Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Any country can be considered and dealt with as a joint stock company

The country or the company is a hundred shareholders; each one has one share in a company that operates in mineral and gold mines and farms, with a value of 100 million dollars.

A Zionist neighbor wants to buy the company at a cheap price. He agreed with three shareholders on a plan to profit from it together

They offered additional shares, totaling $60 million, funded by the Zionist

The additional shares shall be nominally distributed 30 + 20 + 10 among individuals who are controlled by the three shareholders, the Zionist partners.

The Gang of Three controls the General Assembly and the company’s board of directors and pushes the company to ask for loans

The company’s investments are diverted to build luxury real estate, theme parks, and infrastructure, in preparation for selling the company to the Zionist

The company’s investments falter after weak investment in mining and agriculture and its activities are transformed into unprofitable luxury businesses

The company goes bankrupt and is offered for sale for half or less. The maximum that the Zionist will pay is 80 million dollars

The 97 shareholders receive half of the value of their shares, which is $47.5 million

The Gang of Three loses $1.5 million. However, the Zionist compensates them with a reward totaling 7.5 million dollars.

The Zionist reward is distributed to the gang of three 3.5 + 2.5 + 1.5 million dollars for each of them

The Zionist would thus have bought a company whose value, along with its assets, amounted to 160 million dollars at half the value

The sum of what the Zionist paid to buy a company worth 160 MD is 50 percent of the shareholder + 7.5 for the gang = 57.5 million dollars

With the purchase, the Zionist would have recovered the value of the additional shares that he paid, which is 60 million dollars, by paying 30 MD to himself

By deducting the value of the additional shares, which is 60 million dollars, the Zionist would have paid 57.5 MD to buy a company whose value was 100 million dollars.

The Zionist expels all the former employees of the company and appoints his family members and acquaintances

The company is rapidly expanding in various profitable production activities and fields, and former workers are appointed as workers with nominal wages

Only the Zionist and his entourage benefit from the real estate, amusement parks and infrastructure that the company financed and implemented under the previous ownership


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