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Making a new mini-state for Zionism over the lands of Kemet

The Zionist Western Turks Ashkenazi Khazars are making a mini-state and installing it in a strip extending from Ain Sukhna to El Alamein for their agents and their workers. It swallows up loans and makes debts on Kemet.

The new Zionist mini-state is almost finished onto the lands and people of Kemet who has to pay off the debts of building this new mini-state

The huge capacities extra wide highways with the monorail and the first line of High-speed rail are, in fact, the lines of entry, exit, transportation, work, security and escape for the agents and workers of the Western Turks Zionists Khazars Ashkenazim in their mini-state that established over the lands and people of Kemet.

The new Zionist mini-state is a copy of the Amorite-Eastern Turks Hyksos colony, but this time it the Western Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim made it.

Zionists recruited, absorbed, settled and empowered Levantines and Kushis in the Zionist mini-state in Kemet as immigrants and refugees for their auxiliary role in Zionist projects.


Kemet is falling into Zionist Jews grip from the grip of Eastern Turks and Levantine Hebrew Jews

Kemet remained in the grip of various Hyksos gangs, namely the eastern Turks and the Levantine Hebrews, since the Persian occupation in 343 BC. Since the establishment of the Zionist movement of the Western Turks in 1897 at the Basel Conference and Kemet has become a target for Zionists. Waning of their position in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Britain and the left of America, while their influence in Germany, France, Switzerland and the European Union is weaker and need support this causes the increasing interest of the Zionist Western Turks and their Viking partners in overthrowing Kemet

Eastern Turks, represented by the Abbasids, brought western Turkic gangs from colonies of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and involved the Khazars Western Turks in overthrowing the Umayyads, who are Levantine Amorites, who called themselves since 600 BC as the Hebrew Jews. Eastern Turks and Western Turks succeeded in displacing the Bedouins of Jordan and Syria from their colonies on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, in which the Hyksos Hebrews had established the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan since 1450 BC with the help of Thutmose III.

From the colony of Phoenicia, eastern Turks and the Amorites invaded all the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean and established the colonies of Carthage, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. They infiltrated and invaded Italy and established Rome and the Romans. After Western Turks took over Phoenicia and Canaan from the Levantine Hebrew Jews. Western Turks returned to the Khazar colony and eastern Europe, armed with Roman Phoenician piracy tactics, to use them against the peoples of northern and western Europe. Invasions of Western Turks expelled tribes of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes from northern Germany and Denmark, who fled to Britain in 450 AD. The lack of resistance allowed the western Turks Khazars to invade the Nordics and with Phoenician piracy they set up Viking bands

Since 1000 AD, Khazars and Vikings invaded France, Britain and the North Atlantic Ocean. The Vikings and Khazars took over North America. Foolishly, for 500 years, they believed that they were looting eastern India, and that the victims were Red Indians. Western Turks and Vikings were preoccupied with plundering the wealth of the Americas, Western Europe, and Africa, leaving Eastern Turks and their Hebrew followers in Syria and Jordan plundering Arabia, the entire East, and North Africa.

Western Turks and Vikings reached the pinnacle of wealth. Then the criminality of Western Turks and Vikings turned to Europe again, so they launched fake revolutions and bloody world wars to annihilate Europeans and made liberal democracy, communism and imperialism. This accompanied by the rise of Easterners to Islamism and Arab nationalism. Since 1850, a tendency appeared among Western Turks and Vikings to seize the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan, which they had handed over to Abbasids and then Ottomans Eastern Turks, and went on to plunder Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Zionism took off. After the cessation of the use of force, Western Turks and Vikings used money, loans, media, religion, art, security, UN organizations, and epidemics. This are waiting for Kemet. Zionism uses methods of remote control, decentralization, collaborators, and agents. You do not find them personally in Kemit, but you find them establishing cities, neighborhoods, and luxury services for agents and clients to run the country on their behalf. The overthrow of Kemet in the grip of the Zionists Western Turkic and the Vikings is taking place fast. The fall of Kemet means the beginning of the fall of Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia, and the fall of the Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Yemen, and the empowerment of collaborating regimes in the region

Electricity prices in various countries

Electricity prices, June 2022: The chart shows the price of electricity for households and businesses in over 100 countries. The prices are per kWh and include all items in the electricity bill such as the distribution and energy cost, various environmental and fuel cost charges and taxes. The world average price is 0.161 U.S. Dollar per kWh for household users and 0.166 U.S. Dollar per kWh for business users. The prices for households are calculated using the average annual household electricity consumption per year and for businesses, we use 1,000,000 kWh consumption per year

For live electricity prices in Europe go to

Electricity prices Europe

The World Need Sovereign Lands International Umbrella Movement SLiUM

SLiUM is a proposal to establish an international coalition of patriotic parties in the World. It is not a political party.

