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Technology Production Outline Summary

Technology Production

Technology Production

Innovation hubs is a project to establish national, community-based, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work in the fields related to technology; human; and economic development.  It shall be professional groups to make use of the potentials of the following sectors in each community, in the world to achieve optimal efficiency in using the national human, natural, and financial resources, namely:

  1. Inventors, experts and artisans;
  2. Financial institutions and businessmen;
  3. Universities, research and training institutions;
  4. Businesses and entrepreneurs in production and services;
  5. Government departments and authorities

Innovation hubs shall conduct and promote innovation, development and dissemination of compatible technologies by practical application of inventions and research findings. Simply, it shall be integrated workshops plus a number of specialized assisting units. It shall bring together pioneers and investors and facilitate the cooperation between them and the society to discover new and better horizons for investment, employment, and production. (more…)

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