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The truth about the Crusades

The Crusaders were Amorites Hebrew Romans targeting primarily the Byzantines, who were Europeans from the peoples of the Aegean and Balkans. Most of the Crusaders’ victims were Europeans

The second goal of the Crusaders was within the framework of the permanent contest and conflict with the Turkic Mongolians, including the Abbasid Khazars, who represented the second party of the Hyksos.

Therefore, the battlefield had four parties, namely 1. The common enemy of the Crusaders and the Abbasids, and they are the Byzantine Europeans.

In contrast to the Byzantines, there are three parties agreeing and conflicting: 1. The Romans, who are Amorite Hebrew Jews, and 2. The Turkic Mongolians, the Khazar Jews, who invented the Ashkenazi Jews in 750 AD and 3. The other side of the older Turkic Mongols, including the Persians, the Abbasids and the Kurds


Jews are two types, the oldest is Syrian and the latest is Turkic, and both are against Israelites and Arabs

Eastern Jews are Hebrew gangs from Amorite Bedouins Hyksos in the deserts of Syria, Jordan and Iraq became Jews in 600 BC

Western Jews are from the Khazar gangs, Turkic Mongols, from the nomads of East Asia, who turned to Ashkenazim in North Caucasus in 740 AD.

The Children of Israel do not include Jews and they have nothing to do with the Jews. Rather, they are from the Lands of Punt, southwest of the Red Sea. They were existed since 1900 BC.

Beware not to use the term “Jews” instead of “Israelites” and remember that the Bible of Jesus is missing.

Why Zionists Stand Against Russia in the military operation and their Support for the Regime in Ukraine

The opposition of global Zionism and the Zionist entity in the region to Russia in its military operations in Ukraine is another strong evidence that politics is linked to history and origins, and that practicing politics without a deep and correct knowledge of history is useless and even very harmful. The Zionist entity’s statement that the Russian operation in Ukraine is a flagrant violation of the world order has a clear and strong reason and a reminder that Zionism fears and prevents the nation state.

What is the historical relationship between the regimes in the Zionist entity and in Ukraine?

The short, quick answer is that the reason is that the two ruling regimes in both the Zionist entity and Ukraine share one common history and origin, the Turkic Khazars, who became known as the Ashkenazim. If you want to see more details, please read the following:

There was a colony of Turkic Mongolian gangs from East Asia in the North Caucasus called the Khazar Khanate. The Turkic Mongolian gangs appeared and invaded the North Caucasus since 2000 BC, but they were not organized into a single entity until 630 AD under the name of the Khazar Khanate.

In the year 740 BC, Turkic Mongolians in Syria, Iraq and Persia began organizing themselves to establish a regime and a project to overthrow the Umayyads. The Umayyads are from the Amorite Bedouins of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. The Syrian Amorites have been allies and partners of the Turkic Mongols since the establishment of their alliance known as the Akkadians and occupied Sumer during (2334 – 2154 BC). After that, the Syrian Amorites allied themselves with the Turkic Mongols to conquer and occupy Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC), and these mixed gangs became known as the Hyksos. The Hyksos consisted of 90% of the Syrian Amorites on foot, with 10% of the Turkic Mongols on horseback.

In order for the Turkic Mongols to overthrow the rule of the Syrian Amorite Umayyads, they decided to establish a regime called the Abbasids and searched for partners from other Turkic Mongolian gangs in the region. The Abbasids found a partner in the Khazar gangs in the North Caucasus. The Abbasids agreed with the Khazars, both of Turkic Mongolian origin, to transfer a group of Khazars to take power in the colony of the Amorite Hyksos, nomads of Syria, who became the Hebrew Jews in Ugarit. The colony of the Hebrew Jews, who are Amorites Bedouins of Syria and Jordan, resulted from the occupation of the people and homeland south of Ugarit since 1450 BC.

After the agreement of the Abbasids with the Khazars, the Turkic Mongols in the Khazar Khanate were divided into two categories, the first consisting of individuals less able to fight, and these are transferred to take power in the colony of the Amorite Hebrew Jews after their deportation and dispersal to settle in southern Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, northern Yemen, Abyssinia, southern Nile Valley, Egypt, Libya and the Near, Middle and Far Maghreb and West Africa, as well as Spain and Portugal.