SLiUM encourages nationalistic parties to address their unique challenges and problems in accordance to their unique historic heritages

The Basic Fifteen Principles of SLiUM are

  1. The fundamental rule of patriotic movements and political parties is to serve and develop homelands
  2. National sovereignty, international solidarity, historic heritages and human rights are indispensable rules
  3. Nations are custodians of their homelands, and they are to serve the lands, creatures and environments
  4. Protecting freedom, dignity, creativity and development are the top priority of any patriotic political party
  5. The prevailing international religions are fabricated colonial and deceptive tools for exploitation and abuse
  6. The Universe has Creator and the nations of the entire World and the Universe are children of the Creator
  7. There is only One Creator, One Universal Religion with uncountable number of unique national teachings
  8. The One Religion in the basic and simple Universal Constitution older than any nation and has no rituals
  9. Each nation has its own national teachings only fit for them, and are not different and conflicting religions
  10. Each nation has its own teachings, messenger, holy book and sacred places and nations must respect them
  11. Amorite Levant and Turkic Hyksos make troubles and the origin of all World’s conflicts, violence, and wars
  12. Hyksos corrupted World and national histories, and nations must rewrite their history correctly and fairly
  13. Patriotic political parties need to distance themselves from the prevailing Right and Left politics and tactics
  14. The basic goals of any nation must be to achieve their economic, political and social justice and fairness
  15. Nations must control their education, services, media, amenities, faith and political parties and governance

International endeavors need to be seriously exerted to establish SLiUM as soon as possible to protect international peace and security and avoid grave escalation of international conflicts and crises.

How to buy a whole country cheap

Any country can be considered and dealt with as a joint stock company

The country or the company is a hundred shareholders; each one has one share in a company that operates in mineral and gold mines and farms, with a value of 100 million dollars.

A Zionist neighbor wants to buy the company at a cheap price. He agreed with three shareholders on a plan to profit from it together

They offered additional shares, totaling $60 million, funded by the Zionist

The additional shares shall be nominally distributed 30 + 20 + 10 among individuals who are controlled by the three shareholders, the Zionist partners.

The Gang of Three controls the General Assembly and the company’s board of directors and pushes the company to ask for loans

The company’s investments are diverted to build luxury real estate, theme parks, and infrastructure, in preparation for selling the company to the Zionist

The company’s investments falter after weak investment in mining and agriculture and its activities are transformed into unprofitable luxury businesses

The company goes bankrupt and is offered for sale for half or less. The maximum that the Zionist will pay is 80 million dollars

The 97 shareholders receive half of the value of their shares, which is $47.5 million

The Gang of Three loses $1.5 million. However, the Zionist compensates them with a reward totaling 7.5 million dollars.

The Zionist reward is distributed to the gang of three 3.5 + 2.5 + 1.5 million dollars for each of them

The Zionist would thus have bought a company whose value, along with its assets, amounted to 160 million dollars at half the value

The sum of what the Zionist paid to buy a company worth 160 MD is 50 percent of the shareholder + 7.5 for the gang = 57.5 million dollars

With the purchase, the Zionist would have recovered the value of the additional shares that he paid, which is 60 million dollars, by paying 30 MD to himself

By deducting the value of the additional shares, which is 60 million dollars, the Zionist would have paid 57.5 MD to buy a company whose value was 100 million dollars.

The Zionist expels all the former employees of the company and appoints his family members and acquaintances

The company is rapidly expanding in various profitable production activities and fields, and former workers are appointed as workers with nominal wages

Only the Zionist and his entourage benefit from the real estate, amusement parks and infrastructure that the company financed and implemented under the previous ownership

Turkic-Persian Hyksos Colonies and Slavery in East Africa are called Omani Empire

The so-called Omani Empire (1696–1856) was a Hyksos colony, vying with Portugal and Britain for trade and influence in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. At its peak in the 19th century, Persian control extended across the Strait of Hormuz to Pakistan, and as far south as Cape Delgado.

The Omanis are ancient nation and never invaded or colonized. After the death of the Persian agent Said bin Sultan in 1856 the colony was divided between his sons an African section (Sultanate of Zanzibar) ruled by Majid bin Said and; and an Asian section (Sultanate of Muscat and Oman) ruled by Thuwaini bin Said.

