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Deceptions of Telecom Service Providers Companies

It is inconceivable for states to build different roads for blue and red cars

It is inconceivable for anyone to pay taxi fare, apartment rent, or salaries to parties he does not employ, or to live in an industrial area.

It is inconceivable that several different lines of supply of gas, electricity and water to consumers be extended and companies established under the pretext of competition and the free market.

It is unacceptable for a single company to have a monopoly on supplies and services that provide electricity, water and gas to consumers in a long-term that harms competition.

For example, is it possible for the electricity company to provide customers with an invoice containing different tariffs for electricity consumption for lighting, TV and refrigerator? Of course not

Is it possible to set up different sales outlets for each type of bread, eggs, or tomatoes, and for each outlet to have expenses, employees, fees and advertisements? Of course not

If all these are clear and logical, then why there are several telecommunications companies providing the same basic services in endless number of mixed bundles of calls, messages and the Internet?

Any telecom company has only 3 products and these are calls, messages and internet services. So why does any company invent a large number of packages? And keep spending money and ads on fictitious products!

Is it not more effective, economical, and easier to separate the costs of calls, internet, and messages from each other, leaving the consumer to determine purchases and consumption?

Any telecommunications company provides services over a specific frequency band allocated to it, and via their own towers that broadcast their specific signals, frequencies and radiation

So, any subscriber to the services of one tele company and who has its own mobile SIM card lives under the coverage of signals from other companies without justification, unnecessary multiple bombardment.

Living in the field of other companies’ frequencies, systems’ costs, service management, employees, offices and engineers are directly and indirectly incurred by the economy and the citizen

It is better, possible, logical, and healthier for citizens to live under the coverage of a single better network, facilities, staff, and outlets that provides only 3 services than having multiple providers without competition

The state, the economy, and the citizen bear the burdens of dividing and allocating frequency bands for each telecommunications company and their costs of facilities, outlets, advertisements and staff.

The state, economy, and citizens lose the advantages of competition, quality control and cost-cutting as a result of long-term corporate licensing for several providers. They are not like cars manufacturers.

It is more expedient to keep the entire infrastructure, towers, buildings and outlets for a unified network owned by the state and operate by one single company in wide bands and sufficient towers

State’s ownership and control of a unified national network of telecommunications have many returns and not only financial, economic and administrative, but they have very important security benefits

The multiple communication towers pick up and transmit various signals and it is necessary for security purposes to deal with them with caution and transparency.

What are happening from the distribution of the communications network, the packaging of services, and inventing of mixed bundles is manipulation and tricky moves targeting the public using technology.

My suggestion to solve all this is to integrate the components and infrastructures of the various telecom companies and to put the entire telecom network in a bid for operation, say, every 3 years

In addition to this, the company that wins the bid to operate the national network is prohibited from merging and mixing the costs of calls, internet and messages into confusing packages.

With this solution, the number of towers and outlets will multiply; coverage and frequency capacity will expand; costs and confusion will decrease; and quality, security and performance control will increase.

Unifying the communications network and putting it forward in a single periodic bid will certainly increase the state’s profits and true honest competition and reduce costs and expenditures.

Owning and managing the entire telecommunications network by a government company has the same disadvantages, and perhaps, less than dividing the communications network between several companies for long periods

The best, cheapest, beneficial, profitable, and healthier solution is to unify the communications network ownership and put it forward in a unified operation bid for a specific period under continuous evaluation.


