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There is only One Religion in the Universe for all creatures

God Almighty sent heavenly messages to all nations with a messenger and in a language from every nation and assigned them to follow the One Religion and adhere to the divine messages specific to each nation in its homeland only

Heavenly messages are not religions, they are not universal or cosmic, and the heavenly messages are not suitable for every place and time like the One Religion.

Rather, the dominant religions are the falsification of Amorites and Turkic Mongolian Hyksos gangs to the heavenly messages

The Amorites are the Bedouins of the Levant and they are 90% of the Hyksos, and the Turkic Mongolians are 10% of the Hyksos

The Amorites and Turkic Mongolian Hyksos branched off from them in 1500 BC, the Hebrews, the Mitanni, the Kassites and the Mukarribs, and they became in 600 BC the Eastern Jews, the Kurds, the Babylonians and the Sabaeans.

Other Turkic Mongolian factions include the Persians, the Turks, the Romans and the Khazars who became Western Jews (in 740 AD).

The one, eternal, cosmic Religion and all the heavenly messages, including the three Abrahamic messages, are innocent of the religions made by the Amorites and Turkic Mongolian Hyksos through kidnapping and forging the heavenly messages for the purpose of conquest, looting and occupation of peoples.

The peoples of the world, Al-Azhar, the Vatican, and all the churches and ruling regimes must determine a sound position on the prevailing claims of the existence of several world religions. They must also stop transgressing and contempt of the One Religion for the entire universe, and ignoring the heavenly messages sent to all nations in their languages ​​and messengers.


Hebrews are not Israelites and Amorites are not Arabs

It is essential to keep repeating again for those who evade what is obvious. Nations DO NOT migrate at all. Those who move or migrate are either bandits of invaders or utilized migrants groups. The true Israelites are not Jews at all. The Israelites and any nation did not migrate like birds, fish or locusts

There are no nations in the Americas other than the indigenous peoples. Others are just influential or marginalized foreign communities in the process of digestion. Indigenous peoples everywhere in the Americas or Europe or Africa absorb and digest any foreign community regardless of their size and power. This is a normal basic law of nature. Indigenous peoples win at the end for sure.

Religion is single, universal and very old with uncountable heavenly messages one for each nation in their own language, their local messenger and each one is limited to their homeland.

All denominations are just polities and they are not part of the Religion and spirituality. Denominations migrate with bandits and foreign communities but they too fade away with time and they are digested by indigenous nations.

Judaism. Christianity and Islam are unrelated to the single universal old Religion and its heavenly messages. Denominations are Hyksos Amorite-Turkic Mongolian widely spread polities that will eventually die. The Israelites and Arabs and the Messages of Moses and Jesus and Muhammad are unrelated to Jews, Amorites, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The latter are Hyksos groups and their polities who invaded Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

What is called State of Israel today is in occupied southern Ugarit and is totally different from the God given Homeland of the true Israelites nation which was in Punt Lands as the Kingdom of Kings David and Solomon with true destroyed and disappeared Jerusalem as its capital.

Being born in today’s State of Israel makes individuals linked to the Hyksos Amorites and Turkic Mongolians and their denominations but will not make them Israelites or faithful to the Messages of Moses, Jesus or Muhammad or any other uncountable heavenly messengers

The Israelites are not Jews or Hebrews. Jews are Hebrews and they are from a branch of the expelled Hyksos in 1523 BC. The Hyksos are yellowish 90% Amorites of the Levant plus 10% Turkic Mongolians from East Asia who invaded Sumer in 2334 BC and were called Akkadians and were expelled in 2154 BC

The Israelites are not Hebrew or Jews at all. The Israelites are Ethiopians from Punt Lands and their Solomon’s Temple and Jerusalem were in Afar Triangle in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Hyksos Sabaeans of D’mt colony allied with Judah chiefs to rebel against King Solomon and when he died in 930 BC D’mt colony and Judah chiefs looted the Temple and expelled ten tribes of Israel

In 600 BC, the Babylonian Hyksos instructed D’mt colony and Judah chiefs to destroy the Temple completely, sell the ten tribes of Israel into slavery and come to Babylon to invent Jews, Judaism, Hebrew language and Hebrew Bible from Aperu and the Torah of Moses which was in Ge’ez language.

