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Levant Amorites and Turkic Khazars Hyksos holding citizenship papers for 2000 years are secretly fighting Upper Kemet in many forms from within and abroad

King Menes, the King of Ta-Wer province (capital is Abydos), which is currently SohaJ Province, led in 3150 BC an army consisting of soldiers and civilians from 22 provinces stretching from Aswan to Giza to expel Levantine Bedouin infiltrators who used to commit crimes and hide in the swamps and bushes of the delta.

The Levantine Amorite Bedouin infiltrators have been corrupting, sabotaging and criminalizing in the Delta and North Kemet for 6000 years. Kemet repeatedly expelled them, and the Levant Amorites, who later invented the Semite myth, by twisting Sham to Sam, in 600 BC in Babylon within the process of inventing Hebrew Jews, Judaism to colonize Ugarit (Eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea), repeatedly returned, and inflicting all forms of harm, crime and immorality.

King Menes decided to put a final solution to the attrition, sabotage, and obscenity committed by the Bedouins of the Levant and hurt Kemet, especially in the Northern provinces near Giza. Indeed, King Menes succeeded in expelling the Levant Bedouins from the swamps and bushes of the Delta

In order to completely secure Kemet and stop the return of the Levant Bedouins to the Delta, King Menes established 20 military garrisons; each garrison led by a high officer from the Kemet army and supported by soldiers and citizens of the Kemet people

King Menes called and encouraged the citizens of the Upper Kemet provinces to move to the cleared delta, carry out reclamation, construction, and settle there to support the new military garrisons in the delta in their struggle against the infiltration of the Levant Bedouins.

Indeed, citizens and soldiers from Upper Kemet settled in the entire delta. Therefore, in the origin of all the farmers, workers and simple toiling citizens in the delta today, they are originally from Upper Kemet, and they are 100% original indigenous

In honor and tribute to the wisdom, victories and achievements of King Menes, the kings of the 22 counties of Kemet chosen him to be the King of Kings. Kemet became unified state for the first time and consisted of 22 royal provinces plus 20 new military garrisons founded by King Menes. This was never the unification of two countries, as Hyksos and traitors claim

The Bedouin Amorite and Turkic and their agents, workers and slaves, especially the Fulani, Berbers, Romans, Persians, Kurds and Sabaeans, constantly and vigorously promote until today that the citizens of the delta are the offspring of foreign occupiers from several nations and passers-by, and they weave in theories and evidence.

In addition, the wars of the Bedouins of the Levant and the Turks, which together are the Hyksos, Hebrews, and Zionists, did not stop at questioning the authenticity of the Delta of Kemet. Rather, the wars of the Bedouins of the Levant and the Turks included continuous infiltration, which led to the overthrow of the Kingdom of Kemet in 343 BC and the occurrence of occupation of Kemet for 2356 continuous years

In 2013, the people of Kemet began to liberate themselves and their state from the Levantine Hyksos and the Turks and their followers. However, it is very clear that the struggle to liberate Kemet from the remnants of the Hyksos is facing obstacles, difficulties and dangerous conspiracies from within Kemet and from its external sources.

The long periods of Hyksos occupation of Kemet were of many shapes, names, claims and gangs, including corrupt religious and historical allegations. In addition to questioning the origin of the people of the Delta and claiming that King Menes united two countries, we find the Hyksos using Al-Azhar, Coptic, terrorism and the media.

However, the greatest danger that threatens and destroys Upper Kemet, and all of it, comes from economic marginalization, cultural corruption and moral decay. Individuals who have power, wealth, influence in the economy, ministries, parliaments, universities, art and security carry out plans of neglect marginalization, defamation and dissolution.

The industry of poverty, high prices, discrimination, nepotism, falsification of history, theft and neglect of antiquities, deliberate exploitation of workers, farmers and tenants, resistance to land ownership and reclamation, raising media fake issues and cooperating with hostile organizations have become weapons and industries in the hands of the inland Hyksos. Political parties are infiltrated and pose serious threats.