Foods Arranged by Strength and Number of Available Essential Nutrients

12 Spinach  

11 Salmon  

10 Tuna  

9 Lentils  

9 Sardines  

9 Shrimp 

9 Soybeans  

8 Beef  

8 Beet Greens  

8 Garbanzo Beans  

7 Turkey  

7 Turnip Greens  

6 Black Pepper

6 broccoli

6 Chicken  

6 Lima Beans  

6 Scallops  

6 Sweet Potato 

6 Swiss chard  

5 Brussels sprouts  

5 Cod  

5 Collard Greens  

5 Eggs  

5 Lamb  

5 Oats

5 Sesame Seeds 

5 Sunflower Seeds 

5 Tempeh  

5 Yogurt 

4 Almonds 

4 Barley

4 Dried Peas  

4 Kidney Beans  

4 Mustard Greens

4 Navy Beans  

4 Pinto Beans 

4 Pumpkin Seeds  

3 Asparagus  

3 Cashews 

3 Cow’s milk 

3 Kale  

3 Mushrooms Shiitake

3 Oranges  

3 Peanuts 

3 Quinoa  

3 Romaine Lettuce  

3 Tomatoes 

3 Walnuts 

2 Avocado  

2 Banana

2 bell peppers

2 Brown Rice  

2 Cantaloupe  

2 Carrots 

2 Cauliflower

2 Mushrooms Crimini

2 Onions 

2 Parsley  

2 Pineapple  

2 Potatoes  

2 Strawberries   

2 Tofu 

1 apples

1 blueberries

1 Bok Choy  

1 cabbage

1 celery

1 Cheese 

1 cherries

1 Chili peppers

1 Cloves  

1 corn

1 Cranberries

1 Flaxseeds 

1 Garden peas

1 Grapefruit 

1 Green Beans 

1 Green Peas  

1 Kiwifruit  

1 Lemons

1 Lettuce

1 Olives  

1 Papaya  

1 Peaches

1 Pears

1 Plums

1 Raspberries

1 Rye  

1 Sea Vegetables 

1 sprouts

1 Watermelon

1 Winter Squash

1 Zucchini

The 31 Essential Nutrients

  1. Biotin
  2. Calcium
  3. Choline
  4. Chromium
  5. Copper
  6. Fiber
  7. Flavonoids
  8. Folate
  9. Iodine
  10. Iron
  11. Lutein and zeaxanthin
  12. Magnesium
  13. Manganese
  14. Molybdenum
  15. Omega-3 fatty acids
  16. Pantothenic acid
  17. Phosphorus
  18. Potassium
  19. Protein & amino acids
  20. Selenium
  21. Vitamin A
  22. Vitamin B1 – thiamin
  23. Vitamin B12 – cobalamin
  24. Vitamin B2 – riboflavin
  25. Vitamin B3 – niacin
  26. Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine
  27. Vitamin C
  28. Vitamin D
  29. Vitamin E
  30. Vitamin K
  31. Zinc

Essential Nutrients in Foods

The percentage are for DRI/DV

Biotin: Almonds 49%; Sweet Potato 29%; Eggs 27%; Onions 27%; Oats 26%; Tomatoes 24%; Peanuts 21%; Carrots 20%; Walnuts 19%; Salmon 15%;

Calcium: Tofu 77%; Sardines 35%; Sesame Seeds 35%; Yogurt 30%; Collard Greens 27%; Spinach 24%; Cheese 20%; Turnip Greens 20%; Mustard Greens 17%; Beet Greens 16%;

Choline: Shrimp 36%; Eggs 35%; Scallops 30%; Chicken 23%; Turkey 22%; Tuna 21%; Cod 21%; Salmon 19%; Beef 17%; Collard Greens 17%;

Chromium: Broccoli 53%; Barley 23%; Oats 15%; Green Beans 6%; Tomatoes 4%; Romaine Lettuce 4%; Black Pepper 3%

Copper: Sesame Seeds 163%; Cashews 98%; Soybeans 78%; Mushrooms, Shiitake 72%; Sunflower Seeds 70%; Tempeh 68%; Garbanzo Beans 64%; Lentils 56%; Walnuts 53%; Lima Beans 49%;

Fiber: Navy Beans 68%; Dried Peas 58%; Lentils 56%; Pinto Beans 55%; Black Beans 53%; Lima Beans 47%; Garbanzo Beans 45%; Tempeh 43%; Kidney Beans 40%; Barley 38%

Flavonoids: onions; apples; parsley; oranges; blueberries; bananas; bell peppers; grapefruit; romaine lettuce; celery; lemons; strawberries; tomatoes; peaches; cherries; garbanzo beans; pears; oranges; almonds; watermelon ; cabbage; turnip greens; chili peppers; cranberries; sweet potatoes; cantaloupe; plums; quinoa; lettuce; raspberries

Folate: Lentils 90%; Pinto Beans 74%; Garbanzo Beans 71%; Asparagus 67%; Spinach 66%; Navy Beans 64%; Black Beans 64%; Kidney Beans 58%; Turnip Greens 42%; Broccoli 42%;

