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A Call to Patriotic Leaders in the World for a Strong International Movement to Stop and Ban the International Zionist Movement

Zionism claims that it is a national movement that adopts the establishment and support for the establishment of a homeland for the Jews, centered in an area that roughly corresponds to what is known in the stories of the Jews as the Land of Israel, which is the region of Canaan, or the Holy Land, on the basis of an ancient Jewish attachment to it. The claims of Zionism are false in several obvious respects.

The foundations of the invalidity of Zionism are, first, that the Jews have nothing to do with the children of Israel and their religious and national history. The Jews are two factions, the first and the older are the Amorites Bedouins of the Levant, and a renaming of the Hebrews, and they are one of the four groups that branched out from the Hyksos after their expulsion from Kemet (ancient Egypt). The Hebrews Bedouins Hyksos of the Levant in Babylon in the year 600 BC became Jews. They are the Eastern Jews, and they are Jordanians and Bedouins of Syria. The second faction of the Jews appeared in the year 750 AD, and they the western Turk Khazars who colonized Eastern Europe. Eastern Turks sought help from them to establish an entity called the Abbasids, and they worked together to control the coasts of the eastern Mediterranean by displacing the Levantine Amorite Umayyads who had been partners with the Eastern Turks.

Secondly, it can be proven that the children of Israel are the descendants of Jacob and they existed in Punt Land in the southwest of the Red Sea since 1900 BC. With a little effort, it is possible to discover the antiquities of the real Kingdom of Israel, the real Jerusalem, the tombs of the children of Israel and the real Canaan, and all of them have nothing to do with the current region that is called the State of Israel while it is a colony established by aggression against the people, civilization and land of Ugarit.

Thirdly, the Zionist movement has never been a nationalist movement adopting the establishment and support of a homeland, but rather it is in fact a movement to penetrate and control the peoples, resources and sovereignty of the countries of the world in all fields using dangerous and destructive aggressive plots, including extermination and wars.

Fourthly, it is not permissible and never reasonable for any state to be established on religious foundations. In addition, the religious allegations that Zionists use are baseless and untrue, and they have nothing to do with the scriptures and teachings of Moses, the Messenger of the Children of Israel, which came 3,500 years ago. Western Turks who occupied eastern Europe used them and describe themselves as God’s chosen people.

Fifth, the activities and actions of the Zionist Movement did not stop after the establishment of the fabricated State of Israel in 1948, and their activities and actions continue through the Organization and the Zionist Congress, which is held regularly, and they reached 38 conferences, the last of which was in 2020, and the world does not know its programs, proceedings, plans, and goals.

The stages of overthrowing the world since the Basel Conference of 1897 are >>> First is the extermination and domestication of the peoples of Europe >>> Second is the creation of an entity in 1948 >>> Third is the creation of terrorism in the Levant >>> Fourth is the establishment of a strip mini-state in the center of Kemet (Egypt) >>> Fifth is besieging of Najd And the real Arabs >>> Sixth is the seizure of Amazigh countries and peoples from Libya to the Atlantic >>> Seventh is the manufacture and support of puppet regimes to plunder Africa. The stages and plans of 1848 for the Spring of Nations for the Western Turkic Khazars and the protection of the national peoples and regimes must be halted and addressed

What is urgently required is to stop their seizure of Kemet and to establish an international movement and a global national organization to defend peoples from Zionism and to confront the decisions, plans and program of the Basel 1897 Conference of Western Turks Khazars Ashkenazi Zionists

A young journalist named Theodor Herzl issued a pamphlet in 1896 entitled Envisioning the Establishment of a Future Independent Jewish State during the Twentieth Century. This young journalist was born in Hungary to a wealthy father who had big business. They moved and his family lived in Serbia, then to Germany, then to Austria. The origin of Herzl’s Family is Western Turks. It is believed that Herzl was of Ashkenazi and Sephardic descent. His name, at his birth in 1860, was Benjamin Zevi.

Herzl aspired to be like Ferdinand de Lesseps, the planner of the Suez Canal, but he did not succeed in sciences and instead went to poetry, literature and plays to succeed. He turned into heavily into the press. Herzl saw an opportunity in the massacres of Armenians in the mid-1890s, which badly tarnished the Ottomans sultan’s public image in Europe. He suggested that in exchange for Jewish settlement in Palestine, the Zionist movement could work to improve the reputation of Abdul Hamid II and support the Ottomans financially.

Herzl visited dignitaries including the Grand Vizier and proposed to the Grand Vizier that the Jews pay the Ottoman external debt and help restore its financial strength in exchange for taking Palestine as a Jewish homeland. Before leaving Istanbul on 29 June 1896, Herzl was awarded a symbolic honor. The medal, “Commander’s Cross of the Wissam al-Majidi,” to encourage and support Herzl and to the Jewish world for seriousness of efforts and further negotiations.

Herzl organized in Basel on August 29, 1897 the first congress as the inauguration of the Zionist Organization (ZO). 69 delegates from seventeen countries attended ZO from the Turkic groups, 26 journalists and many individual invitees, and the total attendance was about 200 participants. More than half of the delegates were from Eastern Europe, and a quarter were from Russia.

The organizer and president was Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement. Congress drafted the Zionist program known as the Basel Program, establishing the Zionist Organization, and they elected Herzl as president. Herzl died 8 years later at the age of 44

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