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Oh God, save us from the corrupt and ignorant priests, academics and rulers

The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos and their factions changed the writing of the Abrahamic sacred books from the Ge’ez and Musnad.

The Torah of Moses, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Holy Qur’an were originally revealed and used to be written in the letters of Ge’ez   and its twin brother, the Musnad .

The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos replaced them with  

In addition, the Levantine and Turkic Hyksos used their made writing to fight the Arabs and the people of Punt Land

As well as to fight the peoples of Kemet, Ugarit, Ebla and Sumer

Their conquest expanded, spread their writing, and used them to conquer the peoples of Europe, the Americas, and Africa

The plan to obliterate the Arabic alphabet system, which is only the Musnad that lived 2500 years ago and was suddenly obliterated, targets the Holy Qur’an, the Muhammadan message and the Arabs.

The intruder Jazem alphabet lasted 1400 years and must be stopped immediately

It is completely rejected that the Holy Qur’an be written in non-Arabic letters, such as Roman, Hindi, etc. And the current alphabet of the Hyksos Levant, Turks and Persians

It is impossible to explain and justify the reason for abandoning the original and well developed Arabic Musnad alphabet that has lived since the time of Abraham. and using instead a foreign, hostile, primitive, recent Hyksos alphabet that has been changing for centuries.

The demise of the Musnad alphabet coincided with the rise of the Jazem alphabet, is a clear and sure evidence of the war against the Holy Qur’an and the Arabs

The use of the current alphabet, which is allegedly Arabic, must be stopped and the use of the Musnad alphabet should be restored

The distribution of the influence of Levantine Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians Vikings on writing systems in the world

The Amorite and Turkic Hyksos imposed the writing systems and alphabets almost half the world for their colonial expansion


Brief History of the Countries and Nations around the Levant Region

The region around the Levant is suffering from the coalition of Amorite Levant-Turkic Mongolian since before their invasion colonization of Sumer and making the Akkadians in 2334 BC, which is 4400 years.

Sumer expelled the Amorite-Turkic Akkadians in 2154 BC. They continued looting trade routes and the fringes of Sumer, Kmt, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states

In 1670 BC, they infiltrated Kmt peacefully pretending to seek refuge then invaded Kmt making the Hyksos and their rulers called pharaohs. In 1523 BC, Kmt expelled the Hyksos. They branched to Hebrews, Mitanni, Kassites and Mukarribs attacking Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states.

In 1450 BC, with a coalition and support from Kmt traitor ruler, Thutmose III, the Hebrew Hyksos defeated Ugarit and Ebla and created Hebrew colony of Phoenicia. The Amorite Hebrew Phoenician colony became Hebrew piracy base, which raided the Mediterranean and linked them with Hyksos colony of Carthage. Amorite Hebrews in Phoenicia and Carthage kept raiding the Mediterranean islands and coasts and adding more slaves, mercenaries and outlaws to them. Khazars used the same process it create Vikings in 750 AD

In 1200 BC, they settled their mixed human booty in southern Ugarit and made the colony of Palestine. The Amorite Hebrew pirates kept raiding the Mediterranean and their piracy was known as the Sea People and caused the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC. The devastations added more loots to their colonies.

Amorite Hebrew pirates used Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, infiltrated Italy peacefully, and created Rome corral in 753 BC. They recruited local outlaws and brought slaves and mercenaries to colonize Italy creating the Romans. The Hyksos branched gangs renamed themselves in 600 BC after winning the Battle of Carchemish to Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans

Titles of Anter’s Most Important Discoveries in the History and Politics of the Region and the World

The following are brief addresses of the most important and daring discoveries that I reached them in the history and politics of the region and the world. These discoveries are shocking to all the general public in the world and overturn the majority of the old prevailing concepts and opinions that are not based on grounds but rather contradict logic, evidence and truth.

Likewise, these discoveries upset and anger many, especially the corruption of academic, media, political and religious organizations and entities. Consequently, my discoveries are met with hostility, skepticism and attack for fear of conducting research and studies to verify their validity and ensure the soundness of the contents.

