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Dealing in the world necessarily requires knowing the truth of the Abbasids and the Vikings

Knowledge of the Vikings is not only necessary for understanding Russian military operations in Ukraine but for understanding the struggle of powers in Eastern, Central and Western Europe. Rather, it is necessary to understand the causes and results of the two world wars, the origins of the royal families in Europe, the emergence of Britain and revolutions, as well as the colonization of the Americas.

Less than 1300 years ago, specifically in the year 740 AD, an event equivalent to the beginning of a series of global nuclear explosions shaped the current conditions in politics, economy, security and governance for all the peoples of the world. In that fateful year, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols in the Levant, and the Khazar Turkic Mongols in the North Caucasus agreed to work together to seize all of Europe and the Middle East, which escalated to become a hegemony over the whole world.

With this agreement, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols, established a bloody state for them (750 – 1517 AD) and brutally destroyed their old partners, the Umayyads, the backward Amorites (660 – 750 AD). In the time of the Abbasids, the entire Muhammadan message (610-660 AD) was forged and hijacked and replaced with a religious, political, colonial plan, claiming that it was a religion and that its name was Islam. Abbasid Islam is still dominant and is used today for occupation, expansion and terrorism

In order for the minority Turkic Mongols to overthrow the Umayyad Umayyads, the majority and establish a colony, the Abbasids requested Khazars and agreed to provide them with some of their soldiers, mercenaries and Caucasian slaves. After overthrowing the Umayyads in 750 AD, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols, pushed the Amorites to the west and south in North Africa, Yemen, Abyssinia and Andalusia. The Turkic Mongols monopolized the Levant, Iraq, the eastern Mediterranean, Iran, central and western Asia and the southern Caucasus.

The Amorite colony in the south of Ugarit (Canaan) was under the occupation of a faction of the Amorites, the Hebrew Jews. In order for the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols to be able to evacuate and disperse the Hebrew Jews, they settled and replaced some of the Khazars of the Turkic Mongols in the colony of Canaan, and thus appeared what is known as the Western Ashkenazi Jews and the very start of Zionism

The Turkic Mongols Abbasids promoted the claims of Amorite Hebrew Jews that the city of Aelia, the city of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Jesus holy sites, is the same as the lost city of Jerusalem, which contains the Temple of King Solomon and was the capital of the Kingdom of Israel to justify the occupation of the Amorite Hyksos and the Turkic Mongols, and with them Palestine, to southern Ugarit. The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids supported the claims of the Arabism of the Amorites, Palestine, and the Israeliness of the Jews, and a false conflict between them

Coinciding with the conquest of the Middle East by the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, the conquest of the vast, rich and fertile steppes of Ukraine and Poland by their Turkic Mongolian Khazar partners from North Caucasus. The peoples of Eastern Europe, known as the Antis, were shocked by the brutality of the Khazar gangs, and they gathered to protect each other and established an alliance state called Great Moravia (833-907 AD) to protect the Antis peoples of Eastern Europe, who were later called the Slavs, a reference to slavery. Moravia protected the Scandinavian countries for some time from the Khazars in Ukraine and their associates, the Hungarian-Turkic-Mongol gangs that ravaged the Balkans.

Scandinavia is a peninsula and a region in northern Europe consisting of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, but on a large scale, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands are added. The Nordic or Norman region is the broader region and includes broad Scandinavia as well as Greenland, Jan Mayen Island and Svalbard. The Normans of Nordic were peaceful skilled merchants and sailors with all the Antis peoples of Eastern Europe. With the conquest of the North Caucasus by the Khazars in 750 AD to all of Ukraine and Poland, extensive wars began between the Normans and the Turkic Mongolian Khazars about the Norman trade with the Antes.

The Khazars continued to attack the Balkans and the Norman Scandinavian coasts. The battles resulted in great losses among the Normans. With the collapse of the Norman resistance, the Turkic Khazar gangs moved in and formed Viking pirate gangs and used the Normans’ expertise and resources to create pirate fleets and campaigns. The Great Moravian Collapse (833-907AD) was followed by the peak period of Viking pirate gang activity (793-1066AD).

Only after the collapse of Great Moravia did the Turkic Khazars, who became Ashkenazi Jews, launch extensive land raids on all of Europe with Magyars gangs and on the seas through the formation of Viking piracy, the conquest of the seas using the expertise and resources of Norman Scandinavians. In addition, all the coasts of Western Europe, especially England and France, fell into the hands of the Turkic Khazars Vikings, the Ashkenazi Jews, and the ruling authorities of the Ashkenazi Khazars were formed in Western Europe.