To protect Upper and all Kemet in the eastern and western deserts and Sinai, and to secure and advance the national liberation and the renaissance of Kemet, which began in 2013, an organized, conscious and strong effort is required, supported by the presidency, the army and the people. What is required is an integrated, well-thought-out and strategic action, not short and vague words and actions

The complete liberation of Kemet from the Egyptian-Hebrew-Syrian-Turkic-Zionist project will only succeed by restoring the name of Kemet, the identity of Kemet, the history of Kemet, the heritage of Kemet, the history and truth of the One Religion and the heavenly messages of all nations, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Actions are needed to stop backwardness, terrorism and looting in the name of false religions

It is not permissible, unreasonable and unacceptable for the leaders of Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to stand by and watch the overt and covert threats and attacks that the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos are doing from within Kemet and from abroad.  The target of the Hyksos is against all the peoples and countries of the region, Africa and Europe and not they are not targeting only Kemet.

Love, trust and greetings to the people, land and army of Kemet

There is no trust in Sisi, Madbouly, his ministers, managers, businesspersons, parties, the judiciary, security and intelligence in Egypt

Due to the presence of eminent and serious threats, facing the newly born process of liberation from 2350 years of Amorite Hebrew Jewish-Turkic Khazar Zionist Hyksos colonization, and from the IMF, Kemet cannot trust or rely on other than collective leadership of its armed forces and patriotic civilians.

The present and at least for the coming two decades hold no place or role for Sisi, Madbouly, his ministers, managers, businesspersons, political parties, the judiciary, religious, security and intelligence organizations in Kemet


The nationality of the new colonies does not equal a falafel sandwich

I did not know much or interested in the history of Canada 🇨🇦 until I researched the history of the Vikings.

I discovered that the Vikings are a number of Nordic criminals, meaning the North Germans, specifically in Scandinavia.

Turkic Mongolian Khazars collected criminals in the year 750 AD, and the Nordic criminals were led by Turkic Mongolian Khazars , who also made the Ashkenazim.

Before the Turkic Mongolian Khazars invade Scandinavia, they had invaded northern Germany 🇩🇪 and Denmark, and the Angles, Saxon and Jut tribes fled from them to Britain in 450 AD.

In the year 1000 AD, the Viking pirates and their leaders, the Ashkenazi Turkic Mongolian Khazars invaded eastern Britain, as they pirated and invaded the North Atlantic and reached Canada and America

The pirates since 1000 AD looted Canada and America for 500 years, believing, ignorantly and foolishly, that they are looting eastern India and the people are red Indians 🤣

Belonging to Canada is a waste of history and civilization, unless the person already has no origin, history and civilization and is willing to contribute to organized crime

I will not swap a falafel sandwich in exchange for the passports of Canada, America, Australia and Switzerland combined

If Hitler knew these facts he could had planned efficiently and won with a different type and scale of war

The Biggest Secret is that Turkic Khazar Abbasids made Nordic Vikings Mamluks

Nordic Vikings are indeed Turkic Khazar Abbasids Mamluks. Turkic Khazar Abbasids brought Hebrew Phoenician piracy to Nordic outlaws. The process of turning Nordic outlaws to pirates serving Turkic Khazar Abbasids created the Vikings.

Amorite Hyksos Hebrews used the same process of making Mamluks gangs before in 750 BC to create the Romans from south European outlaws and by those they together pirated all the Mediterranean Sea and raided its coasts.

The coalition of Turkic Khazar Abbasids masters with their Nordic Vikings Mamluks of the Turkic Khazar Abbasids made all the rulers, regimes and wealthy in Northern, Central and Western Europe; while the Roman Mamluks of the Amorite Hyksos Hebrews

The Crusades were simply wars waged by Amorite Hyksos Hebrews Mamluks aided by Turkic Khazar Abbasids Mamluks and supported by Turkic Khazar Abbasids against all Aegean Europeans who followed the teachings of Jesus and tried to protect and visit the Holy Lands.

There is no more important secret in the world other than the true origin and history of the Nordic Vikings Mamluks are their masters the Turkic Khazar Abbasids. World security, prosperity and peace depend solely on dealing with this dangerous issue.

Nordic Vikings are Turkic Abbasids Mumluks. Romans are Amorite Hebrews Mamluks. Europe and the Americas are Turkic and Mamluks colonies. The world is in the grip of Turks and Mamluks European

The world is under the illusion that the Abbasids ended up in their eastern colonies in 1258 and in the western colonies in 1517. No, the Abbasids are still strong, but they moved from their eastern colonies first and then the western, with a plan from them, to Europe and the Americas.