Iodine: Sea Vegetables 500%; Scallops 90%; Cod 88%; Yogurt 47%; Shrimp 31%; Sardines 24%; Salmon 21%; Cow’s milk 19%; Eggs 18%; Tuna 15%

Iron: Soybeans 49%; Lentils 37%; Spinach 36%; Sesame Seeds 29%; Garbanzo Beans 26%; Lima Beans 25%; Olives 25%; Navy Beans 24%; Swiss Chard 22%; Kidney Beans 22%

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, turnip greens, collard greens, romaine lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, corn, garden peas and Brussel sprouts are among the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Magnesium: Pumpkin Seeds 45%; Spinach 37%; Swiss Chard 36%; Soybeans 35%; Sesame Seeds 30%; Black Beans 29%; Quinoa 28%; Cashews 28%; Sunflower Seeds 27%; Beet Greens 23%

Manganese: Cloves 110%; Oats 83%; Brown Rice 77%; Garbanzo Beans 73%; Spinach 73%; Pineapple 67%; Pumpkin Seeds 64%; Rye 63%; Tempeh 63%; Soybeans 62%

Molybdenum: Lentils 330%; Dried Peas 327%; Lima Beans 313%; Kidney Beans 295%; Soybeans 287%; Black Beans 287%; Pinto Beans 285%; Garbanzo Beans 273%; Oats 64%; Barley 60%

Omega-3 fatty acids: Flaxseeds 133%; Walnuts 113%; Sardines 61%; Salmon 55%; Beef 46%; Soybeans 43%; Tofu 28%; Shrimp 14%; Brussels Sprouts 11%; Cauliflower 9%

Pantothenic acid: Mushrooms, Shiitake 52%; Avocado 42%; Sweet Potato 35%; Lentils 25%; Dried Peas 23%; Mushrooms, Crimini 22%; Chicken 22%; Turkey 20%; Yogurt 19%; Broccoli 19%

Phosphorus: Scallops 69%; Sardines 64%; Soybeans 60%; Pumpkin Seeds 57%; Cod 56%; Tuna 54%; Salmon 52%; Lentils 51%; Shrimp 50%; Tempeh 41%

Potassium: Beet Greens 28%; Sweet Potato 20%; Swiss Chard 20%; Potatoes 20%; Lima Beans 20%; Spinach 18%; Bok Choy 13%; Tuna 13%; Beets 11%; Brussels Sprouts 11%

Protein and Amino acids: Chicken 70%; Turkey 68%; Tuna 66%; Soybeans 57%; Salmon 53%; Beef 52%; Shrimp 52%; Lamb 51%; Scallops 47%; Sardines 45%

Selenium: Tuna 223%; Shrimp 102%; Sardines 87%; Salmon 78%; Turkey 62%; Cod 58%; Chicken 57%; Lamb 51%; Scallops 45%; Beef 44%;

Vitamin A: Sweet Potato 214%; Carrots 113%; Spinach 105%; Kale 98%; Mustard Greens 96%; Collard Greens 80%; Turnip Greens 61%; Beet Greens 61%; Swiss Chard 60%; Winter Squash 59%

Vitamin B1 – thiamin: Sunflower Seeds 43%; Navy Beans 36%; Black Beans 35%; Barley 33%; Dried Peas 31%; Green Peas 30%; Lentils 28%; Pinto Beans 28%; Lima Beans 25%; Oats 25%

Vitamin B12 – cobalamin: Sardines 338%; Salmon 236%; Tuna 111%; Cod 109%; Lamb 105%; Scallops 102%; Shrimp 78%; Beef 60%; Yogurt 38%; Cow’s milk 23%;

Vitamin B2 – riboflavin: Soybeans 38%; Spinach 32%; Beet Greens 32%; Tempeh 31%; Yogurt 27%; Mushrooms, Crimini 27%; Eggs 20%; Asparagus 19%; Almonds 18%; Turkey 18%

Vitamin B3 – niacin: Tuna 156%; Chicken 97%; Turkey 83%; Salmon 56%; Lamb 50%; Beef 48%; Sardines 30%; Peanuts 28%; Shrimp 19%; Brown Rice 19%

Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine: Tuna 69%; Turkey 54%; Beef 44%; Chicken 40%; Salmon 38%; Sweet Potato 34%;  Potatoes 32%; Sunflower Seeds 28%; Spinach 26%; Banana 25%

