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The claim that the peoples of the world are infidels is misleading talk of the infidels Levantine-Turkic Hyksos to spread extremism and terrorism. They are the ones who falsely claim that they are followers and believers in the Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and other heavenly messages and the Religion and that they claim falsely being Arabs and Europeans

The world should know the differences between three groups

1. The nation of the Children of Israel arose in Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, in 1900 BC from the descendants of Abraham and Jacob. God sent them the Torah in 1446 BC in the Lands of Punt, not in Kemet. The Hyksos branch that colonized Punt shattered them from Israel in Punt in the year 600 BC

2. The group of Hebrew Jews are the Bedouin Levant who branched off from the Hyksos expelled from Kemet in 1523 BC and they called themselves the Hebrew Jews in Babylon in 600 BC and made the colonies of Phoenicia, Carthage and Rome

3. The group of Khazar Jews were formed by the Turkic Abbasids in 750 A.D. and resulted from them, the Viking pirates, Ashkenazim, rulers and wealthy Europe, liberal democrats and communists in the Americas and Europe, the Ottomans, Shiites and Persians

The Levantine Hebrew Jews, as well as the Turkic Khazar Jews, are partners and hostile to the Children of Israel and they are not related to Abraham, Moses, and Solomon.

The Levantine Hebrew Jews invented a fake version of the real Jerusalem, the real Israel, and history in the Levant in 600 BC

The Israelites established true Jerusalem and true Israel in Punt Land, led by Joshua in 1400 BC, that is 800 years before the appearance of the Levantine Hebrew Jews.

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  1. Where is Israel?

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