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Is Jihad Really International Terrorism?

The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

the Turkic Mongolian groups

the Turkic Mongolian groups

The message of Muhammad in 630 AD has in its canon (the Sharia), order for the Arabs to fight against the Turkic Mongolian Bedouins, and the rest of the Turkic Mongolian groups such as the Jews, the Persians and the Romans, to liberate the Arabs after they had been colonized by these groups for 3,000 years

Therefore, the Canon of Muhammad was also a call for liberation, but the Bedouins defeated the Arabs and stole their canon and forged and abused them and used the call of struggle (Jihad) against Bedouins to wage wars and occupation on other nations and put blame on the Arabs and the Sharia of Muhammad in the minds of ignorant.

True Jihad is liberation struggle and not at all international terrorism.

To know the truth about Arabs and Islam read this comment, it says all:
[We turks fucked them arabs good. But not hard enough]



Reformation, Enlightenment and Truth Must not be Sectarian

Colonialism, underdevelopment, misinformation and injustice began in Kemet (Egypt) since the fall of the Modern Kingdom in 1077 BC prey to various invading nomads from East Asia. The claim that Egypt was fine during Jesus’ time is untrue and unsupported by any evidence. Examining the history of the fall of the ancient Egyptian religion sheds light on the relation between the Coptic Church and the Roman rule. Claiming that the conquest of Egypt in 639 AD was a liberation led to present heretic Turkic Islam. This is all connected and essential history.

It is very clear that all religious institutions and their followers are managed by a parallel similar deceptive mentality, and only tolerate reforms and the history of Holy Scriptures and nations as long as they do not touch their practices and institutions and true history. It is time to hold accountable religious, academic and media institutions, regardless of the banners they raise.

Reformation, enlightenment and truth must not be biased or partial and be used for sectarian purposes by opening one eye and close the other. The works of existing religious and academic institutions propagate misguidance and misinformation systematically that lead to terrorism.

History is abused. All the biblical figures from Adam to Solomon were Africans from the lands of Punt (the Horn of Africa), Moses’ Law (the original Torah) was in Ge’ez language, and Yeshua (Jesus) was an Ethiopian who was born in Assyrian Aram. His message was only for misguided Ethiopians who became Hebrews (Lost Sheep of the House of Israel) who forged the Torah and participated in the making of Jews and Judaism in Babylon in 580 BC. Jesus called the Hebrew to stop collaborating with Turkic Mongolian groups, including Persians, Bedouins, Sabaeans and Romans plus their Jewish invention. The true call of Jesus is to abide by the original Law of Moses before its falsification, and to return home, and freedom from Jewish collaboration.

The Arabs were an ancient nation closer to the Habesha than any other nations. They were occupied and colonized by Turkic Mongolian raiders (Bedouins) since 1700 BC, who made the Sabaeans and stole the identity, history and lands of Arabs. Thus the message of Muhammad came to guide the Arabs to the religion of Abraham, which is the same religion of Moses and Jesus, and to liberate the Arabs from Bedouins and their fellow Jews, Persians and Romans

“Infidels” in general sense means those who refuse to believe in the existence of the Creator or reject religion or truth. In its specific indirect meaning it points, for that region and time, to the majority of Bedouins and their allies the Jews, Persians and Romans. Following the death of Muhammad, Bedouins and Jews stopped the liberation of Arabs and resumed their control.

The unknown truth is that the message of Muhammad is not only piety and guidance, but it had a hidden implicit and serious liberation message that rejects the colonization of Bedouins; and ordered Arabs to resist tyranny and aggression, that is Jihad and fighting. Therefore, the Quran called on resistance and military action, not against the world but against the Turkic occupiers.

It is time to hold accountable the truth of the religious, academic and media institutions, regardless of the banners they raise.

Europeans Must Watch out from their Ignorant and Sell out Leaders

The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

It is very essential to open learning classes and courses for European government officials and politicians to teach them the difference between the teachings and history of Mohamed versus the present Turkic so-called “Islam”. They must go back to school before they ruin Europe. Turkic groups are invading Europe under fake and hostile own invention calling it “Islam”.

