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Victory by History Battalion

The discovery of the site and ruins of the real Jerusalem, which contained King Solomon’s Temple, would have grave and devastating effects on the claims and narratives of the Talmud/Hebrew Bible, the Amorite Hebrew Jews of the Levant, and the Khazar-Turkic Mongolian Zionism.

The discovery of the real Jerusalem will also result in the demise of the pagan Umayyad Amorite Islam, the Abbasid Turkic Mongolian pagan Islam, the Amorite Hebrew Roman Christianity, the Zionist entity, Judaism, all religious organizations and beliefs, all the prevailing history of humanity and the claims of Palestine

These discoveries will be the final blow to religious charlatanism, gangs of terrorism, corruption and internal disintegration

The geopolitical map will completely change in the interest of the security of all the peoples of the region

Copt is not equal to Kmt, while Egypt and Copt are of Greek origin, and Misr is Hyksosian

The Greeks made the word Copt to avoid using the new Babylonian term of Misr when they imposed the word Misr on Kmt in 343 BC, after they had invented the word Misr in 580 BC within the Talmud.

Originally, Copts pointed to only the citizens of Greek origin, and not the entire population of Kmt.

Moreover, the origin of the term Copt is from what the Greeks meant the land of Ptah as Ekptous, which the Romans pronounced Ekpet that became Egypt is also from the Greek Copt

The people of Kmt mean all the original indigenous inhabitants north of the island of Philae in the old 22 provinces/ nomes, namely Upper Egypt, plus the 20 provinces that King Menes added to them by the organization of for the newly formed lands in the northern swamps/ the Delta in 3150 BC after he expelled Amorite infiltrators.

In addition to the 42 nomes, Kmt encompassed the population and lands of the oases and the western and eastern deserts, including Sinai

It is not true that the name of the ancient people and land of Kmt is Copts, which is a Greek term. The term Misr is a modern Babylonian Hyksosian term and is not related to the land and the people of civilization and history

Therefore, even the term of the ancient Egyptians is not accurate and misleading, and it is more correct to replace it with the term Kmtian and Kmt civilization

Kmt Geographic Media is Coming

Soon an international credible research institution will be established. The archeological evidences of the real Israelites, Israel and Jerusalem in Punt Lands will be discovered.

All the allegations of the Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos made and propagated since the Babylonian Talmud made in 580 BC will collapse.

The world must know for sure that the Hebrew Jews are Amorites Syrian like the Umayyads; the Zionist Khazars Jews are Turkic Mongolians of East Asia like the Abbasids; and Both are Hyksos

Ibn Khaldun is a lowly creature made with falsehood

Ibn Khaldun is a charlatan and a mercenary writer who covered up the Amorites, the Bedouins of the Levant, his people, the Hebrew and the Zionists Jews, the Amorite-Turkic Mongols Hyksos, and the pseudo-pagan sects of colonialism.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan misled the world about the invention of the Hebrew Jews and the Jews of the Turkic Mongols of the Khazars, both of whom are Hyksos and their complete animosity and their hostility to the Children of Israel, the Arabs, and all the peoples of the region and the world

The charlatan has insulted and humiliated the Religion, which is Islam, and misunderstood it, and offended the Muhammadan message, all the heavenly messages, and the peoples of the region. He called the Arabs Bedouins. He accused the Arabs of the crimes and vices of his people the Amorite Bedouins.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan did not mention the peoples, states and civilizations of Dilmun and Magan Meluhha of the Arabs and ignored the civilizations and states of Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Iran, Punt, Kerma and Lebu in the service to the savages occupiers, their masters

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan served the worst types of invaders and occupiers and gave them legitimacy and false virtues, and he never questioned the claims of the Amorites and Hebrew Jews in the presumption that they were Semites. He did not say that King Solomon’s temple does not exist in Aelia

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan remained silent about the forgery of the Abbasids and the Mamluks in religion and the Muhammadan message and their exploitation of power.

