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Europe is not a garden as the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, claims. Europe is a colony of Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazi Khazarian Vikings gangs.

European nations are under colonization, suppression and depopulation. A third world war will free Europeans and the world from Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazi Khazarian Vikings gangs operating under the name of EU while they are not Europeans nor a union for Europeans.

European Union’s foreign policy Chief Josep Borrell made recent remarks where he said, “Europe is a garden, but most of the rest of the world is a jungle,” he said “And the jungle could invade the garden.”  “The gardeners should take care of it, but they will not protect the garden by building walls. A nice small garden surrounded by high walls in order to prevent the jungle from coming in is not going to be a solution,” he added.

“Because the jungle has a strong growth capacity, and the wall will never be high enough in order to protect the garden,” Borrel stressed. “The gardeners have to go to the jungle. Europeans have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. Otherwise, the rest of the world will invade us, by different ways and means.”

The nationality of the new colonies does not equal a falafel sandwich

I did not know much or interested in the history of Canada 🇨🇦 until I researched the history of the Vikings.

I discovered that the Vikings are a number of Nordic criminals, meaning the North Germans, specifically in Scandinavia.

Turkic Mongolian Khazars collected criminals in the year 750 AD, and the Nordic criminals were led by Turkic Mongolian Khazars , who also made the Ashkenazim.

Before the Turkic Mongolian Khazars invade Scandinavia, they had invaded northern Germany 🇩🇪 and Denmark, and the Angles, Saxon and Jute tribes fled from them to Britain in 450 AD.

In the year 1000 AD, the Viking pirates and their leaders, the Ashkenazi Turkic Mongolian Khazars invaded eastern Britain, as they pirated and invaded the North Atlantic and reached Canada and America

The pirates since 1000 AD looted Canada and America for 500 years, believing, ignorantly and foolishly, that they are looting eastern India and the people are red Indians 🤣

Belonging to Canada is a waste of history and civilization, unless the person already has no origin, history and civilization and is willing to contribute to organized crime

I will not swap a falafel sandwich in exchange for the passports of Canada, America, Australia and Switzerland combined

If Hitler knew these facts he could had planned efficiently and won with a different type and scale of war


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