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The Frequency, Width and Intensity of Resisting Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim is Growing Fast

Amorite Hebrew Phoenician Hyksos pirates invaded Italy and created Rome colony in 753 BC

Vikings are products of Turkic Khazars, who are the Ashkenazim, and the Vikings were their tool to colonize and loot N America in 1000 BC

The Ashkenazim were the leading force behind Vikings colonization of Western Europe and the Americas

Turkic Khazars invading Germany. Turkic Khazars first forced in 450 AD the Angels, Saxons and Jutes to flee Germany to Britain.

Then they used Phoenician piracy practices and created the Vikings and followed the Angels, Saxons and Jutes and ruled Britain

It is a total lie to describe Kanye West as mentally deranged or right wing fascist just because he realized that the Turkic Khazars destroyed Europe and the Americas.

The Turkic Khazars cannot hide behind any ethnic, political, academic, legal or religious allegations and masks.

There is no Anti-Semitism with Putin, Anti-EU, Trump, Kanye West (YE), Mussolini, Nazis or Hitler since Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim are not Semites at all, and this is supported by many evidences.

The world cannot forget the Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim’s atrocities made since the so-called “Indo-European” “migrations” and are still rising just because they claim they are a religious or ethnic group or Europeans

Let us work together worldwide to establish a diverse sustainable business organization we call it “Kmt Geographic Media” to recover human history and to save the social and economic future of humanity

Great talents, experiences and resources are wasted because of the absence of organized enlightened work. All fake and corrupt theories, religions, perceptions, DNA and genetics must be corrected.

The Hyksos were Levant Amorite Bedouins with some Turkic Mongolians on horses. Kemet expelled the Hyksos and ended their 150 years of colonization of north Kemet in 1523 BC.

The Hyksos branched to 1. Hebrews, 2. Mitanni, 3. Kassites and 4. Mukarribs. They renamed themselves in 600 BC to Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans. The colonized Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer (Gir) and Arabia

“Kmt Geographic Media” is the organization the world needs most now.


Copt is not equal to Kmt, while Egypt and Copt are of Greek origin, and Misr is Hyksosian

The Greeks made the word Copt to avoid using the new Babylonian term of Misr when they imposed the word Misr on Kmt in 343 BC, after they had invented the word Misr in 580 BC within the Talmud.

Originally, Copts pointed to only the citizens of Greek origin, and not the entire population of Kmt.

Moreover, the origin of the term Copt is from what the Greeks meant the land of Ptah as Ekptous, which the Romans pronounced Ekpet that became Egypt is also from the Greek Copt

The people of Kmt mean all the original indigenous inhabitants north of the island of Philae in the old 22 provinces/ nomes, namely Upper Egypt, plus the 20 provinces that King Menes added to them by the organization of for the newly formed lands in the northern swamps/ the Delta in 3150 BC after he expelled Amorite infiltrators.

In addition to the 42 nomes, Kmt encompassed the population and lands of the oases and the western and eastern deserts, including Sinai

It is not true that the name of the ancient people and land of Kmt is Copts, which is a Greek term. The term Misr is a modern Babylonian Hyksosian term and is not related to the land and the people of civilization and history

Therefore, even the term of the ancient Egyptians is not accurate and misleading, and it is more correct to replace it with the term Kmtian and Kmt civilization

Kmt Geographic Media is Coming

Soon an international credible research institution will be established. The archeological evidences of the real Israelites, Israel and Jerusalem in Punt Lands will be discovered.

All the allegations of the Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos made and propagated since the Babylonian Talmud made in 580 BC will collapse.

The world must know for sure that the Hebrew Jews are Amorites Syrian like the Umayyads; the Zionist Khazars Jews are Turkic Mongolians of East Asia like the Abbasids; and Both are Hyksos

Correcting Kmt History and Understanding of Terrorism and Organized Crime are Paramount

To achieve sound state management and follow correct policies in all aspects of any country, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, history must be corrected and a sound understanding of the formation, motives and mentality of terrorism and the methods of soft and violent organized crime.

The prevalent perception and writings about Thutmose III and Amenhotep III and those who followed them from the second half of the 18th Dynasty are not true at all. Because the second half, with the exception of Horemheb, reversed the national policies of the first half of the 18th Dynasty, which continued until the reign of Queen Hatshepsut.

The second half of the 18th Dynasty allowed corruption, promiscuity, moral decay, and foreign workers and agents in the entourage of the palace and government. They were supporters of the expelled Hyksos gangs, Hebrews, Kassites, Mitannis and Mukarribs in their attacks on Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs.

What is widespread is falsification of history of Kmt and the embellishment of the deeds and reputation of Thutmose III, Amenhotep III and those who followed them in the second half of the 18th Dynasty, from whom Kmt was liberated by the commander General King Horemheb. These were done and are policies of the groups branched from expelled Hyksos, their partners and beneficiaries, the enemies of Kmt and all the nations of the region.

In fact, the family of King Ahmose I, King Amenhotep I, King Thutmose I, Queen Hatshepsut and King Horemheb are the only true patriotic heroes of the 18th dynasty.