He did not mention, nor did he reveal the true homeland and history of the Children of Israel and their messenger Moses and all the prophets of the Children of Israel, nor did he challenge the naive stories of the Babylonian Talmud

Ibn Khaldun is a lowly creature and to this day, the gangs of the Amorite Hyksos and the Turkic Mongolians applaud him, followed by ignorant, collaborators and naive

The concepts that they spread and the general attitude towards Ibn Khaldun’s personality and his extensive old destructive role must be corrected

To take big decision in crucial period a patriot must be well-informed intellectual

The present of the Americas is based on the basic but overlooked fact that the colonies were made up by Turkic Hyksos who brought poor Europeans and enslaved Africans to serve the colonizers. European American emancipated themselves, while African American are not yet emancipated

No patriot in Europe, Africa and the Americas is aware of the reality. This is why Africa, Europe and the Americas are failing to understand the root problems and certainly failing to solve them.

Even the so-called Democracy and elections do not help. Leaders who do not know real history and is how they are cheated.

Gadaffi and Saddam were Amorite Hyksos in conflict with the Turkic part of the Hyksos; but still they were against the nations they were colonizing Lebu and Sumer. The two are very different from Hitler. The two were more informed than Hitler was. Hitler was a foolish patriot like Alexander the Great unaware of the sources and causes of troubles.

Jews are Amorites and Turkic Mongolians both Hyksos

Jews are Amorites and Turkic Mongolians both Hyksos

A lot of nonsense lies and deceptions were invented and repeated 2600 years. I promise I will destroy it single handed

The Jews are not from the children of Israel

Jews are Amorites and Turkic Mongolians both Hyksos.

The Turkic Mongols in Babylon and the Kurds, then the Abbasids added Khazars to them,

Then they left for Western Europe and the Americas, and they returned with the Zionist project.

The Amorites and Hebrew Jews are not Semites

Semites are only from Punt peoples

Silence on the Rulers of the Amhara is a Folly and an Old Crime

The Amhara are not a nation of 20 million, but rather they are gangs of small mixed families of rulers made by the Abbasid Turkic Mongols in 1250 AD at the time of the invasion of the Mongols for looting, human hunting and occupation. Moreover, the Amhara families colonize 20 million, uprooted from various tribes, destroy Ethiopia, which has 120 million, and destroy the region

I am a Nubian-Egyptian retired civil engineer in Egypt, and I am an independent history researcher for 30 years, with over 2000 short articles and tens of groundbreaking discoveries in history, faith and politics. I invite you to look into my English articles blog at ( or (

My discoveries are indeed very important issues among them: the history of Levant Amorites; King Menes of Kmt; Turkic Mongolians of East Asia; Turkic Akkadians; home of Adam, Noah and Abraham; Amorite-Turkic Hyksos; Hebrews-Mitanni-Kassites-Mukarribs groups; Fulani of North and West Africa; Kushite and Kmt; Dilmun-Magan-Meluhha states of Arabs; Thutmose III and Amorite Hebrews colonization of Ugarit; Phoenicia Amorite Hebrew colony; Akhenaten heresy; Amarna period; Carthage Amorite Hebrew colony; Rome Amorite Hebrew colony; Battle of Carchemish; invention of Jews-Kurds-Babylonians-Sabaeans

I discovered the history and location of the true Israelites, Exodus; Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem; Punt Lands; true Sheba of Tigray; D’mt Amorite colony; destruction of true Jerusalem; enslavement and ease of Israelites; invention of Hebrew and Jews in 600 BC; invention of Talmud; invention of Misr and Canaan;

In addition to discoveries on Amorite Romans-Turkic heresy; Amorite Roman-Turkic Christianity; Amorite-Turkic Islam; the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Mohamed are not Judaism; Christianity and Islam; Amorite Umayyad heresy; Turkic Abbasids and Ottomans heresy; myth of multiple religions; destruction of Axum; invention of Jewish Turkic Khazars; invention of Vikings and monarchs; invention of Amhara; Amorite-Turkic Andalusia colony; Turkic colonies of the Americas; Turkic Khazars Zionism; recolonization of Canaan

For these reasons, I call leaders to adopt a project of establishing a strong international research and awareness organization “Kmt Geographic Media” based on new and scientific foundations that avoid copying, imitation and allegations. Correcting history and the understanding of terrorism and organized crime are paramount necessities to achieve security, stability, development and moderation.

The One Eternal Universal Religion its name is Islam. There are countless number of nations and languages. Each nation has its own set of teachings, God sent to each of them one messenger. All sets of teachings are nameless. All holy books guided to The One Religion and do not name the teachings to avoid considering them religions competing or impersonating the One Religion. Obviously, each messenge is identified by the name of the messenger. Therefore, I personally call them such as Muhammadanity, Jesusianity or Mosesianity; but not the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos allegations of religions of islam, christianity or judaism.