1. The Arabs are only the ancient peoples and states in Dilmun in the middle and east of the peninsula, the Magan people in the west and the Meluhha people in the south

2. The Amorites of Levant are not Arabs at all, but they are invaders and colonizers of the Arabs since the expulsion of the Hyksos in 1523 BC, and they are the Hebrews who took the name Jews in 600 BC

3. The Akkadians and Hyksos are a mixture of Amorite infantry gangs, Bedouins of the Levant, with Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses, originally from the Altai Mountains in East Asia

4. Abdel Nasser was not an Egyptian, but an Amorite Hebrew Jew, and an agent of Turkic Khazars Zionist project that tasked him with the empowerment of Amorites in Ottomans’ colonies

5. The sole purpose of Abdel Nasser in constructing the High Dam was to destroy and obliterate the history, monuments, and identity of Kerma and Kmt, and to remove the historical unity between them.

6. The July 23, 1952 Movement and the Free Officers led by Nasser, in fact, are never a revolution. On the contrary, they worked to abort the Egyptian national movement.

7. Nasser and his movement do not represent the Egyptian army and people. Rather, they worked against the rise of Egyptian sovereignty and cut the way for the army and the people to liberate Egypt

8. Abdel Nasser, since before he took power, had direct and indirect lines of communication and coordination with global Zionism through some personalities

9. The Arab nationalists, the Nasserites, the Muslim Brotherhood, the communists and the liberals are groups of the Levantine Amorites, with Zionists of the Turkic Khazars.

10. The Cold War that was between the Soviet Communists who fought the Russian people and America of the CIA, the killer of Kennedy, was an international malicious deceptive drama between allies.

11. The content of all national, regional and global conflicts is the war against national forces and against national sovereignty in all countries of the world.

12. The Cold War was a hoax identical to the hoax of the fake Arab-Zionist and Islamic-Jewish conflict between Zionists, Hebrews and Palestine

13. The Teachings of Muhammad is not called Islam, and the message of Muhammad was assassinated and completely died fifty years after the mission, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

14. The Teachings of Jesus is not called Christianity, and the Message of Jesus was assassinated and died completely after the mission a few decades later, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

15. The Teachings of Moses is not called Judaism, and the Message of Moses was assassinated and died completely few centuries after the mission, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

16. The Romans are mixed gangs of Amorite Hebrew Bedouins of the Levant invaded Europe in 753 BC. The Romans are unrelated to the history of Europe and to any Europeans

17. The Romans, who are Amorite Hebrew Bedouins of the Levant, formed the political, economic, religious, feudal, and pirate authorities in all of southern Europe

18. Immediately after the death of Muhammad, the Levant Amorite Hebrew Jews arranged a project with Persians, Turks and Kurds to abolish the Caliphate and establish the Umayyad Hebrew regime.

19. Immediately after the Umayyad Amorites Hebrew killed the House of Muhammad, the Companions and defeated the Arabs, the Persians, the Turks and the Kurds rushed to the establishment of the Abbasid

20. To create of the Abbasid regime, the Persians, Turks and Kurds brought part of the Turkic Khazar gangs who colonized the North Caucasus and Eastern Europe to replace the Levant Amorite Hebrew Jews

21. With the creation of Abbasid, there are two types of Jews. The first older type is the Levant Amorite Hebrew Hyksos, and the new one is the Ashkenazi Khazar Turkic Jews who turned Zionists in 1850

22. Both types of Jews are unrelated to the Children of Israel and the message of Moses and the Kingdom of Solomon and its capital Jerusalem, and location of both the kingdom and the capital are still unknown

23. Son of Harun al-Rashid of Abbasids, Turks, Persians and Kurds called the city of Aelia Capitolina, the place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the new wrong name of Jerusalem to serve the Jewish project.

