humane and moral. Because his goal was to correct the devastating conditions that Tuthmosis III made by betrayal with his help, support and participation with the Levant Hyksos in the occupation of Ugarit in 1450 BC and the establishment of the Hebrew Levant Hyksos colony of Phoenicia, which is the beginning of the time of terrorism, corruption, sabotage and continuing Levantine forgery to this day.

Tuthmosis III immediately after the death of Queen Hatshepsut led the gangs of the Syrian Hyksos to invade Ugarit on the east of the Mediterranean and the establishment of a Hebrew Hyksos colony. Tuthmosis III reversed the policies of Queen Hatshepsut and all the patriotic policies for the first half of the 18th Dynasty.

If I get the opportunity to direct an archaeological research team, I can confidently confirm the discovery of the tombs of the children of Israel and the Antiquities of their kingdom, the real Jerusalem and the port of King Solomon in just one year. The research will not need too much money.

My discoveries shake and destroy the entity based on lying, prevailing history, their aides, political institutions, traitorous universities, religious organizations, and corrupt concepts, and defeat Hebrew, Levant, and Zionist project without one shot.

May God curse false universities, historians, officials, media and religions

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  1. Salaam,

    The work you are doing is indeed needed. Based off of countless manuscripts from the Middle Ages, written in Arabic; research on ancient Kingdoms in the East, as well as my knowledge on the history of the Sahel….l too have come to the same conclusion you have.

    The Exodus was from Sudān across the Confluence of the Blue Nile, to the region between East Sudān & Gondar, Ethiopia. The Bani Isra’el migrated through the Teawa valley in the El-Ghadarif region until reaching Northwest Ethiopia.

    This can be confirmed in the Holy Qur’an.

    Isra’el were a mixture of Northwestern Ethiopians. Their influence was from the region to the East bank of the Red Sea in Yemen, close to the Asir region. In fact, older maps before the Renaissance era called the Asir region “Bilād Al-Musa” (Land of Moses).

    When the kingdom split in the 9th century B.C, Judah established their territory in Yemen whereas Isra’el remained in Southern Nile Valley/Northwest Ethiopia. Judah intermarried and collaborated with Western Asiatics and this Union produced the earliest Mizrahi Jews of Yemen before they were influenced by the Turkish Sephards.

    Between the 6th Century BC and 3rd Century AD, many of the Bani Isra’el migrated west in different waves over the course of time. The first Israelites that migrated towards the West settled near the present day Lake T’Chad Basin: this first migration was instrumental in the formation of the Hausa language (similar to how Swahili was formed during the rise of Islam).

    Many are unaware that the Israelites played a major role in the development of Kingdoms such as Ghana & Kanem-Borno. However, what many more don’t know is that there was a Bani Isra’el kingdom north of the Senegal River Valley callled “Qam’nuriyyah”; which most likely collapsed under the weight of constant Berber attacks.

    Most of the Bani Isra’el became absorbed into the various people of the Sahel; chiefly Fulāni, Songhaï, Moors, & Hausa.

    I pray that you look into the information that I relayed and see the truth in it.

    May you be rewarded for your work. You

    • The Criminality and Filth of the Turkic Mongolian and Levant Hyksos are the Hidden Authority in making the Rich and Famous in all Countries
      The wealthy in Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait; and in India, China, Russia; and in America, Brazil, Canada; and in Germany, Britain, France; and in Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, and in all countries are of different ethnic origins. Nevertheless, they all share the presence of an invading foreign element from the Turkic Mongolians or the Levant that penetrated an ethnic group at the level of the rulers and this group practiced all kinds of crime and filth to get wealth, power and fame.
      Transgressive globalization, bloody communism, parasitic capitalism, religious falsity, and liberal democracy are all means and interfaces created by the Turkic and Levant Hyksos to accumulate wealth, power, and filthy criminal fame.
      The areas of sabotage by the Turkic and Levant Hyksos for the accumulation of wealth, power and fame include activating their worms, snakes and scorpions in banks and markets, in the judiciary and law, in ministries and agencies, in the media and art, in education and universities, and in culture and entertainment.
      Competencies, legitimate rights and real development will wither, be persecuted and die while people are preoccupied with watching artificial businesses, construction, noise and movement of huge funds looking apparently as achievements, but behind them is systematic sabotage and support for Turkic and Levant Hyksos and all their crimes and filth for wealth, power and fame
      It is unfortunate that many of the sons of the victimized peoples become servants, agents and hounds in the hope that they will get some wealth, power and fame as well from the Turkic and Levant Hyksos.
      However, the groups of servants, clients, and dogs are not aware that their role is as that of toilet paper and tissues, and their end is in the trash or the toilet. Moreover, their end fate will be humiliation, torture and the installation of a Turkish impale into them, as they did with Gaddafi, Saddam and Cleopatra after they served them.
      For saving themselves, conscious peoples and national honest rulers must wage counter wars against the criminality and filth of the Turkic and Levant Hyksos, whether in their countries or in foreign countries.
      There must be war specifically against the rich and famous and the hidden authority that manages the state from secret salons, private councils, formations and organizations.

