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The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos and their factions changed the writing of the Abrahamic sacred books from the Ge’ez and Musnad.

The Torah of Moses, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Holy Qur’an were originally revealed and used to be written in the letters of Ge’ez   and its twin brother, the Musnad .

The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos replaced them with  

In addition, the Levantine and Turkic Hyksos used their made writing to fight the Arabs and the people of Punt Land

As well as to fight the peoples of Kemet, Ugarit, Ebla and Sumer

Their conquest expanded, spread their writing, and used them to conquer the peoples of Europe, the Americas, and Africa

The plan to obliterate the Arabic alphabet system, which is only the Musnad that lived 2500 years ago and was suddenly obliterated, targets the Holy Qur’an, the Muhammadan message and the Arabs.

The intruder Jazem alphabet lasted 1400 years and must be stopped immediately

It is completely rejected that the Holy Qur’an be written in non-Arabic letters, such as Roman, Hindi, etc. And the current alphabet of the Hyksos Levant, Turks and Persians

It is impossible to explain and justify the reason for abandoning the original and well developed Arabic Musnad alphabet that has lived since the time of Abraham. and using instead a foreign, hostile, primitive, recent Hyksos alphabet that has been changing for centuries.

The demise of the Musnad alphabet coincided with the rise of the Jazem alphabet, is a clear and sure evidence of the war against the Holy Qur’an and the Arabs

The use of the current alphabet, which is allegedly Arabic, must be stopped and the use of the Musnad alphabet should be restored

The distribution of the influence of Levantine Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians Vikings on writing systems in the world

The Amorite and Turkic Hyksos imposed the writing systems and alphabets almost half the world for their colonial expansion


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