The second category, resulting from the division of the Turkic Mongols Khazars into two groups, consisted of strong individuals capable of fighting. The Khazar fighting group was directed to invade the steppes of Ukraine, Poland and all of Eastern Europe. The Khazar fighting group in Eastern Europe were the ones known as the Ashkenazim, and the definition was expanded to include the first category of Khazars who were transferred to rule the Zionist colony in southern Ugarit.

The conquest of Eastern Europe by the Turkic Mongols Khazars resulted in massive enslavement of Europeans and the emergence of the term Slavs, from which the word slave is in Latin. The Germanic Europeans also were split into Slavs and Scandinavia, which is located in northern Europe, and consists of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Conflicts between Slavic Germans and Scandinavia replaced the long history of peaceful coexistence between them.

One of the most dangerous consequences of the invasion of the Khazars in Eastern Europe was their arrival in southern Scandinavian coasts and their formation of Viking pirates who attacked the coasts of western Europe and the Atlantic islands in the late eighth century to the eleventh century (793-1066). The process of converting a people with expertise in shipbuilding, navigation and trade into pirates, as happened to the Scandinavians, from whom the Vikings appeared at the end of the eighth century, also took place in the twelfth century BC. The Amorites Hebrews Syrian Hyksos occupied the homeland and the people of northern Ugarit on the eastern Mediterranean coasts, and they established the colony of Phoenicia. Phoenicia turned into the center of piracy in the Mediterranean and caused the establishment of the colonies of Carthage, Numidia, Sicily, Crete and Malta. These colonies attacked and caused the downfall of civilizations and Mediterranean countries, leading to the collapse of the Late Bronze Age in 1177 BC.

The Turkic Mongols Khazars, are the Ashkenazim, whom the Abbasids turned to Western Jews in 740 AD. They are the rulers of the Zionist entity and the real power in the deep state in all the countries of Europe and the Americas. They are the ruling authority and the Cabals in Ukraine who are fighting against Russia who is trying to restore power and wealth in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Balkans to their peoples. Russia has no ambitions, but rather its motives are to protect its security

The Jews are Syrians and Turks

Syrian Amorite Jews and Turkic Mongolian Jews versus the genuine Israelites

The origins of earlier Jews made in 600 BC in Babylon and later Jews made in 740 AD in Khazar. While Israelites existed in Punt Lands since 1900 BC

This map shows that the early eastern Jews are Syrian Amorite Bedouins made in 600 BC, while the new western Jews are Turkic Khazars from East Asia made in 740 AD

Syrian Amorite Levant Bedouins and Turkic Mongolians from East Asia by 90% and 10% are together the Akkadians, as well as the Hyksos

The map also show that the Children of Israel since 1900 BC are a people from the peoples of Punt, in southwest of the Red Sea.

The Mukarribs Amorite Hyksos destroyed the genuine homeland and the Kingdom of Israel; and the Mukarribs dispersed the Israelites from their homeland, and took part of them to Yemen and the western and southern coasts of Arabia as well as sold many of them to passing ships and some fled to the hinterland of Africa.

The Jews have absolutely nothing to do with the Children of Israel and their prophets, nor with Moses, nor with the Torah of Moses, nor with Holy Temple of Solomon, Jerusalem nor with any heavenly message.

The Fall of the Amorite Hyksos Hebrews Jews, and the Rise of the Khazars

In 740 AD, the Turkic Mongolian part of the Hyksos decided to create an entity called the Abbasids to replace the entity of the Amorite Hyksos called the Umayyads. The influence of the Amorite Hyksos had risen strongly after gathering the powers of using the forged copies of the three heavenly messages. The Amorite Hyksos became the leaders in Islam while they were the Hebrew Jews.

The decision of the Turkic Mongolians to destroy their ancient partners, the Amorite, and abruptly put an end to a 3,000-year-old relationship was carried out in a swift, fierce and bloody manner. The Amorites were 90% of the Hyksos and the Akkadians, and were partners with the Turkic Mongolians since 2300 BC

After Kmt expelled the Hyksos, a main part of the Amorites were known as the Hebrew and they raided and colonized Ugarit, since 1500 BC. The Amorite Hyksos Hebrews created the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan in Ugarit. From those colonies, the Hebrews created the colonies of Cartage and Numidia