24. A side of the Khazar gangs in the North Caucasus and Eastern Europe invaded and occupied Central and Northern Europe and set up the Huns and Vikings gangs

25. The bases of the Turkic Mongolian gangs, the Huns and the Vikings, for the attacks against Western Europe were concentrated from the points they established in France, Holland, Belgium and Portugal

26. The Anglo-Saxon tribes fled Denmark from the Vikings gangs and took refuge in Britain, but the Turkic Vikings followed them and defeated and colonized Britain in 1066 in the Norman Conquest

27. The invading Viking gangs spread the phenomenon of setting up castles and fortresses to be miniature military bases, prisons, and pens for slaves and looting for the Turks.

28. From the year 1000 AD until today, the political, media, academic, religious, governance and economic authorities in Europe remained in the hands of the Turkic Mongols.

29. The Turkic Mongolian Vikings pirate gangs were the first to invade and loot the Americas five hundred years before Columbus who appeared in 1492 AD

30. Europeans did not have any role in the conquest and looting of the Americas, but were under the occupation of the Turkic Vikings and the Amorite Romans throughout their history

31. The terms West, Westerners and White man do not mean Europe and Europeans, but they point to the Turkic Mongols who raided the World westward from East Asia and centered in Western Europe

32. America is not one entity, but two different, contradictory and conflicting entities since its colonization by the Turkic Vikings who brought Europeans to work

33. The European Union is an organization affiliated with the project of the Zionist movement made in 1850 AD by the Turkic Mongols, Khazars, Ashkenaz Vikings, to control Europe

34. Communism, world socialism, globalization and Zionism are projects invented by the Ashkenazi-Khazar Turkic Mongols to spread and control peoples

35. Libya is a country that includes three different regions: Cyrenaica in the east, brothers of Egypt, Tripoli in the west under Berbers and Amorites, and Fezzan in the neglected south.

36. The south of the Nile Valley is three regions that were separate states until Muhammad Ali occupied them. They are 1. Kerma with Punt and 2. Kordofan with Darfur and 3. Berta with Niyal

37. The peoples east of Egypt are only Ugarit on the Mediterranean coast; Sumer, which is Mesopotamia, and Ebla in the middle between Ugarit and Sumer.

38. The expelled Hyksos fled to Syria in 1523 BC, they divided into four gangs: 1. Hebrews and 2. Mitanni and 3. Kassites and 4. Mukarribs

39. The expelled Hyksos branched gangs invaded and occupied the peoples of the region, Hebrews against Ugarit, Mitanni against Ebla, Kassites against Sumer, and Mukarribs against the Arabs.

40. The Hyksos branched gangs changed their names in the year 600 BC after the Battle of Carchemish and became 1. Jews and 2. Kurds and 3. Babylonians and 4. Sabaeans

41. The Kmt expelled only Hyksos warriors, who did not disappear, but rather became active extensively in the eastern and western neighbors of Kmt, while the Amorite civilians were active inside Kmt.

42. The Vikings are the Turkic Khazar who made the kings and rich people of Europe since 1000 AD and the Zionists in 1850 and the European Union.

43. The Vikings enslaved Northern Europe and then all Europeans and shipped them as slaves, bonded labor, and for breeding and entertainment centuries before the slavery campaigns on Africans.

44. Slavery in Europe is much older, more numerous, and cheaper in the Viking Turkic colonies of the Americas than African slavery

45. The Kushis who invaded, overthrown and occupied the Kerma people on the six Nile Cataracts were Fulani and they occupied Kmt with the 25th Dynasty and supported the Amorite Hebrew Jews in Levant

46. ​​Foreign and domestic policies, national and national security strategies, economic and development management plans in the region and the world lack correct knowledge

47. Correct understanding of history and the present and planning for the future must be based on the secrets of the history and formation of power in Europe which are unknown to Europeans and the world.

48. Britain, the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia had been controlled by them since 1000 years ago by Khazars Ashkenazi Turkic Mongolian Normans Viking colonization

49. Southern Europe fell 2770 years ago under the Levantine Amorite Hyksos Hebrew Bedouins Roman colonization, and it is still represented in the Vatican.