The capitals of the Persian colony – called Omani Empire – were Rustaq (1692–1792); Muscat (1792–1824); Zanzibar (1824–1856). Common languages: Arabic; Persian, Swahili, Balochi, English, French

In the year 1696, under the reign of Saif bin Sultan, a Persian/ Omani fleet attacked Mombasa, besieging its defensive fort, in which 2,500 civilians had taken refuge. The siege of the fort ended after 33 months when the garrison dying of hunger surrendered to the Omanis.

Slave trading in the Indian Ocean goes back to 1500 BC. Turkic Hyksos started slavery in two different regions 1. West Africa from Mauritania and Guinea to Lake Chad; and 2. East Africa in Punt Lands and extended southward for 2350 years

The earliest slavery in Africa was made by the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos who colonized North Kemet and raided Amazigh Lands then West Africa and created the Pale Fulani and the victims were called Black Fulani

The second campaigns of Hyksos slavery began following the death of King Solomon in 930 BC in Punt Lands. The later raids of slavery began after slavery abolition calls grew in Western Europe.

Slave hunters and traders, mainly Turkic Jews in Portugal, switched their activities to Eastern Africa creating the Swahili slavery and the so-called Omani Empire

The people of Oman, like the rest of the Arab peoples in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates, Yemen and the colony of Qatar, never practiced invasion, occupation and enslavement, but they themselves were victims of the invasion and occupation of the Levant-Turkic Hyksos. Likewise, the peoples of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kemet, Amazigh, the Aegean Sea, Anatolia and all the peoples of Europe did not practice invasion, occupation and enslavement.

Arabs slavery and occupation mean the slavery and occupation of the Levant only. Slavery and occupation of the West and the white man mean the slavery and occupation of the Western Turkic Khazars and their labors, the Vikings pirates who Khazars took from Scandinavia.

The western Turkic Kgazars with the Vikings together seized the power, wealth, and achievements of Europe, just as the eastern Turkic Persians, seized the power, wealth, and achievements of the peoples of Central Asia, India, Anatolia, Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, the Arabs, Kemet, Amazigh, and the Aegean Sea

Syria is a Turkic name Made by Amorite-Turkic Hyksos for their colony in the Levant in the country of Ebla

I believe in the opinion that the origin of the name Syria came from East Asia, and it is a pronunciation of Surya, meaning sun, and is related to the Kurdish Mitanni. The name Syria appeared after a period from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Kemet in 1523 BC

The Turkic Mitanni of the expelled Hyksos called Syria to distinguish their colony from the Amorite Hebrews who occupied the southeastern coasts of the Mediterranean and established a colony there in 600 BC calling it Canaan although true Canaan is in Punt Lands.

The Turkic shared with the Amorites in occupying the middle of the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea as a common area, and they established a colony calling it Phoenicia.

In addition, Syria is a name of a colony and not an authentic, national or ancient name for the region that belonged to the people of the Ebla civilization.

The ending of names with “ia” is common in East Asian names, as in Syria, Phoenicia, Turkey, and others

Some scholars put few suggestions for the origin of the name “Syria”

1- The name Syria comes from the word Suri, which is a “Babylonian-Assyrian” province that was located north of the Euphrates and northwest of the Euphrates. It also came to call the northeastern part of Syria, hence the whole country was later called Syria.

2- It was named after the city of “Tyre” located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Greeks knew it by this name as a result of the thriving commercial relations between the two parties. Moreover, the word sur in Phoenician means rock or wall, and this name is seen engraved on the old coins that were found in this city.

3- Surya the sun in the language of the Heto-European or Aryan peoples, and the Aryan kingdom of Mitanni existed in northern Syria

4- Herodotus says it is derived from the word Assyria, which became Syria.

5- It is another from of the name of the Persian king, Cyrus, Syrus.

6- The kings of Kemet named all the region east of the Mediterranean that were subject to them: Kharu, then they were replaced by Sharu and Saru, then Syria.

7- As for the Syriacs, they took the name from the land and did not give it to it. They themselves are in force relative to the land they are in after the advent of Christianity.