On another earlier line, Hyksos in Egypt went westward in 1600 BC and allied with the Meshwesh Berber (Moors) to invade, loot and enslave West Africa. These raids all over West Africa created the black Fulani who were subservient to the pale yellowish Fulani of Hyksos and Berber mix. Pale and black Fulani invaded the kingdoms of Kerma civilization in 1500 BC, toppled them in 1000 BC, and created Kush colony in 780 BC to invade Kmt from the south, support expelled Hyksos and recolonize Kmt

The Origin and Composition of the Hyksos from Amorites and Turkic Mongolians

The ancient Egyptians and they are a people of Kmt, there were no Pharaohs among them, and no one of the Children of Israel lived among them at all. Pharaoh is any tyrannical ruler and the people of Kmt are the ones who called the Hyksos colonizer the title of pharaoh because they do not call them a king, which is Nesso by the language of Kmt

The pharaohs are the rulers of the Hyksos group. The Hyksos are 90% of infantry Bedouin Amorites of the, with 10% of Bedouins Turkic Mongolians came from East Asia on horseback.

The Hebrews are a branch of the expelled Hyksos. The Hebrews are not from the children of Israel.

All the allegations of relations between the ancient Egyptians with Pharaohs; and with the Children of Israel and their stories are the invention of the Amorites because they want to seize the north of Kmt since five thousand years.

Amorites also want to pass allegations that the Hebrews have a right of a colony in the south of Ugarit, call it Palestine and Israel, which is neither Palestine nor Israel. There was no Jerusalem in that region and the region have never seen the Children of Israel.

The south of Ugarit is occupied, it was the colony of Canaan for the Hebrews, and the north of Ugarit, which is currently Lebanon, was occupied by the colony of Phoenicia for the Hebrews.

May God deliver the region forever from the Amorite Hyksos, along with their Turkic Mongolian partners and their Hebrew, Babylonian, Kurdish, Sabaean, and Kushite branches. The peoples of Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, the Arabs, Iran, and the peoples of the Aegean Sea, Punt Lands, Kerma and Libya had suffered too long and greatly and for five thousand years from the Amorite nomads and their partners the Turkic Mongolians

This destruction, infringement, forgery, misrepresentation and backwardness have to end and people must understand and stop it once and forever

The Hyksos are the pharaohs, the Hebrews, the Kurds, the Babylonians, and the Mukarribs, and the Kushis

The unjust defamation done to the Arabs and the distortion of their reputation in the region and in the world is caused by the fact that the Amorite Bedouins claim to be Arabs.

Because the Amorite Bedouins invaded and occupied the civilizations and countries of the Arabs and the peoples of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt, Punt and Libya, and they claimed that this invasion and occupation was Arab conquests and religiously motivated.

If the Middle East and Maghreb had not been infected with the epidemic of the Amorites five thousand years ago, the peoples of the region would have been at the top of the world and had farms on planets

The world witness the region is the home of many great civilizations, and this is not a coincidence. However, today the Middle East and Maghreb all are in tatters because of the Amorites

Locating Israel and Finding Genesis

Archeological and other proofs of the existence of King Solomon, Abraham, Israelites and the Temple could be easily found should the attention be shifted from the regions of Ugarit, Sumer, Ebla and Kmt to Punt Lands and particularly to the Afar Triangle.

Efforts are wasted in the wrong Talmudic regions for thousands of years for corrupt unethical political reasons to hide facts deliberately. Hebrews are not Israelites and the Hyksos in kan dig̃irak (called Babylon in 600 BC) instructed the Hyksos in D’mt colony and their Judah chiefs collaborators to destroy Solomon’s Temple in Afar Triangle; sell the ten tribes of Israel into slavery and come to kan dig̃irak (Babylon) to work together to invent copies of everything in southern Ugarit that did not exist in the region before.

Surely, the world was deceived and still looking in the wrong region making people deny the existence of that history.

The Creation and Life Cycles are much simpler than what are proposed by Gnostic systems.