Terrorism is Turkic Islam. Islam during prophet Mohamed b. (622-632 AD) was not beyond the main Arabian Peninsula. But during the first three Caliphs, Abu Bakr (632-634), and Umar (634-644)(Assassinated), Uthman (644-656)(Assassinated) it went into invasions. That was totally unacceptable to many believers but the Turkic elements encouraged such offensive military expansions. Turkic-Mongolians conquered Arabs and pretend to be Arabs since 1700 BC.

The fourth Caliph Ali (656-661)(Assassinated) was the cousin of the prophet and he stopped that and carried out internal reforms and these were the main causes for the eruption of a brutal civil war throughout his rule (656-661) that ended up by assassinating him and killing most of this family. By those killings the original Islam died and it was replaced by a fake Turkic militant cult calling itself Islam. This became the source of terrorism, colonialism, and heresy.

What is Islam and how it relates to Mohamed, Yeshua, Moses and all uncountable messengers?

Original Christianity is a revival of the code of Abraham and Moses and these were sent to the Israelite only. While Islam has two different definitions; the correct one describes Islam as the single original religion existed even before creation. The common and existing wrong definition considers Islam as a new religion on its own and started with prophet Mohamed only.

The teachings of Mohamed were supposed to put law/code for his people and region only; but also as a part of the only universal religion. The original teachings of prophet and messenger Mohamed were hijacked by Turkic Mongolians soon after his death, in the same way they hijacked those of Moses, Jesus (Yeshua), and others by Romans, Persians, Bedouins and Jews.

So, the Turkic Islam of today is neither genuine Islam nor the teachings of Mohamed. To distinguish between the original and the present versions I personally call them “Mosesianity”, “Jesusianity”, and “Mohamedianity”. Turkic so-called religions are of Central Asian origin.

True Islam distinguishes between prophets (revive existing law) and messengers (bring distinct law). Every messenger is a prophet, while not every prophet is a messenger. And it states clearly that God sent to each nation its own messenger and law. This leads to a conclusion that Mohamed was a prophet to the universe; and at the same time a messenger to the Arabs only.

Islam describes all genuine messengers and prophets as Muslims, including Adam, Enoch, Abraham, all Israelite prophets, and even many unnamed foreign ones (Ghafir 40:78) and (An-Nisa 4:164). Therefore, true Islam is a single universal religion with a multitude of distinct national laws for each distinct nation. The national laws are mistakenly considered as distinct and conflicting religions.

Life, Education, and Career of Abiy Ahmed Ali PM of Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed Ali PM of Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed Ali PM of Ethiopia

Beshasha Primary School

Beshasha Primary School

Ahmed Ali, the father of Abiy Ahmed is an Oromo Muslim

Ahmed Ali, the father of Abiy Ahmed is an Oromo Muslim

Abiy Ahmed was born in Beshasha small town/village in the historic Kaffa Province (in modern times Jimma Zone, Oromia Region), Ethiopia, on 15 August 1976. His father, Ahmed Ali, is a Muslim Oromo; while Abiy’s deceased mother, Tezeta Wolde, was a Christian Amhara from Burayu just outside Addis Ababa and was his father’s fourth wife.

Abiy is the thirteenth child to his father and was the sixth and youngest child of his mother. His childhood name was Abiyot, meaning Revolution, in Amharic, a name that was sometimes given to children in the aftermath of the Derg overthrow of Haile Selassie (Tafari Makonnen) in 1974.

Located in southwestern Ethiopia, the small town Beshasha has two major agricultural products of Ethiopia – coffee and khat. Kaffa (Kefa) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Jimma. It was named after the former Kingdom of Kaffa. The etymology of Kaffa is thought to be from the Arabic qahwah meaning “a drink from berries”. The English word coffee is derived from the same root.

The then Abiyot went to Beshasha Primary School till his 6th grade and later went to a number of secondary schools in Agaro town (or Haggaro) 17 km from Beshasha (schools names are unknown). His secondary education was interrupted when he joined the very tiny Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) few moths after the fall of Derg at the age of 14.

