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Ethiopian Elites are Colonizing Ethiopia and Selling it out

Let me point clearly to specific recent historic facts:

1- There were no such terms as “Amhara” or “Tigrinya” or “Tigre” or “Jabarti” before the destruction of Axum Empire of the Tigray in 900 AD by a slave bandits led by Yodit

2- Axum and Tigray never practiced slavery; while the elites of Amhara; Tigrinya; Tigre and Jabarti practiced slavery extensively upon their formation less than 900 years ago

3- The so-called Solomonic dynasty invented by the Amhara Yekuno Amlak in 1270 was bandits to hunt and enslave and deal in humans and it was till its fall criminal and collaborated with west and east Asian bandits in Arabia sold Ethiopians to them

4-The Oromo, Afar, Banishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and the what is called the Southern nations were all victims of slavery and bloody attacks from Amhara elites with their foreign interests and links

5- No-body is revealing the crimes committed by Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) (Sep 1916 – Sept 1974) and his Amhara Derg successors (Tafari Benti (Nov 1974 – Feb 1977) and the Amharic baria/slave Mengistu Haile Mariam (Feb 1977 – May 1991).

6- The Amhara elite who controlled the Derg red terror successors killed General Aman Mikael Andom (Sept 1974 – 17 Nov 1974) after two months only in power, the real hero of deposing Tafari Makonnen, just because he was of a Tigray origin.

7- The Amhara elite controlled the Derg regime (1974-1991) and went further and killed more than 2 million civilian Ethiopians from all other groups.

8- While Amhara elite committed well documented and proven crimes they keep attacking and claiming baselessly that the Tigray and TPLF committed crimes and genocides

9- Any fair and objective researches and fact finding work will certainly acknowledge the great progress, peace and justice that all Ethiopia enjoyed during the contribution and leadership of TPLF and Meles Zenawi (May 1991 – Aug 2012)

10- The history and the very present of modern Ethiopia is quite clearly showing how Amhara and Tigrinya elites with their Oromo collaborating elites turned a very rich country and good people into victims of slavery, famines, abject poverty, extreme disparities, injustice, continuous ethnic racism and bloody violence, chaotic instability and criminal parliament and rule.

In any failed state or community look into the elite and get rid of them. Revealing and exposing the evils of Amhara and Tigrinya elites are not condemnation for the Amhara, Tigrinya, Ethiopia or Eritrea

The Tigray and TPLF are being Attacked Maliciously

A reader asked me on my inbox [why do you support the TPLF?]. Please any objective comment or question better to be posted on my relevant article, because it is not a personal matter, and for public benefit, and that saves my time. My answer is:

I researched deeply into the history of the region, and I wrote about it. I found that TPLF truly represents the Tigray people, who are from my researches the origin of the Amhara, Tigrinya, Jabarti and Tigre peoples.

TPLF and Tigray have great patriotic and religious history and achievements despite the continuous assaults from foreign Turkic Akkadians and Bedouin Amorites and Persian Abbasids since 900 AD and before that during the D’mt colony (1000-400 BC).

My opinion and support for Tigray and TPLF is not biased but based on respect and gratitude for their patriotic and religious heritage.

And I honestly believe that they should lead other Punt Lands peoples and they represent hope for the region to get rid of the consequences, corruption, criminality and deformities created by the bloody invasions of foreign bandits for 3000 years, which made the region synonymous with slavery, poverty, famine, feudal system, refugees, bloodshed, cruelty, civil wars, great disparities, ethnic attacks and underdevelopment.

Foreign bandits and their slavery-feudal elite collaborators now are controlling the Amhara, Tigrinya, Tigre, Jabarti, Afar, Oromo and Beja peoples.

This is the basic cause of Ethiopia’s total failures in almost all fields, despite Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s huge wealth and human resources. These have to change quickly.

And the Tigray and TPLF must be treated fairly and given the leadership that they deserve but is now in the hands of Amhara elites who have foreign interests and backing, and a very shameful history that is devastating Ethiopia and the region.

How Tigray was Divided to create Ethiopia and Eritrea

Ethiopia was actually colonized by foreign slavery bandits since a slave collaborator called Yodit who destroyed Axum Kingdom in 900 AD. The foreign Turkic Akkadian and Bedouin Amorite and Persian Abbasids found corrupt chiefs and divided Tigray to create Amhara and Tigrinya and Tigre and Jabarti.