There is no First or Last Aeon or evolutions to different genesis or species.

Life in each cycle start by sprouting of genesis of species from the soil and water of each region like plantations in natural fields. Very little minor adaptation over very long periods happen.

When each planetary system enters certain regions in their paths their Life forms will be washed away to give another cycle a new beginning.

Aeons bear a number of similarities to Judaeo-Christian angels, including roles as servants and emanations of God, and existing as beings of light. In fact, certain Gnostic Angels, such as Armozel, are also Aeons.

The Gnostic Gospel of Judas, found in 2006, purchased, held, and translated by the National Geographic Society, also mentions Aeons and speaks of Jesus’ teachings about them.

Humanity must be liberated from Judaeo-Christian and other all forms of Gnostic thinking based on so-called religions and so-called sciences.

All nations and the genesis of species sprout like plants from soil, water, and energy of their lands without migrations in forms close to the present then they reproduce sexually

The Invalidity of religions and their Hostility to the Religion of Submission to the God

The world must distinguish between two completely different thing both are called “Islam”. The correct “Islam” the one only eternal Religion of Submission to the God; and this is the Arabic language call it Islam.

However, non-Arab coalition of nomadic Amorite and Turkic Mongolian groups from West and East Asia who were the 90%+10% parts of the Hyksos invented the prevailing and wrong “Islam”. Nomadic “Islam” is just hijacking and using the Message of Mohammad that is not Islam itself but guidance to Submission/Islam.

Another major problem in understanding Submission Islam stems from the allegations that the Message of Mohammed addresses all nations; and that the Amorites-Turkic Hyksos coalition and many regimes represent Submission Islam and that Amorites are Arabs. In fact, Amorites colonized Arabs in 1500 BC and were partially challenged and deposed by the Arabs with Saud as a leader in 1744 AD.

I am from a non-Arab ancient nation neighboring the Arabs. I grew up assuming that Hyksos Islam is Submission Islam and my family follows the Arabic teachings of Mohammad and the Quran. I found it very strange that my elders who did not learn Arabic pray in Arabic. Even myself after learning Arabic I am not as competent as genuine Arabs in Arabic. Surely, God is capable of providing divine translation services so all nations could use Arabic in their prayers should the Message of Mohammad and the Quran are mandatory.

Submission Islam does not come upon creatures, but rather all creatures and planets were created after Islam, i.e. the Religion. God created Only One Religion, not many religions. Messages are not religions

A call for religious coexistence is like a call for cooperation and peace between gangs against the Religion. Moreover, the Message of Mohammad and all ore messages are not religion and religions or the Religion.

The Message of Mohammad is a local social law and rules organizing the Arab nation and individuals in transactions and rituals and a guidance to the Religion. While the Religion is the basic doctrinal constitution between all creatures and the Creator, stating the basic principles of morals without details.

The Religion does not contain detailed fasting or dealings rules, rituals, or association with any specific messenger sent for any nation. Rather, the Submission Religion is cosmic while the messages are local.

All ancient nations before the Abrahamic messages and outside the geographical framework of their nations were Submission Muslims. Japan, Arabs, and all nations had had Submission Islam thousands of years before the Abrahamic messages (they are not religions) and before inventing the versions of Hyksos Islam and religions since Moses and Jesus. Today’s religions are just Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos tools for colonialism, globalism and terrorism.

Any heavenly message is not for the entire world. Rather, it is supposed to be a guidance to the Religion in every nation through their own message, their messenger, and their written or oral holy scripture

Any heavenly message, when it crosses the geographical boundaries of the addressed and intended nation, which has its messenger and uses their language, then that message is invalid and becomes a forgery, aggression and a violation of the Single Universal Submission Religion.

Messages are not religions. Amorites are not Arabs. Hyksos Islam is not Submission Islam. Submission Religion has too many names as many as the number of nations and languages on Earth and in the endless Universe and endless cycles of life. Islam is Submission Religion only in Arabic.

