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Syria is a Turkic name Made by Amorite-Turkic Hyksos for their colony in the Levant in the country of Ebla

I believe in the opinion that the origin of the name Syria came from East Asia, and it is a pronunciation of Surya, meaning sun, and is related to the Kurdish Mitanni. The name Syria appeared after a period from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Kemet in 1523 BC

The Turkic Mitanni of the expelled Hyksos called Syria to distinguish their colony from the Amorite Hebrews who occupied the southeastern coasts of the Mediterranean and established a colony there in 600 BC calling it Canaan although true Canaan is in Punt Lands.

The Turkic shared with the Amorites in occupying the middle of the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea as a common area, and they established a colony calling it Phoenicia.

In addition, Syria is a name of a colony and not an authentic, national or ancient name for the region that belonged to the people of the Ebla civilization.

The ending of names with “ia” is common in East Asian names, as in Syria, Phoenicia, Turkey, and others

Some scholars put few suggestions for the origin of the name “Syria”

1- The name Syria comes from the word Suri, which is a “Babylonian-Assyrian” province that was located north of the Euphrates and northwest of the Euphrates. It also came to call the northeastern part of Syria, hence the whole country was later called Syria.

2- It was named after the city of “Tyre” located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Greeks knew it by this name as a result of the thriving commercial relations between the two parties. Moreover, the word sur in Phoenician means rock or wall, and this name is seen engraved on the old coins that were found in this city.

3- Surya the sun in the language of the Heto-European or Aryan peoples, and the Aryan kingdom of Mitanni existed in northern Syria

4- Herodotus says it is derived from the word Assyria, which became Syria.

5- It is another from of the name of the Persian king, Cyrus, Syrus.

6- The kings of Kemet named all the region east of the Mediterranean that were subject to them: Kharu, then they were replaced by Sharu and Saru, then Syria.

7- As for the Syriacs, they took the name from the land and did not give it to it. They themselves are in force relative to the land they are in after the advent of Christianity.


The Untold History of the Israelites and Moses

Who was the ruler who persecuted the Israelites? Moreover, why he forced them to flee under the leadership of Moses in the Exodus?

First, we have to remove any claimed assumed wrong links between the Israelites and Kemet. The fact is the Israelites are one of the people of Punt Lands. They are light brown skin with slim short build, and they never went to or related to anywhere out of Punt Lands, except their grandfather Abraham’s visits to Hagar and Ismael who he left in Makkah. He visited Makkah going via Bab al Mandab or across the Red Sea

All the history of the Israelites, heritage and real stories occurred in Punt Lands only. So, what really happened to them forcing their Exodus?

The Israelites followed the teachings of the blessed Enoch and Abraham. They left Ogden their original first homeland for natural reasons and they moved northwards to the high lands of Punt. Joseph, an Israelite, was a pious senior official in Harar Kingdom, which allowed them to live in the northern lands since 1900 BC.

The Israelites remained faithful and united community and stayed mostly in Gondar Region around Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile (Abbey River). The Israelites lived with the people peacefully and happily

All the people of Punt Lands, from Northeast of Sudan to the middle of Somalia, were living together peacefully and happily and they were building wealthy cultures with abundance of various natural resources all through history until 1500 BC.

Kemet expelled the marching Amorite-Levant and horse riding Turkic-Mongolian Hyksos gangs in 1523 BC. The Hyksos gangs fled east and in Levant, they branched into four gangs. 1. Hebrews attacked Ugarit, the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean 2. Mitanni attacked fertile Ebla between Ugarit and Sumer 3. Kassites attacked Gir (Sumer) and 4. Mukarribs attacked Arabs in western and southern Arabia, Magan and Meluhha.

The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs were aware of the riches of Punt Lands, and thus, they quickly crossed Bab Al Mandab into Punt Lands. Since the Mukarribs were relatively few in numbers but more powerful and using horses for raids, the Mukarribs used their dirty usual method of employing outlaws and coercing local chiefs to submission by enticement, terrorism, and sexual perversions.

The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs gained power in Gondar Region, and the piety and dignity of the Israelites become thorns, obstacles and threats for Hyksos various criminal activities. The Hyksos Mukarribs gangs with installed corrupted local chiefs decided to persecute and break the Israelites. From this point, started the story of Moses, but it was in today’s Ethiopia and little in eastern Sudan, but not in Kemet.

Therefore, the well-known pharaoh of Moses was just a corrupt malicious local chief supported and influenced by Hyksos Mukarribs warlords. These events happened during the rule of the traitor Thutmose 3rd who reversed all the policies of Kemet in fighting the Hyksos.