The Abbasids rule Europe and the Americas from that time until today by their Mamluks of outlawed Europeans, and the crimes of their organizations with multi-name, multi-form and places devastate the whole world.

National, Regional and International Security Strategies to confront all Dangers

To face any problem, disease, danger or threat, whether in development, terrorism or peace, it is necessary to plan and work in five specific, clear and necessary axes together, and they are:

1. Availability of will treatment and 2. Knowledge of the problem and 3. Awareness of the causes and 4. Regulating the environment and 5. Integrated resistance and 6. Collective control and 7. Commitment and seriousness

Zionism is the most serious national, regional and international problem and disease, and national, regional and global security strategies must be confronted it.

It is necessary to activate, revitalize and strengthen the national, regional and global security agencies and advisories in all countries because they perform the roles of the Ministry of Health in the areas of national, regional and global security.

Any Politics without Deep Knowledge of History is like flying a Plane without Knowing Geography

When we feel sick 1. We decide with free will that we need treatment and go to a hospital, then 2. Tests are done to know the problem, then 3. We gain awareness of the causes of the disease, then 4. We organize our surroundings to stop the causes, then 5. We support the body’s natural resistance to disease and then 6. We fight the disease whether with medication or a surgical procedure, then 7. We commit and be serious in regulating our surroundings and in treatment until the disease is gone

True history confirms that the Romans were from Hyksos Hebrew Levant Amorites

True history confirms that the Vikings were from Turkic Mongolian Far-Asia Khazar

Only Both the Romans and the Vikings made world colonization, slavery and piracy

Guidelines for Studying and Discovering the True History of the World

Whoever wants to know the history of all the nations of the world should look into the history of the Amorite gangs of Levant and Turkic Mongolians in East Asia. The raids of these two gang groups first resulted in forming the Akkadian gangs in 2334 BC and then the Hyksos gangs in 1670 BC. The expelled Hyksos branched into the gangs of the Hebrews, the Mitanni, the Kassites and the Mukarribs in 1523 BC.

Then you move to the history of the bands of the Amorite Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, who produced the bands of the Amorites Hebrews Romans in 753 BC. The history of the Amorites Hebrews Roman gangs extends to the fall of the Amorites and the establishment of the Turkic Ottoman colonies in 1300 AD, followed by the colony of Turkey

In 550 BC, the Eastern Turkic Mongolian gangs formed the colony of Persia, which invaded and occupied all of the Middle East. After that, the history of all the peoples of the world is linked to the Xiongnu gangs who appeared in 300 BC.

They were also from East Asia and they made several gangs, such as Turkic Khanates, including the Khazars in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. This group invaded the Han people and changing their name to China. They also invaded and changed the name of Bharata to India

In the year 660 AD, the Hebrew Amorites formed the Umayyad colonies. In 750 AD, the Turkic Mongols overthrew the Amorites and formed the Abbasids’ colonies, and at the same time, the Turkic Khazars in the Caucasus started the invasion and occupation of central and northern Europe.

And the Turkic Mongols Khazar gangs produced the Vikings gangs who are called Normans in Western Europe the, and from them all the ruling class, kings, wealthy and feudal lords were formed in Western Europe until today, and these are called the West and the Westerners

Some Norman Vikings gangs reached the Iberian Peninsula, which is Portugal and Spain in southwestern Europe. After expelling them in 1492 AD, the Turkic Mongolians began to invade and occupy the Americas.

The Norman Viking Turkic Mongolians divided their colonies in the Americas into territories belong to each colony of the Norman Viking Turkic ruling regime that occupies a part of Europe.

Intense hunting for peoples and human trafficking campaigns in Europe and Africa by Norman Turkic Mongolians followed the occupation of the Americas. They shipped slaves to the various Norman Turkic Mongolian colonial settlements in the Americas.

Hebrew Amorites agents and merchants, with Moorish and Fulani gangs provided for Norman Viking Turkic Mongolian ships. Hebrew Amorites, with Moorish and Fulani gangs carried out the chases and the actual hunting, and were the supply of agents and dealers in the ports of West Africa.