Then in 600 BC, Hebrews changed their name and became Jews. In addition, the relations between the four Amorite Hyksos factions remained the ones that constituted power and states in the region despite the influential military presence of the Turkic Mongolian Hyksos, who made up 10% of the Akkadians and Hyksos. In 753 BC, Turkic Mongolians from east together with Hebrews from sea created Rome

The four Amorite Hyksos factions are 1. The Hebrews and 2. Mitanni and 3. Kassites and 4. The Mukarribs. The Amorite Hyksos factions changed their names after the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC and became 1. Jews and 2. Kurd and 3. Babylonians and 4. Sabaeans

In 660 AD, the Umayyad Amorites claimed that they are the Arabs and that they are the caliphates of the message of Muhammadan. The Umayyad Amorites marginalized the genuine Arabs and the true believers. Thus, the Amorites used Hyksosian copies of the messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad to consolidate their power. This religious-political situation made the Turkic Mongolians, who are the military side, in a weak position. While they were always the smaller but more powerful partner to the Amorites.

The Turkic Mongolians worked to remove the caliphate claims of the Umayyad Amorites to eliminate them. The Abbasids Turkic Mongolians claimed the caliphate to exploit the Muhammadan message. The Turkic Mongolians worked to destroy the Christian Amorite entities in the region, and they let the Christian authority in the hands of Turkic Mongolian Romans.

The largest and most dangerous project of the Turkic Mongolians to destroy the Amorites was to eliminate the Amorites’ claims that they were the Hebrew Jews and transfer those claims as a whole in 740 AD to the Khazar Turkic colony in the North Caucasus

With this transfer of Judaism from the hands of the Amorite Hebrew Jews to the Khazars, the newly formed Turkic Mongolian Judaism entered the stage of the Turkic Mongolian expansion in Europe and the world. The Amorite Eastern Jewish groups in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt became secondary and weak.

The Thirteenth Tribe book, written by Arthur Kastler, is just a Hyksosian attempt by Turkic Mongolians to save and continue the allegations that the Amorite Hebrew Jews were from Israelites. The book tried to link the Turkic-Mongolian Khazars with the Hebrew Jews. Definitely, the Khazars never knew the Israelites nor Moses nor the Torah before 700 AD.

The Thirteenth Tribe book was a desperate acrobatic attempt to salvage the narratives of the early Amorite Hyksos Hebrews who were labelled Jews in Babylon in 600 BC.

West Africans and African Americans claim falsely that the Egyptians became Arabs

Amorite Bedouins of the Levant are not Arabs ay all, but they dropped their language and learned Arabic during their colonization to Arabs

The Arabs built three ancient major states and civilizations: Dilmun in the East; Magan in the West and Meluhha in the South. These three states and civilizations are forgotten and hidden

Amorite Bedouins of the Levant invaded and colonized Arabs since 1500 BC and claim they are the Arabs while the genuine Arabs became extinct

Those who colonized Egypt since 343 BC until 1952 AD were regimes offshoots of the Hyksos and not by nations

The Hyksos are mix of 90% Amorite Bedouins of the Levant plus 10% Turkic Mongolian Bedouins of East Asia

Egypt expelled Amorite settlers several times then when they came as part of the Hyksos Egypt expelled the Hyksos in 1523 BC. The Hyksos remained around Egypt working to invade it again

The expelled Hyksos branched into Hebrews; Mitanni; Kassites and Mukarribs. In 600 BC, they became Jews; Kurds; Babylonians and Sabaeans

The Egyptian nation is always populous nation, and invading and colonizing regimes and groups can ever change the Egyptian genetic composition

The Egyptian nation can easily swallow, digest and erase any colonial regime and group because they are big and have solid heritage written on stone

The Egyptian nation turned to Arabic speaking nation not because Arabs became Egyptians but because of the rule of regimes of Amorite and Turkic Bedouins of the Hyksos, who are not Arabs but speak Arabic

Should colonization change the ethnic composition many nations would had been Turkic, pale and Asiatic

The nations of the region are only Kmt, Kerma, Punt, Arabs, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Amorites, Iran, Aegean Sea, and Libu. Other than these are just foreign regimes and small groups of no ethnic weight

West Africans and African Americans, especially Fulani groups, must mind their own businesses and fix problems; and leave East Africa and West Asia to mind their own businesses and fix problems.