He allied with the Hyksos and betrayed Kemet and the nations of the region – Ugarit, Ebla, Gir (Sumer), the Arabs, Punt, Kerma, Lebu, the Aegean, and the Anatolians. His mother was not from Kemet, and he started the decline and collapse of Kemet, for 2350 years, that began in 343 BC with the Persian colonization, which turned Kemet to Egypt, and put it in the center of the Talmudic fabrications of Jews and Judaism opposite to the Israelites and the teachings of Moses, Enoch and Abraham.

The link between African Americans and the Amorite Hyksos Hebrews

Kemet expelled the Hyksos from its north in 1523 BC that cut off Hyksos loots routes to Levant. The Hyksos used West Africans to take sea route, which created Troy saga. They went on land to attack south Kemet.

The Hyksos with Berber became Yellow/ pale Fulani and their West African vassals, slaves and mercenaries are black Fulani. There is also a bronze skin mixed Fulani who later claimed to be Arabs and Moslem priests.

Hyksos invaded Kerma and its neighbors in 1500 BC. In 1450 BC Thutmose 3rd, who had West African maternal blood, betrayed Kemet and allied with the Hyksos. He assisted them to colonize southern Kerma with a center in desecrated sacred Jabel Berkal, he trained and took some of them to become the wicked priests of Thebes to cancel Kemet religious heritage and priests.

In 1000 BC north, Kerma collapsed and entered bloody chaotic period.

Kemet’s 24th Dynasty expelled the colonizers of 21, 22 and 23 Hyksos dynasties. The priests of Thebes urged the mix Fulani colonizers of Kerma to unity and make Kush and invade Kemet.

The Fulani Hyksos created Kush regime and called it kingdom in 780 BC. They invaded and colonized Kemet. Immediately, Kushites went to Levant to support the expelled Hebrews from the army of Sumerian Ashur dynasty war to liberate Ugarit, Ebla and Kemet.

The Hebrews who are only Amorite Bedouins of Syria and Jordon, and in 600 BC called themselves Hebrew Jews, praised the assistance of Kush in their invented book written 850 years after Moses and Torah. The pale + black + mixed Fulani Kush were Amorite-Turkic Hyksos together with Berber plus few West Africans.

The Kushites of the Nile are completely different from the ancient Puntite clan of Cushites. Many African Americans consider themselves the Nile Kushites and this link them to the Hebrew colonization of Kemet.

These Kushites go further and claim that the civilization of Kemet is of Hebrew origin and the West African Americans are the descendants of the Hebrews and there are black Hebrews.

The photo shows West African captives who re-invaded Kemet with Hyksos. Kemet did not know slavery at all. The captives are were black Fulani and later became African Americans who allege to be black Hebrews

Jews are either 1. Amorite Hebrew Levant or 2. Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi only. The African American (AA) claim is a deliberate paid attempt to claim that the Israelites, who are indeed brown Africans from Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, are also Jews.

The AA are serving the Jews to discredit the genuine Israelites and create further confusion. AA are west Africans and mainly Fulani. They are serving the purpose of inventing a third Jewish group out of the Israelites.

The Hebrews are certainly part of the expelled Amorite Hyksos who are Syrian Bedouins. The Israelites are not Hebrews at all, although the Hyksos around 600 BC used the language of the Israelites to concoct the Hebrew so-called language rooted in the Ge’ez of the Israelites

The Fulani is not a tribe or a nation. They are a mix collected by Amorite-Turkic Hyksos since 1500 BC and used them in different ways. AA and Fulani are serving Jews to claim that Kemet civilization is their own, and the dark people of Kerma the ally of Kemet are West Africans

Oh God, save us from the corrupt and ignorant priests, academics and rulers

The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos and their factions changed the writing of the Abrahamic sacred books from the Ge’ez and Musnad.

The Torah of Moses, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Holy Qur’an were originally revealed and used to be written in the letters of Ge’ez   and its twin brother, the Musnad .

The Levantine and Turkic Hyksos replaced them with  

In addition, the Levantine and Turkic Hyksos used their made writing to fight the Arabs and the people of Punt Land

As well as to fight the peoples of Kemet, Ugarit, Ebla and Sumer

Their conquest expanded, spread their writing, and used them to conquer the peoples of Europe, the Americas, and Africa

The plan to obliterate the Arabic alphabet system, which is only the Musnad that lived 2500 years ago and was suddenly obliterated, targets the Holy Qur’an, the Muhammadan message and the Arabs.

The intruder Jazem alphabet lasted 1400 years and must be stopped immediately

It is completely rejected that the Holy Qur’an be written in non-Arabic letters, such as Roman, Hindi, etc. And the current alphabet of the Hyksos Levant, Turks and Persians

It is impossible to explain and justify the reason for abandoning the original and well developed Arabic Musnad alphabet that has lived since the time of Abraham. and using instead a foreign, hostile, primitive, recent Hyksos alphabet that has been changing for centuries.