50. The Crusades were campaigns of the alliance of the Amorite Roman gangs with the Turkic Mongols and the Vikings against the Byzantine Europeans and their center in the Aegean Sea

51. The Abbasids were Turkic Mongols and were not in conflict with the Roman Hebrew Jews or with their partners, the Turkic Mongolian Khazars Ashkenazi Vikings

52. The Palestinians are not Arabs and they are not from the region, but rather they are a mixture of groups brought by the Levant Amorites Hebrew Jews from the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean

53. Nefertiti was a foreign agent working for the ruler of the Mitanni gang, and the Mitanni sent and inserted her to sabotage governance, religious belief and national identity of Kmt.

54. Thutmose III was not a hero and a leader, but entered into a betrayal in alliance with the gangs of the expelled Hebrew Hyksos who waged attacks against Ugarit and colonized it creating Phoenicia

55. Akhenaten and before him Thutmose III and a number of rulers of the second half of the 18th dynasty were mixed offspring with foreign agents and maids serving in the palace of ruler of Kmt

56. There is no cause called Palestine or Jerusalem. Rather, the issue is the occupation of the people and land of Ugarit, and the fake claim that the name of the city of Al-Aqsa Mosque is Jerusalem

57. There is no Arab-Zionist conflict, nor Jewish-Islamic conflict, nor Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Rather, this is a drama staged between the Amorites of Levant and their partners the Turkic Zionist Khazars.

58. The Nasserites and the Arab nationalists are working hard to create a rift between Egypt and the Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen, Oman and Bahrain

59. It is necessary to establish an organized work in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain and European countries, as well as joint work between them

60. In the year 750 AD, the crimes of Turkic Mongolian gangs exploded from around the Altai Mountains in every direction in the world and they committed the atrocities of the Abbasids, Khazars and Vikings

It is required and necessary in order to confront and solve all the problems of security, economy, politics, media, religion and knowledge is to conduct scientific, impartial, urgent and extensive researches and studies to verify the validity and ensure the integrity of the contents of the aforementioned sixty points in addition to other points not mentioned to condense the subject.

Ibn Khaldun is a lowly creature made with falsehood

Ibn Khaldun is a charlatan and a mercenary writer who covered up the Amorites, the Bedouins of the Levant, his people, the Hebrew and the Zionists Jews, the Amorite-Turkic Mongols Hyksos, and the pseudo-pagan sects of colonialism.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan misled the world about the invention of the Hebrew Jews and the Jews of the Turkic Mongols of the Khazars, both of whom are Hyksos and their complete animosity and their hostility to the Children of Israel, the Arabs, and all the peoples of the region and the world

The charlatan has insulted and humiliated the Religion, which is Islam, and misunderstood it, and offended the Muhammadan message, all the heavenly messages, and the peoples of the region. He called the Arabs Bedouins. He accused the Arabs of the crimes and vices of his people the Amorite Bedouins.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan did not mention the peoples, states and civilizations of Dilmun and Magan Meluhha of the Arabs and ignored the civilizations and states of Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Iran, Punt, Kerma and Lebu in the service to the savages occupiers, their masters

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan served the worst types of invaders and occupiers and gave them legitimacy and false virtues, and he never questioned the claims of the Amorites and Hebrew Jews in the presumption that they were Semites. He did not say that King Solomon’s temple does not exist in Aelia

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan remained silent about the forgery of the Abbasids and the Mamluks in religion and the Muhammadan message and their exploitation of power.

He did not mention, nor did he reveal the true homeland and history of the Children of Israel and their messenger Moses and all the prophets of the Children of Israel, nor did he challenge the naive stories of the Babylonian Talmud

Ibn Khaldun is a lowly creature and to this day, the gangs of the Amorite Hyksos and the Turkic Mongolians applaud him, followed by ignorant, collaborators and naive

The concepts that they spread and the general attitude towards Ibn Khaldun’s personality and his extensive old destructive role must be corrected

To take big decision in crucial period a patriot must be well-informed intellectual

The present of the Americas is based on the basic but overlooked fact that the colonies were made up by Turkic Hyksos who brought poor Europeans and enslaved Africans to serve the colonizers. European American emancipated themselves, while African American are not yet emancipated

No patriot in Europe, Africa and the Americas is aware of the reality. This is why Africa, Europe and the Americas are failing to understand the root problems and certainly failing to solve them.