    • The Exodus was from Gondar to Semien Mountains in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar
      The Israelites were originally from around Ogaden region. The city where Joseph ministered was Harare. Moses was born in Gondar and fled to Beja in Eastern Sudan.
      Yemen was close trading partner with Punt.
      In 600 BC, Turkic Babylonians instructed Amorite Hyksos in D’mt colony and their Judahite partners to come to Babylon after they destroy, loot and erase Jerusalem and the Temple, and disperse and sell the Israelites to slavery in all directions so could no longer be found.
      The Fulani are amalgamation of west African slaves and mercenaries made up by Amorite and Turkic Hyksos with support from Berber.
      The Fulani served the ancestors of the Jews, but the Fulanis have no any link to the Israelites who are of Ethiopian heritage and Ge’ez speaking.

      • The Bani Isra’el were absorbed into the various people of the Sahel, chiefly the Fulāni, Songhaï, Moors, & Hausa between the 6th Century B.C and the 3rd Century AD.

        We have various manuscripts in Mali, which the world is not exposed to, that attests to this. There are cultural similarities between the aforementioned groups & Northern Ethiopians that simply cannot be denied. Linguistically speaking, the Hausa language is further evidence: there are words in the Hausa language that share remote similarities with a few Ge’ez words; there are syntax structures in Hausa that is similar to the Semitic languages as well.

        The only clan of Fulāni that allied with those you speak of were some ancient, distinct Wodaabé clan that branched from the original Haalpulaar people of the Senegambia & resided in Southern Algeria. They were subjects of some Berber groups. Toubou is including. This amalgamation was the Temehou Libyans that invaded K’mt.

        Berbers served the Hyksos horse raiders (hence how they were able to pillage the Maghreb), not Fulāni (except for some ancient Wodaabe clan).

        The Fulāni are an amalgamation of Libyans, Aboriginal Haalpular of Senegambia, & Bani Isra’el migrants. Not that all Fulāni are Israelites, but have many Israelites (or descendants) were dispersed in their midst (especially the Fulbé Na’i branch), as as well as amongst the Songhaï, Hausa, Zarma, & Moors. To say no connection whatsoever is simply dismissive because not all Fulāni clans are the same; this is something that many are ignorant of.

        The Bani Isra’el were engaged in various conflicts with Berber Horse Raiders and got further displaced in various parts of the Sahara/Sahel; there was a Kingdom In Senegal River Valley named Qamnurriyah that was established by the Israelites…. But fell under the causes mentioned above.

        I shall revisit the origin of the Bani Isra’el of Ethiopia based of of the information you have enlightened me with regarding Ogaden. (I see we have some agreement regarding the general region of the Exodus event).

        But I stand firm on everything else I wrote, as I have spent exhaustive research on the history of the Sahel to confirm what I wrote (Manuscripts, Travel Logs, archeology, etc).

        The Zionist academia are doing everything to censor this information; I’ve even been banned on some websites for debunking all of their lies with evidence that is not known to the public.
        They are trying to amalgamate Black American criminals as well as criminal groups from Nigeria under the guise of “Hebrew Israeitism” & “Pro-Blackness” to further wage war against the Africans of the Sahel, after they created fake Jihadi groups in Libya to counteract real freedom fighters.

      • Nevertheless, your blog must be shared amongst traditionalist African people because it is truly a beacon of light in a Sea of intellectual darkness.

        Inshallah, we can have good spirited intellectual discussions regardless of a few disagreements. Because I greatly appreciate the few articles I’ve read from you.

      • Thank you and I hope and do my best

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