Vitamin C: Papaya 224%; Bell Peppers 157%; Broccoli 135%; Brussels Sprouts 129%; Strawberries 113%;  Pineapple 105%; Oranges 93%; Kiwifruit 85%; Cantaloupe 78%; Cauliflower 73%

Vitamin D: Salmon 128%; Sardines 44%; Tuna 23%; Cow’s milk 16%; Eggs 11%; Mushrooms, Shiitake 5%

Vitamin E: Sunflower Seeds 82%; Almonds 40%; Spinach 25%; Swiss Chard 22%; Avocado 21%; Peanuts 20%; Turnip Greens 18%; Asparagus 18%; Beet Greens 17%; Mustard Greens 17%

Vitamin K: Kale 1180%; Spinach 987%; Mustard Greens 922%; Collard Greens 858%; Beet Greens 774%; Swiss Chard 636%; Turnip Greens 588%; Parsley 554%; Broccoli 245%; Brussels Sprouts 43%

Zinc: Beef 37%; Lamb 35%; Sesame Seeds 25%; Pumpkin Seeds 23%; Lentils 23%; Garbanzo Beans 23%; Cashews 21%; Turkey 18%; Quinoa 18%; Shrimp 17%

المواد الأساسية في الأغذية

النسب هي لمقدار المادة في الوحدة / المقداراليومي المطلوب

البيوتين: اللوز 49٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 29٪؛ بيض 27٪؛ بصل 27٪؛ شوفان 26٪؛ الطماطم 24٪؛ فول سوداني 21٪؛ جزر 20٪؛ الجوز 19٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 15٪؛

الكالسيوم: التوفو 77٪؛ السردين 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 35٪؛ زبادي 30٪؛ كولارد جرينز 27٪؛ سبانخ 24٪ ؛ جبن 20٪؛ اللفت الخضر 20٪؛ الخردل الخضر 17٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 16٪؛

الكولين: الجمبري 36٪؛ بيض 35٪؛ الإسكالوب 30٪؛ دجاج 23٪؛ تركيا 22٪ ؛ تونة 21٪؛ سمك القد 21٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 19٪؛ لحم بقر 17٪؛ كولارد جرينز 17٪؛

الكروم: البروكلي 53٪؛ الشعير 23٪؛ الشوفان 15٪؛ الفاصوليا الخضراء 6٪؛ الطماطم 4٪؛ خس روماني 4٪ ؛ فلفل اسود 3٪

النحاس: بذور السمسم 163٪؛ الكاجو 98٪؛ فول الصويا 78٪؛ فطر شيتاكي 72٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 70٪؛ تمبيه 68٪ ؛ فاصوليا Garbanzo 64٪ ؛ العدس 56٪؛ الجوز 53٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 49٪؛

الألياف: الفاصوليا البحرية 68٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 58٪؛ العدس 56٪؛ بينتو فول 55٪ ؛ الفاصوليا السوداء 53٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 47٪؛ فاصوليا Garbanzo 45٪ ؛ تمبيه 43٪ ؛ حبوب الكلى 40٪؛ الشعير 38٪

الفلافونويد: البصل. تفاح؛ بقدونس؛ البرتقال. توت؛ موز؛ الفلفل؛ جريب فروت؛ خس روماين؛ كرفس؛ الليمون. فراولة؛ طماطم؛ الخوخ. الكرز. حبوب الحمص؛ إجاص؛ البرتقال. لوز؛ البطيخ     ؛ الكرنب؛ اللفت الخضر؛ الفلفل الحار؛ التوت البري؛ البطاطا الحلوة؛ الشمام؛ برقوق؛ الكينوا؛ الخس؛ توت العليق

حمض الفوليك: العدس 90٪؛ بينتو فول 74٪ ؛ حبوب Garbanzo 71٪؛ الهليون 67٪؛ السبانخ 66٪ ؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 64٪؛ الفاصوليا السوداء 64٪؛ الفاصوليا 58٪؛ اللفت الخضر 42٪؛ بروكلي 42٪ ؛

اليود: خضروات البحر 500٪؛ الإسكالوب 90٪؛ سمك القد 88٪ ؛ زبادي 47٪؛ روبيان 31٪؛ السردين 24٪؛ سلمون 21٪؛ حليب البقر 19٪؛ بيض 18٪؛ التونة 15٪

الحديد: فول الصويا 49٪؛ العدس 37٪؛ السبانخ 36٪؛ بذور السمسم 29٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 26٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 25٪؛ زيتون 25٪؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 24٪؛ شارد سويسري 22٪ ؛ حبوب الكلى 22٪

لوتين وزياكسانثين: تعد الخضروات الخضراء مثل الكرنب والسبانخ واللفت الأخضر والكرنب والخس والبروكلي والكوسا والذرة والبازلاء وبراعم بروكسل من بين أفضل مصادر اللوتين والزياكسانثين.