Normans actually did not make Viking gangs. The Turkic Mongolian Khazars included elements of the Normans, and historians believed and misled by saying the Vikings pirates were of Scandinavian Norman origin. The Vikings were more Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazi-Khazar than Scandinavian Norman.

The Amorite Hyksos of the Hebrews occupied Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and made the colony of Phoenicia, which destroyed the Mediterranean and overthrew the countries and civilizations of the Aegean, Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily, and the conquest and settlement of Italy and the establishment of the colony of Rome in 753 BC, from which the Romans and the Vatican appeared

What fell on the Normans by diverting their experiences and resources of a people working in trade and at sea into piracy happened before in 1200 BC. Where the Hebrews Amorites Hyksos of the occupied Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and made the Phoenicia colony for piracy.

Phoenicia destroyed the Mediterranean and overthrew the countries and civilizations of the Aegean, Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily. It made conquest and settlement in Italy and the establishment of the colony of Rome village in 753 BC, from which the Romans, the Vatican. Those were partners with Turkic Persians, Turks as well as Amorites Hebrew Jews


Arabs are not at fault, but the Amorites of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, are not Arabs

Science, archeology, and logic prove that Sumer, Ebla, and Ugarit are not Arabs, nor are the Amorite Bedouins, and Arabs did not invade or settle in Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt, and all of Africa and Andalusia, because the Arabs themselves were under the occupation of Amorite gangs and Turkic Mongols. In addition, peoples and tribes do not migrate like birds, fish and locusts. The consciousness and mind of the peoples of the region and the world must be liberated, and history, identity and the national state must be restored from the delusions of the Amorites and the Turkic Mongols.

All groups in Egypt and Africa who believe that their origins are Arab and that the Arabs invaded, occupied and colonized any country or region in Africa must be made aware that these are false claims by the Amorites, the Bedouins of the deserts of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, who are the majority of the Hyksos and all Hebrew Jews described as Oriental Jews. All groups in Egypt and Africa who believe that their origins are Arab, must make sure that their origin are of the soil and waters of their territories.

Despite the occupation and manipulation of a small number of the Amorites with their identity, affiliation, awareness, history and lineage, they are genuine. These groups and state governments must address these artificial fissures and divisions that allow and fuel terrorism, crime, corruption and collaboration. The civil administrations, mayors and sheikhs should correct the direction of the compass of belonging and loyalty to be towards their homelands.

The attacks of the Amorites, the Bedouins of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and with them Turkic Mongols, Persians, Kurds, Turks, and with them Moors and Fulani, and their forgery can be verified. Turkic Mongols, includes Persians, Turks, Kurds, Romans, Abbasids and Ottomans. Gangs use terrorism, art, decadence, corruption and politics.

Three gang groups are destroying the area, especially Sumer, Kmt and the Arabs. The aggressors are firstly the Amorite gangs of the Bedouins of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and among them they invented the Eastern Jews, and secondly the Turkic Mongols, and from them they invented the Western Jews, the Ashkenazi Khazars, and the third gang is the Moors (Morocco) and Fulani in North and West Africa. It is amazing that the same three gangs are messing with and ruining Europe and the Americas today too

The Amorites, the Bedouins of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and later the eastern Jews, were the largest component of the Akkadians and Hyksos with 90%. The remaining 10% were Turkic Mongolians from East Asia. The Hyksos, after being expelled from Kmt in 1523 BC, divided into four gangs: 1. The Hebrews and they raided Ugarit (all of the eastern Mediterranean coast) and 2. Mitanni and they raided Ebla (currently Syria) and 3. The Kassites and they raided Sumer (now Iraq) and 4. Mukarribs and they raided the Arab countries in Dilmun (Najd and Eastern), Magan (Hejaz) and Meluhha (Yemen and Hadramawt). The four branches of the Hyksos changed their names after the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC and became 1. Jews and 2. Kurds and 3. Babylonians and 4. Sabaeans

The Sabaeans Amorite Hyksos are not Arabs, Yemenis, or Sabaeans. Because Sheba is an ancient kingdom in the Tigray region in the country of Punt, southwest of the Red Sea. However, the Mukarribs colony in Yemen destroyed the real Kingdom of Sheba, stole their name and history, and invented a whole history that was contradictory without evidence. Rather, it was based on naive narrations and inscriptions that they wrote with their own hands to support their claims.

