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The Final Solution for the Jewish Riddle

The Earlier Jews of 600 BC are Amorite Hebrews invented by Hyksos in Babylon

The later Jews of 750 AD are Turkic Khazars invented by Abbasids in Phoenicia

The Romans of 753 BC are Amorite Hebrew from Levant invented by Carthage and invaded Italy via Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica

Both Hebrew and Khazar Jews have nothing at all with Abraham, Israelites, Moses, Torah or King Solomon and his Jerusalem, Kingdom and Temple

The Israelites, Moses, the Exodus and the Torah were never in Kemet.

King Solomon, Jerusalem, Israel and Temple were never in Ugarit on eastern coasts of the Mediterranean

King Solomon and his Jerusalem and Kingdom were in Afar Triangle in Punt Lands southwest of the Red Sea

Turkic Khazars took Amorite Phoenician piracy and invented Nordic Vikings piracy

Turkic Vikings colonized France, Britain and in North America, they thought for 500 years they are looting east India

Protestantism and Shiism is the Turkic versions of Amorite Catholicism and Sunnism

الحل النهائي للغز اليهودية

اليهود الأوائل لعام 600 قبل الميلاد هم من العبرانيين العموريين الشام الذين اختراعهم الهكسوس في مستعمرة بابل

اليهود المتأخرون لعام 750 بعد الميلاد هم خزر تركمنغول اختراعهم العباسيون الترك في مستعمرة فينيقيا

الرومان لعام 753 ق م هم عبريون عموريون من بلاد الشام اخترعتهم قرطاج وغزو إيطاليا عبر صقلية وسردينيا وكورسيكا

كلا اليهود العبرانيين والخزر ليس لديهم أي علاقة على الإطلاق مع إبراهيم أو بني إسرائيل أو موسى أو التوراة أو الملك سليمان والقدس ومملكته والمعبد

لم يعيش بنو إسرائيل وموسى ولم يحدث الخروج والتوراة في كيميت أبدًا التي صار اسمها مصر بعد عام 343 ق م

لم يكن الملك سليمان والقدس وإسرائيل والمعبد في أوغاريت على السواحل الشرقية للبحر الأبيض المتوسط

كان الملك سليمان والقدس ومملكته في مثلث العفر في أراضي بونت جنوب غرب البحر الأحمر

أخذ الخزر الترك القرصنة العمورية الفينيقية واخترعوا قرصنة الفايكنج الاسكندنافية

استعمر الفايكنج الترك فرنسا وبريطانيا وفي أمريكا الشمالية ظنوا لمدة 500 عام أنهم ينهبون شرق الهند

البروتستانتية والشيعة هما النسختان التركيتان للكاثوليكية والسنية العموريتين


The spread of the Levant Amorite and Turkic Mongolian Hyksos gangs in the world

The entire world must research and discover the history of Amorite Levant – Turkic Mongolian Hyksos gangs and their offshoots and products.

Hebrews, Cartagena, Phoenicia and Romans were among them. They were mainly from Amorite Levant side of the Hyksos. Others from the same side were the Sabaeans, Umayyads, Andalusians and Fatimids

Turkic Mongolian side of the Hyksos gangs include the Kurds, Babylonians, Persians, Turks, Khazars, Abbasids, Ottomans, Ashkenazim and the so-called Indo-Europeans.

The joint products of Amorite Levant – Turkic Mongolian Hyksos gangs include Fulanis, Kushites, Vikings and Indo-Aryan

Today, Amorite Levant – Turkic Mongolian Hyksos are influential wealthy tiny cliques in most countries of the world. They control priesthood, religious organizations, academia, legal systems, monarchs, governments, politicians, economies, banks, sports, entertainment, media, UN, EU and the press.

انتشار عصابات الهكسوس الشامية العمورية والتركمنغولية في العالم

يجب على العالم بأسره البحث واكتشاف التاريخ الشامي العموري –التركمنغولي لعصابات الهكسوس وفروعهم ومنتجاتهم.

وكان من بينهم العبرانيون، وقرطاجنة، وفينيقيا، والرومان. كانوا أساسا من الجانب العموري الشامي من الهكسوس. وآخرون من نفس الجانب هم السبئيين والأمويين والأندلسيين والفاطميين

يشمل الجانب التركمنغولي من عصابات الهكسوس الأكراد والبابليين والفرس والأتراك والخزر والعباسيين والعثمانيين والأشكناز وما يسمى الهندو-أوروبيون.

