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 إسرائيل الحالية والقدس الحالية هما مزورتان بالتأكيد

Hyksos invented the current Israel and Jerusalem in 600 BC, and they are forgeries made by the Hyksos of Levant-Turkic Babylonians to replace the real Israel and Jerusalem that the Israelites built in 1400 BC in the Afar triangle in Punt Lands.

Forever excavations and searching will never find Solomon’s Temples or any antiquity of Israelite history in Levant. No evidence, whatsoever, will prove that Moses and Joshua step a foot in Levant, and there was the term “Canaan” in that region before 600 BC

The real Canaan is the Afar triangle in Punt Lands. The Canaanites mentioned, as enemies in the Jewish Talmud, are the Afar people and the fraternal Israelites

In addition, Joshua, when he led the Children of Israel to war in Canaan, he was fighting the Mukarribs Hyksos occupation, saving the people of Canaan, and executing the divine command to liberate Canaan and share with them living in Canaan in peace and cooperation.

In addition, the remanants of the Hyksos represented by the rulers of Eritrea and the Amhara region explains their relationship with the attacks, massacres and wars against the peoples of the Tigray, Afar and Oromo since their overthrow and crushing of the Kingdom of Axum with the help of the Turkic Abbasids in 950 AD

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