It is highly needed from West Africans and African Americans to investigate their true history and the results of Hyksos-Berber invasions and slavery and the roles played by the Fulani groups and jihadists in Trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean slavery

West Africans and Africans American are attacking and defaming Egypt to serve their masters who shipped them to the Americas. This is certainly a Fulani agenda

A 124 pages on Academia edu mention Tarig Anter

A 124 papers on Academia edu mention Tarig Anter. However, I do not follow any known academic methodology, and I completely oppose it. They produced allegations and lies; and they published in all so-called references and sources in many issues that are definitely wrong. For example, saying that King Menes united two countries, or claim that the Muhammadan Message is called Islam; or that Aelia Capitolina is called Jerusalem, or that the first Jews are from the Children of Israel, or that peoples and tribes emigrate in mass, or the theory of evolution and development, or religious creation, and many more

I have used the Academia website for two years mainly as a storage drive for my short opinion articles, and I make sure that one article does not exceed 700 words or a single page. I do not write them carefully, nor with any prevailing methodology and without references. In addition, I do not fill in the required fields such as tags and fields, and in the subject because it is mandatory, write the History only

The neglect and confusion of the academic community on very important issues have no justification or reason. Rather, they are considered a clear condemnation and evidence of the failure of their approach followed in history researches.

For example, the civilizations of Dilmun, Magan, and Malluha, as well as the origin of the Hyksos and Akkadians, the history of the establishment of Phoenicia, Canaan, Carthage and Numidia, the emergence of Palestine, the language of the Torah of Moses, the history of the Hebrew language, the relationship of the Ge’ez language with Arabic, the formation and history of the Lands of Punt, the history of single hump camel and horse domestication and its relationship to the history of the region and divine messages

For example, no one in the academic field says or discusses the following of its truthfulness and importance:

It is now clear to me that the state of the Ugarit civilization on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and with what is known today as Lebanon as its center was looted and devastated by an alliance between Thutmose III (1458-1425 BC) with the Hebrew who branched from the Hyksos who were expelled by King Ahmose I in 1523 BC

Thutmose III arranged an alliance with the Hebrews and invaded the center of the state of Ugarit only six months after the death of Queen Hatshepsut, who was patriotic and against the Hebrews and the rest of the expelled Hyksos

The Battle of Megiddo took place in 1457 BC, and Thutmose III forces with the Hebrews of the Hyksos defeated the Kings of Ugarit and overthrew them.

He plundered the cedar trees and handed over the defeated Ugarit to the Hebrews to make a colony called Phoenicia to undertake the supply of cedar wood to Thutmose III on a regular basis.

Phoenicia became the springboard for the Hebrews to launch piracy all over the Mediterranean. Hebrews used it to create Carthage colony and its colonies.

Then the Hebrews brought groups from the Mediterranean coasts to displace the people of southern Ugarit in what was their colony they called Canaan. The Hebrews called the foreign settlers they brought Palestinians.

Thutmose III was the wickedest traitor in the region and he must be brought to trial on charges of high treason 3,500 years after his death

Tuthmosis III Made the First Coup and Betrayal of Kmt People from Inside the Royal Palace

Hatshepsut was the only legitimate heir of her father Tuthmosis I married her half-brother (Tuthmosis II), and she had no way of ruling but to marry Thutmose II and bore him a son and two daughters. The son died in his childhood, and his name was not left in any monuments. As for the two daughters, their names are Neferura and Meritre Hatshepsut. Thutmose II gave birth to his son (Thutmose III) from one concubines of the royal court, possibly of foreign origin, her name is (East), and some forge and say her name is Isis

Hatshepsut began ruling at the age of twenty upon the death of her father, Thutmose I (1503-1493 BC). She was her father’s partner in government and the legitimate heir to the throne. She is supposed to be the next king on the throne, Thutmose I. However, because the rule of a woman was something that was not the norm. For this reason, it was inevitable that her half-brother (Thutmose II) would take part in the rule with her. That slender person of non-royal origin, poor health, and inexperienced in managing the affairs of the country, became her superficial partner as a king, while she became the royal wife and the real legitimate king running the state

Hatshepsut continued the policies of her father and the patriotic first half of the 18th Dynasty. Hatshepsut launched military campaigns focused on protecting the kingdoms of Kerma south of Kemt from the Hyksos gangs stranded in Libya with the Berbers and their slaves and mercenaries of West Africa who, after several centuries of looting, brought down Kerma kingdoms and established the Kush colony that invaded and occupied Kemt in the 25th dynasty.

