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National, Regional and International Security Strategies to confront all Dangers

To face any problem, disease, danger or threat, whether in development, terrorism or peace, it is necessary to plan and work in five specific, clear and necessary axes together, and they are:

1. Availability of will treatment and 2. Knowledge of the problem and 3. Awareness of the causes and 4. Regulating the environment and 5. Integrated resistance and 6. Collective control and 7. Commitment and seriousness

Zionism is the most serious national, regional and international problem and disease, and national, regional and global security strategies must be confronted it.

It is necessary to activate, revitalize and strengthen the national, regional and global security agencies and advisories in all countries because they perform the roles of the Ministry of Health in the areas of national, regional and global security.

Any Politics without Deep Knowledge of History is like flying a Plane without Knowing Geography

When we feel sick 1. We decide with free will that we need treatment and go to a hospital, then 2. Tests are done to know the problem, then 3. We gain awareness of the causes of the disease, then 4. We organize our surroundings to stop the causes, then 5. We support the body’s natural resistance to disease and then 6. We fight the disease whether with medication or a surgical procedure, then 7. We commit and be serious in regulating our surroundings and in treatment until the disease is gone

True history confirms that the Romans were from Hyksos Hebrew Levant Amorites

True history confirms that the Vikings were from Turkic Mongolian Far-Asia Khazar

Only Both the Romans and the Vikings made world colonization, slavery and piracy


Slavery is the Main Cause of the Mfecane between 1815 and about 1840

Bandits resulted from slavery in Angola, the Great Lakes in Central Africa, Congo, Tanzania and Malawi had long history of attacking the peoples of Southern Africa. Slavery attacks on East and Central Africa were made by bandits branched from the Hyksos.

The Hyksos were 90% Amorites of the Levant on foot plus 10% Turkic Mongolians from East Asia on horses. The bandits branched from the Hyksos since 1500 BC were the Hebrew, Babylonians, Kurds and Sabaeans. They waged incessant slavery and looting raids on East and Central Africa since 900 BC. It escalated with the appearance of the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids and their brutal piracy in all seas in 750 AD

Slavery raids created and crushed many groups in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Soon after Turkic Mongolian Portuguese Jewish slavery invaded Brazil, it appeared in Angola and Congo. Slavery in Portugal, Africa and Atlantic Slave Trade to Brazil and all the Americas were Hebrew Jews business.

The Mthethwas first appeared some 800 years. They are among the first Nguni-Tsonga groups who left the Great Lakes in Central Africa between 200 AD and 1200 AD. On arrival in Southern Africa, they settled around modern-day Swaziland, mainly on the Lubombo Mountains, before leaving in the 17th century to settle in modern-day KwaZulu-Natal, in the Nkandla region.

The Tsonga people originated from Central and East Africa somewhere between AD 200 and 500, and have been migrating in-and-out of South Africa for over a thousand (1,000) years. Initially, the Tsonga people settled on the coastal plains of Northern Mozambique but finally settled in the Transvaal Province and around parts of St Lucia Bay in South Africa from as early as the 1300s

The Mthethwa entered into an alliance with the Tsonga to the north in the early 19th century and began trading Ivory and other things with the Portuguese in Mozambique.

The Mthethwa and the Tsonga alliance to serve the Portuguese Jews attacked the Ngwane Swazi and the Ndwandwe Zulu. The widespread raids of the Mthethwa, the Tsonga and Portuguese Jewish alliance together with defending counter attacks of the Zulu and the Swazi killed and displaced too many people and groups and caused the Mfecane.

The Mfecane also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane or Lifaqane (all meaning “crushing, scattering, forced dispersal, forced migration”), which was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about 1840, but started by Portuguese Jewish bandits in 1750.

Many groups in Southern Africa were devastated and forced to move from their lands and trouble or displace other groups or integrate into them. The Mthethwa, the Tsonga and Portuguese Jewish alliance in around 1880 made up all tribal chiefs and wealthy elites of today in Southern Africa.

The history of groups and the region was much falsified to hide the history of Jewish raids looting and slavery; and the truth of the Mthethwa and the Tsonga alliance to serve the Portuguese Jews in attacking the Ngwane Swazi and the Ndwandwe Zulu.

Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish the enslavement of human beings in 1888. Slavery first appeared in Iberia following the appearance of Rome in 753 BC. Slavery expanded in Iberia during the Hyksos (Amorite-Turkic)-Berber colonization in 718 AD. After the Reconquista Portuguese Jews targeted the coasts of Africa extensively.

The Atlantic slave trade to Brazil refers to the period of history in which there was abduction and shipping of Africans to Brazil for the purpose of slavery. Some call it forced migration but it was worse than this soft term. It lasted from the mid-sixteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century. During the trade, more than three million Africans were transported across the Atlantic and sold into slavery.

It was divided into four phases: The Cycle of Guinea (16th century); the Cycle of Angola (17th century) which trafficked people from Bakongo, Mbundu, Benguela and Ovambo; Cycle of Costa da Mina, now renamed Cycle of Benin and Dahomey (18th century – 1815), which trafficked people from Yoruba, Ewe, Minas, Hausa, Nupe and Borno; and the Illegal trafficking period, which was suppressed by the United Kingdom (1815-1851).

During this period, to escape the supervision of British ships enforcing an anti-slavery blockade, Brazilian slave traders began to seek alternative routes to the routes of the West African coast, turning to Mozambique. It was the reason behind catastrophic warfare, migrations, civil wars and depopulation, as in the Mfecane.

The impact of the slave trade was increasing destabilization of hinterland societies as populations were forcibly removed. The Gaza, Ngoni, and other groups became surrogate slavers and joined the Portuguese soldiers in inland raiding. Along the Limpopo and Vaal river networks, Delagoa Bay slavers competed with Griqua slavers in supplying the Cape.

After slavers burned crops and famines became common, many groups—including the Ngwane, Ndebele, and some Hlubi—fled westward into the Highveld mountains during the 1810s and ’20s. The Kololo, on the other hand, moved east out of Transorangia, where they ran into Bay slavers, and migrated west into Botswana. In 1826 they were attacked by an alliance of Ngwaketse and European mercenaries and ended up in Zambia in the 1850s exporting slaves themselves to the Turkic Abbasids and Ottomans remnants and successors and to Jewish Portuguese.

The Significance of the Presidential Seal of Turkey

The Significance of the Presidential Seal of Turkey

The Significance of the Presidential Seal of Turkey

The Presidential Seal of Turkey points to only small part of the truth about the real history Turkic Mongolian groups.

Because if they tell the whole story it would tantamount to a declaration of war against all nations of the world.

Read the writings of Turanists, the Turkic Mongolian extremists, including the Jews, and what they say about the history of the ancient Turkic Mongolians since before the building the Great Wall of China
Instead of repeating the outdated and wrong concepts that have been engraved in history and in mind for thousands of years, researching, thinking, and discovery must be done, not to deny the truthful facts that are presented to the world honestly and effortlessly.
Many Turkic Mongolian groups stretched from East in India and Iran to West in Rome and the Americas

Wake up peoples of the world! Your slumber does not hurt you separately, but hurts the entire world.

Presidential Seal of Turkey

Erdoğan and Abbas with actors representing the 16 Great Turkic Empires (2015)

Erdoğan and Abbas with actors representing the 16 Great Turkic Empires (2015)

Roman Catholicism and the Vatican Are not Christian

The Jews are not Israelite or Semite; also they are not an ethnicity, race, or religion. Jews are Turkic Mongolian political association. They were invented in 530 BC together with Judaism, which is not the religion of Moses or his ethnicity or race or people.

The Khazars were also Turkic Mongolian and joined the Jewish association in 750 AD. And Rome and the Romans were also another group from Turkic Mongolian, same as the Persians, Caucasoid Indians, and the Hyksos.

When the Jews were invented they knew that the Romans are their kin and they worked together to defeat Christianity and establish a Mediterranean empire. Since Christianity was impossible to kill, the Jews and the Romans invented Roman Catholicism to hijack original Christianity and persecute true faithfuls.

Roman Catholicism is not Christianity at all and it is not even a religion. Actually, Roman Catholicism is another form of Judaism, and both are anti-Christian political cults.

The Vatican started as a site of Roman villas with a circus for charioteers. This area became the site of martyrdom of many Christians after the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64. Ancient tradition holds that it was in this circus that Saint Peter was crucified upside-down.