Even the so-called Democracy and elections do not help. Leaders who do not know real history and is how they are cheated.

Gadaffi and Saddam were Amorite Hyksos in conflict with the Turkic part of the Hyksos; but still they were against the nations they were colonizing Lebu and Sumer. The two are very different from Hitler. The two were more informed than Hitler was. Hitler was a foolish patriot like Alexander the Great unaware of the sources and causes of troubles.

The Basic Principles of the Religion and All National Local Heavenly Messages

1. Europeans are not the Westerners. However, Asiatic settlers are the Westerners and they abandon any law.

2. The Teachings of Mohamed are only for Arabs in Arabia only; there is no international teachings

3. Each and every nation since their creation received their own teachings in their language, by a messenger from them and fit to their life.

4. The Teachings of Mohamed, Jesus and Moses are not Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

5. The Hyksos Amorites and Turkic invaders created Umayyad and Abbasid fake versions of the Teachings of Mohamed for colonial purposes and called them “Islam” of Sunni, Shiite, Sufi and other sects

6. Anybody does not point clearly that the Levant Amorites are the Hebrew Jews and the Umayyads and are not Arabs and are against the Arabs and against the teachings of Mohamed and against the nations of the region and the World is cheating

7. Anybody does not point clearly that the Asiatic Turkic Mongolians like westerners are the Zionist Jews and Abbasids and they are not Israelites and are against the Israelites and against the teachings of Moses and Jesus and against the nations of the region and the World is cheating

8. Each and every nation must live by their own God given teachings, and the teachings are not religions, and they are not for import or export.

9. The Universe has only One Eternal Religion with uncountable number of unique teachings.

10. No one is supposed to look, or dress, or speak, or named, or behave like foreigners, and preach foreign teachings to impose strange code of living.

The One Eternal Universal Religion its name is Islam. There are countless number of nations and languages. Each nation has its own set of teachings, God sent to each of them one messenger. All sets of teachings are nameless. All holy books guided to The One Religion and do not name the teachings to avoid considering them religions competing or impersonating the One Religion. Obviously, each messenge is identified by the name of the messenger. Therefore, I personally call them such as Muhammadanity, Jesusianity or Mosesianity; but not the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos allegations of religions of islam, christianity or judaism.

The Arabs are a single nation composed of the ancient indigenous inhabitants of Arabia south of 29-degree North parallel. They are three major groups 1. Dilmun in the center and the east; 2. Magan in the west and 3. Meluhha in the south. Magan and Meluhha Arabs are close relatives and partners with Punt Lands, Kmt and Kerma. Dilmun Arabs are close relatives and partners with Sumer and ancient Iranians

Upon the death of the Prophet, the Arabs refused to let the state of Zakat be in the hands of the rulers of Yathrib, due to the strong influence of Amorites and Turkic Mongols in it. The Amorites and the Turkic Mongols declared war against the Arabs claiming that this was an apostasy and a fight against the message.

The Umayyads were Amorite from Levant. The Abbasids and Ottomans were Turkic Mongolians from East Asia. Both the Amorite Umayyads and the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids are descendants of the Hyksos not Arabs. They were against the Arabs and the nations of the region; and they were against the teachings of Mohamed, Jesus and Moses and all other heavenly messages of nations

Challenge for fake historians, politicians, academicians and clergies

1. The Israelites are a tribe in Punt Lands

2. The Hebrew Jews are from Levant Syrian Amorites

3. The Zionist/ Ashkenazi Jews are from Turkic Mongolian East Asians

Invalidating the Amorites allegations of being Arabs

Invalidating the Amorites allegations of being Arabs, and their Arabized colonies are Arab

Historical, Political and Religious Awareness is Inevitably Coming

Arabized peoples and the real Arabs in the Arabia will realize that the Amorite groups impostering as Arabs are Bedouins of the Levant, and among them came the Hebrews who established the first Jewish entity in 600 BC by occupying southern Ugarit.