Her campaigns also protected the peoples of Ebla and Ugarit from the branching bandits of the expelled Hyksos. Hatshepsut was following the usual friendly policy with the peoples of the region, Ebla, Ugarit and Karma, and supported them to fight the attacks of branched gangs of the expelled Hyksos, the Hebrews and Mitanni in the east, and those who became Kushites in the south.

Thutmose III and “Menhabi” in the Amarna letters, the sixth king of the 18th dynasty, actually ruled 32 years in the period 1458-1425 BC, after the 22 years rule of Queen Hatshepsut 1479-1458 BC. As soon as he received the throne after the death of Hatshepsut, he completely reversed these policies, fought the neighboring peoples, and supported their enemies, the Hyksos gangs, and carried out sixteen campaigns on Ebla and Ugarit. Moreover, the neighboring peoples became in the hands of the Hyksos gangs, an ally of Thutmose III. While history books falsify state and claim that he campaigned against the Mitanni and the Kushites, and this is a blatant lie and completely opposite to the truth.

Thutmose III brought sons of the leaders of the Hyksos gangs to Thebes, the capital of Kmt, to learn about Kmt conditions and customs so that they could help him as advisors in the rule of Kmt. He claimed that he would make allies, and if they return to their country and assume power, they would be among his loyal followers and would not think of war against Kmt. This is also a false and misleading claim to cover up the betrayal of Thutmose III and his alliance with the Hyksos against the peoples of Kmt and the region.

A person named Yuya married Toya, and her mother was a bridesmaid in the palace, the supervisor of clothes, and the singer. Yuya and Thuya had a daughter, Tiye, who became the wife of Amenhotep III and mother of Akhenaten. Tiye’s father, Tia, whose name is Yuya, is of foreign origin due to the features of his mummy and the presence of many different ways of writing his name, which means that it was originally a non-Egyptian name. It is most likely that Tia and her family are Kushites, a creation of the Hyksos.

Amenhotep III, Akhenaten’s father, married Glyuchiba, daughter of Shutarna II, King of Mitanni, and issued a special number of memorial scarabs on his marriage to Glyuchiba in the tenth year of his reign. 317 young women accompanied the princess from Ghawani of the Mitanni royal palace. Glyuchiba became known as “the king’s secondary wife” in the sense that she was a concubine while Tiye was the official wife of Amenhotep III and never held the title of queen because she was a foreigner. On the scarab, Amenhotep mentioned the name of his chief wife, Queen Tiye, and the names of her parents, Yuya and Thuya. Glyochiba’s niece, Dodochiba, became a new wife to Amenhotep III after Glyochiba’s death, but Amenhotep III died shortly after her arrival.

The second half of Dynasty 18 was an ally and partner of the bands that branched off from the expelled Hyksos. Moreover, they worked together against the people of Kemet and all the peoples of the region in Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, the Arabs, Punt, Kerma and Libya. Nobody in Egypt knows or admits that Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, Thutmose IV, Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten were agents and should be accused of high treason. Rather, it is unfortunate that they are considered patriots and great kings, as the Hyksos want to deceive Kemet and the world. The army commander, Horemheb, is the one who saved Kmt from that treacherous family, the partner of the Hyksos.

The daughter of the King of Mitanni, who are from the Hyksos, the enemies of Kmt, who were expelled by King Ahmose I and his family and the first half of the 18th Dynasty. Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, Thutmose IV, Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV/ Akhenaten were traitors and did not deserve to be Egyptians, but the Hyksos are still in Egypt and the region.

In order for the strategic alliance, which is so necessary for all the peoples of the region to succeed, between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, the Hyksos remnants must be removed from every important authority in all the countries of the coalition. It is not possible to confront the terrorism and sabotage of the Zionists, Persians, Turks, Romans, Kushites and Sabaeans, while the Hyksos still have power and wealth in any facility and sensitive area in any country in the alliance.

The Hyksos of today are diverting Africans, particularly in West Africa and Maghreb, from their own history to use them against the history of Kmt, Kerma, Punt and Arabs.

There is no true history now; and mainstream institutions defy learning history as an investigative subject

The correct method of learning is against academic, religious, media, and political institutions all together. They do not want or allow letting people question them and doubt their actions or legitimacy. The change must start at the top and all learning institutions is easy to follow

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