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National, Regional and International Security Strategies to confront all Dangers

To face any problem, disease, danger or threat, whether in development, terrorism or peace, it is necessary to plan and work in five specific, clear and necessary axes together, and they are:

1. Availability of will treatment and 2. Knowledge of the problem and 3. Awareness of the causes and 4. Regulating the environment and 5. Integrated resistance and 6. Collective control and 7. Commitment and seriousness

Zionism is the most serious national, regional and international problem and disease, and national, regional and global security strategies must be confronted it.

It is necessary to activate, revitalize and strengthen the national, regional and global security agencies and advisories in all countries because they perform the roles of the Ministry of Health in the areas of national, regional and global security.

Any Politics without Deep Knowledge of History is like flying a Plane without Knowing Geography

When we feel sick 1. We decide with free will that we need treatment and go to a hospital, then 2. Tests are done to know the problem, then 3. We gain awareness of the causes of the disease, then 4. We organize our surroundings to stop the causes, then 5. We support the body’s natural resistance to disease and then 6. We fight the disease whether with medication or a surgical procedure, then 7. We commit and be serious in regulating our surroundings and in treatment until the disease is gone

True history confirms that the Romans were from Hyksos Hebrew Levant Amorites

True history confirms that the Vikings were from Turkic Mongolian Far-Asia Khazar

Only Both the Romans and the Vikings made world colonization, slavery and piracy


Invalidating the Amorites allegations of being Arabs

Invalidating the Amorites allegations of being Arabs, and their Arabized colonies are Arab

Historical, Political and Religious Awareness is Inevitably Coming

Arabized peoples and the real Arabs in the Arabia will realize that the Amorite groups impostering as Arabs are Bedouins of the Levant, and among them came the Hebrews who established the first Jewish entity in 600 BC by occupying southern Ugarit.

The partners of the Amorites are the Turkic Mongolian Bedouin groups from East Asia and among them came the Ashkenazim, who appeared and took control of the Jewish entity since 740 AD.

The Levant Amorites and the Turkic Mongolians both are dangerous and in an alliance, that threatens the whole world, and they are not the children of Israel

The World will know that the so-called Islam invented by Amorite Umayyad and the so-called Islam invented by Turkic Mongolian Abbasid prevalent today both are frauds.

These two fake claims have nothing at all with faith but they are colonial terrorist paganism and both have no relationship or amity with the teachings of Mohammed, the Arabs, and the peoples of the region, and with all heavenly national messages leading to the One Religion called in Arabic Islam

Certainly, the world will know that the teachings of Mohammed for Arabs had died completely when it was only fifty years old. It died just as the messages of Jesus, Moses and the rest of the messengers died.

The World will know that there was never any international messenger and international teachings however the One Religion is Universal and not only international.

Defining terrorism and Ukraine reveals the differences between the intruder West and authentic Europe

Terrorism is defined as all kinds of crimes, whether armed, religious or not, committed by organized gangs from the Amorite Levant and their Turkic Mongolian partners from East Asia in any field plus West African Fulani groups and their branches in the World

The causes and objectives of Russian operations in Ukraine

Russian military operations in Ukraine is between Europe and the West and are aimed at

First, to protect Russia from Ukraine becoming a base for attacks with various types of Western weapons, means and programs against European Russia

Secondly, to save Ukraine from the domination of the Turkic Ashkenazi, which began in 740 AD when the Abbasids agreed with the Khazars to establish the Ashkenazim and raid Eastern Europe, as well as the removal of the Hebrew-Jewish Amorites from their colony of Canaan

And third, to help European peoples to restore sovereignty and national states from globalization used by the West, represented by the European Union and NATO

The current crisis in Ukraine clearly and powerfully reveals the differences between the intrusive West and authentic Europe. It is never permissible to describe Europeans as Westerners, nor to blame Europeans for the crimes of the West

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos Did the 911

The world is indeed confused, because they do not know real history, about real Arabs, Arbo-Amorites, the Akkadians and Hyksos. Terrorism is simply a joint Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos business.

The deserts of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean was plagued with nomads who are the Amorites since at least 4000 BC. The Amorites sabotaged the nations and civilizations of Kmt, Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs of Dilmun in the center and east, Magan in the west and Meluhha in the south of Arabia. The Amorites lived on looting trade caravans connecting nations.

In 3500 BC, in East Asia around Altai Mountain other nomadic looting bandits appeared on horses back. Those I call them Turkic Mongolians. They devastated all nations in the region starting with the Han then directed their raids westwards since then to reach the entire world.

Turkic Mongolians reached Sumer and met the Amorite bandits and a coalition began. They together invaded and colonized Sumer in 2334 BC, which was unaware of horses. Sumerians called the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite bandits the Akkadians and kicked them out in 2154 BC.

The expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadians roamed the Levant and continued their incursions and trade looting. In 1670 BC, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadians invaded and colonized Kmt (Ancient Egypt) and take advantage of horses and chariots they found in Sumer. Egypt called them Hyksos and expelled them in 1523 BC. The Expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos branched into four bandits: Hebrews against Ugarit; Mitanni against Ebla; Kassites against Sumer; and Mukarribs against Arabia.

In 1450 BC, suddenly Thutmose III offered the Hebrews and the Mitanni his military support against Ugarit and Ebla in return for payment of regular share in loots and women. The Hebrews colonized Ugarit and made the colonies of Phoenicia and what was later they called Canaan. The Hebrews used the resources and expertise of Ugarit to pirate the Mediterranean and make the colonies Carthage, Numidia, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus. The Phoenician Hebrews toppled and destroyed the Aegean kingdoms and caused the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC and the Sea Pirates/Peoples.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite rule called these states after they colonized and devastated them for millennia Misr, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. The Amorites invaded and colonized the Arabs since 1500 BC and dropped their own language and claimed they are Arabs. They still hold significant power and wealth in Arabia even after the Saud family, who have considerable Amorite elements, revolted against the Turkic Mongolians in 1744 AD. The south of Arabia has people most close to genuine Arabs except Houthis.

The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite coalition concocted Judaism, Christianity and Islam to replace the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammed only few decades after their births, and used them to conquer, colonize and terrorize Asia, Africa and Europe. In 740 AD, Turkic Abbasids brought some Turkic Khazars from the Caucasus to replace the Amorite Hebrew Jews from Canaan. This started the Zionist Ashkenazim who also raided Ukraine, Poland and East and Center Europe. However, Turkic Mongolian Jews ally of Amorite Jews

Later, Turkic Khazar Ashkenazim raided the Nordic coasts and made the Vikings. The Vikings repeated the Hebrew Phoenicians piracy in the Mediterranean in 1200 BC but the Vikings raided Western Europe and created monarchs. Iberia expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite colonizing bandits in 1492, which triggered another age of piracy that led to the invasion and colonization of the Americas. Monarchs forced Europeans to flee Europe and labor in the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite new colonies. The rise of Europeans in Americas threatens Turkic Mongolian and Amorite Jews, so-called Arabs aka Moslems.

A clear, accurate, simple and sound definition of terrorism is an absolute necessity to combat it

Despite the abundance of talk, measures taken and resources devoted in combating terrorism at the national, regional and international levels, there is no clear, accurate, simple and sound definition of terrorism in the minds of the masses, institutions and international organizations.

Failure to define terrorism with precision, clarity, simplicity and soundness creates ambiguous, confusing and dangerous situations, because terrorism becomes an enemy that is not properly defined and makes the vision of security blurry. This ambiguity enables terrorism to evade, as it leads to arbitrary accusations to reach even those who fight terrorism or constructive criticism.

Terrorism is not linked to religion at all and is not from the teachings of any divine message, no matter how hard it tries to hide behind religious interpretations. Rather, terrorism is an international crime of looting gangs among the Bedouins from East and West Asia.

The definition of terrorism with accuracy, clarity, simplicity and soundness could be

1. An organized crime against a people and a national state is carried out by violating the law, national sovereignty and national identity

2. Terrorism includes supportive specific crimes in the various activities of work, thought and living

3. Terrorist crimes are carried out by individuals and groups affiliated with specific criminal entities.

Terrorism offenses include:

1. Armed and unarmed hostilities against the law, national sovereignty and national identity for the purpose of sabotage, intimidation and appropriation

2. Acts of incitement and malicious defamation of the law, national sovereignty and national identity for the purpose of chaos, sedition and authoritarianism

3. Promoting false dogmas and destroying genuine principles in law, national sovereignty and national identity for the purpose of misleading, delusion and recruitment

Terrorism is carried out by groups and individuals affiliated with specific criminal entities, including:

1. Gangs from Amorite Bedouins whose presence is in the deserts of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the eastern Mediterranean coasts

2. Gangs from Turkic Mongolian nomads from East Asia, and they spread in Central and Western Asia, all of the Caucasus, and eastern and central Europe

3. Citizens of many countries in the world who have common criminal interests with gangs of Amorite Bedouins and Turkic Mongolians

4. Groups that branched off from Turkic Bedouin gangs and settled in Western Europe and the Americas, bearing different names of organizations and fictitious ideologies.

5. Ruling regimes, organizations and official entities dominating nations and helping to commit crimes of gangs of Amorite Bedouins and Turkic Mongolians

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