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The Turkic Khazars and Amorite Hebrew, who are the newer and older Jews, are not Semites or Israelites despite their persistent false claims that they are Semites

Hitler and Nazis, and so is YE, did not meet a single Semite and thus were not anti-Semitic but anti-Turkic Khazars and anti-Bedouin Levant and anti-Vikings. Turkic Khazars, Bedouin Levant and Vikings are related gangs; and any reasonable person reject and try to get rid of them

Hitler and Nazis tried to protect and liberate Germany and Europe from Turkic Khazars, Bedouin Levant and Vikings. Vikings are products of Turkic Khazars, who are the Ashkenazim, and the Vikings were their tool to colonize and loot N America since 1000 BC. The Ashkenazim were the leading force behind Vikings colonization of Western Europe and the Americas

First, Turkic Khazars invading Germany. Turkic Khazars first forced in 450 AD the Angels, Saxons and Jutes to flee Germany to Britain. Then they used Phoenician piracy practices and created the Vikings and followed the Angels, Saxons and Jutes and ruled Britain

It is a total lie to describe YE, Kanye West, as mentally deranged or racist just because he realized that the Turkic Khazars destroyed Europe and the Americas. The Turkic Khazars cannot hide behind any ethnic, political, academic, legal or religious allegations and masks.

There is no Anti-Semitism with Putin, Anti-EU, Trump, Kanye West (YE), Mussolini, Nazis or Hitler since Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim are not Semites at all, and this is supported by many evidences.

The world cannot forget the Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim’s atrocities made since the so-called “Indo-European” “migrations” and are still rising just because they claim they are a religious or ethnic group or Europeans

Correct history proves that the Semites are part of the people of Punt Lands only and their presence in the past and today is only in Punt Lands, with minor small presence in the neighboring adjacent friendly nations around Punt Lands only.

The real Semites had and still have no presence in Levant, other parts of Africa, Europe or the Americas. It is false claims of Amorite-Turkic Hyksos gangs and groups branched from them around the world of that they are Semites.

Actually, the Hyksos gangs committed too much atrocities against the Semites and all other people of Punt Lands since 1500 BC, while today they claim being Semites, and shield themselves from true history and accountability by accusing critics, researchers and the victims of Anti-Semitism.

The world must know clearly and reject the claims of alleged Semitic origin of Levant, Hebrews, Sabaeans, fake Arabs, Khazars, Ashkenazim, and the Viking colonizers of the Americas. Besides Puntite origin of Semites and of being of light brown skin color, the other kin of Semites who are the descendants of Ham and Japheth are also part of the people of Punt Lands, and their presence was and still is in Punt Lands.

Human nations and tribes do not migrate and populate the entire world from descendant of a single couple. Only colonial criminal nomadic gangs raiding in all direction, are claiming that these their conquests are peaceful natural migrations. The gangs support their criminal acts by false science, history and fake religions they make


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