المغنيسيوم: بذور اليقطين 45٪؛ السبانخ 37٪ ؛ شارد سويسري 36٪ ؛ فول الصويا 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 30٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 29٪؛ الكينوا 28٪ ؛ كاجو 28٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 27٪؛ بنجر أخضر 23٪

المنغنيز: القرنفل 110٪؛ شوفان 83٪؛ أرز بني 77٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 73٪ ؛ السبانخ 73٪ ؛ أناناس 67٪؛ بذور اليقطين 64٪؛ الجاودار 63٪ ؛ تمبيه 63٪ ؛ فول الصويا 62٪

الموليبدينوم: العدس 330٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 327٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 313٪؛ حبوب الكلى 295٪؛ فول الصويا 287٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 287٪؛ بينتو فول 285٪ ؛ حبوب Garbanzo 273٪ ؛ شوفان 64٪ ؛ الشعير 60٪

أحماض أوميغا 3 الدهنية: بذور الكتان 133٪ ؛ الجوز 113٪ ؛ السردين 61٪؛ سلمون 55٪؛ لحم بقر 46٪؛ فول الصويا 43٪؛ التوفو 28٪ ؛ روبيان 14٪؛ كرنب بروكسل 11٪؛ القرنبيط 9٪

حمض البانتوثينيك: الفطر ، شيتاكي 52٪ ؛ أفوكادو 42٪ ؛ بطاطا حلوة 35٪؛ العدس 25٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 23٪؛ فطر كريميني 22٪؛ دجاج 22٪؛ تركيا 20٪؛ زبادي 19٪؛ البروكلي 19٪

الفوسفور: الإسكالوب 69٪؛ السردين 64٪؛ فول الصويا 60٪؛ بذور اليقطين 57٪؛ سمك القد 56٪ ؛ تونة 54٪ ؛ سلمون 52٪؛ العدس 51٪؛ روبيان 50٪؛ تمبيه 41٪

البوتاسيوم: البنجر 28٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 20٪؛ شارد سويسري 20٪ ؛ بطاطس 20٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 20٪؛ سبانخ 18٪؛ بوك تشوي 13٪ ؛ تونة 13٪ ؛ بنجر 11٪؛ كرنب بروكسل 11٪

البروتين والأحماض الأمينية: دجاج 70٪؛ تركيا 68٪ ؛ التونة 66٪؛ فول الصويا 57٪؛ سلمون 53٪؛ لحم بقر 52٪؛ روبيان 52٪؛ خروف 51٪؛ الإسكالوب 47٪؛ السردين 45٪

السيلينيوم: التونة 223٪ ؛ روبيان 102٪؛ السردين 87٪؛ السلمون 78٪؛ تركيا 62٪ ؛ سمك القد 58٪ ؛ دجاج 57٪؛ خروف 51٪؛ الإسكالوب 45٪؛ لحم بقر 44٪؛

فيتامين أ: بطاطا حلوة 214٪ ؛ جزر 113٪؛ سبانخ 105٪ ؛ كالي 98٪ ؛ الخردل الخضر 96٪ ؛ كولارد جرينز 80٪؛ اللفت الخضر 61٪؛ بنجر جرين 61٪؛ شارد سويسري 60٪ ؛ الاسكواش الشتوي 59٪

فيتامين ب 1 – الثيامين: بذور عباد الشمس 43٪ ؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 36٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 35٪؛ الشعير 33٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 31٪؛ البازلاء الخضراء 30٪؛ العدس 28٪؛ بينتو فول 28٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 25٪؛ الشوفان 25٪

