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The God of Jews is not the God of Hebrew Israelite

“EL” is the name of the God of Moses and for the Hebrew Israelite since their Exodus. It is also written and pronounced in plural “Elohim” as a form of high respect and reverence. It was the same name used by Abraham and Enoch. The Israelite also used to call God as Eloah, Ilah, and Allah. The patriarch Jacob was given the name Isra-EL 400 years before Moses and 1500 years before the words JEW and YHWH appeared.

YHWH/ Yahweh/ Jehovah is another totally different name for a warrior god for Turkic Mongolian people who formed the Jews. Both YHWH/ Jahovah and Jew appeared in 530 BC and they originated from Babylon. The word JEW came from YHWH just by replacing Y with J

The Jews made gross mistakes by failing to recognize the God of Hebrew Israelite in 530 BC. Then they came up with various ways to write and pronounce Yahweh to make it similar to Elohim.

First they said YHWH is too holy to be pronounced. Then they said YHWH is intended to be pronounced as Adonai (another invented term). They kept changing points to make the word YHWH (Yahweh/ Jehovah) look and pronounce like the original Elohim.

Certainly, the Jews are totally different group from the older Hebrew Israelite. The Israelite were Arab Semite who descended from Abraham and Jacob. The Jews have different god than the God of Jesus.

On the other hand, the Jews are Turkic Mongolians who were created by Turkic Persians and sent to replace and rule over the Hebrew Israelite. They used the Return from Babylonian Exile as a way to insert Turkic settlers into Canaan and colonized it without fighting. Turkic Mongolians are known for identity theft wherever they raid.

Support for the theory that YHWH belongs to a foreign group wandered in the deserts of Israel and Arabia can be found in Egyptian texts from the late second millennium, which list different tribes of nomads collectively called “Shasu” that populated this vast desert region. One of these groups, which inhabits the Negev, is identified as the “Shasu Yhw(h).” This suggests that this group of nomads may have been the first to have the god of the Jews as its tutelary deity.

Later the Shasu invaded and colonized Egypt and were called the Hyksos “Heky-Shasu”. The Greek phrase Hyksos stood for the Egyptian phrase Hekw Shasu meaning the Bedouin-like, which scholars have only recently shown means “rulers from foreign lands”.

Hebrew Israelite were called “Abiru or Habiru” and their only God for thousands of years is EL, while the Jews were called “Shasu of YHWH” or “nomad Jews”. These are two different nations with two different gods. But finally the Jews and their cult YHWH won over the Hebrew Israelite and replaced their God EL.

A helpful article is posted on HaaretzHow the Jews Invented God, and Made Him Great


Abraham Family Tree

Abraham Family Tree

Abraham Family Tree

The word “Arab” most probable originated in Mesopotamia to describe nomads, West, and/or wandering people. No archeological, linguistic, or any logical evidences were found to prove that Abraham was really born and lived in Mesopotamia.

It is more likely that Abraham and his two sons Ishmael and Isaac were all Arabs and they lived in Yemen. Therefore, the sons of Jacob (Israel), son of Issac, who are the Israelites are Arabs too.

The Ishmaelites, the Israelites, and the Idomite are all branches of Arabs, not just the Ishmaelites only.

Hager’s original name was “Hagr” (means home/country in Ge’ez). She was from Abyssinia, most probably a dark free woman.

Her marriage to Abraham was arranged by an Abyssinian king and could be his daughter. The Abyssinian king admired the faith and character of Abraham and asked him to marry an Abyssinian woman so as to have children and relate to him.

Notice at that time there were no camels or horses (they were not yet brought or domesticated). Single hump camels were brought by Ethiopians from East Africa later.

People in Arabia and Levant only used donkeys if they could afford it, and their movements were very limited and avoid desert. They could not travel too far in short time as the Biblical tales say. Therefore, Abraham entering Egypt on a camel is clearly a false tale.

The geography of the Hebrew Bible describes Yemen, Asir region, Abyssinia, and Western Arabia only. There are no resemblance or evidences of Abraham and Israelite in Mesopotamia or Egypt at all.

Africans and Europeans Stronger Together, African-European Support Team

Africans and Europeans are Stronger Together

Africans and Europeans are Stronger Together

African-European Support Team (EAST)

It is noticed that the images of Europeans among Africans as well as the images of Africans among Europeans are both unfairly wrong and falsely negative, almost all of them were fabricated. These perceptions were created by the same parasites who damaged and controlled Europe and Africa, and the world. They manipulated and used corrupt politics, media and academia to invent false assumptions and accusations between Africans and Europeans. Their aims are to maintain animosity and hostility, and make Europeans feel guilty for crimes they did not commit, while whitewashing their own image.

EAST is a public political group created by few proud Africans to encourage understanding and cooperation between African people and European people from all over the World. EAST admires and promotes true history, values, and achievements of Africans and Europeans. The main topics of EAST are politics, history and current political affairs. EAST is against the strategy of “Divide and Rule”.

The objectives of EAST are: to dismiss myths, prejudices and misconceptions created by corrupt and ignorant politics, media and academia, from within and from without, about who the Africans are; who the Europeans are; what really happened in African and European histories; the common values of cultural integrity and national sovereignty; dismiss allegations of racism, slavery, and colonization of Europeans towards Africa; revise world history to discover the true history of Africa and Europe.