The myth that Ethiopia was never colonized is untrue. It only indicates that Ethiopia was not colonized by a foreign state regular army, but Ethiopia was indeed colonized by foreign Akkadian-Amorite-Abbasid slavery bandits together with traitor local chiefs and their families. They together looted natural resources, corrupted the teachings of Moses and Yosus, and enslaved many groups sold humans so extensively that Abyssinia became synonymous with slaves.

The population of Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre were all Tigray. But the chiefs and wealthy elites of Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre are traitorous Tigray mixed with Turkic Akkadians, Bedouin Amorites and Persian Abbasids.

This is not a political stand but it is the history which the elites and wealthy avoids

“Foreign colonial gangs Invented Few Ethiopian Groups” is my article to explain how Turkic Mongolian bandits devastated Tigray since 900 AD. The main aims of these bandits were to destroy the genuine teachings of Moses and Yosus; enslave and trade humans; and loot gold and natural resources.

The invented the Tanakh in Babylon in 580 BC was injected in the region after the destruction of Axum Kingdom, the guardian of the teachings of Moses and Yosus. Amhara and Turkic slavery created amalgamation of people later were called Oromo.

Abiy Ahmed did not finish his secondary education. He joined militia at the age of 15. That is why he doesn’t know or learn from history.

History states that despite 1200 years of malicious attacks the Tigray never submitted and they always come back stronger. So, what is the point of fighting Tigray? I am sure Abiy needs history lessons.

8 centuries of Abbasids colonization, from 750 until 1517 AD, produced a great deal of shady heritage and fake scholars and researchers misleading and corrupt sciences who aided all their branches of the Turkic colonialists gangs including Turks, Persians, Romans, Jews, Sabaeans and Bedouins. They attacked Africa, Europe, Asia and the Religion

The 8 centuries of Abbasids were the beginning of the time of the various Turkic gangs taking over the entire Mediterranean coasts and turning Yebus/Jebus or Aelia to Jerusalem; and reinforcing the lie that early Jews were children of Israel; and that the children of Israel were in Egypt; and all the stories of the Tanakh that the Turkic groups invented in Babylon in 580 BC. These lies were incorporated into the interpretations of the Holy Qur’an, jurisprudence, hadiths, and the Prophet’s biography, and institutions claiming to be religious were set up on them.

As for the Ottoman period (1299 – 1923 AD) that followed Abbasid, it went too far, because it was the summit of criminality, corruption, forgery, colonialism and collusion with the Jews and various Turkic Mongolians. The great leap for Turkic Mongolian gangs was to establish colonies of the Americas after their gangs were expelled as Spain and Portugal were liberated in 1492 AD (Andalusia). The Crusades were nothing but a continuation of the Roman Turkic aggression against Europeans and the peoples of the region

Why Spain and Portugal went bankrupt immediately after the colonization of the Americas since 1492 AD, the same year of the end to 780 years of colonization of Iberia; meanwhile Italy, Catholic Church and the Ottomans prospered greatly? Why in all history books it is called “European colonization of the Americas” while Europeans were just employed by Jewish settlers and ships’ owners.

The chiefs and wealthy elites in Ethiopia and Eritrea are still serving Turkic Akkadians, Amorite Bedouins and Persian Jews masters and partners in fighting Abrahamic faith and the Tigray.

Nobel prize was given to Abiy after he agreed with Isaias Afwerki to encircle and took disputed land in their plan to attack Tigray even before he took office and the Nobel committee was directing the plan of war against Tigray because of Tigray’s genuine religious heritage
Meles Zenawi was killed and it wasn’t a natural death. If Tigray TPLF leadership were warmongers they wouldn’t let it go or let their Hailemariam Desalegn resign
Tigray never committed crimes they were done extensively for 1200 years by Amhara elites and their Turkic-Bedouin-Persian Amhara partners

Why Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki Fight Tigray

The Amhara and Tigrinya elites were made up by foreign bandits and they together carried out genocidal slavery against the true followers and the teachings of Yoses in Tigray at the time of Axum Kingdom. This is exactly what created the Amhara and Tigrinya out of greater ancient Tigray. There were no terms like Amhara and Tigrinya and Oromo before 900 AD in history.

