Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

The wealthy in Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait; and in India, China, Russia; and in America, Brazil, Canada; and in Germany, Britain, France; and in Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, and in all countries are of different ethnic origins. Nevertheless, they all share the presence of an invading foreign element from the Turkic Mongolians or the Levant that penetrated an ethnic group at the level of the rulers and this group practiced all kinds of crime and filth to get wealth, power and fame.

Transgressive globalization, bloody communism, parasitic capitalism, religious falsity, and liberal democracy are all means and interfaces created by the Turkic and Levant Hyksos to accumulate wealth, power, and filthy criminal fame.

The areas of sabotage by the Turkic and Levant Hyksos for the accumulation of wealth, power and fame include activating their worms, snakes and scorpions in banks and markets, in the judiciary and law, in ministries and agencies, in the media and art, in education and universities, and in culture and entertainment.

Competencies, legitimate rights and real development will wither, be persecuted and die while people are preoccupied with watching artificial businesses, construction, noise and movement of huge funds looking apparently as achievements, but behind them is systematic sabotage and support for Turkic and Levant Hyksos and all their crimes and filth for wealth, power and fame

It is unfortunate that many of the sons of the victimized peoples become servants, agents and hounds in the hope that they will get some wealth, power and fame as well from the Turkic and Levant Hyksos.

However, the groups of servants, clients, and dogs are not aware that their role is as that of toilet paper and tissues, and their end is in the trash or the toilet. Moreover, their end fate will be humiliation, torture and the installation of a Turkish impale into them, as they did with Gaddafi, Saddam and Cleopatra after they served them.

For saving themselves, conscious peoples and national honest rulers must wage counter wars against the criminality and filth of the Turkic and Levant Hyksos, whether in their countries or in foreign countries.

There must be war specifically against the rich and famous and the hidden authority that manages the state from secret salons, private councils, formations and organizations.


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