The Syrian Amorites have been allies and partners of the Turkic Mongols since the establishment of their alliance known as the Akkadians and occupied Sumer during (2334 – 2154 BC). After that, the Syrian Amorites allied themselves with the Turkic Mongols to conquer and occupy Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC), and these mixed gangs became known as the Hyksos. The Turkic Khazars are the Bedouins of East Asia who some of them the Abbasids, Turkic Mongols who are the Ashkenazi Khazars Western Jews made in 740 AD.

The Amorites, the Bedouins of Syria, were the ones who became the Eastern Jews in Babylon in 600 BC. From the Amorites, the Umayyad regime rose, and therefore they transferred the capital to Damascus. From the Turkic Mongols, the Abbasid regime was made, and therefore they transferred the capital to Baghdad. If it was possible and useful, they would transfer the capital to Mongolia. In 740 BC, the Turkic Mongols in the Levant, Iraq and Persia began organizing themselves to establish an entity and a project to overthrow the Umayyads, and for this purpose, they brought the Khazars from the North Caucasus

Most of Khazars invaded Eastern Europe, in which they were known as Ashkenazim, and the definition expanded to include the Khazars group whom the Abbasids transferred to rule the Zionist colony in south Ugarit after moving Amorites Hebrew Jews to Iraq, Yemen, Abyssinia, Egypt, North Africa and Andalusia

The Arabs are only Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates, Oman and Yemen. Even the rulers of Kuwait, Qatar and the Houthis are not Arabs. The League of Arab States, which claim to be Arab, and Al-Azhar are two Amorite Hebrew-Jewish colonial organizations working to serve the Amorite Bedouins of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, along with the Turkic Mongols of Persians, Kurds and Turks. Africa, Europe and Asia do not have any groups of Arab origins at all, whether as immigrants or invaders

Al-Azhar is not Egyptian but a very smart fortress of Eastern and Western Jews. This is a warning to the Egyptian state authorities accusing Al-Azhar of being a secret entity that works as a fortress for subversive activities of the Amorite eastern Jews, the Bedouins of Syria and the Turkic western Jews in Egypt and the region. Al-Azhar is accused of promoting and supporting terrorism, contempt for divine messages and nations, and creating and spreading religious and historical misinformation.

Biblical Egypt and Pharaoh are Actually Ethiopia and Its King

Biblical Egypt and Pharaoh are Actually Ethiopia and Its King

Biblical Egypt and Pharaoh are Actually Ethiopia and Its King

Important Update Notice on 24 July 2018: I have updated my Abyssinian Hypothesis  after discovering the that single-hump camel (The dromedary) was unknown in Arabia, Aram, Assyria, and Kemet before 950 BC, while in abundance in the land of Punt.

This led to make the following major changes:
1- The proposed origin of Israelite from being Arabic-speaking Arab Yemenis to Ge’ez-speaking African Puntite;
2- Rename the Abyssinian Hypothesis to the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis;
3- The Turkic Mongolian colonizers and rulers of Neo-Babylonia invited elders from the House of Israel to Babylonia in around 580 BC in what is called the Babylonian Exile to help the create Judaism and colonize Aramaic land in 530 BC;
4- The Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Israelite are products of admixture between Ge’ez Israelite, Turkic Mongolian Persians, and colonized Aramaic. They existed only after 530 C; and
5- The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are those Israelite who  left the land of Punt and decided to collaborate with Turkic Mongolians to invent Judaism and colonize Aramaic lands; and turned into Hebrew Israelite.

Therefore, the Israelite Exodus of 1446 BC was only within Punt, from one region to another. The Jews are not Israelite at all; and the name Judah was just used deceptively to relate the Jews to the Israelite. The Israelite were scattered all over the world and they no longer exist as a nation or a tribe.

For more details on the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis read the following three articles:
1- How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 1
2- The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
3- Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
[End of notice]

The current Egypt is an arid desert with only one river and a few branches and little streams; but Abyssinia is the country of many rivers.

How can “Egypt” and “Pharaoh” be interpreted in Surah Az-Zukhruf [43], verse 51 which says: “Pharaoh called out to his people, saying, O my people, do not I have the kingship of Egypt, and these rivers are running from beneath me, do you not see?

The country of Pharaoh is the country of many rivers, and Ethiopia has 115 rivers and is called the African water tower because it combines the highlands with many rivers; while the current state of Egypt is historically poor in water.

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