Beshasha village taken by the photographer Matiyas on 20 March 2014 and published over Panoramio

Beshasha village taken by the photographer Matiyas on 20 March 2014 and published over Panoramio

Agaro, Ethiopia, located in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia Region 17 km from Beshasha

Agaro, Ethiopia, located in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia Region 17 km from Beshasha

The Derg (meaning “committee” or “council”) is the short name of the Coordinating Committee of the Armed Forces, Police and Territorial Army. Officially known as the Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia, it took power following the ousting of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974. In 1987 the Derg was replaced by Mengistu Haile Mariam, its chairman since 1977, with the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (PDRE). Mengistu was overthrown in 1991.

The Derg was being fought mainly by a coalition between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) (popularly known as Woyane) formed in 1975 with the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) formed in 1970. EPLF won Eritrea on May 24, 1991 from the PDRE. Fighters from Tigray formed in 1988 a coalition with Amhara to overthrow the Derg. They called it Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) made of the TPLF (Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front) and the now called ANDM (Amhara National Democratic Movement).

The Oromo Liberation Front is an organisation established in 1973 by Oromo separatists to promote self-determination for the Oromo people against Amhara hegemony as oppressing and suppressing the Oromo people and their culture. Their program called for the “total liberation of the Oromo nation from Ethiopian colonialism”. The OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) was fighting the Derg alone. At the time, Agaro town was an OLF stronghold.

In 1990, the TPLF formed several other ethnic based political groups from prisoners it had released and put them all under an umberalla organization called the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). The Oromo group in the EPRDF was the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) and its creation was seen as an attempt to undermine the OLF. The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) was a very small group  competing with the existing much bigger Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The Oromo Liberation Front, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front had differing alliances with each other, the TPLF and EPLF had a strong alliance and they both had limited coordination with the OLF.

A friend of Abiy by the name Komitas became the personal driver of Abadula Gemeda, one of the founders of the OPDO, and through this opportunity, it is believed he made his first moves in 1990. Abiy began his career as a radio operator for the OPDO. With the downfall of the Derg he took formal military training at the Assefa Brigade in Western Wollega with a focus on Radio Communications and Military Intelligence.

Abiy’s father, Ahmed Ali, along with his first son Kedir Ahmed was imprisoned by Derg in 1990 for a short time. Kedir Ahmed died in unknown circumstances. The death of his brother shook Abiy and made him join the small and newly formed OPDF.

At the age of 15 or 16, he took military training from Assefa Brigade in West Wollega and was stationed there. His military post was in intelligence and communications. At the age of 17 he became a soldier in the now Ethiopian National Defense Force in 1993 and worked mostly in intelligence and communications department. In 1995, at the age of 19, after the Rwandan genocide, he was deployed as a member of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UNAMIR), Kigali, Rwanda.

Later, while serving in the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Abiy received his first degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from a private IT college in Addis Ababa, called Microlink in 2001.

In 2005, Abiy earned a post-graduate certificate/declaration in Cryptography at Machihe Dynamics in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa (AES encryption based on block cipher).

Abiy holds a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Change, from the International Leadership Institute, Addis Ababa, in 2011, which has partnership with the Business School at Greenwich University, London.

He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Leadstar College of Management and Leadership in Addis Ababa in partnership with Ashland University in 2013.

Abiy, who had started his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) work several years ago as a regular student, completed his PhD in 2017 at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University. He did his PhD work on the Agaro constituency with the PhD thesis entitled “Social Capital and its Role in Traditional Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia: The Case of Inter-Religious Conflict In Jimma Zone state”. As a follow-up to his PhD thesis, he published a research article on de-escalation strategies in the Horn of Africa Bulletin in a special journal issue dedicated to countering violent extremism.

Military career

According to multiple sources, Abiy joined a military organization as radio operator in early 1991, just a few months before the downfall of Derg, almost at the age of 15. He did so as a member of OPDO (Oromo People’s Democratic Organization), which at that time was a tiny organization of only around 200 fighters. As there were only so few OPDO fighters in an army with its core of about 90,000 Tigrayans, Abiy quickly had to learn the Tigrinya language. As a speaker of Tigrinya in a security apparatus, he could move forward with his military career.

After the fall of the Derg On 21 May 1991, he took formal military training from Assefa Brigade in West Wollega and was stationed there. His military post was in intelligence and communications. Later on he became a soldier in the now Ethiopian National Defense Force in 1993, aged 17, and worked mostly in intelligence and communications department.