There are no Infidels in the World except the Levantine-Turkic Hyksos and their Factions and Products

The claim that the peoples of the world are infidels is misleading talk of the infidels Levantine-Turkic Hyksos to spread extremism and terrorism. They are the ones who falsely claim that they are followers and believers in the Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and other heavenly messages and the Religion and that they claim falsely being Arabs and Europeans

The world should know the differences between three groups

1. The nation of the Children of Israel arose in Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, in 1900 BC from the descendants of Abraham and Jacob. God sent them the Torah in 1446 BC in the Lands of Punt, not in Kemet. The Hyksos branch that colonized Punt shattered them from Israel in Punt in the year 600 BC

2. The group of Hebrew Jews are the Bedouin Levant who branched off from the Hyksos expelled from Kemet in 1523 BC and they called themselves the Hebrew Jews in Babylon in 600 BC and made the colonies of Phoenicia, Carthage and Rome

3. The group of Khazar Jews were formed by the Turkic Abbasids in 750 A.D. and resulted from them, the Viking pirates, Ashkenazim, rulers and wealthy Europe, liberal democrats and communists in the Americas and Europe, the Ottomans, Shiites and Persians

The Levantine Hebrew Jews, as well as the Turkic Khazar Jews, are partners and hostile to the Children of Israel and they are not related to Abraham, Moses, and Solomon.

The Levantine Hebrew Jews invented a fake version of the real Jerusalem, the real Israel, and history in the Levant in 600 BC

The Israelites established true Jerusalem and true Israel in Punt Land, led by Joshua in 1400 BC, that is 800 years before the appearance of the Levantine Hebrew Jews.

A Campaign to Demand Tests of the Abilities of the Top 100 Persons to Determine Who is Fit to Stay and Lead

People’s misery, crises and problems are the result of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, corruption, treason and maliciousness of the top government and the private sector

Problems will not be solved by elections, coups, appointments, conferences or revolutions, but only by tests of capabilities

It is not necessary nor possible for the head of any country to be the smartest or the most knowledgeable, but he/she cannot be arrogant, corrupt, traitorous and malicious.

To ensure the success and happiness of any people, no stupid, ignorant, arrogant, corrupt, traitor or malicious person should be allowed in the top 100.

There is no need for studies, discussions, reforms, idle talks, theories and unrests, because there are crises, problems and misery

In the event that there is stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, corruption, treason and malice at the top, then the government that has this will die by itself, whatever it does, without the people raising a finger.

No to elections, parties and unrest, and yes to tests and the rule of competencies

حملة للمطالبة باختبارات لقدرات أعلي مئة شخص لتحدد من يصلح للبقاء والقيادة

بؤس الشعوب وأزماتهم ومشاكلهم هم نتيجة غباء وجهل وتكبر وفساد وخيانة وخباثة قمة الحكم والقطاع الخاص

لن تحل المشاكل بانتخابات او انقلابات او تعيينات او مؤتمرات او الثورات بل بالاختبارات للقدرات فقط

ليس من الضروري ولا من الممكن ان يكون رأس أي دولة هو الأذكى أو الأعلم ولكن لا يمكن أن يكون متكبر وفاسد وخائن وخبيث

لضمان نجاح وسعادة أي شعب يجب عدم السماح بوجود غبي أو جاهل أو متكبر أو فاسد أو خائن أو خبيث في أعلي مئة شخص

لا داع لدراسة ونقاش ومعالجة ولغو وتنظيرات وتظاهرات لأنه توجد أزمات ومشاكل وبؤس

في حال وجود غباء وجهل وتكبر وفساد وخيانة وخبث في القمة فان الحكم الذي به ذلك سيموت من تلقاء نفسه مهما فعل بدون ان يرفع الشعب إصبع

لا للانتخابات والاحزاب والاضطرابات ونعم للاختبارات وحكم الكفاءات

The Current Israel and Jerusalem are Forgeries certainly

 إسرائيل الحالية والقدس الحالية هما مزورتان بالتأكيد

Hyksos invented the current Israel and Jerusalem in 600 BC, and they are forgeries made by the Hyksos of Levant-Turkic Babylonians to replace the real Israel and Jerusalem that the Israelites built in 1400 BC in the Afar triangle in Punt Lands.

Forever excavations and searching will never find Solomon’s Temples or any antiquity of Israelite history in Levant. No evidence, whatsoever, will prove that Moses and Joshua step a foot in Levant, and there was the term “Canaan” in that region before 600 BC

The real Canaan is the Afar triangle in Punt Lands. The Canaanites mentioned, as enemies in the Jewish Talmud, are the Afar people and the fraternal Israelites

In addition, Joshua, when he led the Children of Israel to war in Canaan, he was fighting the Mukarribs Hyksos occupation, saving the people of Canaan, and executing the divine command to liberate Canaan and share with them living in Canaan in peace and cooperation.

In addition, the remanants of the Hyksos represented by the rulers of Eritrea and the Amhara region explains their relationship with the attacks, massacres and wars against the peoples of the Tigray, Afar and Oromo since their overthrow and crushing of the Kingdom of Axum with the help of the Turkic Abbasids in 950 AD

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