EAST is against liberal globalist policies of fast multiculturalism, cultural decay, abuse and misuse of migration and refugee systems and principles. The present threats of New World Order and globalization are in cultural and political liberalism; attack on REAL Democracy; debts; mass migrations; the struggle between “protection” of transnational corporate (TNC) rights versus the “freedom” of democratic governments to regulate in the interests of domestic non-corporate constituencies.

While encouraging tolerance, understanding, peaceful coexistence and natural multiculturalism EAST is strongly opposed to massive aggressive and imposed multiculturalism and criminally-organized refugees and migrations. EAST supports regulated humanitarian assistance for refugees fleeing wars, poverty, and persecutions first in their neighboring countries, then by dignified, organized and lawful relocation to other countries if necessary and possible only.

Refugees and migrants shall not be used as sources for cheap unprotected workers; or to sap Africa or Europe from its human resources, cultures and talents. Humanitarian assistance shall not be used to harm the sovereignty, security and order of any African or European country; and they shall never be used as weapons of extremism or terrorism or implanted political caucus against any country.

EAST is in its humble beginning and the future plan is to widen the coalition gradually by including Asians (including the Arabs) and the Native Americans. EAST’s motto is “Africans and Europeans are Stronger Together”. Therefore, EAST does not tolerate any bashing, misinformation, or bias against Africans and Europeans equally. Only good quality articles from any source shall be approved for posting on EAST. The rules of polite discrete conduct are paramount. Any offensive language or materials are not allowed.

If you share EAST’s vision and objectives be a member and participate to encourage strong Africans-Europeans cooperation and to create mutual support between Africans and Europeans. It is planned to develop this project to become a website and later on a fully functional organization. Ideas and suggestions are most welcome and essential specially now to make a strong and successful start. Contact us at African-European Support Team (EAST).

African-European Support Team (EAST) on FaceBook

African-European Support Team (EAST) on Facebook Group photo

Slavery in Germany Today

Slavery in Germany Today

Slavery in Germany Today

Germany is increasingly becoming a vassal state controlled by the Jews; and the people in Germany are working for Jewish interests. In Germany it is possible to criticize Israel to some extent, but it is unsafe to raise any critical questions about Jews and their history and origins. Free Germany Now Campaign, Free Ursula Haverbeck NOW.

While not a single European country paid Africans or Asians a single dollar as reparations, Germany paid billions to Jews and to Israel. The Reparations Agreement between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany was signed on September 10, 1952, and entered in force on March 27, 1953. According to the Agreement, West Germany was to pay Israel for the costs of “resettling so great a number of uprooted and destitute Jewish refugees” after the war, and to compensate individual Jews, via the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, for losses in Jewish livelihood and property resulting from Nazi persecution and genocide.


White Europeans are Targeted by Campaign of Hatred and Extermination

Proud Israeli on The Greatest Story Never Told TV

Proud Israeli on The Greatest Story Never Told TV

I am a black African, but I can see clearly that White Europeans in USA, Europe, and the world are being targeted by a systematic campaign of hatred and extermination organized by the Turkic groups, especially the Turkic Jews.

Many foolish and aggressive African-Americans are brainwashed by Jews and act wickedly and engaged in hate and racist crimes against Whites. The real problems are the Turkic groups especially Jews and Turkic fake “Muslims”.

This situation reminds me of the tactics of British Jews in South Africa in their long hatred and fight against the European Boers in the 19th century South Africa (Boers=Afrikaans word for “farmer”).

While the British Jews were most racist they incited and fooled the native black South Africans, created communists, and bought black thugs and mercenaries to attack European Boers.

The situation forced the Boer government to declare the Apartheid Policy to maintain security checks and identification and to stop violence against European Boers and maintain order.

While the European Boers were negotiating political solutions for their presence in South Africa with native blacks, the British Jews were working hard to defeat both European Boers and black natives, and at the same time fooling and corrupting blacks to fight on their side in their war against Boers.

The British Jews cried foul locally and around the world and made black Africans and the international community believe that the Apartheid Policy is inhumane, wicked, and racist. And they accused European Boers of fabricated atrocities.

The Turkic Jews are the most hypocrite, greedy, and deceptive criminals.

Read the words of Proud Israeli on The Greatest Story Never Told TV:

World Civilizations and Empires Timeline Chronology

Middle Eastern and European  Civilizations

Middle Eastern and European Civilizations and Empires

African Civilizations

African Civilizations and Empires

American and Asian Civilizations

American and Asian Civilizations and Empires



Sexual Abilities Are the Most Important Qualifications Today

Sexual abilities and qualifications are regarded as the real Curriculum Vitae

Partially peeled ripe banana showing the sweet flesh of this popular tropical fruit on a green background

Everybody could wonder how so many close people with weak qualification, low intelligence, and poor professional expertise became too rich and too powerful. There is no clear explanation or justification to how these stupid lazy people get such senior jobs, big money, and high social status.

The only possible reason for such “success” is that these unproductive idiots were clever from early age in using their genitals or serve others to lubricate their way to the top.

A young man or woman with determination could use their front or rear private parts or those of their attractive spouses, or just pimp outer sources, to serve another rich and powerful person to gain best pay, best positions, and best conditions.

Sexual contractors exist at all sectors, from medicine to politics, and from armed forces to judiciary. They are around in every community from immediate locality and family to the international organizations and the global elite.

The majority of sexual corruption and perversion are done for free, just for pleasure, or to make minor gains such as residency permit, passport, or a trivial job. But if a person plays it big at young age and with strong cards for some time it must secure big money, power, and status.

Sexual abilities and qualifications are regarded as the real Curriculum Vitae.

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