The demise of the Musnad alphabet coincided with the rise of the Jazem alphabet, is a clear and sure evidence of the war against the Holy Qur’an and the Arabs

The use of the current alphabet, which is allegedly Arabic, must be stopped and the use of the Musnad alphabet should be restored

The distribution of the influence of Levantine Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians Vikings on writing systems in the world

The Amorite and Turkic Hyksos imposed the writing systems and alphabets almost half the world for their colonial expansion

Discovering Antiquities of Ramses II near Tel Aviv supports Punt Theory of the True History of Israelites

The newly discovered Antiquities of King Ramses II on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea near Tel Aviv is aged around 1250 BC.

This happened after the date of the Israelite Exodus from somewhere, certainly not from the current Egypt, because the Israelites nor Abraham were not in the present Egypt, which was Kmt until the occupation of Persians in 343 BC. The Exodus of the Children of Israel and all their stories and history happened in an unknown location, not the current Egypt, the eastern coast of the Mediterranean or the current Iraq.

The children of Israel have no relationship with the Hebrew who are from the Hyksos, like the Umayyads, nor the newer Turkic Ashkenazi Zionist Jews, who were made by the Abbasids. However, the Exodus was from an unknown place due to forgeries since 600 BC. The Exodus is certainly was in 1446 BC coincided with the sabotage of Tuthmosis III to Kmt and the region. Nevertheless, the exit occurred elsewhere and was followed by the establishment of the true kingdom of Israel and the establishment of true Jerusalem, which was in 1406 BC.

Certainly, King Ramses II in the year 1250 BC did not find neither Palestine, Jews, the Kingdom of Israel, Jerusalem, nor any Israelite. Also, the Kingdom of Israel, and its capital, Jerusalem, was never in the current place in the Palestinian Zionist entity, but a forged version of the Kingdom of Israel and its capital was invented in the year 600 BC by the Turkic Babylonians and the Levant Amorite to be a colony for the Hebrews of the Levant Hyksos.

The real place for the Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem are in a different area from the Palestinian Zionist entity. I discovered and confident that they were in Punt, including the current Ethiopia. This modern discovery supports the strength of my theory and its name “The Punt theory for the true history of Israel”

The modern discovery of antiquities confirms that the Palestinians are new foreign settlers, who were brought by the Hebrew Hyksos with their Phoenician gangs from the Mediterranean. In addition, the imported Palestinians came after the era of King Ramses II, specifically in the year 1200 BC. Palestine is the ones who first were called the Sea People instead of the sea mercenaries. Therefore, the Palestinians have no history, connection, or right to the land that was and will remain the country of Ugarit.

Ramses II (born about 1303 BC – died in July or August 1213 BC) was also referred to as Ramses the Great, was the third king of the nineteenth rulers (referee 1279 – 1213 BC).

Of course, the discovery of Antiquities of King Ramses II near Tel Aviv is another evidence of the falsehood of Zionist and Palestinian accounts, because this proves that there was no Palestine, Jerusalem, Jews, and Israelites at that time at the location of those discovered Antiquities, as stated in the theory of the Punt of the History of the Israelites

Amorite Syrian Hebrews began to bring the Palestinians from different places of the Mediterranean in the 1200 BC. Therefore, their allegations are that the Palestinians and the Hebrew Jews have a history, origin and right to the land whose name was Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, clearly baseless. They are only lies, deception, and ancient misinformation, supported for 2600 years until today

There is no Palestinian issue, and there is no issue of Jerusalem, but the issues are Ugarit and Aelia Capitolina, Al -Aqsa Mosque and Jesus sanctities. And Palestine are neither Arab nor from anywhere in the region. Moreover, the Hebrew Jews are the creation of 600 BC from Syrians Levant Bedouins, who are the Hyksos. The Syrians are Amorite and never Arabs. And the Israelites existed in 1800 BC and this is 1200 years before any Jew

The campaign of King Ramses II on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea was patriotic, humane and moral. Because his goal was to correct the devastating conditions that Tuthmosis III made by betrayal with his help, support and participation with the Levant Hyksos in the occupation of Ugarit in 1450 BC and the establishment of the Hebrew Levant Hyksos colony of Phoenicia, which is the beginning of the time of terrorism, corruption, sabotage and continuing Levantine forgery to this day.

Tuthmosis III immediately after the death of Queen Hatshepsut led the gangs of the Syrian Hyksos to invade Ugarit on the east of the Mediterranean and the establishment of a Hebrew Hyksos colony. Tuthmosis III reversed the policies of Queen Hatshepsut and all the patriotic policies for the first half of the 18th Dynasty.