Opposite the circus was a cemetery separated by the Via Cornelia. Funeral monuments and mausoleums and small tombs as well as altars to pagan gods of all kinds of polytheistic religions were constructed lasting until before the construction of the Constantinian Basilica of St. Peter’s in the first half of the 4th century. Remains of this ancient necropolis were brought to light sporadically during renovations by various popes throughout the centuries, increasing in frequency during the Renaissance until it was systematically excavated by orders of Pope Pius XII from 1939 to 1941. The Constantinian basilica was built in 326 over what was believed to be the tomb of Saint Peter, buried in that cemetery.

See the early history of the Vatican.

And: Cult of Roman Catholicism by European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc., which was incorporated in the state of California as a nonprofit religious organization in 1972. EAEC is a mission organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with headquarters in Sacramento, California.

Government and Private Sectors Organized Crimes

In numerous cases it was found that doctors has a culture of cover up and also acting dishonestly, unethically, and greedily. They behave like organized criminals.

Every system must have a counter professional diverse system of monitoring besides the Judiciary.
This is true in medicine, engineering, politics, religion, business, banking, education, media, military, and all others.

No sector must be allowed to monitor and discipline its own members without control and participation from service recipients.

Doctors nowadays always put the benefits of their affiliated big criminal hospitals and drug companies first by reaping off money through ordering risky drug prescriptions, huge surgical mistakes, and so on.

The situation is even worst in the developing poor countries without fair justice system and rampant ignorance and illiteracy among the public and doctors.

Now huge profits are being made by organ trafficking by many criminal doctors and hospitals. Medicine became a freaking heinous business to enrich its practitioners.

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Israelite and Jewish Roots and Influences of Kush Kingdom of Nubia

Important Update Notice on 24 July 2018: I have updated my Abyssinian Hypothesis  after discovering the that single-hump camel (The dromedary) was unknown in Arabia, Aram, Assyria, and Kemet before 950 BC, while in abundance in the land of Punt.

This led to make the following major changes:
1- The proposed origin of Israelite from being Arabic-speaking Arab Yemenis to Ge’ez-speaking African Puntite;
2- Rename the Abyssinian Hypothesis to the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis;
3- The Turkic Mongolian colonizers and rulers of Neo-Babylonia invited elders from the House of Israel to Babylonia in around 580 BC in what is called the Babylonian Exile to help the create Judaism and colonize Aramaic land in 530 BC;
4- The Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Israelite are products of admixture between Ge’ez Israelite, Turkic Mongolian Persians, and colonized Aramaic. They existed only after 530 C; and
5- The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are those Israelite who  left the land of Punt and decided to collaborate with Turkic Mongolians to invent Judaism and colonize Aramaic lands; and turned into Hebrew Israelite.

For more details on the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis read the following three articles:
1- How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 1
2- The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
3- Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
[End of notice]

Alara was a King who is generally regarded as the founder of the dynasty that created the Kingdom of Kush. His successors colonized and ruled Egypt as the 25th Dynasty. He was the first recorded king of Nubia after the collapse of Kerma civilization.  He is a central figure in the mythical origin of the kingdom of Kush, a legend that has been decorated over time with new elements. He was more associated with Upper Nubia from old Meroë to the Fourth Cataract rather than with Kerma. His two immediate successors, Kashta and Piye, ruled Egypt.

Nubian literature credits Alara with a substantial reign since future Nubian kings requested that they might enjoy a reign as long as Alara’s. Despite Alara was a deeply revered figure in Kushite culture there are no much confirmed information about his origin, family and his reign. This strange fact raises a lot of suspicion about his origin and the motives of Kush Kingdom.

Kush was established after the Bronze Age collapse (1177 BC) and the disintegration of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Kush was centered at Napata during its early phase. King Kashta invaded Egypt in the 8th century BC and Kush ruled as the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt for a century, until they were expelled by the Assyrians under the rule of Esarhaddon.

The name Kush has no origin in the Nubian history or language, and early Egyptian records didn’t mention it. The name Kush, since at least the time of Josephus, has been connected with the biblical character Cush, in the Hebrew Bible. The Nubian region had gone by other names in the Old Kingdom. Since the arrival of Israelite from Yemen into Abyssinia and south of Kerma from 1870 BC the term Kush became used to point to hostile people and territory.

