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What are the ethnic origins of the Copts?

Coptic Flag

Coptic Flag

What are their relationships with Kmt; the Hyksos; the Jews and the Romans?

Copts are mainly present in the region in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon

There are about 2 million in the rest of the world in America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Britain, Kenya, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

And their total number in the world is about 15 to 20 million people, of which 15 to 18 million in Egypt

What are the ethnic origins of the Copts?

What are their relationships with Kmt; the Hyksos; the Jews and the Romans in particular?

Are the Copts really vulnerable, innocent, oppressed and indigenous in Kmt?

Certainly the Copts, the Jews, the Bedouins and the Kushites deny and ignore the existence and civilizations of Kmt, Kerma, Punt and the Arabs

Long live Kmt; long live Kerma; long live Punt and Arabs and long live all the indigenous peoples

Down the Copts, the Jews, the Bedouins, the Kushites, the Romans, the Persians, and all Turkic Mongolian gangs

The current Arabs are not Arabs at all, they are Bedouins from Turkic Mongolian origin who invaded and colonized the region at the same time of Hyksos. Original Arabs look and behave like Punt.


One Universal Faith and a Multitude of Local Religions

One Universal Faith and a Multitude of Local Religions

One Universal Faith and a Multitude of Local Religions

I faithfully believe in God; but I don’t believe in any national, international, global, or universal religion.

Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel (i.e. to the Hebrew Israelite) only.

One Universal Faith and a multitude of local religions is the right path.

Never think we are alone in this endless universe.

And never think we should or could preach any religion to other planets, or even other nations.

What is the Ethnic Origin of Haile Selassie?

Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie

The facial features and biography of Haile Selassie, or “Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael”, raise many suspicions. They might indicate there is some non-African origin in his blood.

Could it be his hooked strange nose and big ears of Asiatic invaders?

Elyas Mulu Kiros wrote on Jul 05, 2012, on Pambazuka

[Who was Emperor Haile Selassie’s mother?

Politics, ethnicity and religion have always been interwoven in Ethiopia, which is why Haile Selassie never wanted to reveal the full identity of his mother.

“Who was Emperor Haile Selassie’s mother?” is the title of this Amharic article. This is a controversial topic that many Ethiopians feel uncomfortable to talk about due to its political heaviness. The article discusses how the emperor and writers of his biography never revealed his mother’s full name or her photograph in public during or after his reign, deliberately due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Why was it sensitive and why was the mother’s identity hidden from the public unlike the emperor’s father? Simple answer: Because her religious and ethnic identities would have been obstacles to Haile Selassie’s ascent to power. In addition, the emperor’s mother had no royal lineage, but his father Ras Makonnen was a general and governor himself whose parents, though they had mixed heritage, were descended from nobility, which helped the emperor claim the throne.

According to the article: 1) The emperor’s mother had a mixed ethnic background, just like many Ethiopians; she was half-Gurague and half-Wara Iluu; thus, far from the then dominant ethnic group, or ruling class, the Amhara. 2) Her father was a Muslim. Orthodox Christianity was the de-facto official religion at the time.

Think of President Barack (Hussein) Obama for a second and how the US media and the Republicans play with his middle name and mixed background, especially when he visits conservative states. That was, perhaps, the kind of scrutiny that the Emperor wanted to avoid when he guarded his mother’s identity.

The emperor’s mother was called Yeshimebet Ali Gamcho. Yeshimebet is a Christian/Amharic name; Ali is Muslim; and Gamcho is ethnic/non-Amharic.

Why is it relevant to talk about this topic today? In order to fully understand the ongoing political quagmire in Ethiopia and to devise some kind of meaningful solution, one must put the present in a historical context, as Professor Markakis recently argued in an interview. One can use the past like a mirror to reflect the present on it so one can see a clearer future.……………..]

Mäkonnen Wäldä-Mika'él Woldemelekot the alledge father of Haile Selassie

Mäkonnen Wäldä-Mika’él Woldemelekot the alledge father of Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie’s royal line (through his father’s mother) originated from the Amhara people, He was born on 23 July 1892, in the village of Ejersa Goro, in the Harar province of Ethiopia. His mother was Woizero (“Lady”) Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jifar, daughter of the renowned Oromo ruler of Wollo province Dejazmach Ali Abba Jifar. His maternal grandmother was of Gurage heritage. Tafari’s father was Ras Makonnen Woldemikael Gudessa, the governor of Harar.

