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Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy


Trash Fraud Modern Western Liberal Democracy

Trash Fraud Modern Western Liberal Democracy

Modern Liberal Democracy is truly the biggest fraud in modern times. Examining the fundamental principles of modern Liberal Democracy can easily prove that they are false.

The principles of modern Liberal Democracy are known as follow:

  The Component Modern Liberal Democracy
As a political system
Modern Liberal Democracy
as an ideology
1 Political Separation of Powers Radical Pluralism
2 Social Direct Free Universal Suffrage Liberal Individualism
3 Economic The Rule of Law International Capitalism
4 Cultural Free Civic Institutions Global Modernization
5 Religious Culture of civil Liberties &Rights Atheist Secularism
6 Administrative Popular Sovereignty & Elections Majority Rule
7 Ethnic Partisan Exclusion Aggressive Expansionism

All these claims are fake, deceptive and abusive. Modern Liberal Democracy was created only to destroy traditional national sovereignty and aristocracy everywhere.

History also shows that M.L.D. is just an international capitalist global enterprise which began earlier but became open at around two hundred and fifty years ago i.e.1750 A.D.

The English “Revolution”!!, civil war or disorder of 1640, the mass executions of people and monarchs all over Europe; and the English Bill of Rights of 1689 were the beginning of the international capitalistic conspiracy of modern Liberal Democracy. The training and financing of the so-called “revolutionists”, actually demagogue terrorists of foreign origins and criminals, in USA and Europe; the massacre of the decent Russian Tsar family; and the creation of communism and international secret societies are clear evidences of the deep corruption of modern liberal democracy.

The ideas of F.A. Voltaire (1694-1778)-about personal freedom and civil liberties; C.L.Montesquieu (1689-1775)-about Separation of Powers and equality before the law-and also those of J.J.Rousseau (1712-1778)-about Popular Sovereignty and Majority Rule-were purposely invented, twisted and much inflated just to give an intellectual grounds for the criminal plot of Liberal Democracy. Unfortunately, these ideas became the foundation of the US Constitution of 1787; and also to the French Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1789. They were meant to create an international appeal, authority and springboards to Liberal Democracy.

The cruelties of the English society in the 17-century; American Wars of Independence and the French and Russian so-called Revolutions are few examples of the immorality of the perpetrators of modern Liberal Democracy. In all countries, modern Liberal Democracy is the outcome of a wicked capitalistic-communistic marriage between foreign strangers and some venal and grasping bourgeois, the case of the sudden creation and Atlantic financing of Hitler by big foreign businesses right from the beginning of his bloody career – to destroy Germany; kill some Jews who were unwanted by rich Jews; and demolishing Old Europe – is a very obvious example.

The first steps of creating modern Liberal Democracy were:
1-Piracy and mega-companies
2-Trans-Atlantic slavery
3-Mercantilism and merchant navy
4-Colonization of the Americas & Africa.
5-International Capitalism & Individualism
6-Immorality, atheism & heresies.
7-Liberalism & Anti-traditionalism.
8-Violence, demagoguery & anti-nationalism.
9-The massacres of aristocracies, monarchs, nobility, nationalists & clergies in the name of revolutions and the people.
And finally 10- Liberal-Democracy, Individualism, Socialism, Materialism & Communism.

Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.
The Alternative for Radical Partisan Democracy

C.P.N. promises to be the moderate path and the real system of good governance. The ideology of Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N., is based on the following components:

1-Political:…………..Evolutionary Conservatism. Vs Radical Pluralism & Authoritarian Hegemony.

2-Social:……………..Civic Cooperation. Vs. Liberal Individualism & Totalitarian Communism

3-Economic:…………Intelligent Morality. Vs. International Capitalism & State Socialism.

4-Cultural:……………Moderate Traditionalism. Vs. Global Modernization & Reactionary Customs.

5-Religious:………….Free Fraternity. Vs. Atheist Secularism & Religious Extremism.

6-Administrative:……Autonomous Meritocracy Vs. Majority Rule & Minority Rule.

7-Ethnic:……………..Indigenous Integration Vs. Aggressive Expansionism & Xenophobic Fascism.

The Fundamental Principles of  Conservative Professional Nationalism , C. P. N. 

  The Component Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.
As a political system
Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.
As an ideology
1 Political The Control of Powers Evolutionary Conservatism
2 Social Qualified Free Estate Suffrage Civic Corporatism
3 Economic The Rule of Love Intelligent Morality
4 Cultural Effective Civic Institutions Moderate Traditionalism
5 Religious Culture of National Freedom Free Fraternity
6 Administrative National Sovereignty Autonomous Meritocracy
7 Ethnic Corporate Participation Indigenous Integration

The way to Freedom, Fairness and Faith, (F.F.F.), is through:
1- Anti-Democracy; Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Individualism;
2- Anti-totalitarianism; Anti-Communism and Anti-Materialism; and
3- Anti-Radicalism; Anti-Liberalism and Anti-Globalism.

Modernization is not Development, at all, but the right path is the Moderate Path, which is Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N. i.e.:

1- Conservatism; Moderation and Nobility;
2- Professionalism; Love and Morality; and
3- Nationalism; Cooperation; Humanism.


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