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What is certain for me is the fact that both factions of Jews, Hebrew and Khazars, are the only anti-Semitic groups in the world.

Both groups of Jews are not Israelites at all and not even close, ant they are not Semites. They are Levantine Bedouin Syrians allied with Turkic Mongolian Khazars since the Akkadians of 2334 BC and the Hyksos of 1670 BC.

The Amorite Hebrew Jews invented the name Sham that turned to Sam and Semites.

Actually, Sam was a small clan in South west of the Red Sea, in Punt Land. In addition, this clan is the only Semites in the World, even their neighbors and allies the southern Arabs of Yemen, are not Semites.

The Arabs belong to a different ethnic group and they are not Semites. The Arabs are the builders of the ancient states of Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha, mentioned in Sumerian antiquities.

The Amorite-Turkic colonizers of Eritrea, D’mt colony, following the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, raided Israel in Afar Triangle, and raided Sheba in Tigray region. D’mt destroyed and looted Jerusalem, the Temple, King Solomon mines and Israel for 300 years

In 600 BC, the Babylonians instructed the Amorite-Turkic colonizers to come and bring the loots and some learned men from Judah. They carried with them the name Sam to the Levant in their scheme with Babylonians Hyksos to invent history, Jews, Judaism, replacement copies of Jerusalem and Israel after they erased the true history of the Israelites and Semites and shattered them.

There are No antisemitism in the world other than in the minds and actions of both group of Jews Hebrews and Khazarians.

Hitler and Nazis were not antiemetic but rather anti-Turkic Khazarian and anti-Vikings, and anti-Hebrew-Amorite-Hyksos

Ashkenazi Jews are Turkic Mongolian Khazars who collaborated with Turkic Mongolian Abbasids in 750 AD. Khazars used the piracy practices of the Hyksos Hebrew Phoenicians and created the Vikings gangs that colonized, enslaved and ruled Europe and America since 1000 AD, and they colonized and enslaved Africans.

The Vikings and Khazars are the democrats, bankers, cowboys, Federalists, slaves masters, liberals, EU and commies who hide by using antisemitism accusations to anyone exposes their real links, history and crimes


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