Yeshimebet Ali, daughter of Woizero (later Immabet-Hoy) Wolete Giyorgis and Dejazmatch Ali Abba Jiffar, who was a Muslim chief of the Warra Illu clan of the Wollo Oromo tribe, and a former trader from Gondar. Was she a legitimate child? Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jiffar had eight miscarriages before giving birth to Haile Selassie. This is weird and the child doesn’t look like his official father (Mäkonnen Wäldä-Mika’él Woldemelekot).

Asiatic features of Haile Selassie also looks like that of Al Saud and the Emiratis. Look at his “father’s” nose, ears, and eyebrows. This is a controversial topic that many Ethiopians feel uncomfortable to talk about due to its political heaviness. The article discusses how the emperor and writers of his biography never revealed his mother’s full name or her photograph in public during or after his reign, deliberately due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The Israelites are from around Harar; but Haile Selassie could be of Turkic Mongolian father which is Jewish and not Israelite.

An Ethiopian commented saying: [Yes indeed somebody told me that his Pakistani dad mate with his Ethiopian mother .his Pakistani dad was in Ethiopia for some reason to do something and this brings me to have suspicious that he had some Turkic Mongolian race through his Pakistani father. If you look his non biological father on picture there is no way he looks like him.

The Pakistani man of Selassi biological father used to go secretly and mate with Selassi’s mother weyezero (native honored name given to married woman) Yeshmebet. This happens when Ras Mekonenen goes for mission outside of the city of Harar in Ethiopia].

This could lead to a very serious conclusion that is the Turkic Mongolian Jews destroyed and stole once again the history and the identity of Israelites. This time with just one woman and her illegitimate child.

The real Exodus of 1446 BC was within Punt only and it was not from Punt to Yemen. It was from Gondar to Simien Mountains where Moses received the Ten Commandments and the Torah. They crossed a wide wild river only, but not a sea.

The broken tablets must had been moved in the Arc of Covenant to a desert new home of Israelite, which could be in the Afar Triangle or Rift Valley. A simplified geologic map of the Afar Depression. Here there must be a lot of gold from which King Solomon got his wealth.

simplified geologic map of the Afar Depression

simplified geologic map of the Afar Depression

Haile Selassie’s mother full name is Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jifar. Embarrassing or ethnic/non-Amharic name was not the reason at all to hide her biography. Most probably Yeshimebet Ali had had shameful past and that is why he tried to conceal her history.

Many indications show that Haile Selassie was a criminal, a traitor, a fake figure, illegitimate child and power grabber.

Not only the origin and motives of Haile Selassie, or “Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael” were dubious but also his accession to power and the deaths/killings of the conservative Empress Zewditu and her husband Gugsa Welle.

He was implanted by Jews and he served them, because his real father was not Ethiopian, but a Turkic Mongolian. He killed, starved, stole, oppressed, corrupted, divided, and impoverished Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Perhaps the Palestinians are not One Nation but Two Nations

Perhaps Palestinians are not One Nation but they are two Nations - Jebusites & Philistia

It is noticeable that geography, politics and culture divide the Palestinians into two distinct, separate and even contradictory and conflicting parts between the West Bank (the Jordan River) and the population of the Gaza Strip. Are these divisions the result of historical and racial differences? To answer this question it is necessary to note the following:
The Jews are a group of Turkic Mongolians who were sent by the colonists to Persia and Babylonia (and they also left Mongols) to displace the Hebrew Israelite of Israel and replace them in Canaan. This has been confirmed by the Samaritans and the Beta Israel Ethiopians, as well as by the loss of the tribes of Israel and other profound ethnic, cultural, religious and political transformations that followed the Babylonian return in 530 BC.

Turkic Mongolians, the origin of Jews, had existed in the region since 1800 BC with various names such as Chasu YHWH and Hyksos. Their raids and destruction caused the collapse of the Bronze Age in 1177 BC for the majority of Mediterranean civilizations and countries. It is a pivotal era documented in archeology and history books. This massive collapse resulted in a large number of large migrations and the emergence of so-called “sea peoples” fugitives and mercenaries. At the time, the Hebrew Israelites were occupying and were present in Canaan and were still allied with the Turkic Mongolians before the collapse of this alliance in 626 BC.