The Arabs are a single nation composed of the ancient indigenous inhabitants of Arabia south of 29-degree North parallel. They are three major groups 1. Dilmun in the center and the east; 2. Magan in the west and 3. Meluhha in the south. Magan and Meluhha Arabs are close relatives and partners with Punt Lands peoples, Kmt and Kerma. Dilmun Arabs are close relatives and partners with Sumer and ancient Iranians

The Umayyads were Amorite from Levant. The Abbasids and Ottomans were Turkic Mongolians from East Asia. Both the Amorite Umayyads and the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids are descendants of the Hyksos not Arabs. They were against the Arabs and the nations of the region; and they were against the teachings of Mohamed, Jesus and Moses and all other heavenly messages of nations

Challenge for fake historians, politicians, academicians and clergies

1. The Israelites are a tribe in Punt Lands

2. The Hebrew Jews are from Levant Syrian Amorites

3. The Zionist/ Ashkenazi Jews are from Turkic Mongolian East Asians

Sephardim are Hebrew Amorites of 600 BC while Ashkenazim are Turkic Khazars of 740 AD

The Akkadians colonized Sumer (2334 – 2154 BC) and the Hyksos who colonized Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC) were an alliance of nomadic gangs composed of 90% Amorites of Levant plus 10% Turkic Mongolians of East Asia.

Kmt expelled the fighters of Hyksos in 1523 BC and the civilians refused to leave northern Kmt, remained trying to bring Kmt to downfall and takeover. Most of the expelled Hyksos fled eastward to the Levant but some fled westward to join a big number of Hyksos who were already looting and enslaving West Africa.

Gangs from the Meshwesh Berber joined the Hyksos and made bases in North Africa to push the Tuareg, the only true Amazigh, southward and takeover the north of their homeland. The alliance between Amorite-Turkic Hyksos with the Meshwesh Berber made the pale Fulani, which the collected heterogeneous victims of black West Africans were the black Fulani.

The expelled Hyksos in Levant branched to four gangs: 1. Hebrew targeting Ugarit (the eastern coast of the Mediterranean); 2. Mitanni targeting Ebla (today Syria); 3. Kassite targeting Sumer (today Iraq); and 4. Mukarribs targeting the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha and then targeted Punt Lands.

Hyksos in North Africa sought alternative routes to connect with West Asia. They tried to go around Kmt by inland southern route. This route caused raiding the regions in the southern Nile Valley in 1500 BC and the downfall of the kingdoms of Kerma Civilization on the six Nile Cataracts the southern neighbor of Kmt.

Sudden and mysterious death of Queen Hatshepsut at the age of 50 occurred in January 1458 BC. Immediately following the death of Queen Hatshepsut, the Hebrew Amorite Hyksos made an alliance with her successor and foe Thutmose III to invade and colonized Ugarit.

Thutmose III joined the creation of the Hebrew Amorite Hyksos colony of Phoenicia. The resources, trade, and navigation expertise of Ugarit helped the Hebrew to create the Phoenician piracy fleet. Hebrew Phoenician piracy raided all the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean and made Carthage their base, which had the early stranded Hyksos.

The Hebrew Amorite Hyksos attacked the Aegean islands and their Anatolian land. The attacks caused the Trojan wars, the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse of 1177 BC and the Sea Peoples/ pirating gangs and the West Bank Palestinians.

From southern Arabia, the Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs raided and colonized costal central Punt Land and made D’mt colony (in today Eritrea). The Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs made D’mt to raid, loot and enslave the rich kingdoms of Sheba (Tigray) and Israel (in Afar Triangle).

Following the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, the Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs of D’mt with elders from Judah tribe invaded Jerusalem and looted the Temple and expelled the rest of the Israelites northward.

In 780 BC in Africa, the mixed gangs of Amorite-Turkic Hyksos with Meshwesh Berber and black Fulani came under one gang leader and formed Kush kingdom to invade Kmt of the 24 Dynasty, which defeated and expelled the Hyksos rulers of the 22 and 23 dynasties. Kush went to support the Hebrews in Phoenicia who the Sumerian Assur attacked to liberate Ugarit and to assist Kmt.

