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Who was the ruler who persecuted the Israelites? Moreover, why he forced them to flee under the leadership of Moses in the Exodus?

First, we have to remove any claimed assumed wrong links between the Israelites and Kemet. The fact is the Israelites are one of the people of Punt Lands. They are light brown skin with slim short build, and they never went to or related to anywhere out of Punt Lands, except their grandfather Abraham’s visits to Hagar and Ismael who he left in Makkah. He visited Makkah going via Bab al Mandab or across the Red Sea

All the history of the Israelites, heritage and real stories occurred in Punt Lands only. So, what really happened to them forcing their Exodus?

The Israelites followed the teachings of the blessed Enoch and Abraham. They left Ogden their original first homeland for natural reasons and they moved northwards to the high lands of Punt. Joseph, an Israelite, was a pious senior official in Harar Kingdom, which allowed them to live in the northern lands since 1900 BC.

The Israelites remained faithful and united community and stayed mostly in Gondar Region around Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile (Abbey River). The Israelites lived with the people peacefully and happily

All the people of Punt Lands, from Northeast of Sudan to the middle of Somalia, were living together peacefully and happily and they were building wealthy cultures with abundance of various natural resources all through history until 1500 BC.

Kemet expelled the marching Amorite-Levant and horse riding Turkic-Mongolian Hyksos gangs in 1523 BC. The Hyksos gangs fled east and in Levant, they branched into four gangs. 1. Hebrews attacked Ugarit, the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean 2. Mitanni attacked fertile Ebla between Ugarit and Sumer 3. Kassites attacked Gir (Sumer) and 4. Mukarribs attacked Arabs in western and southern Arabia, Magan and Meluhha.

The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs were aware of the riches of Punt Lands, and thus, they quickly crossed Bab Al Mandab into Punt Lands. Since the Mukarribs were relatively few in numbers but more powerful and using horses for raids, the Mukarribs used their dirty usual method of employing outlaws and coercing local chiefs to submission by enticement, terrorism, and sexual perversions.

The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs gained power in Gondar Region, and the piety and dignity of the Israelites become thorns, obstacles and threats for Hyksos various criminal activities. The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs with installed corrupted local chiefs decided to persecute and break the Israelites. From this point, started the story of Moses, but it was in today’s Ethiopia and little in eastern Sudan, but not in Kemet.

Therefore, the well-known pharaoh of Moses was just a corrupt malicious local chief supported and influenced by Hyksos Mukarribs warlords. These events happened during the rule of the traitor Thutmose 3rd who reversed all the policies of Kemet in fighting the Hyksos.

He allied with the Hyksos and betrayed Kemet and the nations of the region – Ugarit, Ebla, Gir (Sumer), the Arabs, Punt, Kerma, Lebu, the Aegean, and the Anatolians. His mother was not from Kemet, and he started the decline and collapse of Kemet, for 2350 years, that began in 343 BC with the Persian colonization, which turned Kemet to Egypt, and put it in the center of the Talmudic fabrications of Jews and Judaism opposite to the Israelites and the teachings of Moses, Enoch and Abraham.


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