In 1995, after the Rwandan genocide, at the age of 19, he was deployed as a member of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UNAMIR), Kigali, Rwanda. Only 21 years old he served in the Ethio-Eritrea border war between 1998 and 2000.

In 2006, Abiy went to his home town of Beshasha, where he address religious clashes between Muslims and Christians with 6 deaths. On 14 October 2006, a group of three hundred Muslims, carrying guns and knives approached a church where the Orthodox Christians were holding a midnight worship service. When the locked doors prevented the mob from entering the church they forced the congregation out of the church by pouring gasoline around the building.

The men of the church came out first and attempted to defend the men and women but because they had no real weapons in comparison to the guns and knives used against them they were attacked by the mob. Fifteen individuals from the church suffered severe knife wounds and six people died as a result – two priests, two elderly women, and two men.

Two weeks later, the Ethiopian media announced that the police had arrested the leader of the massacre. It was only two weeks before the Beshasha massacre that another attack on Christians occurred in Jimma, Ethiopia because Muslims opposed Orthodox Christians celebrating the traditional Meskel holiday. This was a prelude for his role as an inter-religious mediator he became in later years.

In 2008, Abiy was one of the co-founders of the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA), where he worked in different positions. For two years, he was acting director of INSA due to a leave of absence of the director assigned to the post. In this capacity, he was board member of several government agencies working on information and communications, like Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Television.

In 2010, Abiy eventually decided to leave the military and his post as deputy director of INSA to become a politician. The highest rank he had achieved during his military career was that of a Lieutenant Colonel. Some reports confirm he stayed as a member of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces till 2007 only.

According to his profile, which was presented to the House of People’s Representatives in 2015, while he was being appointed by Hailemariam Dessalegn as minister of Science and Technology, Abiy’s military rank was Major.

Legitimate Questions to Be Answered:

Are his education, degrees and doctorate genuine and of substance; or made up and political character cosmetics?

Is he a young fast-rising national leader; or a foreign-backed manufactured agent?

Is he a maker of peace, solidarity, and freedom; or an ethnic-religious manipulator, terrorism businessman, and oppressor?

Is he a politician of principles and values; or a Machiavellian person and soldier?

Is he going to develop and protect Ethiopia; or sell it out to foreign businesses and turned it to a vassal state?

Is he a man of the future; or he will return Ethiopia to its ugly brutal feudal past?

Will he respect the duties of PM towards all Ethiopians; or does he have an agenda against the Tigrayan people?

Will he reveal and correct the history and atrocities of the regime of Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie); or conceal and support it?

Will he rid Ethiopian politics from ethnic and religious antagonistic parties; or will he capitalize on them for survival?

Will he respect the demands of poor agrarian majority; or will he suppress and deceive them?

Will he continue the previous policies of liberation from injustice and slavery; or will he lead a privileged minority only?

Africans must watch out to protect Ethiopia and Africa.

Unholy East-West Alliance Confronting Europeans and the World

Sultan Beyazit II welcoming Jews expelled from Iberia to the Ottoman Empire in 1492.

Sultan Beyazit II welcoming Jews expelled from Iberia to the Ottoman Empire in 1492. This formed the alliance that provided for the colonization of the Americas and supplied White and Black slaves for cotton plantations, liquor, and brothels in the “New World”.

The Ottoman Empire didn’t fall; it still exists, it just went into “modern” facelift and change of tactics from religious to secular, and now back to “Islamism”. Gulf Arab rulers and wealthy clans are not really Arabs, they are Turkic just like Turkey, Israel, Persia (which called itself Iran but it is still Turkic Persia), and Morocco. Other Turkic groups include: the false Europeans made by the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. That event created Papal Christianity, UK and other European monarchs which were not executed or toppled during the English civil war and after the Spring of Nations. Of course they are not hostile to each other as all people believe.

Finally the same system took the new form of EU organization, and deep states in the Americas (North and South America) and in Europe. Now, it is trying to reinvent itself through globalization, liberalism, and New Order. All these components of East-West Alliance are Turkic groups having the same goals despite the different outlooks and styles.