From their bases in Cecelia, Corsica and Sardinian the Carthage Hebrew Amorite gangs moved into Italy in 753 BC, made a Carthage Hebrew Amorite corral, and called it Rome. This was the Carthage Hebrew Amorite beginning of the Roman Empire.

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos kept attacking Sumer and in 610 BC waged a major assault. The Hyksos defeated the allied armies of Kmt and Assur in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC. The defeat ended Sumer and accelerated the fall of Kmt into the Third Dark/ Intermediate Period (1070 – 664 BC) then the Turkic Persian in (525–404 BC), the final collapse by Persians in 343 BC

Following the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC and they reconstructed their colonies to resemble states with narratives and the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos renamed their gangs to Jews; Kurds; Babylonians and Sabaeans.

The Babylonians instructed the Mukarribs of D’mt to loot and destroy Solomon’s Temple, sell the Israelites into slavery to passing ships and to Amorite Mukarribs colonies on the southern and western coasts of Arabia; and make a copy of Sheba in Yemen and call it Sabaean Kingdom.

The Babylonians ordered Mukarribs to bring elders of Judah to help to create Jews, Hebrew, Hebrew Bible and Judaism to turn the south of Ugarit into a Hebrew colony of Canaan and make a copy of the Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem. The Amorite Hyksos were the origin of Hebrew Jews as well as the Romans.

Jesus was born from an Israelite migrant family from Punt. The birth and teachings of Jesus were great threats for the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos and their Judah collaborators. The Amorite Hebrew and Romans together with the Turkic Persians and Kurds succeeded in crucifying Jesus, persecute, and kill believers

610 years later, Mohamed brought another serious threat for all branches of the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos. The teachings of Mohamed were strong call to fight the colonizers of the Arabs and liberate Arabia. The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos knew the threats and used influential Amorites pretending to be Arabs to persecute and kill Mohamed and his believers. Mohamed had no place to go other than to the stronghold of the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos in Yathrib (latter Medina).

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos succeeded in ending the Caliphate period (632–661) brutally. They installed the Amorite pretentious Arabs as the Umayyad Caliphate (661–750). The Umayyad Caliphate created their cult called Amorite Umayyad Islam. The militant Turkic part of Hyksos decided to break their 3000-year alliance with the Amorites and takeover power from the Amorite Umayyad

In 740, Turkic militants sought alliance with other Turkic groups colonizing different parts of the region. The Turkic Khazars agreed to move part of them to colonize Canaan, call themselves Zionist Jews, and replace the Amorite Hebrew Jews. The Turkic groups forced the Amorite Hebrew Jews to move westwards to North Africa and Iberia. The Amorite Hebrew Jews made up the Sephardim in Iberia and Rome.

Turkic groups succeeded in creating the Turkic Abbasid Caliphate (750–1517) and their cult called Turkic Abbasid Islam. The remaining majority of Turkic Khazars raided Europe starting with the steppe of Ukraine and Poland. Their settlements were the Ashkenazim and strongly linked to the Zionism since 750 AD.

The Turkic Khazars raids on Central Europe targeted the trade routes leading to the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. After defeating Norsemen, they used the resources, trade, and navigation expertise of the Norse helped the Turkic Khazars to create the Viking piracy fleet and the Viking Period.

The Viking raided the coasts and the islands of Western Europe and created colonies and the monarchs of today. The Iberian kingdoms expelled the Amorite Hebrew Umayyad in 1492. The Ottomans brought some Iberian Sephardim and Ashkenazim to their capital and settled some in their Balkan and North African colonies. Sephardim and Ashkenazim worked together and colonized the Americas and with the Fulani and Berber Moors enslaved West Africans and shipped them to the Americas

The Formation of Khazars, Ashkenazi and Western Europe Monarchs from Turkic Mongolians

The homeland of Turkic Mongolians is in West Mongolia, East Kazakhstan and North Uyghur. Their gangs began raiding the world in 3000 BC or even earlier.

The groups that were to comprise the Khazar Empire were not an ethnic union, but a congeries of steppe nomads and peoples who came to be subordinated, and subscribed to a core Turkic leadership.