فيتامين ب 12 – كوبالامين: سردين 338٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 236٪ ؛ تونة 111٪ ؛ كود 109٪ ؛ لحم خروف 105٪؛ الإسكالوب 102٪؛ روبيان 78٪؛ 60٪ لحم بقر؛ زبادي 38٪؛ حليب البقر 23٪؛

فيتامين ب 2 – الريبوفلافين: فول الصويا 38٪؛ السبانخ 32٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 32٪؛ تمبيه 31٪ ؛ زبادي 27٪؛ فطر كريمينى 27٪؛ بيض 20٪؛ الهليون 19٪؛ لوز 18٪؛ تركيا 18٪

فيتامين ب 3 – النياسين: التونة 156٪ ؛ دجاج 97٪؛ تركيا 83٪ ؛ سلمون 56٪؛ خروف 50٪؛ لحم بقر 48٪؛ السردين 30٪؛ الفول السوداني 28٪؛ جمبري 19٪؛ أرز بني 19٪

فيتامين ب 6 – بيريدوكسين: تونة 69٪ ؛ تركيا 54٪؛ لحم بقر 44٪؛ دجاج 40٪؛ سمك السلمون 38٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 34٪؛ بطاطس 32٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 28٪؛ سبانخ 26٪؛ موز 25٪

فيتامين ج (سي): البابايا 224٪ ؛ الفلفل الحلو 157٪؛ بروكلي 135٪ ؛ كرنب بروكسل 129٪؛ الفراولة 113٪؛ أناناس 105٪؛ البرتقال 93٪ ؛ الكيوي 85٪؛ شمام 78٪ ؛ القرنبيط 73٪

فيتامين د: سمك السلمون 128٪ ؛ السردين 44٪؛ تونة 23٪؛ حليب أبقار 16٪؛ بيض 11٪؛ فطر شيتاكي 5٪

فيتامين هـ: بذور عباد الشمس 82٪ ؛ لوز 40٪؛ السبانخ 25٪؛ شارد سويسري 22٪ ؛ أفوكادو 21٪؛ فول سوداني 20٪؛ اللفت الخضر 18٪؛ الهليون 18٪؛ البنجر 17٪؛ الخردل الأخضر 17٪

فيتامين ك: كالي 1180٪ ؛ سبانخ 987٪ ؛ الخردل الخضر 922٪ ؛ كولارد جرينز 858٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 774٪ ؛ شارد سويسري 636٪ ؛ اللفت الخضر 588٪ ؛ بقدونس 554٪؛ البروكلي 245٪ ؛ كرنب بروكسل 43٪

الزنك: لحم البقر 37٪؛ خروف 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 25٪؛ بذور اليقطين 23٪؛ العدس 23٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 23٪ ؛ الكاجو 21٪؛ تركيا 18٪ ؛ الكينوا 18٪ ؛ جمبري 17٪

USA Deep State Involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic

(L-R) Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, Response coordinator for White House Coronavirus Task Force Deborah Birx and CDC Director Robert R. Redfield attend the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House on April 8, 2020, in Washington, DC. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Please sign and share this petition to take action against USA deep state for their involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic

USA Deep State Involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Mr. President of the USA,

1. COVID-19 is real, but it is not naturally occurring pandemic; and it’s international medical guidelines and the overall system are totally wrong, corrupt and wicked.

2. Humanity, law and justice need to respected.

3. Charges against Bill Gates; CDC; Anthony Fauci; Robert Redfield; Wuhan Virology Institute; and the WHO must be filed.

4. Dr. Judy Mikovits must be protected, allowed and assisted to files law cases against your USA criminal deep state.

5. If your Administration cannot do these then it is a shameful and disgraceful complicity in international criminality.

Go to in the link below and support if you care

A video titled: (Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19) telling you exactly who are the culprits was taken off by YouTube repeatedly after it reached 2 million views in two days.
If it is removed before you watch it search with the title and find it.

Take Control of Your Own Health for Best Performance

Take Control of Your Own Health for Best Performance

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  3. Use online symptom checkers to help you find what your medical symptoms could mean. National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) is a Non-Profit organization empowered by the Disque Foundation and Save A Life Initiative. To find out Which Online Symptom Checkers are best? Read their article: Online Symptom Checkers: Evolution of Self Diagnosis is Upon Us.
  4. Be well informed about the drugs prescribed for you. is the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of drug information online. Providing free, accurate and independent advice on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products. Also, – Owned and Operated by WebMD and part of the WebMD network. RxList is an online medical resource dedicated to offering detailed and current pharmaceutical information on brand and generic drugs.
  5. In general, to find out the Top Websites Ranking browse the categories of for any Website traffic data. Also, use to check the health category ranking results.