Tuthmosis I made several campaigns c.1504 BC south resulted in protecting Kerma and making the 4th Cataract as a border line. Kerma culture increasingly maintained strong relationships with Egypt while hostility with the south continued for 220 years till c.1300 BC. During the New Kingdom, Kerma nevertheless became a key partner – economically, politically and spiritually. Indeed, major ceremonies were held at Jebel Barkal near Napata, and the royal lineages of the two regions seem to have intermarried. The extent of cultural/political continuity between the Kingdom of Kerma and the Kingdom of Kush is difficult to determine.

Threats to the early Egyptian Eighteenth Dynasty and Kerma were evidenced in the writings of Ahmose, an Egyptian warrior who served under Ahmose (1539-1514 BC), Amenhotep I (1514-1493 BC) and Thutmose I (1493-1481 BC). At the end of the Second Intermediate Period (mid sixteenth century BC), Egypt faced the twin existential threats -the Turkic Mongolian Hyksos in the North and the Yemeni Israelite in Kerma to the South.

Phases of Kerma Civilization
Pre-Kerma (c. 3500–2500 BC) No C-Group culture Phase
Early Kerma (c. 2500–2050 BC) C-Group Phase Ia–Ib
Middle Kerma (c. 2050–1750 BC) C-Group Phase Ib–IIa
Classic Kerma (c. 1750–1580 BC) (Israelite infiltration) C-Group Phase IIb–III
Final Kerma (c. 1580–1500 BC) (Collusion with the Hyksos) C-Group Phase IIb–III
Late Kerma – (c.1500–1100? BC) (expulsion of Israelite and Egyptian New Kingdom protection).

Due to the widespread looting and slavery by the Israelites during the turbulent time of Classical Kerma from 1750 BC and until the liberation of Karma with the help of Egypt in 1523 BC, there is a strong possibility that the Alara might be one of their remnants or of the descendants of the Israelites or of their liberated slaves. Perhaps the neglect for the great Karma civilization was caused by the fact that the Kush Kingdom was not native and authentic and it was ruled by foreign rulers contrary to the civilization and the kings of Kerma.

Kerma is one of the oldest historical cities where archaeologists have proven that this city is more than 9,500 years old. Its Nubian name is Doki, which means the Red Hill till today in modern Nubian. The capital was located in the northern state of Sudan on the east bank of the Nile River and about 700 kilometers south of the city of Aswan. The area of ​​Karma was the center of the civilization of Kerma since 2500 BC and for 1500 years and is one of the most important centers of ancient human civilization. It grew with time and a kingdom of great importance and strong contact with the state of Kmet (ancient Egypt) was established. It was ruled by families and priests of mixed Kerma and Kmet origins. The ties between Kerma and Egypt were not of two states but could be considered different regions in one state.

When the Kingdom of Kerma was invaded, colonized and looted by the Yemeni Israelite who came through Abyssinia since 1870 BC, the kings of Egypt defended Kerma and expelled the Israelites in 1523 BC by Ahmose I. Kerma remained under the protection of the Egyptians for many centuries and life flourished again until 1000 BC. Napata was an old Nubian city. Thutmosis III fortified it and developed it in 1450 BC to defend Nubia and make it as a border that foreigners cannot pass northward. In 780 BC the Kushites chose Napata as a capital of the Kingdom of Kush and then moved the capital to the ancient Meroë, north of Shendi, in 591 BC.

Also found in the city of Kerma on a large building built of bricks, called today, “West Dabofa.” The scientists differ in determining the function of this huge edifice, which is about 19 meters high, and they are happy that it was either a palace or a temple. The civilization of Kerma was characterized by many aspects, the most important of which was the creation of the meeting of kings in the masses, which found no resemblance to it in Egyptian civilization or any civilization Other. It was also characterized by a special kind of pottery. More than 10 of these dawns have been found in Kerma, and they have always been known as the primary capital of human existence in Sudan and one of the oldest African civilizations.

Around 1800 BC, in Iran, Assyria, the Levant and the north of the Arabian Peninsula, there were very dangerous looting groups of Turkic nomads coming from Mongolia and using horses, which were unknown to the inhabitants of those areas. In the south of the Arabian Peninsula in 1870, drought and famine led to the migration of the Arab tribe of Israel from their homeland in Yemen to Abyssinia via Bab-al-Mandab. While the Turkic Mongolians were plundering the Levant, the Bedouin Arabs of Israel were plundering Abyssinia and Kerma.