Short Story on the Disappeared of Israelites and the Creation of Jews

A coalition between Levant Amorites expelled from Kmt several times and Turkic Mongolian Akkadians expelled from Sumer in 2154 BC invaded and colonized Kmt in 1670 BC. Kmt called the colonizers Hyksos and pharaohs. Kmt successfully expelled the 90% Amorite-10% Turkic Akkadian Hyksos in 1523 BC.

While some Hyksos became stranded in North Africa, most of the expelled Hyksos fled to Levant and branched into four groups: Hebrews; Mitannis; Kassites and Mukarribs. They targeted Ugarit; Ebla; Sumer and the Arab kingdoms of Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha. The Hyksos branches kept looting rich trade routes connecting Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha.

The Mukarribs Hyksos in Yemen after colonizing the Arab population crossed Bab El Mandab and invaded the populous and rich Punt Lands to loot natural resources and make slaves. Central Punt Lands had at that period the emergence of the Kingdom of Israel with its Ge’ez Torah as its holy book in the Afar Triangle.

The Mukarribs Hyksos from Yemen created a colony for looting and slavery in today Eritrea and called it D’mt. D’mt was coastal adjacent to the Sheba Kingdom of Tigray and Israel Kingdom of Afar.

The Mukarribs of Amorite-Turkic Hyksos origin ruling their colony of D’mt infiltrated the chiefs of Judah tribe, and ignited a rebellion against King Solomon planning to loot his vast wealth, plunder and slavery.

Upon the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, the Mukarribs Hyksos with Judah chiefs plundered together the wealth of the Israelites, claiming it was a civil war. They occupied Jerusalem and looted the real Solomon’s Temple. They expelled the rest of the Israelites who established a settlement for them between the Afar and Tigray regions in today’s Ethiopia.

The Hyksos-Judah coalition’s acts of looting and slavery continued until orders came to them from the Kassite Hyksos in kan dig̃irak (Sumerian name means Gate of God) later called Babylon (Bab-El Ge’ez translation for Gate of God) in 600 BC.

kan dig̃irak/ Babylon instructed the Mukarribs and Judah chiefs to empty and destroy Solomon’s Temple; sell the ten tribes of Israelites for passing ships and in African hinterland, bring some Israelite slaves and to come to kan dig̃irak/ Babylon.

The plan of the kan dig̃irak/ Babylon Hyksos was to bring Judah chiefs to participate in the project of establishing a new Israel, new Jerusalem, turn Hyksos Hebrews into Jews and create the Hebrew language and a new colony for the Jews claiming it is the Promised Land. kan dig̃irak/ Babylon Hyksos established New Israel in the Hyksos colony of Philistia which was later called Canaan in the occupied south of Ugarit.

To assist and serve the mixed settlers of Hyksos-Judah settlers kan dig̃irak/ Babylon Hyksos ordered their pirates in their colonies in Carthage and Numidia, which the Hyksos Hebrew made by their first colony of Phoenicia, to bring people from the Mediterranean coasts. The new people collected and brought to New Israel formed the Palestinians who became the third part of the new colonizers in southern Ugarit, besides Hyksos majority and Judah few chiefs and Israelite slaves

The Hebrew Hyksos and Judah chiefs labelled the collaboration in kan dig̃irak the Babylonian captivity and Return. All sorts of evidences discovering the origin of Israelites are certainly in abundance in Punt Lands waiting for minimal work to research and explore instead of wasting millennia, fortunes and futile efforts in exploring Ugarit, Ebla and Sumer. This is my Punt Lands Hypothesis on the difference between Israelites and early Jews and the origins of old Israelites and the New Jewish Israel.

The Role of the Amorites in the Conquest of the Near East and Africa for more than Five Thousand years

The Amorites continued to attack the civilization of Kmt since before 3100 BC, which required the unification of the armies of the kingdoms of Kmt under King Menes, who expelled the Amorites from the northern swamps of the Nile and the establishment of the 20 delta provinces for the first time.

The same Amorites were the ones who caused Kmt first chaos period (2181 BC – 2160 BC), then they repeated the invasion, settlement and chaos in cooperation with the Amorite-Turkic alliance, this made the Hyksos and they were the pharaohs who are 90% Amorites plus 10% Turkic Mongolian Akkadians and that was the second chaos period (1674 BC – 1535 BC).