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New Medical Aids for Patients and Disabled Mobility

Safe Suspension Walking Aid

Safe Suspension Walking Aid

I am just suggesting to develop a mechanical hoist mounted on a ground frame with wheels to assist patients and mobility disabled persons.
It shall be used with a suspension safety vest

Suspension Safety Vest

Suspension Safety Vest

It is also recommended to develop another mechanical mobility aid on wheels to lift and move patients from beds and wheelchairs.
I recommend to make it with 4 points of lifting instead of a single one.
It shall be used with underneath safety cargo web These two rough sketches would explain the proposed two aids

Lifting and Moving Patients from Beds and Wheelchairs

Lifting and Moving Patients from Beds and Wheelchairs

Sexual Incompatibility and Incompetence Cause Collapse and Loss of National Independence

Sexual Incompatibility and Incompetence Cause Collapse and Loss of National Independence

Sexual Incompatibility and Incompetence Cause Collapse and Loss of National Independence

It is strange that relationship between sex, economy and politics has not been discovered while they are the most important human activities. There is no doubt that there is a very strong correlation between sexual satisfaction, balanced personality, good governance, fairness, productivity and creativity, as well as between sexual impotence, corruption, crime and mismanagement of the state.

The strength of normal family relationship depends on the compatibility between the mind, heart and body of husband and wife. In other words, the power in marital relationship and in family cohesion is the result of harmony in understanding, feelings and sex.

When incompatibility and incompetence occurs between spouses, the consequences of this are severe not only within the marital home and the family, but also in the society and the state. When the husband or wife fails to get sexual satisfaction their understanding and performance in various aspects of life become tense and dysfunctional. This will be reflected negatively on the raising of children; economic performance and work; and in public and private ethics.

Therefore, it is logical and likely to find strong relationships between sexual incompatibility and incompetence linking them with ethical corruption; poor productivity; and bad raising of children and immorality ​​of society. Thus, the basis of economic performance and political management of the societies and the state become flawed and corrupt. This exports stresses and family ills resulting from sexual dysfunction into various aspects of economy and politics. The results will be betrayal, crime, corruption, underdevelopment, and violence.

With the weakening of the foundations and the economic and political components of society and the state, national interests and national independence are exposed to the dangers of narcissism and the collapse of values ​​and principles.

Therefore, one of the priorities of protecting national independence, sovereignty, and economic development should be strengthening the marital relationships in the aspects of mental understanding, emotions, and sexual competence. Because of the importance and precedence of the role of sexual satisfaction in building marital and family relationships, the treatment of sexual incompatibility and incompetence must be treated with great seriousness, attention and rationality.

Inability to marry and difficulties of connection and understanding before and after marriage, and other problems that hinder the establishment of the institution of marriage on sound and healthy basis, also lead to underdevelopment; corruption; crime; and loss of independence.

In short, sexually satisfying wife and satisfying husband lead to mental understanding and emotional affection and all these strengthen family, society, and the state. The reverse is also true. Prevalence of sexual incompatibility and incompetence of spouses leads to loss and disruption of family and threatens to ruin the society and the state at large.

Prepare Best Skin and Hair Care Budget Products at Home

People better stop buying expensive harmful products and lotions. These products are commercial and expensive. Follow these steps and read the recommended resources:
1. Add Sesame oil as a great universal carrier oil. (Optional: if you are skeptical choose another carrier oil suitable for your type of skin or hair of your preference.
2. Add Glycerol (also called glycerine or glycerin)
3. Choose an Essential Oil suitable for your type of skin or hair of your preference. (8 Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin: Frankincense Essential Oil. Geranium Essential Oil. Carrot Seed Essential Oil. Argan Essential Oil. Sandalwood Essential Oil. Myrrh Essential Oil. Rose Essential Oil. Helichrysum Essential Oil. )
4. (Optional) Choose a Fragrant Oil suitable for your type of skin or hair of your preference.