The flow and looting of the Turkic Mongolians increased and they occupied northern Egypt in 1630 BC. First they were known as YHWH Shasu (nomadic Jews), then became known as the Hyksos (Heka-Shasu, nomadic rulers). Collusion between the Israelites who were in the south at Kerma and the Hyksos occupiers of the Delta of Egypt was established. King Ahmose I came from an Egyptian Nubian mixed family and liberated both the Delta in the north and Kerma in the south in 1523 BC after introducing the use of the horse in his armies.

In 1446 BC, one of the kings of Abyssinia expelled the Israelite, but many of them had long penetrated the regions of Kerma and the rest of Sudan and continued to practice looting and slavery even after the expulsion of their brothers from Abyssinia. After the return of the Israelites to Yemen by crossing Bab-al-Mandab they moved north towards Canaan to meet their allies of the Turkic Mongolian gangs (Hyksos) who were expelled from Egypt and continued to loot the Levant and the north of the Arabian Peninsula. In 1406, the Israelites invaded Canaan and established the colony of the tribes of Israel with the help of the Mongols. In return, they helped them in the conquest of Assyria in 1392 BC.

Other groups of Turkic Mongolians were also active in looting the Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Anatolia since 1800 BC and their dangerous sabotage operations escalated with the use of horses and very bloody methods until they destroyed the civilizations of the Hittites and other peoples in the region. The year 1177 BC was the year of great catastrophe for all peoples on the Mediterranean Sea, where many countries and civilizations collapsed and destroyed and cities burned and entire peoples killed and displaced. As a result of these massacres and great destruction, the spread of chaos and the escape of very large groups in all directions in what is known as the phenomenon of the peoples of the sea and Bronze Age Collapse.

These events broke the backbone of the ancient Egyptian and Nubian civilizations, and the whole region and triggered a rapid collapse. Egypt lost its prosperity and independence by the fall of the Twentieth Dynasty in 1077 BC to invaders from all over the world. These negatively affected the independence, freedom and civilization of Nubia. Then, after 4 centuries, the 26th Dynasty (664 – 525 BC) appeared in Egypt. It was the last native Egyptian dynasty to rule Egypt and it was overthrown by the Persian invasion in 525 BC. The 26th Dynasty considered the Kushites as enemies as a result of their cooperation with the Persians; and their execution of the Egyptian King Necho I, the father of King Psamtik I by the Kushite King Tantamani.

According to Herodotus, the Kushites did not pay tribute to Persia. Instead they sent precious gifts to the Persian king, including gold, ebony and elephant tusks. We also know from Herodotus, as well as from other Greek reporters, that part of the Persian army of King Xerxes (486-465 BC) was composed of Kushite archers (Herodotus vii.69-70). So we can say with reasonable conviction that the Kingdom of Kush was never like Kerma, but it is more likely that Kush and the Kushites were foreign and foreigners and they were not free natives.

These facts raise a very essential question: Was the Kingdom of Kush a creation and an agent for the Arab Israelite and for the Turkic Mongolian Persian Jews?

Would Jews replace the Yemeni Torah if it Reveals their True History?

Benjamin Netanyahu poses with an 800-year-old Sefer Torah - and the Yemeni Jews who smuggled it to Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu poses with an 800-year-old Sefer Torah – and the Yemeni Jews who smuggled it to Israel

Israeli authorities organized a special covert operation to smuggle a 600-800 years-old Sefer Torah from Yemen along with 17 Israelite Yemenis. Israel’s concern about getting this copy of the Torah exceeded their worries about the consequences and conditions the remaining 3000-strong community of Israelite who are unwilling to leave Yemen for Israel.

Also, Israel didn’t care about national and international laws regulating the acquisition of such historic artifacts. So, why Israel is so concern about getting this copy to the extent it acts openly unlawfully and recklessly in a criminal manner? Could any country in the world do such things and be allowed to escape the legal and political consequences? Would the international community still regards Israel as a trustworthy and legitimate entity or acting as a decent state?

Do igniting civil wars, kidnapping, archaeological looting, artifacts effacing, statue battering, and conducting compulsory family planning are among the tools used by Israeli authorities to maintain and protect their official version of history?