These bandits attacked Tigray and others groups which created the Oromo since the criminal Yodit in 900 AD. Still until today the Amhara elites are remnants of slavery and feudal bandits.

The only real criminals who invented fake religion serving foreigners and looted wealth and fought against the genuine teachings of Moses and Yoses and Muhammed are the Amhara, Tigrinya, Oromo and Somali elites for 1100 years.

The hatred and crimes against Tigray are motivated by the bloody traitorous history of Amhara, Oromo, Somali and Tigrinya elites, and the feeling of shame and threats from Tigray patriotism, and their animosity towards genuine religion, true history of slavery and their collaboration with foreign bandits to hunt, own and sell humans.

Amhara, Tigrinya, Somali and Oromo peoples must wake up and destroy the enslaving criminal elites.

Oromo are a mixture of different groups made up by Amhara slavery and their foreign partners. Oromo turned from slavery victims to slavery tools. Oromo’s history and their aggressive expansions are a great shame.

Don’t try to ignore or dodge from the history of slavery and deformation and corruption which the Tigray are trying to correct for too long; and the Amhara, Tigrinya, Somali and Oromo elites are resisting justice and claiming that dismantling slavery and feudalism and expansions as atrocities.

The versions of corrupt violent religious crimes in Amhara, Oromo, Tigrinya and Somalia are religious colonialism and terrorism brought by slavery foreign bandits and called Christianity and Islam but they are against the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Yoses and Muhammed. These are criminal religious hypocrisies

The Christianity and Islam of Amhara, Oromo, Tigrinya and Somali are man-made colonial and slavery tools created, brought and supported by foreign slavery and looting bandits who are the partners of Amhara, Tigrinya, Oromo and Somali elites.

There was only Tigray in history; and bandits divided them and created Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre.

Dodging and ignoring the very famous history and crimes of slavery in Ethiopia is a useless and stupid attempt to bury heads in sand. Ethiopia is synonymous with slavery all over the world for at least 3000 years.

No doubt the elites of Amhara, Tigrinya, Oromo and Somalia are moving against knowledge and faith and God and truth. Surely, they are the losers.

The Amhara are a majority of Tigray origin with rulers from Tigray but were corrupted and worked with Turkic Akkadians; and that is how they made the Amharic language. And the Amhara rulers with their Akkadian partners waged extensive raids of looting and slavery for 1000 year and collected too many slaves from different parts of Ethiopia; and most of those slaves were shipped and sold abroad.

But the Amhara elite and Akkadians kept a large number of slaves from different tribes to serve them inn wars, houses and land. But surely the numbers Turkic Akkadians were very small, and the numbers of heterogeneous slaves from other tribes are big, but too lesser than the majority who were of Tigray origin

Tigray the Bastion of True Christianity is being Attacked

To understand why Ethiopia despite it richness is continuously in wars and famines it is necessary to find answers for at least 15 main questions. They show that all the Horn of Africa is devastated for too long

1- Why Isaias of Eritrea and Abiy of Ethiopia are simultaneously encircling and attacking Tigray? 2- Why Abiy Ahmed befriending Isaias? 3- Why Abiy was awarded Nobel Peace Prize? 4- And why so quickly? 5- Why Israel is interested in relations with the genocidal regime Sudan?

 6- Why the crimes and slavery of Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) are not known or condemned internationally or even locally? 7- Why the great history and faith of the Axum Kingdom are not studied and researched and why they are unknown? 8- Why Ethiopia and Habesha are synonymous with slavery for three 3000 years? 9- Who kept attacking and enslaving Ethiopians? 10- Why the history of Punt Lands and its peoples are unknown?

11- Why after 3500 years the location of Solomon’s Temple and true Jerusalem are still unknown? 12- Why the destruction and annihilation of Axum Kingdom by gangs led by Gudit (Yodit) in 900 AD are not studied and unknown? 13- Who really visited baby Jesus and offered spiritual gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh? 14- Where is the true Israel and Jerusalem? 15- Why the fundamental difference between early and later Jews together with Hebrews to the Israelites are undiscussed and blurred?

There are more questions to be answered to understand why Abiy and Isaias are targeting the Tigray? And who really they are serving by committing this genocide and destruction?