The first waves of Palestinians came with the collapse of the Bronze Age and the fall of the Hittite Empire and civilization in and around Anatolia. The second wave of settlements were to the Philistia region and it was organized by the Turkic Mongolians after they called themselves Jews. This was in 530 BC with the expulsion and dispersal of the Israelites from Canaan. They brought in new immigrant labor and slaves to be added to the first wave of of the sea peoples and they settled the second group in the region of Philistia; and both settlers became known as Palestinians in Western Bank and also in of Philistia despite their differences.

It is clear that the history of settler groups that were later known to the Palestinians occurred on two stages. The first stage is the migrations of the so-called “peoples of the sea”. It is noteworthy that the Jebusites are a group of settlers concentrated in the eastern region of River Jordan and they differed from the Canaanites despite attempts to include them as Canaanites, but they are closer to the Hittites (the peoples of ancient Anatolia). Many scholars consider the origin of the Jebusites is the Hittite. This is confirmed by the gods they worshiped before they converted to Christianity. As well as the similarity between them and Armenians.

The second phase was different Mediterranean groups to replace the expelled and displaced Canaanite and Hebrew. This second group was settled in what is now the Gaza Strip. “Philistia” was first mentioned in the works of the Greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century BC. With the emergence of Christianity the inhabitants of the West Bank, adopted the new religion that emerged in the lands they became advocates and defenders of Christianity in the face of Jews. While the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip remained in their old beliefs until the Islamic conquest came and embraced Islam as a means of coexistence and protection.

Biblical Promised Land was Asir Not Israel and the Exodus was from Ethiopia Not Egypt

The Refuge and Exodus of Israelite to Ethiopia

The Refuge and Exodus of Israelite to Ethiopia

Important Update Notice on 24 July 2018: I have updated my Abyssinian Hypothesis  after discovering the that single-hump camel (The dromedary) was unknown in Arabia, Aram, Assyria, and Kemet before 950 BC, while in abundance in the land of Punt.

This led to make the following major changes:
1- The proposed origin of Israelite from being Arabic-speaking Arab Yemenis to Ge’ez-speaking African Puntite;
2- Rename the Abyssinian Hypothesis to the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis;
3- The Turkic Mongolian colonizers and rulers of Neo-Babylonia invited elders from the House of Israel to Babylonia in around 580 BC in what is called the Babylonian Exile to help the create Judaism and colonize Aramaic land in 530 BC;
4- The Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Israelite are products of admixture between Ge’ez Israelite, Turkic Mongolian Persians, and colonized Aramaic. They existed only after 530 C; and
5- The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are those Israelite who  left the land of Punt and decided to collaborate with Turkic Mongolians to invent Judaism and colonize Aramaic lands; and turned into Hebrew Israelite.

Therefore, the Israelite Exodus of 1446 BC was only within Punt, from one region to another. The Jews are not Israelite at all; and the name Judah was just used deceptively to relate the Jews to the Israelite. The Israelite were scattered all over the world and they no longer exist as a nation or a tribe.

For more details on the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis read the following three articles:
1- How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 1
2- The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
3- Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
[End of notice]

Sure people all over the world don’t understand why Yemen, Syria, and Iraq are ruined? and Why terrorists destroy archeological sites instead of looting them?

The answer is simply “unwanted History”.

The Promised Land to Abraham was shown to Moses while he was on the top of mountain in Yemen after he received the Written Torah (the Five Books of Moses only); and the Exodus was from Ethiopia to Yemen via Bab El-Mandeb in 1438 BC.
The Promised Land was Asir region, in Saudi Arabia. They never went to Egypt. The Israelite rejected the gift of God and forged the Scriptures. They invaded and colonized Canaan without any reason.

Joseph was sold four times, the first was in Yemen and he ended up to be raised in a rich Ethiopian house. Later he was imprisoned then became the king’s chief assistant in a small Ethiopian kingdom. Few decades later the Israelite fled drought and lack of pastures in Yemen to Ethiopia and they were treated with generosity and given land in Ethiopia.
They stayed in Ethiopia for more than 400 years and they married Ethiopians. The Israelites became aggressive and caused troubles and another junior king ordered their evacuation and expulsion. They were not allowed to take with them Ethiopian gold, silver, and cattle. The Israelites refused and took them in their Exodus.
After few centuries in 605 BC Turkic Persians defeated the kingdoms of Judea and Samaria and in 585 BC took 300 from the ruling house of David captives to Neo Babylonia and after 60 years Turkic Persians sent hundreds of thousands of Turkic settlers claiming that they were the decedents of the ruling house of David. Those new settlers were called Jews.


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