After the expulsion of the Hyksos, regional chaos extended into Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, and Arabia, with the emergence of the Hebrews, Mitanni Kurds, Kassite Babylonians, and the Sabaeans. The widespread regional chaos resulted in the massive collapse of the Late Bronze Age in 1177 BC and the emergence of bands of Phoenicians, Canaanites, and sea pirates in cooperation with the Amorites and their establishment of colonies of Carthage, Numidia and Moors

The Romans appeared in 753 BC as a very backward small village of male Turkic gangs without women and had close ties with the Amorites, the Kurds, the Hebrews, the Babylonians, and the Persians; and even the Sabaeans. It was these gangs, together who allied and invaded and occupied all the countries of the Mediterranean coasts.

The Crusades, Abbasids, Ottomans, Shiites and all sects and orders are from Amorites with Turkic Mongolians Hyksos. These colonial projects have nothing to do with the divine messages and the Religion.

The Amorites continued with Hebrews, who are of Amorite majority with a minority of Turkic Mongolian from the Hyksos expelled from Kmt, targeting all the peoples and civilizations of the region, Africa and Europe. They attacked the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan, Meluhha, and the peoples of Sumer, Ebla and Ugarit.

The Hyksos Amorites and Turkic Mongolians also targeted the peoples and civilizations of Lebu, Kerma, Punt, West Africa, the Aegean peoples, eastern and southern Europe in extensive and ferocious  campaigns in which they also used their colonies in Carthage, Numidia and Moors.

Certainly, the Arabs are an ancient nation and civilization. To know the Arabs, people must discover the civilizations of Dilmun in the east of Arabia, Magan in the west, and Meluhha in the south. The disruption, obliteration, and confusion in the presence of the real Arab people, and that the real Arabs are Bedouins, resulted from the fact that the Arabs were occupied by groups that branched off from the Hyksos.

Therefore, people must restore the identities and history of the Arabs, Kmt, Sumer, Ugarit and Ebla together. The Sumerians described the Amorites in great detail in antiquities four thousand years ago. In fact, the Babylonians are from the Amorites, and the Babylonians are not originally from Sumer or Mesopotamia, but rather from the Amorite deserts. Babylonia is not a civilization but a colonial regime of the Amorites, foreign to the Sumerians

The Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos expelled from Kmt in 1523 BC who also invaded Kmt also invaded Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs. No one knows who really the Arabs, Sumer, Ebla and Ugarit are, and that the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos obliterated the history of all four nations. In 343 BC, the Persian invasion and occupation called Kmt as Misr. Kmt was never Misr or Egypt, and it is never Pharaonic, but the terms of Misr and pharaohs are the invention of the Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos and the groups that branched off from them

The Amorite Bedouins claim to be Arabs. The Bedouin Amorites also claim that the Arabs are the Bedouins. The partners of the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos, namely, Hebrews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans support in these false allegations. People must know that Ugarit is the entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean.

Ugarit was one nation with an ancient civilization the Hebrews occupied them, and they established the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan in the north and south with the support of Thutmose III and the second half of the 18th Dynasty in Kemet, which allied with the Hyksos

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos; the Kushis and the Meshwesh are still in and around Egypt to this day and they are active in religious, academic, political, media and artistic entities. Integrated cultural, political, security, military and economic plans in various aspects and countries must deal with the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos.

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos and their off shoots in today’s Egypt are the families of the remnants of the 2300 years occupation regimes and their heirs in Kmt, and it is naïve to assume that they disappeared after the 1952 Revolution and the Al Saud Revolution in 1744 AD

One of the biggest lies in history is the claim that the early and new Jews are from the Children of Israel. The children of Israel and their Kingdom and Jerusalem were in Punt Lands, specifically in the Afar Triangle. The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos from their colony, D’mt in the today Eritrean, infiltrated the rulers of the tribe of Judah, and they ignited a rebellion against King Solomon planning to loot his vast wealth and practice plunder and slavery.

After the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, they plundered together the wealth of the Children of Israel, claiming it was a civil war, and occupied Jerusalem and the real Solomon’s Temple, and expelled the rest of the Israelites who established a settlement for them between the Afar and Tigray.

