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The Third Stage of Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi Zionism actually started in Kemet and includes the Amazigh of Libya and Algeria

After the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi held the Americas in their grip and the ignorance and distraction of Europeans and Arabs, they began to organize the Zionist Movement to take over Europe, West Asia and Africa and assembled in the Basel Conference in 1897.

The Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi Zionists, identified stages for the implementation of the project of establishing the great global colony for the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi and for the occupation of 1. Europe and 2. Between the Mediterranean and the Gulf and 3. The coasts of Africa and 4. Arabia

The first stage of Zionism was the massacres and extermination of the peoples of Europe with world wars, the Bolsheviks and communism, the domestication of the other half, and the establishment of globalization agencies, namely the United Nations organizations, the World Bank, the Monetary Fund, the stock exchanges, and the monetary system

The second phase of Zionism established a settlement for the entity and Palestine, to wage terrorism and wars, replacing the Eastern Turkic regimes in the regions from the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia and the outskirts of Arabia, and reducing the size and role of the Arabs and Najd.

The third phase, which is the current one of the Zionist project, is centered on seizing power and land in Kemet, in preparation for the expansion to the west and the seizure of the coasts of the Amazigh countries, which have always been in the grip of the eastern Turks and the Levant Hebrew with false Arabism and Islam. The Stage of Establishing a new mini-state of Zionism over the lands of Kemet is quite clear.

Establishing a new strip state for Zionism over the lands of Kemet, passing south of Giza and separating the Delta from Upper Egypt. It is a mini-state in a strip extending from Ain Sukhna to El Alamein for the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi Zionist and their agents and workers. It swallows up loans and makes debts. The new Zionist mini-state, a large part of which is already implemented on the lands and people of Kemet, who has to pay off the debts of building this mini-state

The huge capacities highways with the monorail, and the first line of the high-speed train are in fact entry and exit lines, transportation, work, security, and escape for the agents and workers of the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi Zionists in their mini-state established over the lands and people of Kemet.

The new Zionist state is a copy of the Levant Amorite and the Eastern Turks Hyksos colony, but this time it is established by the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazim. Levantines and Fulani Kushis are recruited, absorbed, settled and empowered in the Zionist mini-state in Kemet as immigrants and refugees for their auxiliary role in Zionist projects.

Zionism depends on ignoring the real Arabs led by Najd, ignoring the Berbers led by Algeria, ignoring Asia led by Russia, ignoring the Europeans led by Italy, and ignoring the Americans led by the Republicans.

Ignorance and preoccupation with negative concepts, political illusions, falsification of history, and sterile conflicts will lead the whole world to a great catastrophe that is impossible to imagine and treat.

What is urgently required is the establishment of an international conference and a global organization to defend peoples from Zionism and to confront the decisions and plans of the Basel 1897 Conference of the Western Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi Zionists. The three stages of Zionism must be stopped and dealt with, and peoples and patriotic governance must be protected.

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