If I get the opportunity to direct an archaeological research team, I can confidently confirm the discovery of the tombs of the children of Israel and the Antiquities of their kingdom, the real Jerusalem and the port of King Solomon in just one year. The research will not need too much money.

My discoveries shake and destroy the entity based on lying, prevailing history, their aides, political institutions, traitorous universities, religious organizations, and corrupt concepts, and defeat Hebrew, Levant, and Zionist project without one shot.

May God curse false universities, historians, officials, media and religions

Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos Destroy and Political Leaders Dance on top of Volcano

The Moors are a mixture of Amorites from the Levant + Turkic Mongolians (together the Hyksos and Akkadians) + Berber Meshwesh (together the Pale Fulani) + Black slaves and outlaws from West Africa (the Black Fulani). The red background of their flags, as in the flags of Morocco and communism, represents their bloody invasions

There is no point in fighting pawn armies and being preoccupied with agents of diseases and attacks, while not understanding and confronting the leadership of the Hebrew Levantines and the Zionist Turkic.

All the problems of all nations and states come from the alliance of the Hebrew Levantines with the Zionist Turkic, which produced countless diseases, dangers and aggressions

Levant Amorite Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians made Akkadian, Hyksos, Moors, Umayyads, Abbasids, Khazars, Vikings, European kings, Cowboys, Ottomans, Zionists and European Union

The threads that connect the different regimes that are not related to the history of the nations and suddenly appeared out of nowhere, lead to the two evil aggressors, the Hebrew Levantines with the Turkic.

Please stop a little from development, construction and entertainment, for it is really plowing in the sea and dancing on top of a volcano, and strive to understand history, present and planning

What is required for the continued existence of nations, national sovereignty, development success, security, peace and cooperation is the creation of a new research paradigm and international media entity

This is an explicit and clear warning to awaken and guide the political leaders in all the countries of the region and the world, and not to take it seriously, means either betrayal or incompetence.

Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, India, China, Stan and Russia are the names of the Hyksos colonies and not for peoples, countries and civilizations

It is not Switzerland! It is the Land of the Swedes (Swedes-Land). A colony of outlaw Vikings gangs with their Khazar masters

China is really one country. However, the Manchurian Turkic Communist Party CCP does not represent the Chinese people, but rather a foreign occupation regime that rose with brutal force and sheded much blood of the Chinese people for three decades and seized power in 1947 with the strong, direct and continuous support of world Zionism.

The national government in Taiwan is the only legitimate representative of the people of China

The Vikings are Nordic outlaws still led by savage Turkic Khazars masters; and the Vikings are not completely Nordic but amalgamation of Amorite Levant Hebrew plus Ugarit Phoenicians shipbuilders turned by Hebrews to piracy plus Caucasian slaves and labor plus Nordic outlaws turned to pirates in the same way the Ugarit turned to pirates by Hyksos Hebrews

The Nordic outlaws copied the Ugarit Phoenician shipbuilding in 780 AD, which they developed and extensively used in piracy since 1400 BC and caused the Great Collapse of the Late Bronze Age in 1177 BC

The Vikings are not a people or Nordic or European or civilized; very similar to the Romans who were a mixture of outlaws of Amorites, Berber, plus African and European slaves

Brief History of the Countries and Nations around the Levant Region

The region around the Levant is suffering from the coalition of Amorite Levant-Turkic Mongolian since before their invasion colonization of Sumer and making the Akkadians in 2334 BC, which is 4400 years.

Sumer expelled the Amorite-Turkic Akkadians in 2154 BC. They continued looting trade routes and the fringes of Sumer, Kmt, Ebla, Ugarit and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states

In 1670 BC, they infiltrated Kmt peacefully pretending to seek refuge then invaded Kmt making the Hyksos and their rulers called pharaohs. In 1523 BC, Kmt expelled the Hyksos. They branched to Hebrews, Mitanni, Kassites and Mukarribs attacking Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer and the Arabs of Dilmun Magan and Meluhha states.

In 1450 BC, with a coalition and support from Kmt traitor ruler, Thutmose III, the Hebrew Hyksos defeated Ugarit and Ebla and created Hebrew colony of Phoenicia. The Amorite Hebrew Phoenician colony became Hebrew piracy base, which raided the Mediterranean and linked them with Hyksos colony of Carthage. Amorite Hebrews in Phoenicia and Carthage kept raiding the Mediterranean islands and coasts and adding more slaves, mercenaries and outlaws to them. Khazars used the same process it create Vikings in 750 AD

In 1200 BC, they settled their mixed human booty in southern Ugarit and made the colony of Palestine. The Amorite Hebrew pirates kept raiding the Mediterranean and their piracy was known as the Sea People and caused the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC. The devastations added more loots to their colonies.