Many Turkic groups, such as the Oğuric peoples, including Šarağurs, Oğurs, Onoğurs, and Bulğars who earlier formed part of the Tiělè confederation, are attested quite early, having been driven West by the Sabirs, who in turn fled the Asian Avars, and began to flow into the Volga-Caspian-Pontic zone from as early as the 4th century CE.

Priscus recorded that they resided in the Western Eurasian steppe lands as early as 463. They appear to stem from Mongolia and South Siberia in the aftermath of the fall of the Hunnic/Xiōngnú nomadic polities.

A variegated tribal federation led by these Turks, probably comprising a complex assortment of Iranian, proto-Mongolic, Uralic, and Palaeo-Siberian clans, vanquished the Rouran Khaganate of the hegemonic central Asian Avars in 552 and swept westwards, taking in their train other steppe nomads and peoples from Sogdiana.

The ruling family of this confederation may have hailed from the Ashina clan of the Western Turkic Khaganate, although Constantine Zuckerman regards Ashina and their pivotal role in the formation of the Khazars with scepticism.

Golden notes that Chinese and Turkic Abbasid reports are almost identical, making the connection a strong one, and conjectures that their leader may have been Yǐpíshèkuì, who lost power or was killed around 651. Moving west, the confederation reached the land of the Akatziroi, who had been important allies of Byzantium in fighting off Attila’s army.

The Turkic Mongolians were allies and the fighting forces of the Amorites in making the Akkadians in 2334 BC in Southern Sumer and the Hyksos in 1670 BC in Northern Kmt.

The Syrian Amorites formed the Umayyad in 660 AD. The Turkic Mongolians competed with the Syrian and Roman Amorites and formed the Abbasids who violently brought down the Umayyad in 750 AD.

The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids sought support from the Khazars to drive away the Syrian Amorite from Ugarit that became Amorite Hebrew colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan since 1450 BC

The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids and Khazars agreed to form new form of Jews and Judaism to replace Hebrew Amorites and Hebrew Judaism. The Turkic Mongolians called the new form of Jews and Judaism made in 740 AD Zionism. The Turkic Zionists displaced the Syrian and Roman Amorite Hebrew Jews to resettle as subjects in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, North Africa and Iberia.

The other part of Khazars still in Northern Caucasus invaded Eastern and Central Europe called themselves Ashkenazi. The Turkic Mongolian Khazars Ashkenazi raided the trade routes leading to the Baltics. They formed with Scandinavian trading sailors’ news piracy fleet and gangs and called them the Vikings.

Turkic Mongolian Khazars with their Vikings piracy raided and subjugated Western Europe, the Celts and formed new colonies and the monarchs that rule Western Europe today.

Brief summary on how Amorites of Syria and Turkic Mongolians made fake religions. Part 2

In 1450 BC, Thutmose III offered the Hebrew Hyksos assistance and alliance. They together raided Ugarit (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) and made the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan Branches in return for regular payments of cider wood, loots and women.

From Phoenicia, they raided and pirated the entire Mediterranean coasts and made the colonies of Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus, Sicily and others. These raids resulted in 1177 BC in the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse after the downfall of many nations. It created extensive piracy labelled “Sea Peoples”

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel.

Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raiding Eastern Europe targeted the Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy, created Rome colonial village in 753 BC, and kept expanding. Other Turkic Mongolian gangs raided Iran and made the Persians who worked closely with Turkic Mongolians in Babylon.

In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon and Persia who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery, and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit in their Canaan Hebrew colony.

Babylon and Persia made fake copies of Israelite history, traditions, geography and Moses’ Torah. Most of the Israelites were no more in Punt Lands or free people. In Babylon in 580 BC, Turkic Mongolian Persians, Amorites and Judah chiefs worked together to invent Hebrew Amorite Jews, Judaism and Israel.

After 1320 years, in 740 AD the Turkic Mongolians decided to break their old alliance with Amorites and destroy the Amorite Umayyad rule, displace them and replace the Amorites with Turkic in the Levant. They contacted and agreed with another branch of Turkic Mongolians in North Caucasus colony of Khazars. With direction and assistance from the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, Turkic Mongolians invented Zionist Ashkenazi Turkic Jews, Judaism and Israel to replace Hebrew Amorite Jews, Hebrew Amorite Judaism and Israel.