Slavery created a widespread corrupt version Christianity, closer to Jews and foe to Axum and true Christianity. True Christians will clearly say that the early and later Jews are not Israelites. The Hebrews were not Israelites at all. They are the expelled Hyksos. And the Hyksos are bandits from East Asia with Bedouin Amorites. The Hebrews were NOT Israelites. And the Israelites never saw or lived in Egypt.

Anyone say that Israel and Jerusalem are in today’s Jew colony is either ignorant or hypocrite. Ham, Sam and all descendants of Noah and Adam are tribes in Punt Lands only including the Western and southern coasts of Arabia. This fact reveals that the Hebrews and the Jews are not Semite at all; and Anti-Semitism is actually used to fight true Semites and it is a trick used by Jews. It is against true Christianity.

The Amhara group in Ethiopia, as well as the Tigrinya and the Tigre and Jabarti groups in Eritrea and Sudan, were all from Tigray until the fall of the Kingdom of Aksum and its destruction in 900 AD by gangs from the Abbasids, Bedouins along with the Jews and Persians led by Yodit, in their pursuit of slaves, gold, resources and shipping routes.

In 1000 AD, there were no groups named Amhara, Tigrinya, Jabarti and Tigre at all. They were all ethnically Tigray. The divisions that made these groups are linked only monarchs. Each gang formed a group that belonged to them in their competition with the others in plundering resources, slavery and power. With the exception of the central part, which kept the name of Tigray and fought the gangs that formed the Amhara, Tigrinya, Tigre and Jabarti, bandits prevailed.

Attacks divided Tigray people into three divisions, and the middle section retained the name Tigray. While the western part, which is in Ethiopia, was dominated by Jews and Persians gangs who mingled and controlled monarchs and ruling class, and this is what constituted the Amhara. Whereas, the Abbasid, Turkic and Bedouin gangs mixed and controlled the monarchs and the ruling class in the eastern side of the Tigray in Eritrea and Sudan, and this is what produced the Tigrinya, Tigre and Jabarti.

Be sure that God Almighty and his angels, Christ Issa son of Mary, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and all messengers and prophets are with the Tigray people, despite human beings stand without understanding and morality

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki have no religion. Rather, they are terrorists who serve the Jews. The leaders and wealthy people of Amhara are those who support Isaias and Abiy Ahmed against all Ethiopian and Eritrean nationalities, because since the establishment of the Solomonic Dynasty they have been partners with the Jews in plunder, slavery, occupation, forgery and exploitation of religion, history, tribal and regional strife, and their head was Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie)

Abiy Ahmed and his backers first assassinated Meles Zenawi; then engineered the unrest to topple Hailemariam Desalegn ; then they pushed the corrupt parliament to elect him PM; then suddenly gave Isaias part of contested Tigray land; then assassinated the Chief of Staff Se’are Mekonnen and other personalities; then went into a series of deliberate provocations against Tigray and Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed is certainly a terrorist, criminal and traitor. And the Parliament of Ethiopia is under the Amhara elites.
This war is not about law or constitution because Tigray did not break the law or the Constitution.
This Abiy war is simply and clearly a deliberate attack and crime against humanity

The Solution to Stop Wars and Misery in Ethiopia

Criminals and mafias in Addis Abba and big cities and communities’ leadership and parliament who are amassing wealth and killing the people and deliberately creating poverty and misery and ethnic and territorial conflicts in a naturally rich country are a minority who is working against the Tigray, and the Tigray are struggling against them. They cannot live together. The remnants of Tafari Makonnen’s (Haile Selassie) and the so-called Solomonic dynasty’s slavery and Amharic feudal systems must be removed to retain unity and create peace, justice, development and freedom in Ethiopia.

The slave master and mass murderer Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) destroyed Ethiopia for 45 years and created a class of feudal criminals and the Amhara and Oromo were quiet and are calling him hero. The Tigray liberated Ethiopia from Tafari Makonnen and from Marxist Dereg and they kept dismantling the class made by evil collaborators and servants of Tafari Makonnen in Amhara and Oromo for the sake of God and the peoples. Now the collaborators and servants are revenging from the Tigray.

A boy at age 15 carried arm in militia; at age 17 a formal soldier; at age 19 served UN peace keeping in Rwanda; at age 22-24 in war fronts at Ethiopia-Eritrea borders. How he got secondary, university and postgraduate education; and took military and political careers to be “elected” by a “parliament” to become the youngest PM in Africa at the age of 41? And they made him Nobel Peace Prize Laureate!  