Amorite Hebrew pirates used Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, infiltrated Italy peacefully, and created Rome corral in 753 BC. They recruited local outlaws and brought slaves and mercenaries to colonize Italy creating the Romans. The Hyksos branched gangs renamed themselves in 600 BC after winning the Battle of Carchemish to Jews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans

Titles of Anter’s Most Important Discoveries in the History and Politics of the Region and the World

The following are brief addresses of the most important and daring discoveries that I reached them in the history and politics of the region and the world. These discoveries are shocking to all the general public in the world and overturn the majority of the old prevailing concepts and opinions that are not based on grounds but rather contradict logic, evidence and truth.

Likewise, these discoveries upset and anger many, especially the corruption of academic, media, political and religious organizations and entities. Consequently, my discoveries are met with hostility, skepticism and attack for fear of conducting research and studies to verify their validity and ensure the soundness of the contents.

1. The Arabs are only the ancient peoples and states in Dilmun in the middle and east of the peninsula, the Magan people in the west and the Meluhha people in the south

2. The Amorites of Levant are not Arabs at all, but they are invaders and colonizers of the Arabs since the expulsion of the Hyksos in 1523 BC, and they are the Hebrews who took the name Jews in 600 BC

3. The Akkadians and Hyksos are a mixture of Amorite infantry gangs, Bedouins of the Levant, with Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses, originally from the Altai Mountains in East Asia

4. Abdel Nasser was not an Egyptian, but an Amorite Hebrew Jew, and an agent of Turkic Khazars Zionist project that tasked him with the empowerment of Amorites in Ottomans’ colonies

5. The sole purpose of Abdel Nasser in constructing the High Dam was to destroy and obliterate the history, monuments, and identity of Kerma and Kmt, and to remove the historical unity between them.

6. The July 23, 1952 Movement and the Free Officers led by Nasser, in fact, are never a revolution. On the contrary, they worked to abort the Egyptian national movement.

7. Nasser and his movement do not represent the Egyptian army and people. Rather, they worked against the rise of Egyptian sovereignty and cut the way for the army and the people to liberate Egypt

8. Abdel Nasser, since before he took power, had direct and indirect lines of communication and coordination with global Zionism through some personalities

9. The Arab nationalists, the Nasserites, the Muslim Brotherhood, the communists and the liberals are groups of the Levantine Amorites, with Zionists of the Turkic Khazars.

10. The Cold War that was between the Soviet Communists who fought the Russian people and America of the CIA, the killer of Kennedy, was an international malicious deceptive drama between allies.

11. The content of all national, regional and global conflicts is the war against national forces and against national sovereignty in all countries of the world.

12. The Cold War was a hoax identical to the hoax of the fake Arab-Zionist and Islamic-Jewish conflict between Zionists, Hebrews and Palestine

13. The Teachings of Muhammad is not called Islam, and the message of Muhammad was assassinated and completely died fifty years after the mission, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

14. The Teachings of Jesus is not called Christianity, and the Message of Jesus was assassinated and died completely after the mission a few decades later, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

15. The Teachings of Moses is not called Judaism, and the Message of Moses was assassinated and died completely few centuries after the mission, and nothing remains of it but Amorite-Turkic project

16. The Romans are mixed gangs of Amorite Hebrew Bedouins of the Levant invaded Europe in 753 BC. The Romans are unrelated to the history of Europe and to any Europeans

17. The Romans, who are Amorite Hebrew Bedouins of the Levant, formed the political, economic, religious, feudal, and pirate authorities in all of southern Europe

18. Immediately after the death of Muhammad, the Levant Amorite Hebrew Jews arranged a project with Persians, Turks and Kurds to abolish the Caliphate and establish the Umayyad Hebrew regime.

19. Immediately after the Umayyad Amorites Hebrew killed the House of Muhammad, the Companions and defeated the Arabs, the Persians, the Turks and the Kurds rushed to the establishment of the Abbasid

20. To create of the Abbasid regime, the Persians, Turks and Kurds brought part of the Turkic Khazar gangs who colonized the North Caucasus and Eastern Europe to replace the Levant Amorite Hebrew Jews

21. With the creation of Abbasid, there are two types of Jews. The first older type is the Levant Amorite Hebrew Hyksos, and the new one is the Ashkenazi Khazar Turkic Jews who turned Zionists in 1850

22. Both types of Jews are unrelated to the Children of Israel and the message of Moses and the Kingdom of Solomon and its capital Jerusalem, and location of both the kingdom and the capital are still unknown

23. Son of Harun al-Rashid of Abbasids, Turks, Persians and Kurds called the city of Aelia Capitolina, the place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the new wrong name of Jerusalem to serve the Jewish project.