The Jewish Chronicle posted an article on April 21, 2016, calling it “Rescue Operation” and refusing to describe it as smuggling. The picture that sparked a disaster, the unforeseen fall-out of a rescue operation endangers those left behind. It says:

[When almost 20 Yemeni Jews fled the town of Raydah in a covert operation, few people thought of the handful of members of the 3,000 year-old Jewish community who had been left behind in the nearby city of Sana’a.

As the figurehead of the exodus, Rabbi Saliman Dahari – who brought an 800-year-old Torah with him to Israel – posed for pictures with Benjamin Netanyahu last month, he was not to know that the widely-circulated image would have serious consequences for the Sana’a Jews.

Yemeni authorities were incensed by images of the Israeli prime minister holding what they considered to be an artefact belonging to their country.

To their mind the Sefer Torah had been illegally smuggled out of Yemen.

The JC can reveal that the consequences of the image being seen around the world were catastrophic.

Israel’s Immigration and Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin said the media reports endangered lives of those who remained in the country.

He said: “One of the reasons that there are problems for the Jews still in Yemen is because so many people spoke about it. It’s better to deal with these kinds of issues quietly.”

Just days after media outlets told the story of the rescue of the 17 Yemeni Jews, armed forces closed in on the remaining members of the community living in the city riddled with civil unrest and controlled by Houthi rebels.

Soldiers banged on the door of an Orthodox teacher in his 30s. They arrested him on suspicion of helping “smuggle” the Torah scroll out of Yemen.

A second Jewish civilian, who made aliyah 10 years ago but later returned to Yemen, was arrested for being a “Mossad Zionist spy” last week. On Wednesday, his mother was also taken into custody. A Muslim airport worker was also arrested for allegedly failing to seize Rabbi Dahari’s bag at checkout.

Israeli American Moti Kahana, founder of NGO Amaliah, who famously helped rescue the last Jews of Aleppo in Syria last year, is one many activists said to be negotiating with Houthi representatives to free all four detainees, who are believed to have been tortured.

On Wednesday, Mr Kahana said he hoped they would be home in time for tonight’s Seder. He said: “We are talking to the Yemenis. We have put two offers on the table to get them out of jail. We hope they will be home for Pesach.

“The rest of the community is very scared. They are being told by authorities that if anyone leaves, especially to Israel, the rest are going to jail.”

Mr Kahana said he wants his New York-based organisation, which cares for hundreds of Jewish artefacts from Syria, to hold the Torah.

He said: “When I saw the scroll in the media I knew the Yemeni government would complain, they would say that international law was broken.

“We would bring the Torah to New York for safe-keeping until Yemen is safe. One day, when the war is over and Jews return to the country, the Torah can go back to Yemen.

“If not, we will pay them restitution for the smuggling of the Torah – a few hundred thousand pounds in exchange for the release of the people.”

But Avi Mayer, spokesman for the Jewish Agency, said the scroll was “the property of the Raydah Jewish community, of Yemeni Jewry, and of the Jewish people.The rabbi of Raydah brought the Torah with him and has been proudly and openly sharing this cherished part of his community’s rich religious heritage.”

More than 51,000 Yemeni Jews have resettled in Israel, with more than 200 moving in recent years.]

Yes, Yemen is in chaos and ruins now, but no state or organization must allow such rouge transgression to happen without serious challenges for them. This is not the first precedent nor will it be the last if actions are not taken. Respect yourself by respecting others.






Q&A on the Differences between Jews and Israelite

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks at an 800 hundred years old Torah scroll as he meets with Yemenite Jews who were brought to Israel earlier this morning as part of a secret rescue operation, at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, March 21, 2016. Photo by Haim Zach/GPO

To find out the differences between Jews and Israelite go through this Q&A. Answer by Yes, No, or I don’t know (The answers of the author is added after each question mark):