The coalition’s acts of looting and slavery continued until orders came to them from Babylon in 600 BC. Babylon instructed them to destroy the Temple and sell the Children of Israel and to come to Babylon to participate in the project of establishing a new Israel and Jerusalem and a new colony for the Jews in their colony of Canaan in the occupied south of Ugarit

An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter

An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter (PDF)

An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter (Word)

دورة سهلة في التاريخ القديم المكتشف في 100 صورة إعداد طارق عنتر (PDF)

دورة سهلة في التاريخ القديم المكتشف في 100 صورة إعداد طارق عنتر (Word)

History in Images

Here is a PDF file containing 82 of images I made expressing my discoveries in history

Levantine Amorites want to take over Egypt by Any Means and they must be stopped

For more than 5 thousand years, the Levantine Amorites wanted to seize Kemet by any means and with any claim, no matter how absurd their claims were.

The Amorites deny that they are 90% of the Hyksos and that they are partners with the Turkic Mongolians. The Amorites also claim that they are Arabs, while they are Hebrews and Bedouins. They claim that Amorite invasion and colonization of Kemet and the exploiting and hijacking of the Message of Muhammad, and turning it into a colonial weapon is Islamic expansion.

The Amorites claim that the Arabs have been present in Kmt since ancient times. The Amorites also claim that the people of the Kmt civilization are Arab, and they mean by that they were Amorites. The Amorites deceive and deny that they infiltrated and are still infiltrating Kmt in order to control and seize Kmt.

The Amorites deny that they are the Hebrews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans, and they are partners with the Persians, the Turks and the Romans. The Amorites of Levant claim that their infiltration into the ancient Kmt, which continues to this day, is peaceful with pretexts of Islamism, Arabism and asylum.

The Amorites deny that King Menes expelled them in 3100 BC because they were foreign attackers and took advantage of the formation of the new land in the Delta swamps to hide and wage crimes. The Amorites also claim that King Menes united two countries and that the northern imaginary country was theirs and they were the ones who developed the Delta of Lower Egypt.

The Amorite Hyksos claim that they have legitimate historical rights in Kmt, Arabia, Sumer, Ebla and Ugarit. The Amorites deny, ignore and challenge the existence and originality of the people and civilizations in the region, namely the Kmt, Ebla, Ugarit, Sumer, Dilmun, Magan, Meluhha, Punt, Kerma, Libu, Iran and Aegean

The Amorites claim that the Hebrew Hyksos, who they are part of, are from the Children of Israel. The Amorites claim that Aelia Capitolina, which is the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Jesus holy sites, is the lost Jerusalem, the site of Solomon’s Temple. The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos claim that the Hebrew entity of today was the Kingdom of the Children of Israel in the past; and that Palestinians are Arab

The Amorites claim that Thutmose III and Akhenaten were heroes because they betrayed Kmt and joined them to destroy and occupy Ugarit and Ebla. The Amorites Hebrew Hyksos deny that they overthrew and destroyed Ugarit, and established the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan in the north and south of Ugarit.

The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos claim that the heavenly messages are religions to use them in invasion and occupation of peoples and countries. They ignore the role of Levant as the center for the Umayyads, Abbasids, Ottomans, Zionism, Pan-nationalism and terrorism. The Amorites, the Hebrew Hyksos, deny their role in sabotaging societies, behavior, and religious, media, academic, artistic and political institutions.

The Amorites claim that the Hebrews Hyksos participated in building the Pyramids; and that Sinai belonged to them, that the Delta were theirs, and that they had a role in the civilization in Kemet. The Hyksos Hebrew Amorites claim that Levant is the heart of Arabism and the Arab national resurrection, and they pretend that they have a conflict with the Hebrew entity. The Amorites, the Hebrew Hyksos, deny that they are currently occupying with their Persian partners the state of Lebanon, which is north of Ugarit as well as south of Ugarit.

Amorites, Hebrews, Hyksos, Sabaeans, Kurds, Babylonians, Turks, and Turkic Mongolians must be totally exposed and stopped from destroying and threatening the entire region.

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