The truth about the Crusades

The Crusaders were Amorites Hebrew Romans targeting primarily the Byzantines, who were Europeans from the peoples of the Aegean and Balkans. Most of the Crusaders’ victims were Europeans

The second goal of the Crusaders was within the framework of the permanent contest and conflict with the Turkic Mongolians, including the Abbasid Khazars, who represented the second party of the Hyksos.

Therefore, the battlefield had four parties, namely 1. The common enemy of the Crusaders and the Abbasids, and they are the Byzantine Europeans.

In contrast to the Byzantines, there are three parties agreeing and conflicting: 1. The Romans, who are Amorite Hebrew Jews, and 2. The Turkic Mongolians, the Khazar Jews, who invented the Ashkenazi Jews in 750 AD and 3. The other side of the older Turkic Mongols, including the Persians, the Abbasids and the Kurds

Arabs and Europeans must keep mourning after Hyksos Colonization since 1500 BC

People think wrongly that European nations controlled their states; and Europeans colonized many parts of the world. This is indeed Turkic Khazar propaganda.

Poor Europeans were colonized and subjugated since the Amorite Hebrew Romans in 753 BC; and more widely with the addition of the Turkic Khazar Vikings in 800 AD;

then totally with the implementation of International Zionism in 1850 then the Zionist European Union

The Norman yoke is a term denoting the oppressive aspects of feudalism in England, attributed to the impositions of William the Conqueror, the first Norman Viking king of England, his retainers and their descendants. The term was used in English nationalist and democratic discourse from the mid-17th century.

Norman Britain is a Turkic Mongolian colony

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute fled their homeland in Germany and Denmark to Brittan escaping the Turkic Mongolian raids since 400 AD.

The plains of Poland and Ukraine were under Turkic attacks. The reason for fleeing Germany and Denmark was not floods or seeking farming lands as falsely claimed in most books.

The Turkic Mongolian raiders went and defeated the Norway and made piracy fleet and was called Viking from the word pagan.

Turkic Khazars Viking went after the escaped Anglo-Saxon-Jute in Britain and kept attacking it until they defeated the Anglo-Saxon-Jute and Britons in 1066 AD. The Turkic Mongolian invasion is falsely called the Norman Conquest.

All the rulers of Britain since that time are amalgamation of Turkic Mongolians and collaborators

Levant Bedouins Amorites Hebrew Hyksos colonized the Arabs then made Rome and the Romans in 753 BC and colonized Europe.

Then Turkic Mongolian Khazars nomads from East Asia colonized the both the Arabs and Europe.

Amorites used Arabic and Turkic Mongolians used European languages. Both heterogeneous gangs went on for very long time colonizing different parts of the world since 700 BC and more widely after 800 AD.

The Amorite and Turkic colonizers under many labels claim their colonialism is Arabic and European

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute fled in 400 AD from Turkic Mongolians

Actually, today’s European ruling power is not European at all. The Anglo-Saxon-Jute settlers in Britain were certainly civilian Germanic refugees fleeing their homeland from Turkic Mongolian attacks since 400 AD.

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute did not see the fertile plains of Poland and Ukraine as safe choices because the problem was not floods as claimed in many sources trying to hide the Turkic assaults on Europe including the Anglo-Saxon-Jute since the alleged Indo-European Migrations.

The fleeing Anglo-Saxon-Jute created a power vacuum in north Germany which the Turkic Mongolian raiders filled by installing their own Turkic regimes and Germanic collaborators.

After the Turkic Mongolian controlled north Germany, they attacked Scandinavia and created piracy fleet called Vikings. The Vikings followed the Anglo-Saxon-Jute settlers in Britain and defeated them in the Norman Conquest.

The duke of Normandy was the ruler of the Duchy of Normandy in north-western France. The duchy arose out of a grant of land to the Viking leader Rollo by the French king Charles III in 911. In 924 and again in 933, Normandy was expanded by royal grant.

The Norman Conquest was the military conquest of England by William, duke of Normandy, primarily effected by his decisive victory at the Battle of Hastings (October 14, 1066) and resulting ultimately in profound political, administrative, and social changes in the British.