Ethiopia is being run by local mafias made by Jews since 900 AD (Amhara Solomonic Dynasty) after they destroyed the Christian Kingdom of Axum and replaced it with a Jewish slavery feudal system claim to be Christian. They noticed his talent and recommended him for the top post. And surely there is a contract of blood that holds him hostage. It’s the Jewish same recruitment procedure in all countries. This is how top posts and parliaments are being filled

الحل لوقف الحروب والبؤس في اثيوبيا

مجرمين ومافيات في أديس أبابا والمدن الكبرى وقيادات مجتمعات وبرلمان يكدسون ثروة ويقتلون ويخلقون عمداً فقر وبؤس وصراعات عرقية واقاليمية في بلد غني بطبيعته هم أقلية تعمل ضد التيجراي والتجراي ايضا يكافحوا ضدهم. ولا يمكنهما العيش معا. بل يجب إزالة بقايا نظام تفاري ماكونن (هيلا سيلاسي) ومما يسمى السلالة سليمانية المتمثل في اثار العبودية والأنظمة الإقطاعية الامهرية للحفاظ على الوحدة وإحلال السلام والعدالة والتنمية والحرية في إثيوبيا.

صائد وتاجر رق وقاتل جماعي اسمه تافاري ماكونين (هيلا سيلاسي) دمر إثيوبيا لمدة 45 عامًا وخلق طبقة من مجرمين إقطاعيين وكان الأمهرة والأورومو هادئين ويطلقون عليه البطل. حررت التيجراي إثيوبيا من تافاري ماكونين ومن العسكر الماركسيين واستمروا في تفكيك الطبقة التي صنعها المتعاونون الأشرار وخدم تفاري ماكونين في الأمهرة والأورومو من أجل الله والشعوب. الآن طبقة المتعاونين والاتباع ينتقمون من تيجراي.

صبي عمره 15 يحمل سلاحًا في ميليشيا وفي سن 17 جندي رسمي وفي سن 19 في قوات حفظ السلام للأمم المتحدة في رواندا وفي سن 22-24 في جبهات الحرب على الحدود بين إثيوبيا وإريتريا. كيف حصل على التعليم الثانوي والجامعي والدراسات العليا وشغل وظائف عسكرية وسياسية ليتم “انتخابه” من قبل “البرلمان” ليصبح أصغر رئيس وزراء في إفريقيا يبلغ من العمر 41 عامًا؟ ومنحوه جائزة نوبل للسلام

إثيوبيا تدار بعصابات محلية صنعها يهود منذ 900 م (السلالة سليمانية الأمهرية) بعد ان اسقطوا مملكة اكسوم المسيحية واقاموا بدلها نظام رق واقطاع يهودي يدعي المسيحية. وهم من لاحظوا موهبته وأوصوا به للمنصب الأعلى. وبالتأكيد هناك عقد دم يجعله رهينة لهم. إنها نفس إجراءات التجنيد اليهودية في جميع البلدان. هكذا يتم شغل المناصب العليا والبرلمانات

The biography of Abiy Ahmed is incredible

I am sure, Abiy Ahmed the PM of Ethiopia did not finish secondary school and his PhD is a scam. He was born on August 15, 1976. They say, while in the military, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2001 from Information Technology College in Addis Ababa, one year after serving in the Ethiopia-Eritrea War. He got a master’s degree in transformational leadership (2011) from International Leadership Institute in Addis Ababa; a master’s in business administration (2013) from Leadstar College of Management and Leadership; and doctorate (2017) from the Institute for Peace & Security Studies.

As a teenager at the age of 15 in early 1991, he joined the armed struggle. His military post was in intelligence and communications. He became a soldier in the Ethiopian Defense Force in 1993 at the age of 17 and worked mostly in the intelligence and communications departments. In 1995, at the age of 19, he was deployed with the UN Peacekeeping Force (UNAMIR), Kigali, Rwanda. In the Ethio-Eritrea War between 1998 and 2000 at the age of (22-24), he led an intelligence team to discover positions of the Eritrean Defence Forces. Later on, Abiy was posted back to his hometown of Beshasha as an officer of the Defense Forces to address a critical situation of inter-religious clashes between Muslims and Christians with a number of deaths in a situation of communal tensions accompanying the clashes.

