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Amorite Hebrew Phoenician Hyksos pirates invaded Italy and created Rome colony in 753 BC

Vikings are products of Turkic Khazars, who are the Ashkenazim, and the Vikings were their tool to colonize and loot N America in 1000 BC

The Ashkenazim were the leading force behind Vikings colonization of Western Europe and the Americas

Turkic Khazars invading Germany. Turkic Khazars first forced in 450 AD the Angels, Saxons and Jutes to flee Germany to Britain.

Then they used Phoenician piracy practices and created the Vikings and followed the Angels, Saxons and Jutes and ruled Britain

It is a total lie to describe Kanye West as mentally deranged or right wing fascist just because he realized that the Turkic Khazars destroyed Europe and the Americas.

The Turkic Khazars cannot hide behind any ethnic, political, academic, legal or religious allegations and masks.

There is no Anti-Semitism with Putin, Anti-EU, Trump, Kanye West (YE), Mussolini, Nazis or Hitler since Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim are not Semites at all, and this is supported by many evidences.

The world cannot forget the Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim’s atrocities made since the so-called “Indo-European” “migrations” and are still rising just because they claim they are a religious or ethnic group or Europeans

Let us work together worldwide to establish a diverse sustainable business organization we call it “Kmt Geographic Media” to recover human history and to save the social and economic future of humanity

Great talents, experiences and resources are wasted because of the absence of organized enlightened work. All fake and corrupt theories, religions, perceptions, DNA and genetics must be corrected.

The Hyksos were Levant Amorite Bedouins with some Turkic Mongolians on horses. Kemet expelled the Hyksos and ended their 150 years of colonization of north Kemet in 1523 BC.

The Hyksos branched to 1. Hebrews, 2. Mitanni, 3. Kassites and 4. Mukarribs. They renamed themselves in 600 BC to Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans. The colonized Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer (Gir) and Arabia

“Kmt Geographic Media” is the organization the world needs most now.


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