24. A side of the Khazar gangs in the North Caucasus and Eastern Europe invaded and occupied Central and Northern Europe and set up the Huns and Vikings gangs

25. The bases of the Turkic Mongolian gangs, the Huns and the Vikings, for the attacks against Western Europe were concentrated from the points they established in France, Holland, Belgium and Portugal

26. The Anglo-Saxon tribes fled Denmark from the Vikings gangs and took refuge in Britain, but the Turkic Vikings followed them and defeated and colonized Britain in 1066 in the Norman Conquest

27. The invading Viking gangs spread the phenomenon of setting up castles and fortresses to be miniature military bases, prisons, and pens for slaves and looting for the Turks.

28. From the year 1000 AD until today, the political, media, academic, religious, governance and economic authorities in Europe remained in the hands of the Turkic Mongols.

29. The Turkic Mongolian Vikings pirate gangs were the first to invade and loot the Americas five hundred years before Columbus who appeared in 1492 AD

30. Europeans did not have any role in the conquest and looting of the Americas, but were under the occupation of the Turkic Vikings and the Amorite Romans throughout their history

31. The terms West, Westerners and White man do not mean Europe and Europeans, but they point to the Turkic Mongols who raided the World westward from East Asia and centered in Western Europe

32. America is not one entity, but two different, contradictory and conflicting entities since its colonization by the Turkic Vikings who brought Europeans to work

33. The European Union is an organization affiliated with the project of the Zionist movement made in 1850 AD by the Turkic Mongols, Khazars, Ashkenaz Vikings, to control Europe

34. Communism, world socialism, globalization and Zionism are projects invented by the Ashkenazi-Khazar Turkic Mongols to spread and control peoples

35. Libya is a country that includes three different regions: Cyrenaica in the east, brothers of Egypt, Tripoli in the west under Berbers and Amorites, and Fezzan in the neglected south.

36. The south of the Nile Valley is three regions that were separate states until Muhammad Ali occupied them. They are 1. Kerma with Punt and 2. Kordofan with Darfur and 3. Berta with Niyal

37. The peoples east of Egypt are only Ugarit on the Mediterranean coast; Sumer, which is Mesopotamia, and Ebla in the middle between Ugarit and Sumer.

38. The expelled Hyksos fled to Syria in 1523 BC, they divided into four gangs: 1. Hebrews and 2. Mitanni and 3. Kassites and 4. Mukarribs

39. The expelled Hyksos branched gangs invaded and occupied the peoples of the region, Hebrews against Ugarit, Mitanni against Ebla, Kassites against Sumer, and Mukarribs against the Arabs.

40. The Hyksos branched gangs changed their names in the year 600 BC after the Battle of Carchemish and became 1. Jews and 2. Kurds and 3. Babylonians and 4. Sabaeans

41. The Kmt expelled only Hyksos warriors, who did not disappear, but rather became active extensively in the eastern and western neighbors of Kmt, while the Amorite civilians were active inside Kmt.

42. The Vikings are the Turkic Khazar who made the kings and rich people of Europe since 1000 AD and the Zionists in 1850 and the European Union.

43. The Vikings enslaved Northern Europe and then all Europeans and shipped them as slaves, bonded labor, and for breeding and entertainment centuries before the slavery campaigns on Africans.

44. Slavery in Europe is much older, more numerous, and cheaper in the Viking Turkic colonies of the Americas than African slavery

45. The Kushis who invaded, overthrown and occupied the Kerma people on the six Nile Cataracts were Fulani and they occupied Kmt with the 25th Dynasty and supported the Amorite Hebrew Jews in Levant

46. ​​Foreign and domestic policies, national and national security strategies, economic and development management plans in the region and the world lack correct knowledge

47. Correct understanding of history and the present and planning for the future must be based on the secrets of the history and formation of power in Europe which are unknown to Europeans and the world.

48. Britain, the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia had been controlled by them since 1000 years ago by Khazars Ashkenazi Turkic Mongolian Normans Viking colonization

49. Southern Europe fell 2770 years ago under the Levantine Amorite Hyksos Hebrew Bedouins Roman colonization, and it is still represented in the Vatican.