A boy at age 15 carried arm in militia; at age 17 a formal soldier; at age 19 served UN peace keeping in Rwanda; at age 22-24 in war fronts at Ethiopia-Eritrea borders. How he got secondary, university and postgraduate education; and took military and political careers to be “elected” by a “parliament” to become the youngest PM in Africa at the age of 41?

Ethiopia being run by local mafias made by Jews since 900 AD (Amhara Solomonic Dynasty); they noticed his talent and recommended him for the top post. And surely there is a contract of blood that holds him hostage. It’s the Jewish same recruitment procedure in all countries. This is how top posts and parliaments are being filled. Since the destruction of Axum Kingdom in 900-940 AD on the hands of bandits led by Yodit sent by Abbasids, Turkic Persian Jews and Amorites; and appearance of Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre the peoples of Punt Lands and particularly Ethiopians are falling down in a bloody way.

السيرة الذاتية لأبيي أحمد لا تصدق

أنا متأكد أن أبي أحمد رئيس وزراء إثيوبيا لم يكمل دراسته الثانوية وأن درجة الدكتوراه هي إحتيال. هو من مواليد 15 أغسطس 1976 يقولون أثناء خدمته في الجيش حصل على بكالوريوس في هندسة الكمبيوتر في عام 2001 من كلية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات في أديس أبابا بعد عام واحد من خدمته في حرب إثيوبيا وإريتريا. حصل على ماجستير في (2011) من معهد القيادة الدولية في أديس أبابا. وماجستير إدارة الأعمال (2013) من كلية ليدستار للإدارة والقيادة. ودكتوراه (2017) من معهد دراسات السلام والأمن بجامعة أديس أبابا.

وعمره 15 في 1991 حمل السلاح. وأصبح جنديًا في قوة الدفاع الإثيوبية في عام 1993 وعمره 17 عامًا وعمل في إدارة المخابرات والاتصالات. في عام 1995 وعمره 19 خدم في قوة الأمم المتحدة لحفظ السلام (UNAMIR)  كيغالي في رواندا. وفي سن (22-24) خدم في حرب الإثيوبية – الإريترية بين عامي 1998 و 2000 حيث عمل لاكتشاف مواقع قوات الدفاع الإريترية. ارسل إلى مسقط رأسه في بشاشا كضابطً في قوات الدفاع لمعالجة اشتباكات بين مسلمين ومسيحيين التي تسببت في قتلى توترات طائفية

صبي عمره 15 حمل سلاحًا في ميليشيا. وفي سن 17 جندي رسمي. وفي سن 19 في قوات حفظ السلام للأمم المتحدة في رواندا. وفي سن 22-24 في جبهات الحرب على الحدود بين إثيوبيا وإريتريا. كيف حصل على التعليم الثانوي والجامعي والدراسات العليا وشغل وظائف عسكرية وسياسية ليتم “انتخابه” من قبل “البرلمان” ليصبح أصغر رئيس وزراء في إفريقيا يبلغ من العمر 41 عامًا؟

إثيوبيا تدار بعصابات محلية صنعها يهود منذ 900 م (سلالة سليمان الأمهرية) لاحظوا موهبته وأوصوا به في المنصب الأعلى. وبالتأكيد هناك عقد دم يجعله رهينة. إنها نفس إجراءات التجنيد اليهودية في جميع البلدان. هكذا يتم شغل المناصب العليا والبرلمانات. منذ تدمير مملكة أكسوم في 900-940 م على أيدي عصابات بقيادة يوديت أرسلهم العباسيون ويهود وأتراك وفرس وعموريون ومنذ ذلك الوقت ظهر الامهرة والتجرينية والتقري وسقطت شعوب بلاد بونت وخاصة الإثيوبيين في صراعات دموية

Stop Attacking Tigray and Let them Go Free

The TPLF and all Tigray people are fighting the criminal remnants of very long history of bloody slavery and the existing feudal system that is stealing wealth and deliberately keeping all the peoples in abject poverty and misery despite the huge wealth of Ethiopia.

The assassination of Meles Zenawi and the ethnic and religious rioting and engineered conflicts and killings that brought Abiy Ahmed to power illegitimately by coercing and bribing a corrupt useless parliamentarians are the works of Abiy Ahmed and his Amhara backers and Oromo mobs.