  1. Do you think the Jews are Israelite (descendants of Jacob)? N
  2. Do you think the Israelite were Arab Semite from Yemen (colonized Canaan around 1406 BC)? Y
  3. Do you think the Jews are Semite? N
  4. Do you think the early Jews are Turkic from Mongolia (came to the region around 1800 BC)? Y
  5. Do you think the Jews are anti-Semitic? Y
  6. Do you think original homeland of the Jews was in Canaan? N
  7. Do you think the Israelite are Chosen People? N
  8. Do you think the Jews are Chosen People? N
  9. Do you think the State of Israel is multicultural? N
  10. Do you think the Jews were the Hyksos who colonized Egypt? Y
  11. Do you think Roman Catholicism is more Jewish than Christian? Y
  12. Do you think Moses was an Israelite? Y
  13. Do you think Moses was a Jew? N
  14. Do you think Jesus was an Israelite? Y
  15. Do you think Jesus was a Jew? N
  16. Do you think the religion of Moses was Judaism? N
  17. Do you think Judaism came from Persia 900 years after Moses? Y
  18. Do you think the Jewish support for multiculturalism is fair? N
  19. Do you think cultural liberalism is a Jewish project? Y
  20. Do you think Communism is a Jewish project? Y
  21. Do you think Modern Liberal Democracy is a Jewish project? Y
  22. Do you think One Global Government is a Jewish project? Y
  23. Do you think Jews, Turks, Persians, and Romans are from the same origin? Y
  24. Do you think Jews, Turks, Persians, and Romans are anti-Moses, anti-Jesus & anti-Mohamed? Y
  25. Do you think the Old Testament is genuine? N
  26. Do you think the Jews are Semite and European at the same time? N
  27. Do you think identifying Jews and Europeans together as White people is OK? N
  28. Do you think Jews carried out slavery raids on Europeans since 1800 BC? Y
  29. Do you think EL and Allah are the same? Y
  30. Do you think YHWH, Jehovah, and Yahweh are the same? Y
  31. Do you think the God of Israelite EL is the same God of the Jews YHWH? N
  32. Do you think YHWH (Jehovah, or Yahweh) is a god? N
  33. Do you think the Jews and the Ottomans worked together to colonize the Americas? Y
  34. Do you think the Jews and the Ottomans worked together to create Trans-Atlantic Slavery? Y
  35. Do you think Turkic Mongolians destroyed the Etruscans and created the Romans (753 BC)? Y
  36. Do you think the Oriental slavery of Africa was Turkic Mongolian and NOT Arabic or Islamic? Y
  37. Do you think the Israelite went to Ethiopia and NOT to Egypt in 1876 BC (for 430 years)? Y
  38. Do you think the Biblical Exodus was via Bab-el-Mandab and NOT Sinai in 1446 BC? Y
  39. Do you think the captives taken to Babylon included large population? N
  40. Do you think those who returned from Babylonian Captivity were Israelite? N
  41. Do you think Jews are supportive for Turkic Islam, but not the Islam of Mohamed? Y
  42. Do you think the Jews were threatened by Jesus and Mohamed? Y
  43. Do you think the Israelite, but not the Jews, believed in Jesus? Y
  44. Do you think the Jews, and not the Romans, were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus? Y
  45. Do you think the State of Israel is racist? Y
  46. Do you think following the true teachings of Jesus gives support for the Jews? N
  47. Do you think there are evidences supporting the history of the Old Testament? N
  48. Do you think there are differences between Judaism and Zionism? N
  49. Do you think Judaism is a political association for Turkic Mongolians and their partners? Y
  50. Do you think Jews are an ethnic group with genetic similarities? N
  51. Do you think Jews are loyal for the nation-states of their living more than to Israel? N

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To the White House: CDC Needs Fundamental Changes and Monitoring

I am certain that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a fake science agency, influenced by unlawful interests, and plagued with inefficiency. They are not only wasting your human and financial resources but also against serious and meaningful development for your people and your country.

They are just after pushing and promoting low efficiency and risky flu vaccine. I am sure if a fraction of the costs of their programs were to be used by honest and qualified entity fully reliable treatments for flu and other viral infections could be obtained within a short period of time.

They are not concerned about studying the patterns and mechanisms of viral attacks on the immune system which could lead to treatment.

CDC is only concerned about budgets, contracts, dividing the population as pro- and anti-vaxxing, Gun control, and many nonsense.

I am a Sudanese retired civil engineer but I can see clearly how CDC needs fundamental changes and strong monitoring.

Please find two articles on my blog about my suggestion for them about New Treatment for Influenza and other Viral Infections, Groundbreaking New Treatment for Influenza and other Viral Infections  and Fed Up with Facebook Corrupt Pervert Jewish Conglomerates

I guess CDC, Facebook, Drug companies, other fake scientific agencies, and Hollywood must be checked and regulated, or replaced, or shut down.

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