50. The Crusades were campaigns of the alliance of the Amorite Roman gangs with the Turkic Mongols and the Vikings against the Byzantine Europeans and their center in the Aegean Sea

51. The Abbasids were Turkic Mongols and were not in conflict with the Roman Hebrew Jews or with their partners, the Turkic Mongolian Khazars Ashkenazi Vikings

52. The Palestinians are not Arabs and they are not from the region, but rather they are a mixture of groups brought by the Levant Amorites Hebrew Jews from the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean

53. Nefertiti was a foreign agent working for the ruler of the Mitanni gang, and the Mitanni sent and inserted her to sabotage governance, religious belief and national identity of Kmt.

54. Thutmose III was not a hero and a leader, but entered into a betrayal in alliance with the gangs of the expelled Hebrew Hyksos who waged attacks against Ugarit and colonized it creating Phoenicia

55. Akhenaten and before him Thutmose III and a number of rulers of the second half of the 18th dynasty were mixed offspring with foreign agents and maids serving in the palace of ruler of Kmt

56. There is no cause called Palestine or Jerusalem. Rather, the issue is the occupation of the people and land of Ugarit, and the fake claim that the name of the city of Al-Aqsa Mosque is Jerusalem

57. There is no Arab-Zionist conflict, nor Jewish-Islamic conflict, nor Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Rather, this is a drama staged between the Amorites of Levant and their partners the Turkic Zionist Khazars.

58. The Nasserites and the Arab nationalists are working hard to create a rift between Egypt and the Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen, Oman and Bahrain

59. It is necessary to establish an organized work in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain and European countries, as well as joint work between them

60. In the year 750 AD, the crimes of Turkic Mongolian gangs exploded from around the Altai Mountains in every direction in the world and they committed the atrocities of the Abbasids, Khazars and Vikings

It is required and necessary in order to confront and solve all the problems of security, economy, politics, media, religion and knowledge is to conduct scientific, impartial, urgent and extensive researches and studies to verify the validity and ensure the integrity of the contents of the aforementioned sixty points in addition to other points not mentioned to condense the subject.

Revealing the Origin, Truth, and Actions of Abdel Nasser and the July 23, 1952 Takeover

The utmost national necessity makes it imperative today to reveal the origin, truth, and actions of Abdel Nasser and the July 23, 1952 takeover

It is never permissible to fail to understand and ignore what Abdel Nasser did with malice and bad faith intentionally first of separating the Nile Valley, destroying the history and antiquities of the people of Kmt and Kerma, tearing the Nubian people apart and creating a buffer zone to weaken and isolate Egypt from its security, military, cultural, economic and social depth with the High Dam project on the pretexts of storing water and power generation despite of the availability of a number of alternatives, the objections of specialists, and his ignoring of the people

It is not possible to deny the contacts, secret dealings, and arrangements with the Amorite Hebrew Jews of Levant, and the partners of the Zionist movement, the CIA, and the Mossad since before they handed over power to him.

Details and evidence are provided in articles including one titled Secret Diplomacy between Israel and Egypt under Nasser: 1952-1970 by Edo Yahel First published on October 1, 2016 is an 11-page research article from SAGE, a leading international center for innovative, high-quality content It publishes more than 1,000 magazines and more than 800 new books each year, covering a wide range of fields

It is never permissible to overlook Nasser’s defamations and insults to the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the Arabs in general, and in harming their security, his support and empowerment of the Amorite Hebrews of the Levant with false Arab nationalist claims inside Egypt at the expense of the original Egyptians, their history and identity which are still practiced today through the Nasserites. Likewise, Abd al-Nasir’s fight against the Yemeni Arab nationalists in favor of the Bedouin Amorite Sabaean gangs cannot be ignored.

It is never permissible to remain silent and ignore Nasser’s actions against the Egyptian national officers, causing them to be killed in Yemen, the betrayal of 1967, and the destruction of the army, economy, culture, knowledge and Egyptian society for the benefit of the Levant Amorites Hebrew Jews, and for the Zionist Khazars operating inside Egypt and in the region around Egypt. And his empowerment of a group of West Africans brought by Muhammad Ali in 1820 to occupied the south of the Nile Valley

Abdel Nasser and his clique in the July 23, 1952 takeover must be brought to justice, and the misleading, false propaganda about the patriotism and achievements of that group must be stopped. The Egyptians, the Arabs, the peoples of the region and the world were deceived into the personality of Abdel Nasser and his group represented by the Free Officers and the July 23, 1952 takeover in Egypt. The Egyptians, the Arabs, the peoples of the region and the world do not know that Abdel Nasser and his group belong to and served the world Zionism and the Amorites Hebrew Levant.