Ethiopia is being run by a mafia not by educated honest politicians.

Attacking TPLF and Tigray because they are fed up with the Amhara-Oromo rule and because they want to live free and independent will certainly not harm them; but will definitely destroy the little hope that they created for Ethiopia.

They don’t want to rule Ethiopia, or to control Amhara and Oromo, or to be controlled by anybody, or live with such regime. So, what is the problem of the Amhara and the Oromo?

اوقفوا العدوان علي التقراي ودعوهم يعيشوا في حرية

تقاتل جبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيقراي وكل شعب التيقراي المخلفات الإجرامية لتاريخ طويل من العبودية الدموية والنظام الإقطاعي القائم الذي يسرق الثروة ويتعمد إبقاء جميع الشعوب في فقر مدقع وبؤس على الرغم من الثروة الهائلة لإثيوبيا.

اغتيال ملس زيناوي وأعمال الشغب العرقية والدينية والصراعات والقتل المنظم التي أوصلت أبي أحمد إلى السلطة بشكل غير شرعي عن طريق إكراه ورشوة نواب فاسدين عديمي الجدوى هم من أفعال أبي أحمد وداعميه من الأمهرة وغوغاء من الأورومو.

إثيوبيا تدار من قبل مافيا وليس من قبل سياسيين أمناء متعلمين.

مهاجمة جبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيقراي وشعب التيقراي لأنهم سئموا من حكمالامهرة مع الارومو  ولأنهم يريدون العيش بحرية واستقلال لن يضرهم بالتأكيد ؛ لكنه يدمر بالتأكيد الأمل الصغير الذي خلقوه لإثيوبيا.

إنهم لا يريدون حكم إثيوبيا ، أو السيطرة على الأمهرة او الأورومو ، أو أن يسيطر عليهم أي مجموعة أو العيش مع مثل هذا النظام. إذن ما هي مشكلة الأمهرة والأورومو؟

Foreign State is Fighting Tigray by Proxies

Please listen to me carefully. The leaders of Oromo-Amhara-Tigrinya are going to air-bomb Tigray and return it to the Stone Age not because of a political or military conflict but because of the history, heritage and characters of Tigray people. The fight will certainly extend to the Afar Region. The leaders of Oromo-Amhara-Tigrinya are serving orders to destroy Tigray in the same way other puppets are destroying Iraq, Syria and Yemen to erase evidences of human history. The best way now to save Tigray and Afar is by seeking support from Egypt and its allies. Please start an international campaign to stop the bombing, and make arrangements to protect Tigray and Afar regions from the assaults and puppets of foreign state.

Slavery divided the Tigray and established the ruling feudal families in Amhara, as well as the rule of elites in the Tigrinya and the Tigre, but both the peoples of Amhara and Tigrinya with Tigre tribes are actually Tigray and what has changed are the foreign feudal ruling families that are only engaged in slavery.

The Oromo is a very large and diverse mixture subjugated for Amhara for centuries now would like to rule their former masters the Amhara, but Abyei Ahmed, although he is from the Oromo, knows that it is impossible now, because of the difference in wealth, power and education between the Amhara and the Oromo. Therefore, his differs with his Oromo people only in timing, but he uses the Oromo as a means of pressure and terror for his benefit

Abyei Ahmed is a criminal terrorist, who assassinated Melissa Zenawi and masterminded the ethnic sectarian violence by the Oromo gangs to take power and terrorize and bribe members of Parliament to elect him as Prime Minister and establish a new phantom party. He is a liar and does not hold a doctorate, but did not complete his high school studies

Abyei Ahmed is the head of a mafia hired, financed and supported by the Nobel Prize for crime

اسرائيل تحارب التقراي بالعملاء

من فضلك استمع لي بعناية. إن زعماء أورومو – أمهرة – تقرينيا سيطلقون قصف جوي على تيقراي ويعيدونها إلى العصر الحجري ليس بسبب صراع سياسي أو عسكري ولكن بسبب تاريخ وتراث وشخصية شعب تيغراي. سوف يمتد القتال بالتأكيد إلى منطقة عفر.

يخدم قادة أورومو-أمهرة-تقرينية أوامر إسرائيل لتدمير تيقراي بنفس الطريقة التي يدمر بها العملاء الآخرون العراق وسوريا واليمن لمحو الأدلة التي تكشف عن الأصل الحقيقي للإسرائيليين الأفارقة وخصومهم من اليهود الآسيويين.