The control over France, continental Europe and the fall of Britain to Turkic Vikings and their collaborators marked the total fall of Europe in the hands of Turkic Mongolians from that date until today.

The final form of Turkic Mongolian hegemony over Europe switched from obsolete decorative waning monarchs to the Zionist European Union

The Fall of Western Europeans and the Han Nation Following the Viking Age

Khazars are not an ethic group of a nation, they are like cowboys, and they are a global phenomenon originated from the Far East. They controlled and formed subject groups including the Vikings and that led the creations of all monarchs including the Windsor of UK.

The Viking Age (793–1066 AD) led to the monarchs of the High Middle Ages, or High Medieval Period, the period of European history that lasted from around 1000 AD to the 1300s. The High Middle Ages preceded by the Early Middle Ages and were followed by the Late Middle Ages, which ended around AD 1500

The Turkic Khazars attacked Western Europe coming via Northern Europe. The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos attacked Western Europe in the form of Romans. The Hyksos since 1670 BC were a coalition between 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolian.

There Were Indeed Blacks in Han that became China called Chinese

The Mongol-led Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) ruled before the establishment of the Ming dynasty of Han origin (1368–1644). The Javans sent 300 black slaves as tribute to the Ming dynasty in 1381. When the Ming dynasty crushed the Miao Rebellions in 1460, they castrated 1,565 Miao boys, which resulted in the deaths of 329 of them. They turned the survivors into eunuch slaves. The Guizhou Governor who ordered the castration of the Miao was reprimanded and condemned by Emperor Yingzong of Ming for doing it once the Ming government heard of the event. Since 329 of the boys died, they had to castrate even more. On 30 Jan 1406, the Ming Yongle Emperor expressed horror when the Ryukyuans castrated some of their own children to become eunuchs to give them to Yongle. Yongle said that the boys who were castrated were innocent and didn’t deserve castration, and he returned the boys to Ryukyu and instructed them not to send eunuchs again.

Ming rulers, as a way of limiting slavery because of their inability to prohibit it, passed a decree that limited the number of slaves that could be held per household and extracted a severe tax from slave owners. The case of black Chinese is related to Turkic Mongolian colonization over the Han who are the vast majority in what became China. The colonizers brought black African slaves as they did in the Americas, Europe and wherever they invaded.

Natural differences in features and color occur in any nation as scattered and ancient cases not like in slavery and invasions. World colonial history is dominated by Portuguese. People will assume wrongly that these so-called Portuguese are Europeans. Colonial Portuguese as well as Viking are indeed Turkic Mongolian of Khazar origin. Although the African community in China seems to be a quite recent phenomenon, African migrants in fact first appeared in southern China in the second half of the sixteenth century, when pioneer Portuguese navigators arrived and settled in Macao (Morais, 2009, 1–19).

Africans were assigned as galleys in the trading ships that sailed from Macao to Portugal’s posts in India and Japan; they were also employed in private households or at Jesuit missions in southern China. Some Africans who came to China as slaves served under Chinese forces or became pirates who ravaged Chinese coasts (Show, 1988, 250).

Despite the abolition of slavery in 1878, African migrants from Mozambique, Guinea and Angola continued to arrive in Macao, where they served in the Portuguese colonial army as soldiers guarding the governor’s palace (Morais, 2009, 5). The Portuguese government kept these African troops in Macao until 1975. The African soldiers left the territory to return to their newly formed home countries.

Victory by History Battalion

The discovery of the site and ruins of the real Jerusalem, which contained King Solomon’s Temple, would have grave and devastating effects on the claims and narratives of the Talmud/Hebrew Bible, the Amorite Hebrew Jews of the Levant, and the Khazar-Turkic Mongolian Zionism.

The discovery of the real Jerusalem will also result in the demise of the pagan Umayyad Amorite Islam, the Abbasid Turkic Mongolian pagan Islam, the Amorite Hebrew Roman Christianity, the Zionist entity, Judaism, all religious organizations and beliefs, all the prevailing history of humanity and the claims of Palestine

These discoveries will be the final blow to religious charlatanism, gangs of terrorism, corruption and internal disintegration

The geopolitical map will completely change in the interest of the security of all the peoples of the region

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