It is very clear that the Muslim Brotherhood are partners with Turks, Persians and Zionists, and therefore it is also clear that they are one of the forms of the Hyksos. The Hyksos are about ninety percent of Amorites from the Levant, and with them ten percent are Turkic Mongolians. The groups branched out from Hyksos after King Ahmose I expelled them in 1523 BC are Hebrews, Mitannis, Kassites, and Mukarribs.

After 900 years and their victory in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC over the alliance of Kmt and Assyria, their names and the names of their colonies became Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans.  Turkic Mongolians from East Asia are the common component between Persians, Turks, Romans, Huns and the so-called Indo-Europeans

It can be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood and sectarian organizations and terrorism are concentrated in the northeastern side of Egypt, and this confirms that these groups are ninety percent of Amorites from the Levant or of Amorite origins.

The region and the entire world is in dire need of a new institution that breaks with methods of copying and imitation and reliance on old lies and defunct concepts that have been planted by the formations of expelled Hyksos in the public and global consciousness since the invention of the Tanakh in 580 BC. These are to justify the occupation of southern Ugarit and the establishment of an entity that challenges in all directions and drains the human and material resources of the peoples of the region and the world

For these reasons, here is a call to the leaders of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt to adopt a project of establishing a strong international geographic media organization based on new and scientific foundations that avoid copying, imitation and allegations. Correcting history and the understanding of terrorism and organized crime are paramount necessities to achieve security, stability, development and moderation

The Necessity of Establishing Kmt Geographic Media Institution

Archaeologists, academics, priests and politicians who do not know nor say that the Jews were made from the Hyksos

And that after King Ahmose I and his family expelled them in 1523 B.C., they were called Hebrews in the Levant and Jordan

And the same expelled Hyksos, made the colonies of the Arameans, the Mitanni and the Kishites in Ugarit and Sumer.

And that the Jews have no relationship with the children of Israel. Rather, the Jews distorted the heritage of the Israelites, which was transmitted to them by some of Judah in Babylon

And that Hebrew appeared 1400 years after Abraham and 800 years after Moses, and it was not the language of the Torah of Moses or the Israelites

And that those who were conquered and colonized Kmt were the ancestors of the Jews, i.e. the Hyksos in 1670 BC, 900 years before the invention of the Jews, that was in 580 BC

And that the Israelites did not see Kmt or live in it at all, and that the Exodus was not from Kmt, nor was the crossing to the Red Sea

And that the camel was not used or known in Iraq, the Levant and Egypt at the time of Abraham, which is about 2000 BC and until a thousand years after it

And the Hyksos are Akkadian Turkic Mongolians with the Amorite Bedouins of Levant, and Jordan

Turkic Mongolians raided the world in three axes: the Sarsawati (Sindh), Sumer and Eastern Europe

And Turkic Mongolians made Akkadians, Hyksos, Persians, Romans, Jews, Sabeans, and Bedouins

And the Bedouins are not Arabs, just as the Jews are not Israelites, and as the Persians are not Iranians, nor the Akkadians are not Sumerians.

Those who don’t know or say so are ignorantly or deliberately serving the Zionist project; and sabotage the security, stability and history of the region, the World, the messages and the Religion.

ضرورة قيام مؤسسة إعلام كمت الجغرافي

الاثريين والاكاديمين والكهنة والساسة الذين لا يعرفوا ولا يقولوا ان اليهود هم إعادة تسمية للهكسوس

وانه بعد ان طردهم الملك احمس الاول واسرته عام 1523 ق م اطلق عليهم في الشام والاردن العبرانيين

وان من مطاريد الهكسوس العبرانيين ظهرت عصابات ومستعمرات الاراميين والميتاني والكيشيين في اوغاريت وسومر

وان اليهود ليس لهم أي اي علاقة ببني إسرائيل. بل اليهود حرفوا تراث بني اسرائيل الذي نقله لهم بعض من يهودا في بابل

وان العبرية ظهرت بعد ابراهيم ب 1400 سنة وبعد موسي ب 800 سنة ولم تكن لغة توراة موسي ولا بني اسرائيل

وان من غزي واحتل كمت هم جدود اليهود اي الهكسوس عام 1670 ق م قبل اختراع اليهود ب 900 سنة اي في 580 ق م

وان بني إسرائيل لم يروا كمت أو يعيشوا فيها ابدا وان الخروج لم يكن من كمت ولا العبور كان للبحر الاحمر

وان الجمل لم يكن مستخدم او معروف في العراق والشام ومصر في زمن ابراهيم وهو حوالي 2000 ق م وحتي الف عام بعده

وان الهكسوس هم اكاديين تركمنغول مع بدو الشام والاردن اعراب عموريين

وان تركمنغول اغاروا علي العالم في ثلاث محاور هم حوض سرسواتي (السند) وسومر وشرق اوروبا

وان غارات تركمنغول انتجت الاكاديين والهكسوس والفرس والرومان واليهود والسبئيين والاعراب

وان الاعراب ليسوا عرب كما اليهود ليسوا بني اسرائيل وكما الفرس ليسوا ايرانيين ولا الاكاديين ليسوا سومريين

هؤلاء يخدموا المشروع الصهيوني اما بقصد او بجهل ويخربوا امن واستقرار وتاريخ المنطقة والرسالات والدين

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