Abdel Nasser and the Free Officers Organization were closely linked to the alliance of the Amorites of Levant, the eastern Jews, with their Western partner, the Ashkenazi Kgazar Turkic, who made the Zionist project in 1850. The project of the Turkic Zionism, the Khazars, the Ashkenazi-made, decided to restore the colonization of Ugarit the Eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and ruled by the Zionists. And put the colonies of the Ottomans in the hands of the Amorites of Syria, the Hebrew Jews

On the other hand, in the Zionist project, it was decided that their Amorite partners, the Levant, the Eastern Hebrew Jews, would control the colonies of the Ottomans, including Egypt. Moreover, of course, the role of Palestine, who are also partners of global Zionism and the Amorite Hebrew-Jewish Levant, was to be represented in the drama of the false Arab-Zionist and Islamic-Jewish conflict. These fake conflicts were to strike national movements and destroy sovereignty

The July 23 takeover of 1952 and the Free Officers led by Abdel Nasser, in fact, are not a revolution at all, but quite the opposite. Abdel Nasser and his group do not represent the Egyptian army or the Egyptian people. On the contrary, they were made to abort the Egyptian national movement, sabotage the rise of the Egyptian army and sovereignty, and cut the way for the nationalists’ liberation of Egypt. Indeed, a Macedonian colony was replaced by a Levant Hebrew Jews colony with a false revolution, and Egypt remained under occupation

The purpose of the Nasser movement was to transfer power from the hands of the Muhammad Ali family to an organization of the Amorites, the Levantine Hebrew Jews. The way to fight the Egyptian patriots was to raise the slogans of Arab nationalism invented by the Amorites Levant Hebrew Jews, the enemies and occupiers of the Arabs since the time of the Hyksos in 1523 BC. As well as the diversity of projects of the Amorite Levant Jews, and the Turkic Zionist, in the forms of socialism, communism, and the Muslim Brotherhood

Not only that, but Abdel Nasser is not of Egyptian origin, but he is from the Bedouins of the Levant, the Amorites Hebrew Jews. Therefore, Abd al-Nasir served the Amorites of Syria, the Hebrew Jews, in the fight against the southern Yemeni Arab patriots in their struggle against the Hyksos Sabaean gangs who control northern Yemen, including the Houthis. By all accounts, Abd al-Nasir is a descendant of the Amorite Hyksos, the Hebrew Jews, and he served the Turkic Khazars, the Ashkenazi Zionists.

Nasser’s waged war against the Arab Yemenis amounted to imprisoning their leaders who were deceived in Abdel Nasser and came together to Cairo to negotiate with him to stop his support for the occupying Sabaeans in northern Yemen, who are the extension of the reactionary Mutawakkilian Imamate whose overthrow was the goal of the Yemeni Arab revolution.

Abdel Nasser’s betrayal of the Egyptian army, its destruction and deliberate sabotage of the economy, security, morals, and identity exceeded all his crimes, and the deep and wide sabotage Egypt is still suffering from its effects to this day.

Egypt and the peoples of the north and south of the Nile Valley, the Arabs and the peoples of the region must discover the truth about Abdel Nasser and his clique and the truth of what happened in the period from 1952 to 1970

Copt is not equal to Kmt, while Egypt and Copt are of Greek origin, and Misr is Hyksosian

The Greeks made the word Copt to avoid using the new Babylonian term of Misr when they imposed the word Misr on Kmt in 343 BC, after they had invented the word Misr in 580 BC within the Talmud.

Originally, Copts pointed to only the citizens of Greek origin, and not the entire population of Kmt.

Moreover, the origin of the term Copt is from what the Greeks meant the land of Ptah as Ekptous, which the Romans pronounced Ekpet that became Egypt is also from the Greek Copt

The people of Kmt mean all the original indigenous inhabitants north of the island of Philae in the old 22 provinces/ nomes, namely Upper Egypt, plus the 20 provinces that King Menes added to them by the organization of for the newly formed lands in the northern swamps/ the Delta in 3150 BC after he expelled Amorite infiltrators.

In addition to the 42 nomes, Kmt encompassed the population and lands of the oases and the western and eastern deserts, including Sinai

It is not true that the name of the ancient people and land of Kmt is Copts, which is a Greek term. The term Misr is a modern Babylonian Hyksosian term and is not related to the land and the people of civilization and history

Therefore, even the term of the ancient Egyptians is not accurate and misleading, and it is more correct to replace it with the term Kmtian and Kmt civilization

Kmt Geographic Media is Coming

Soon an international credible research institution will be established. The archeological evidences of the real Israelites, Israel and Jerusalem in Punt Lands will be discovered.

All the allegations of the Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos made and propagated since the Babylonian Talmud made in 580 BC will collapse.

The world must know for sure that the Hebrew Jews are Amorites Syrian like the Umayyads; the Zionist Khazars Jews are Turkic Mongolians of East Asia like the Abbasids; and Both are Hyksos

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