الطريقة الوحيدة لإنقاذ تيقراي وعفر هي السعي للحصول على دعم من مصر وحلفائها. يرجى بدء حملة دولية لوقف القصف واتخاذ الترتيبات لحماية منطقتي تيغراي وعفر من الاعتداءات اليهودية والعملاء.

الرق هو الذي قسم التقراي واقام حكم اسر الامهرا من الترك وكذلك اقام حكم التقرينية والتقري من الاعراب وكلا الامهرا والتقرينية مع التقري هم شعب تقراي وما تغير هم الاسر الحاكمة الاقطاعية المشتغلة بالرق فقط.

الاورومو هم خليط كبير جدا متنوع كونه رق الامهرا يودوا ان يحكموا اسيادهم السابقين الامهرا لكن ابيي احمد رغم انه من الاروموا لكن يعلم استحالة ذلك الان لفارق الثروة والسلطة والتعليم بين الامهرا والاورومو. لذا هو يختلف مع اهله الاورومو في التوقيت فقط ولكن يستخدم الاروموا كوسيلة ضغط وارهاب لصالحه

ابيي احمد ارهابي مجرم وهو من اغتال مليس زيناوي ودبر اعمال العنف الطائفي العرقي بواسطة عصابات الاروموا ليتولي السلطة ويرهب ويرشوا اعضاء البرلمان لينتخبوه رئيس وزراء ويقيم حزب وهمي جديد. هو مجرم كاذب ولايحمل دكتوراة بل لم يكمل دراسته الثانوية. ابيي احمد هو رئيس عصابة عينته مافيا دولية ومولته ودعمته بجائزة نوبل للاجرام

Why Amhara and Oromo are fighting the Tigray?

The criminal slave master and mass murderer Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) destroyed Ethiopia for 45 years and created a class of feudal criminals and the Amhara and Oromo were quiet and are calling him hero.

The Tigray liberated Ethiopia from Tafari Makonnen and from Marxist Dereg and they kept dismantling the class made by evil collaborators and servants of Tafari Makonnen in Amhara and Oromo for the sake of God and the peoples.

Now the evil class of criminal collaborators and servants of Amhara and Oromo are revenging from the Tigray. Accusing the Tigray of crimes are clear lies while they liberated Ethiopia from the real criminals.

But no problem the Tigray now want to leave slavery and feudal masters and victims to rule the rest of Ethiopia. And the Tigray want to go on their own way and rule themselves. You know that the Tigray are fed up with Amhara and Oromo and don’t want to live with you.

So, what is the problem of Amhara and Oromo???? Let the Tigray rule themselves; and you Amhara and Oromo fight each other and control others.

لماذا يقاتل الأمهرة والأورومو ضد التيقراي؟

صائد وتاجر الرق المجرم والقاتل الجماعي تافاري ماكونين (هيلا سيلاسي) دمر إثيوبيا لمدة 45 عامًا وخلق طبقة من المجرمين الإقطاعيين وكان الأمهرة والأورومو هادئين ويطلقون عليه البطل.

حررت التيقراي إثيوبيا من تافاري ماكونين ومن العسكر الماركسيين واستمروا في تفكيك الطبقة التي صنعها المتعاونون الأشرار وخدم تفاري ماكونين في الأمهرة والأورومو من أجل الله والشعوب.

الآن الطبقة الشريرة من المتعاونين المجرمين والاتباع من الأمهرة والأورومو ينتقمون من تيقراي. واتهام التيجراي بارتكاب جرائم هي أكاذيب واضحة بينما التجراي قاموا بتحرير إثيوبيا من المجرمين الحقيقيين.

ولكن لا توجد مشكلة. يريد التيجراي الآن ترك اعوان العبودية والإقطاعية والضحايا ليحكموا بقية إثيوبيا. ويريد التيجراي أن يمضي في طريقه ويحكم نفسه. والجميع يعلم أن تيجراي سئموا من افعال الأمهرة والأورومو ولا يريدون العيش معهم.

اذن ما هي مشكلة الامهرة و الاورومو ؟؟؟؟ دع التيجراي يحكمون أنفسهم ؛ وليذهب الأمهرة والأورومو يتقاتلوا ويتحكموا في الآخرين.

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