The Roman Empire was good but the parasites eroded its foundations until it collapsed under its own weight then the infiltrators took it over. Since that moment the world is struggling with Roman parasites who look like Romans, and now like Italians, since 476 AD but not European at all. Until now Italians can hardly be called a nation, and the French too, and soon the Germans and will no longer exist as a nations. All Eastern Europe like Poland, Ukraine, and Balkan nations had long been gone.

The earliest Turkic project, aside from the Persian era, is found in the processes of decline of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires (400 AD – 1400 AD). In the second half of this period of Roman decline the Imperial-Papacy disputes emerged and the root origins of the Houses of Hanover and Windsor appeared. That turbulent period created opportunities for waging the Crusades of (1095-1291) and (1147-1410) which empowered various Turkic groups in many different ways. Many of these Crusades were launched against Christians (Bosnian 1235–1241; Albigensian 1209–1229; Aragonese 1284/5; Despenser’s 1382/3; Hussite 1419–1434).

It is quite clear now that the colonization of the Americas, and also Australia, were not done by Europeans. It was a Turkic grand project and they needed the use of Europeans to serve the parasites because Europeans are smart, hardworking, and could make the parasites rich. Sultan Beyazit II welcomed Jews expelled from Iberia to the Ottoman Empire in 1492. This formed the alliance that provided for the colonization of the Americas and supplied White and Black slaves for cotton plantations, liquor, and brothels in the “New World”. Europeans were not masters of their destiny in the “New World” and this will be concretely established in the New Order.

Europeans were not even partners in colonizing the Americas or Australia. Europeans didn’t gain any power or wealth from the lucrative businesses of slavery, cotton plantations, human trafficking, money lending, porn, prostitution, piracy, drugs, and others. Things will change in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas only after European Americans, Native Americans, Latin Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and Europeans in Europe depose the deep states in the USA and Europe.

Now, matters are turning against Turkic wishes in USA and slowly in Europe, and the coming era is a contest and struggle between different nations and nation-states against the old East-West Alliance. The horrendous Late Bronze Age collapse of 1177 BC could repeat itself if nothing is done. Will different nations and nation-states form a counter coalition block? This is the question.


Jewish Political Experts Propose Creating Sheikhdoms from Iraq to Sudan

Turkey in Asia new encyclopedic atlas and Gazetteer

Turkey in Asia new encyclopedic atlas and Gazetteer

In July 2014, some Dr. Mordechai Kedar said: “the only thing that deters them (terrorists) is if they know that their sister or their mother will be raped in the event that they are caught.” In December 2014, several scheduled appearances in UK were cancelled for his association with Pamela Geller, a racist from the U.S. who was banned from the U.K.

Recently he recommended dismantling nation-states in the Middle East and Sudan. Melanie Phillips a British Jewess journalist holder of the Orwell Prize for Journalism in 1996, supported this opinion by writing: “Given the carnage in Syria and the intractability of such a complex religious and ethnic civil war, it has often been observed, rightly, that the very notion of one unified country is inimical to Arab culture. It was imposed upon the Arab world after World War One by western countries which either didn’t realise or didn’t care that the nation state was wholly inappropriate for a culture which was fundamentally tribal. What we’ve seen happening, not just in Syria but more widely throughout the Arab world, is the collapse of that nation state model into feuding tribes and clans. Accordingly, some commentators have suggested that the only solution for Syria is to divide it into enclaves reflecting a culturally authentic tribal pattern.” Jews pretend to forget that these nations had great states, history and civilizations, and were not tribal nomads like Turkic Jews and, to lesser extent, the Semite Israelite. (more…)

Facebook is Fighting Europeans and Islam for the Jews


Facebook blocked me on 12 Sept. 2017, for 7 days, 30 minutes after I posted this comment on a post by: Malik Umar, on a public group called: “The American Deplorables:
[The USA, Europe, and Africa will be liberated from Turkic Jewish and Europeans (Whites) are most welcome and respected].

Yes, I said this and I will keep saying it again and again because this what I believe the truth and many believe. Europeans (Whites) are welcomed and respected but the world will free itself from Turkic Jews.

Read what they are doing and saying on this Facebook public group: The American Deplorables (more…)

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