The partners of the Amorites are the Turkic Mongolian Bedouin groups from East Asia and among them came the Ashkenazim, who appeared and took control of the Jewish entity since 740 AD.

The Levant Amorites and the Turkic Mongolians both are dangerous and in an alliance, that threatens the whole world, and they are not the children of Israel

The World will know that the so-called Islam invented by Amorite Umayyad and the so-called Islam invented by Turkic Mongolian Abbasid prevalent today both are frauds.

These two fake claims have nothing at all with faith but they are colonial terrorist paganism and both have no relationship or amity with the teachings of Mohammed, the Arabs, and the peoples of the region, and with all heavenly national messages leading to the One Religion called in Arabic Islam

Certainly, the world will know that the teachings of Mohammed for Arabs had died completely when it was only fifty years old. It died just as the messages of Jesus, Moses and the rest of the messengers died.

The World will know that there was never any international messenger and international teachings however the One Religion is Universal and not only international.

Historical, Political and Religious Awareness is Inevitably Coming

Arabized peoples and the real Arabs in the Arabia will realize that the Amorite groups impostering as Arabs are Bedouins of the Levant, and among them came the Hebrews who established the first Jewish entity in 600 BC by occupying southern Ugarit.

The partners of the Amorites are the Turkic Mongolian Bedouin groups from East Asia and among them came the Ashkenazim, who appeared and took control of the Jewish entity since 740 AD.

The Levant Amorites and the Turkic Mongolians both are dangerous and in an alliance, that threatens the whole world, and they are not the children of Israel

The World will know that the so-called Islam invented by Amorite Umayyad and the so-called Islam invented by Turkic Mongolian Abbasid prevalent today both are frauds.

These two fake claims have nothing at all with faith but they are colonial terrorist paganism and both have no relationship or amity with the teachings of Mohammed, the Arabs, and the peoples of the region, and with all heavenly national messages leading to the One Religion called in Arabic Islam

Certainly, the world will know that the teachings of Mohammed for Arabs had died completely when it was only fifty years old. It died just as the messages of Jesus, Moses and the rest of the messengers died.

The World will know that there was never any international messenger and international teachings however the One Religion is Universal and not only international.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos Did the 911

The world is indeed confused, because they do not know real history, about real Arabs, Arbo-Amorites, the Akkadians and Hyksos. Terrorism is simply a joint Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos business.

The deserts of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean was plagued with nomads who are the Amorites since at least 4000 BC. The Amorites sabotaged the nations and civilizations of Kmt, Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs of Dilmun in the center and east, Magan in the west and Meluhha in the south of Arabia. The Amorites lived on looting trade caravans connecting nations.

In 3500 BC, in East Asia around Altai Mountain other nomadic looting bandits appeared on horses back. Those I call them Turkic Mongolians. They devastated all nations in the region starting with the Han then directed their raids westwards since then to reach the entire world.

Turkic Mongolians reached Sumer and met the Amorite bandits and a coalition began. They together invaded and colonized Sumer in 2334 BC, which was unaware of horses. Sumerians called the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite bandits the Akkadians and kicked them out in 2154 BC.

The expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadians roamed the Levant and continued their incursions and trade looting. In 1670 BC, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadians invaded and colonized Kmt (Ancient Egypt) and take advantage of horses and chariots they found in Sumer. Egypt called them Hyksos and expelled them in 1523 BC. The Expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Akkadian-Hyksos branched into four bandits: Hebrews against Ugarit; Mitanni against Ebla; Kassites against Sumer; and Mukarribs against Arabia.

In 1450 BC, suddenly Thutmose III offered the Hebrews and the Mitanni his military support against Ugarit and Ebla in return for payment of regular share in loots and women. The Hebrews colonized Ugarit and made the colonies of Phoenicia and what was later they called Canaan. The Hebrews used the resources and expertise of Ugarit to pirate the Mediterranean and make the colonies Carthage, Numidia, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus. The Phoenician Hebrews toppled and destroyed the Aegean kingdoms and caused the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC and the Sea Pirates/Peoples.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite rule called these states after they colonized and devastated them for millennia Misr, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. The Amorites invaded and colonized the Arabs since 1500 BC and dropped their own language and claimed they are Arabs. They still hold significant power and wealth in Arabia even after the Saud family, who have considerable Amorite elements, revolted against the Turkic Mongolians in 1744 AD. The south of Arabia has people most close to genuine Arabs except Houthis.

