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Brief summary on how Amorites of Syria and Turkic Mongolians made fake religions. Part 2

In 1450 BC, Thutmose III offered the Hebrew Hyksos assistance and alliance. They together raided Ugarit (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) and made the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan Branches in return for regular payments of cider wood, loots and women.

From Phoenicia, they raided and pirated the entire Mediterranean coasts and made the colonies of Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus, Sicily and others. These raids resulted in 1177 BC in the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse after the downfall of many nations. It created extensive piracy labelled “Sea Peoples”

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel.

Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raiding Eastern Europe targeted the Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy, created Rome colonial village in 753 BC, and kept expanding. Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raided Iran and made the Persians who worked closely with Turkic Mongolians in Babylon.

In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon and Persia who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery, and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit in their Canaan Hebrew colony.

Babylon and Persia made fake copies of Israelite history, traditions, geography and Moses’ Torah. Most of the Israelites were no more in Punt Lands or free people. In Babylon in 580 BC, Turkic Mongolian Persians, Amorites and Judah chiefs worked together to invent Hebrew Amorite Jews, Judaism and Israel.

After 1320 years, in 740 AD the Turkic Mongolians decided to break their old alliance with Amorites and destroy the Amorite Umayyad rule, displace them and replace the Amorites with Turkic in the Levant. They contacted and agreed with another branch of Turkic Mongolians in North Caucasus colony of Khazars. With direction and assistance from the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, Turkic Mongolians invented Zionist Ashkenazi Turkic Jews, Judaism and Israel to replace Hebrew Amorite Jews, Hebrew Amorite Judaism and Israel.

The remnants of Israelites in Punt Lands and in the diaspora were waiting for the Messiah prophesized in the Moses’ Torah to save and free them from wickedness and bondage. Small group of leading Israelites moved from Punt following a star to direct them to the birthplace of Jesus the Messiah.

The good news chocked and terrified the Turkic Romans and Persian together with Amorite Hebrew Jews and the traitorous chiefs of Judah. The four groups did everything wicked to kill the new Devine message, Jesus the Messiah and the believers.

Once again, as they did with the teachings and the book of Moses, inventing Judaism and Hebrew Bible, and labelled a colonial heathen terrorist project a religion. The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance with Romans, Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews concocted a new colonial heathen terrorist project and New Testament, and claimed to be a new religion, holy book and called it Christianity.

The third and final part will explain how the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance of Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews colonizing Arabia killed the Devine message of Mohamed, only after 50 years from receiving the first verses of the Holy Quran, and turned it into a colonial heathen terrorist project, called it Islam and labelled as a new religion.


Brief summary on how Amorites of Syria and Turkic Mongolians made fake religions. Part 1

The Creator and the Universe, aka Existence, is one and omnipotence. Life in the Universe goes in countless successive cycles and each cycle is tens of thousands of years. However, life in each cycle run in several parallel separated worlds knowing or feeling about each other because they have different frequencies, vibrations and energies. Only those chosen by God for a reason can cross from one realm to another.

The Universe have a basic first law setting the general rules of life for all creatures in all cycles and worlds towards the Creator and each other. Life in each region in Earth start with a single creature for each specie sprouting from soil and water of the region. Forms of life in each region have different first fathers from other regions. Each specie on Earth have regional sub-species. Humans any other forms are multiple species and have different first father and beginning but all sprouted from their lands and water.

The Universe basic first law of life for all creatures towards the Creator and each other pre-existed Creation and it is THE RELIGION. It is universal, eternal and one. When nations go stray and do evil God send them teacher/s with verbal or written scriptures. Teachings are not religions but they are local guidance for specific nations in their languages. No set of teachings is for export or import because every nation receive their own teachings in their own language and for their own case just like medical prescriptions.

Since 4000 BC Amorite nomads of the deserts of Levant kept attacking the surrounding nations and civilizations of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arab states of Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha (Iraq, Syria, Mediterranean eastern coast, Arabia). The Amorites lived on raiding trade routes linking nations.