تشمل المنتجات المشتركة لعصابات الهكسوس الشامية العمورية والتركمنغولية مجموعات الفولاني والكوشيين والفايكنج والهنود الاريين

اليوم، عصابات الهكسوس الشامية العمورية والتركمنغولية هم مجموعات صغيرة ثرية مؤثرة في معظم بلدان العالم.

إنهم يسيطرون على الكهنوت والمنظمات الدينية والأوساط الأكاديمية والنظم القانونية والملوك والحكومات والسياسيين والاقتصاديات والبنوك والرياضة والترفيه والإعلام والأمم المتحدة والاتحاد الأوروبي والصحافة.

The Similarities and links between Vikings, Romans, Phoenicians and Hyksos

Vikings appeared without a name from Turkic Khazars as gangs raiding in land who kicked out and made the Angles-Saxon-Jute flee in 400 AD

For Germans and Danish those gangs were just of Turkic Khazar warlords with other outlaws and slaves. They did not call them with a name

In 750 Turkic Khazars assisted the Turkic Abbasids and in colonized Ugarit they saw Hebrew Phoenician piracy. They took this tactics to Turkic gangs colonizing Germans and Danish.

The piracy tactics defeated the Nordic peoples. There is nothing called Norse.

Nordic peoples described the Turkic criminals’ gangs in Nordic language as Vikings. The same way the people of Kmt described the Amorite-Turkic gangs in Kmt language as Hyksos.

The Vikings swell by adding more Nordic slaves and outlaws; and they went into worldwide raids.

The Viking period did not end in 1066 AD. It is still alive today in many forms and names

There is nothing-called Indo-European languages, peoples, and migrations these are hoaxes. It is only early, long, and wide and old Turkic Mongolian gangs raids since 2200 BC

Europe has nothing with India. Indo-European is a wicked term.

Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos Destroy and Political Leaders Dance on top of Volcano

The Moors are a mixture of Amorites from the Levant + Turkic Mongolians (together the Hyksos and Akkadians) + Berber Meshwesh (together the Pale Fulani) + Black slaves and outlaws from West Africa (the Black Fulani). The red background of their flags, as in the flags of Morocco and communism, represents their bloody invasions

There is no point in fighting pawn armies and being preoccupied with agents of diseases and attacks, while not understanding and confronting the leadership of the Hebrew Levantines and the Zionist Turkic.

All the problems of all nations and states come from the alliance of the Hebrew Levantines with the Zionist Turkic, which produced countless diseases, dangers and aggressions

Levant Amorite Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians made Akkadian, Hyksos, Moors, Umayyads, Abbasids, Khazars, Vikings, European kings, Cowboys, Ottomans, Zionists and European Union

The threads that connect the different regimes that are not related to the history of the nations and suddenly appeared out of nowhere, lead to the two evil aggressors, the Hebrew Levantines with the Turkic.

Please stop a little from development, construction and entertainment, for it is really plowing in the sea and dancing on top of a volcano, and strive to understand history, present and planning

What is required for the continued existence of nations, national sovereignty, development success, security, peace and cooperation is the creation of a new research paradigm and international media entity

This is an explicit and clear warning to awaken and guide the political leaders in all the countries of the region and the world, and not to take it seriously, means either betrayal or incompetence.

Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, India, China, Stan and Russia are the names of the Hyksos colonies and not for peoples, countries and civilizations

It is not Switzerland! It is the Land of the Swedes (Swedes-Land). A colony of outlaw Vikings gangs with their Khazar masters

China is really one country. However, the Manchurian Turkic Communist Party CCP does not represent the Chinese people, but rather a foreign occupation regime that rose with brutal force and sheded much blood of the Chinese people for three decades and seized power in 1947 with the strong, direct and continuous support of world Zionism.

The national government in Taiwan is the only legitimate representative of the people of China

The Vikings are Nordic outlaws still led by savage Turkic Khazars masters; and the Vikings are not completely Nordic but amalgamation of Amorite Levant Hebrew plus Ugarit Phoenicians shipbuilders turned by Hebrews to piracy plus Caucasian slaves and labor plus Nordic outlaws turned to pirates in the same way the Ugarit turned to pirates by Hyksos Hebrews

The Nordic outlaws copied the Ugarit Phoenician shipbuilding in 780 AD, which they developed and extensively used in piracy since 1400 BC and caused the Great Collapse of the Late Bronze Age in 1177 BC

The Vikings are not a people or Nordic or European or civilized; very similar to the Romans who were a mixture of outlaws of Amorites, Berber, plus African and European slaves

Brief History of the Countries and Nations around the Levant Region

The region around the Levant is suffering from the coalition of Amorite Levant-Turkic Mongolian since before their invasion colonization of Sumer and making the Akkadians in 2334 BC, which is 4400 years.

