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Syria is a Turkic name Made by Amorite-Turkic Hyksos for their colony in the Levant in the country of Ebla

I believe in the opinion that the origin of the name Syria came from East Asia, and it is a pronunciation of Surya, meaning sun, and is related to the Kurdish Mitanni. The name Syria appeared after a period from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Kemet in 1523 BC

The Turkic Mitanni of the expelled Hyksos called Syria to distinguish their colony from the Amorite Hebrews who occupied the southeastern coasts of the Mediterranean and established a colony there in 600 BC calling it Canaan although true Canaan is in Punt Lands.

The Turkic shared with the Amorites in occupying the middle of the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea as a common area, and they established a colony calling it Phoenicia.

In addition, Syria is a name of a colony and not an authentic, national or ancient name for the region that belonged to the people of the Ebla civilization.

The ending of names with “ia” is common in East Asian names, as in Syria, Phoenicia, Turkey, and others

Some scholars put few suggestions for the origin of the name “Syria”

1- The name Syria comes from the word Suri, which is a “Babylonian-Assyrian” province that was located north of the Euphrates and northwest of the Euphrates. It also came to call the northeastern part of Syria, hence the whole country was later called Syria.

2- It was named after the city of “Tyre” located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Greeks knew it by this name as a result of the thriving commercial relations between the two parties. Moreover, the word sur in Phoenician means rock or wall, and this name is seen engraved on the old coins that were found in this city.

3- Surya the sun in the language of the Heto-European or Aryan peoples, and the Aryan kingdom of Mitanni existed in northern Syria

4- Herodotus says it is derived from the word Assyria, which became Syria.

5- It is another from of the name of the Persian king, Cyrus, Syrus.

6- The kings of Kemet named all the region east of the Mediterranean that were subject to them: Kharu, then they were replaced by Sharu and Saru, then Syria.

7- As for the Syriacs, they took the name from the land and did not give it to it. They themselves are in force relative to the land they are in after the advent of Christianity.

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