Around Altai Mountains, in East Asia, nomads discovered riding horses for raiding in 3500 BC. These Turkic Mongolian gangs started in 2500 BC raiding westwards in rapid massive scale. Many civilized nations and stated defeated and succumbed. Turkic Mongolian gangs reached the Amorite gangs and allied with them. Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Sumer (2334 – 2154 BC) and were the Akkadians

In 2166 BC, in Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, Abraham was born (died at 175) and his people were dependent on dromedary camels not available except in Punt. In 2006BC, Jacob was born (died 147 in 1859 BC) and the start of his Israelites descendants.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC) known as the Hyksos in Kmt. They branched into Hebrews raiding Ugarit, Mitanni raiding Ebla, Kassites raiding Sumer and Mukarribs raiding the Arabs. They kept controlling trade routes.

In Punt, injustices between Israelites and a heathen ruler near Lake Tana/ Tsana (Blue Nile source) erupted. Moses was born, instructed and then led the Exodus of Israelites. Moses received the Ten Commandments and the genuine Torah on Simien Mountains in 1446 BC.

The news of a new Devine message and rich Israelites reached Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs in southern and western Arabia and other Turkic Mongolian-Amorite ex-Hyksos gangs. In 1200 BC, the Mukarribs Hyksos made D’mt colony in Eritrea today to raid, enslave and loot all Punt peoples including the Israelites.

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel. In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit

Combating Terrorism Requires Wars on Funding, Thought, Practices and Gangs

The fight against terrorism, misinformation, colonialism, and sabotage of sovereignty and national interests in the name of religion requires more than only strong military and national security operations. The heroic efforts of war must be supported by wars on funding, corrupt ideas and practices; and by discovering true history. Ignorance, delusion and herd mentality in societies are the most important weapons of terrorism what constitute the base on which they stand and the support for of criminal groups’ leaderships

The Message and the Holy Book of Muhammad came in the Arabic language, and it is inconceivable that God Almighty would address any nation not in their own language and with a messenger not from among them. This is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran. Any person who prays in any European country is definitely not a follower of the proper messages of Muhammad, Jesus or Moses. Because the true and proper message of Muhammad, Jesus and Moses were sent in the homeland of true Arabs and Israelites and its neighborhood, and does not call for its practice and imposition outside their original homelands; for Arabs is confined to western and southern coasts of the Peninsula, specifically from Mecca to Muscat only.

The common fake version of the Muhammad’s message is not from the Religion. And the single heavenly Religion includes all messages and messengers, those we know and too many others we did not know in all nations, countries and times. The single ancient heavenly Religion, whose name is in the Arabic language only Islam, is not that aggressive pagan Islam that is demonstrated and practiced by the likes of the Asian terrorists scattered in all countries of the world. The corrupt practice appeared at the time of the shed of Bani Saada immediately after the death of the Messenger Muhammad PBUH and before his burial, and was used for invasion, occupation and spread by force during the Abbasids and the Ottomans until today

The proper ancient cosmic Religion obliges every immigrant, visitor, expatriate and settler to follow the special divine message of the country and the nation residing in it. The only divine Religion prohibits the import and export of customs, traditions and divine messages, and encroachment on the sanctities and national laws of any nation and people in the name of spreading or practicing a message for one nation and state in another nation and state. So Islam, Christianity and Judaism are never the Religion or any religions

The single cosmic divine Religion does not call for aggression on nations and states by claiming existence of several divine religions, and that any of those deviated messages is universal and has a right to be imposed on others and to spread. The only heavenly Religion is universal, while all proper heavenly messages, that we know and most of them we do not know, are not religions but they are forgeries and misuses of heavenly messages that have been sent to all nations as various local, changing national ways of guidance.

There must be a global campaign to expose, define and prohibit Islam, Christianity and Judaism of pagan aggressive Asiatic terrorists, to spread and advocate and raise awareness of the true, divine, universal Islam that recognizes, respects, and obliges all nations to follow their own patriotic divine messages

In every country in the world, we find groups that practice terrorism, misinformation, aggression and fraud in the name of the divine Religion; combating national sovereignty, authority and interests; claiming the existence of several divine religions; and working to spread dangerous prejudices and practices in countries and the world in the name of Religion. Those groups are in fact of East and West Asia gangs throughout the world and hostile to peoples, states and divine messages and the divine Religion and the Creator.

Oh God, bless all patriots and peoples; and honor and strengthen them; and guide all of them to natural common rightful instinct and to the one eternal universal divine Religion.

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