Sumer expelled the Amorite-Turkic Akkadians in 2154 BC. They continued looting trade routes and the fringes of Sumer, Kmt, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states

In 1670 BC, they infiltrated Kmt peacefully pretending to seek refuge then invaded Kmt making the Hyksos and their rulers called pharaohs. In 1523 BC, Kmt expelled the Hyksos. They branched to Hebrews, Mitanni, Kassites and Mukarribs attacking Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states.

In 1450 BC, with a coalition and support from Kmt traitor ruler, Thutmose III, the Hebrew Hyksos defeated Ugarit and Ebla and created Hebrew colony of Phoenicia. The Amorite Hebrew Phoenician colony became Hebrew piracy base, which raided the Mediterranean and linked them with Hyksos colony of Carthage. Amorite Hebrews in Phoenicia and Carthage kept raiding the Mediterranean islands and coasts and adding more slaves, mercenaries and outlaws to them. Khazars used the same process it create Vikings in 750 AD

In 1200 BC, they settled their mixed human booty in southern Ugarit and made the colony of Palestine. The Amorite Hebrew pirates kept raiding the Mediterranean and their piracy was known as the Sea People and caused the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC. The devastations added more loots to their colonies.

Amorite Hebrew pirates used Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, infiltrated Italy peacefully, and created Rome corral in 753 BC. They recruited local outlaws and brought slaves and mercenaries to colonize Italy creating the Romans. The Hyksos branched gangs renamed themselves in 600 BC after winning the Battle of Carchemish to Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans

The Americas are certainly Turkic Mongolian Khazars colonies

The mainly Levant Amorites with some East Asian Turkic Mongolians invaded and colonized Kmt (ancient Egypt) in 1670 BC and they were called Hyksos. Kmt expelled them in 1523 BC.

The expelled Hyksos branched into Hebrews attacked Ugarit, Mitanni attacked Ebla, Kassites attacked Sumer, and Mukarribs attacked the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha.

The branches of expelled Hyksos renamed themselves and their colonies in 600 BC after the Battle of Carchemish and became Hebrew Jews, Mitanni Kurds, Kassite Babylonians and Mukarribs Sabaeans.

The Hebrews created Phoenicia colony for piracy, and they attacked the islands and coasts of the Mediterranean, and created Carthage Hebrew colony. Moreover, the created Rome and Romans in 753 BC

In 1277 BC, Amorite Hebrew Hyksos from Carthage created an amalgamation of heterogeneous mercenaries and slaves from their Mediterranean colonies. These were the so-called “Sea Peoples” but they were mercenaries, slaves, and not peoples.

Ramesses II (the Great) (Reign 1279–1213 BC (19th Dynasty – 3rd king)) decisively defeated the Amorite Hebrew Hyksos with their Sea pirates in 1277 BC

These gangs were the first half of the Palestinians. The Amorite Hebrews brought the second half of Palestinians in 600 BC to serve them and defeat the Ugarit after they started calling themselves Jews.

The gangs of Turkic Mongolian Khazar copied in 740 AD the tactics of Hebrew Carthage and Phoenicia in creating the “Sea Peoples” to create the Vikings to attack the Baltic nations.

The Vikings were gangs of Turkic Mongolian Khazars leading Baltic mercenaries and slaves, in the same way the Hyksos Amorite Hebrew Carthaginians and Phoenicians were leading mercenaries and slaves from the Mediterranean coasts and islands called the Sea peoples.

The Vikings piracy of 800 AD were the Turkic version of the Amorite Hebrew Sea Peoples piracy of 1277 BC

Then, the Turkic Khazar Vikings invaded and colonized North and West Europe and made their modern rulers and elites. Then the Vikings immediately pirated the oceans and colonized the Americas about 450 years before Columbus

The Vikings of 800 AD were the Turkic Khazar version of The Sea Peoples made by the Hebrew Amorite in 1277 BC

The wrong and dangerous mistake is to think and those treat colonies as colonies established and controlled by Europeans. It is also wrong and dangerous to think that the rivalry, conflict and malice between the Democratic and Republican parties as well as the American Civil War between the unionist Federalists and the Confederate separatists are only political struggles.

The struggle between the colonial Khazar Turkic Mongols Vikings the liberals of the left versus the majority of the patriotic European conservatives is still going on, and it is escalating rapidly and dangerously.

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