The remnants of Israelites in Punt Lands and in the diaspora were waiting for the Messiah prophesized in the Moses’ Torah to save and free them from wickedness and bondage. Small group of leading Israelites moved from Punt following a star to direct them to the birthplace of Jesus the Messiah.

The good news chocked and terrified the Turkic Romans and Persian together with Amorite Hebrew Jews and the traitorous chiefs of Judah. The four groups did everything wicked to kill the new Devine message, Jesus the Messiah and the believers.

Once again, as they did with the teachings and the book of Moses, inventing Judaism and Hebrew Bible, and labelled a colonial heathen terrorist project a religion. The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance with Romans, Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews concocted a new colonial heathen terrorist project and New Testament, and claimed to be a new religion, holy book and called it Christianity.

The third and final part will explain how the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite alliance of Persians and Amorite Hebrew Jews colonizing Arabia killed the Devine message of Mohamed, only after 50 years from receiving the first verses of the Holy Quran, and turned it into a colonial heathen terrorist project, called it Islam and labelled as a new religion.

Brief summary on how Amorites of Syria and Turkic Mongolians made fake religions. Part 1

The Creator and the Universe, aka Existence, is one and omnipotence. Life in the Universe goes in countless successive cycles and each cycle is tens of thousands of years. However, life in each cycle run in several parallel separated worlds knowing or feeling about each other because they have different frequencies, vibrations and energies. Only those chosen by God for a reason can cross from one realm to another.

The Universe have a basic first law setting the general rules of life for all creatures in all cycles and worlds towards the Creator and each other. Life in each region in Earth start with a single creature for each specie sprouting from soil and water of the region. Forms of life in each region have different first fathers from other regions. Each specie on Earth have regional sub-species. Humans any other forms are multiple species and have different first father and beginning but all sprouted from their lands and water.

The Universe basic first law of life for all creatures towards the Creator and each other pre-existed Creation and it is THE RELIGION. It is universal, eternal and one. When nations go stray and do evil God send them teacher/s with verbal or written scriptures. Teachings are not religions but they are local guidance for specific nations in their languages. No set of teachings is for export or import because every nation receive their own teachings in their own language and for their own case just like medical prescriptions.

Since 4000 BC Amorite nomads of the deserts of Levant kept attacking the surrounding nations and civilizations of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arab states of Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha (Iraq, Syria, Mediterranean eastern coast, Arabia). The Amorites lived on raiding trade routes linking nations.

Around Altai Mountains, in East Asia, nomads discovered riding horses for raiding in 3500 BC. These Turkic Mongolian gangs started in 2500 BC raiding westwards in rapid massive scale. Many civilized nations and stated defeated and succumbed. Turkic Mongolian gangs reached the Amorite gangs and allied with them. Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Sumer (2334 – 2154 BC) and were the Akkadians

In 2166 BC, in Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, Abraham was born (died at 175) and his people were dependent on dromedary camels not available except in Punt. In 2006BC, Jacob was born (died 147 in 1859 BC) and the start of his Israelites descendants.

Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs colonized Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC) known as the Hyksos in Kmt. They branched into Hebrews raiding Ugarit, Mitanni raiding Ebla, Kassites raiding Sumer and Mukarribs raiding the Arabs. They kept controlling trade routes.

In Punt, injustices between Israelites and a heathen ruler near Lake Tana/ Tsana (Blue Nile source) erupted. Moses was born, instructed and then led the Exodus of Israelites. Moses received the Ten Commandments and the genuine Torah on Simien Mountains in 1446 BC.

The news of a new Devine message and rich Israelites reached Turkic Mongolian-Amorite gangs in southern and western Arabia and other Turkic Mongolian-Amorite ex-Hyksos gangs. In 1200 BC, the Mukarribs Hyksos made D’mt colony in Eritrea today to raid, enslave and loot all Punt peoples including the Israelites.

In 970 BC, King Solomon started his reign and made Israel formidable and extremely rich. He died in 930 BC and the Mukarribs Hyksos in D’mt colony used some Judah chiefs and criminals to loot Israel and Jerusalem and colonize the center of the Israel. In 600 BC, after Carchemish Battle, Turkic Mongolian-Amorite power shifted to Babylon who instructed the colonizers of Israel to demolish the Temple, shatter the Israelites into slavery and bring wealth to create a copy in south Ugarit

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