7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin

11 Amazing Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair – Must Try – StyleCraze

Olivia’s Essential Oils Guide for Dummies

List of essential oils

Carrier oil

What are the best essential oils for YOUR skin type?

The 7 Best Essential Oils for Hair

How To Buy Essential Oils On A Budget – The Best Ones To Buy Based On Cost Per Drop

Cost per Drop of DoTerra Essential Oils 2015

The Total Guide to Carrier Oils: 21 Of the Best to Mix with Essential Oils

List of Perfume Oil Types

Carrier Oils Properties and Profiles from AromaWeb

Easy reference essential oil comparison chart These are the properties of 33 popular essential oils.

The Essential Oils Directory: AromaWeb provides over 120 oil profiles.

List, Properties, and Health benefits of Essential Oils: from Organic Facts

Government and Private Sectors Organized Crimes

In numerous cases it was found that doctors has a culture of cover up and also acting dishonestly, unethically, and greedily. They behave like organized criminals.

Every system must have a counter professional diverse system of monitoring besides the Judiciary.
This is true in medicine, engineering, politics, religion, business, banking, education, media, military, and all others.

No sector must be allowed to monitor and discipline its own members without control and participation from service recipients.

Doctors nowadays always put the benefits of their affiliated big criminal hospitals and drug companies first by reaping off money through ordering risky drug prescriptions, huge surgical mistakes, and so on.

The situation is even worst in the developing poor countries without fair justice system and rampant ignorance and illiteracy among the public and doctors.

Now huge profits are being made by organ trafficking by many criminal doctors and hospitals. Medicine became a freaking heinous business to enrich its practitioners.

Groundbreaking New Treatment for Influenza and other Viral Infections

influenza symptoms

influenza symptoms

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Symptoms can be mild to severe. The most common symptoms include: a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired.

In my personal experience, this combination of symptoms strongly indicate that the viruses most probably are blocking the intake of oxygen to survive; or less probable they consume a lot of oxygen to the degree they deprives the infected organ from oxygen. But since viruses are infectious agents and not living organisms the first possibility is more reasonable.

High fever, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired are all indications of low oxygen. While runny nose is a signs of deliberate attempts to block natural intake of oxygen through breathing by viruses. During cold environment the consumption of oxygen is high, and that is why flue gets worse without warming the body. Coughing is the natural reaction of the body to clear any obstruction or low levels of oxygen presence.

Proving and understanding this sound hypothesis could lead to groundbreaking new treatments for influenza and other viral infections.

How to Treat Viral Infections?

It is obvious that the intake of oxygen both in the lungs and blood must be increased to compensate for the assumed low oxygen level. This could be done either by facilitating natural deep breathing for long time until the viruses are either unable to function in oxygenated organ or to provide the extra needed oxygen.

The other line of treatment, which need further clinical investigation, is by administering hydrogen peroxide in various ways.

Flu Treatment by Sodium Bicarbonate Irrigation and Natural Deep Breathing only.

In case of flu, to increase and facilitate natural intake of oxygen both in the lungs and in blood via deep breathing the congested nose must be cleared first. To achieve this it is recommended to use a solution of Sodium Bicarbonate (half tea spoonful in a half glass of water) and irrigate thoroughly noses with the help of tea-spoon or dropper, then blow the nose until it is totally cleared from congestion. The second and most important part in treating flu is by going through regular and long sessions of deep breathing.

Immediately after taking this treatment most of the symptoms of flu, like high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired, will be relieved while the virus still exists and trying to fight back. After few days of treatment the viruses will go away or take inactive state.

There are two large population groups who have serious problems A. Those who took the vaccination then developed various sorts of autoimmune diseases; and B. Those who refuse to take the vaccine and developed flu; so what is going to happen to these two large groups?

I suggest to offer them trial treatment consisting of the following: 1. Sodium Bicarbonate nose irrigation to relieve nasal congestion; 2. Regular sessions of deep breathing; 3. Oral Sodium Bicarbonate to reduce body acidity and boost the immune system; 4. Anti-fungal diet; 5. Oral Anti-fungal medication to see if it could stop the production of antibodies; plus two additional components could also be added which are 1. Various forms of Oxygen therapy like Heated humidified high-flow (HHHF) and 2. Hydrogen Peroxide. Monitoring and measuring the results will certainly help to develop flu and viral infections treatments.

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