Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Time and knowledge will prove that there is ONE Creator only. Each nation have a name for the Creator.

Life goes in turns like a clock cycle. There is no one single beginning or end, but rather endless number of cycles. The length of each successive life cycle is tens of thousands of years. Humans may find remains of life of previous very distant life cycles. Life cycles have a single beginning and end similar to days.

However, the Entire Life has no beginning or end, and it is eternity. Life in each cycle has multiple concurrent worlds and creatures separated and unaware of each other and cannot communicate to each other without permission from the Creator.

Although concurrent worlds of each cycle and their creatures share the same Time and Space but they have different frequencies, vibrations and energies that make them invisible and unreachable.

What one world knows as a green field could be a bottom of a sea for another concurrent world. The Creator gave and still giving some faithful privileged persons and group of people permissions to communicate with other concurrent worlds. The existence of Holy Privileges explains the extraordinary knowledge and capabilities of some persons and groups in the past, today and future.

The Creator give the Holy Constitution of Life in hearts during birth to all creatures in each world and cycle. This Holy Constitution of Life is what creature call the Religion. The Holy Constitution of Life, or the Religion, is the same everywhere, planets, galaxies, and in all life cycles and periods. Therefore, the Religion of all creatures in plant A at time X is the same with plant B at time Y.

Disobedience, corruption, wickedness and evil are facts of the Entire Life and of life cycles everywhere. All creatures need reminders and guidance the correct their paths and repent and return to the Holy Constitution of Life is what creature call the Religion in exists in their hearts since birth.

The Creator give creatures messengers to every nation. Each nation gets holy written or verbal scriptures in their language and their own holy place for pilgrimage. The Creator send to all nations in each life cycle messages in their own languages. No nation is supposed to drop their own holy message and messenger, and follow holy message and messenger of others and go on pilgrimage to any foreign holy places.

Clearly, the teachings of each messenger is not a new religion or any religion at all, and the teachings are not the Holy Constitution of Life given to them in their hearts during their births. Holy messages are just guidance in local languages and all are pointing towards the Holy Constitution of Life or the Religion.

One single Holy Constitution of Life or the Religion together with numerous national holy messages and places is the right way to go. Humanity must respect all the holy messages, holy messengers, and holy places of all nations as they respect their own holy national message, holy messenger, and holy place

Nation X is supposed to believe and follow the Universal Holy Constitution together with the message, messenger, and holy place given to nation X only. They must not follow a message, messenger, and holy place of nation Y, although all believe and follow the Universal Holy Constitution. This is unity with diversity. The true holy messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are not at all Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are simply Hyksos religious and political colonial wicked schemes.

The so-called religions are the products of human ignorance, prejudices and forgeries created by the criminal gangs of the Hyksos, a coalition of the Levantine gangs with the Turkic Mongolian gangs.


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