The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite coalition concocted Judaism, Christianity and Islam to replace the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammed only few decades after their births, and used them to conquer, colonize and terrorize Asia, Africa and Europe. In 740 AD, Turkic Abbasids brought some Turkic Khazars from the Caucasus to replace the Amorite Hebrew Jews from Canaan. This started the Zionist Ashkenazim who also raided Ukraine, Poland and East and Center Europe. However, Turkic Mongolian Jews ally of Amorite Jews

Later, Turkic Khazar Ashkenazim raided the Nordic coasts and made the Vikings. The Vikings repeated the Hebrew Phoenicians piracy in the Mediterranean in 1200 BC but the Vikings raided Western Europe and created monarchs. Iberia expelled Turkic Mongolian-Amorite colonizing bandits in 1492, which triggered another age of piracy that led to the invasion and colonization of the Americas. Monarchs forced Europeans to flee Europe and labor in the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite new colonies. The rise of Europeans in Americas threatens Turkic Mongolian and Amorite Jews, so-called Arabs aka Moslems.

Brief summary on how Amorites of Syria and Turkic Mongolians made fake religions. Part 2

In 1450 BC, Thutmose III offered the Hebrew Hyksos assistance and alliance. They together raided Ugarit (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) and made the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan Branches in return for regular payments of cider wood, loots and women.

From Phoenicia, they raided and pirated the entire Mediterranean coasts and made the colonies of Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus, Sicily and others. These raids resulted in 1177 BC in the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse after the downfall of many nations. It created extensive piracy labelled “Sea Peoples”

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel.

Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raiding Eastern Europe targeted the Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy, created Rome colonial village in 753 BC, and kept expanding. Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raided Iran and made the Persians who worked closely with Turkic Mongolians in Babylon.

In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon and Persia who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery, and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit in their Canaan Hebrew colony.

Babylon and Persia made fake copies of Israelite history, traditions, geography and Moses’ Torah. Most of the Israelites were no more in Punt Lands or free people. In Babylon in 580 BC, Turkic Mongolian Persians, Amorites and Judah chiefs worked together to invent Hebrew Amorite Jews, Judaism and Israel.

After 1320 years, in 740 AD the Turkic Mongolians decided to break their old alliance with Amorites and destroy the Amorite Umayyad rule, displace them and replace the Amorites with Turkic in the Levant. They contacted and agreed with another branch of Turkic Mongolians in North Caucasus colony of Khazars. With direction and assistance from the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, Turkic Mongolians invented Zionist Ashkenazi Turkic Jews, Judaism and Israel to replace Hebrew Amorite Jews, Hebrew Amorite Judaism and Israel.

The remnants of Israelites in Punt Lands and in the diaspora were waiting for the Messiah prophesized in the Moses’ Torah to save and free them from wickedness and bondage. Small group of leading Israelites moved from Punt following a star to direct them to the birthplace of Jesus the Messiah.

The good news chocked and terrified the Turkic Romans and Persian together with Amorite Hebrew Jews and the traitorous chiefs of Judah. The four groups did everything wicked to kill the new Devine message, Jesus the Messiah and the believers.

Once again, as they did with the teachings and the book of Moses, inventing Judaism and Hebrew Bible, and labelled a colonial heathen terrorist project a religion. The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance with Romans, Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews concocted a new colonial heathen terrorist project and New Testament, and claimed to be a new religion, holy book and called it Christianity.

The third and final part will explain how the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance of Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews colonizing Arabia killed the Devine message of Mohamed, only after 50 years from receiving the first verses of the Holy Quran, and turned it into a colonial heathen terrorist project, called it Islam and labelled as a new religion.

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