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Carthage and Rome were Amorite Syrian Hebrew Colonies

Attacks from Amorite Hebrew Syrians together with some Berber severely damaged Europe from the South since 750 BC and escalated by Turkic Mongolians attacks from the East since 750 AD

The first Rome was a miserable, very backward small village that appeared in 753 BC by a small pirate gang of Amorite Syrian Hebrews invaded Italy, and with some Berbers, coming from Carthage through Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. Turkic Mongols made the Ashkenazim who formed the Vikings and Europe rulers

The fall of the entire Mediterranean and its widespread consequences began following the expulsion of the Hyksos from Kmt (Ancient Egypt) in 1523 BC. The Hyksos and before them the Akkadians were partnership between Bedouin Amorites bands on foot and nomadic Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses.

Amorite bands composed 90% of the Akkadians and the Hyksos. They kept relentlessly invading the wealthy and civilized nations of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha and looting trade routes in the Levant and Arabia connecting theses nations since 3500 BC.

Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses constituted 10% of the Akkadians and the Hyksos. Before expanding westward and raiding Iran and Sumer and meeting Amorites, Turkic Mongolian gangs were adamantly ambushing and looting the wealthy and civilized nations of Han and Scythia in East Asia since 3500 BC.

Sumer expelled the Akkadians who colonized it (2334 – 2154 BC). The Amorite-Turkic Akkadians fled west to the Levant and their raids on trade routes became stronger with the new Turkic usage of horses. The Akkadians also learned from Sumer the wheel and chariots. They used horses in chariots instead of bulls or donkeys for war. Using the new weapon the Akkadians colonized north Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC).

Kmt called the Akkadians “Hyksos” and their Turkic rulers “Pharaohs”. Most of the expelled Hyksos fled east to the Levant but considerable number of Hyksos became stranded in North Africa around Carthage. The expelled and the stranded two parts of the Hyksos kept trying to reconnect to work together.

The expelled Hyksos branched into four gangs. 1. Hebrews against Ugarit (the entire Eastern coast of the Mediterranean); 2. Mitanni against Ebla (Syria); 3. Kassites against Sumer (Iraq); and 4. Mukarribs against the Arabs in all Arabia. In 600 BC, those gangs turned into 1. Hebrew Jews; 2. Kurds; 3. Babylonians; and 4. Sabaeans. The Hyksos renamed gangs after they defeated Kmt and Assyria in the Battle of Carchemish 

In 1450 BC, the Hebrews and the Mitanni made an agreement with Thutmose III and they raided and colonized Ugarit and Ebla. Phoenicia was the Hebrews’ new colony in Ugarit. Hebrews used the unique expertise and knowledge of Ugarit in shipbuilding, geography, sailing, and trading to create and own piracy fleets to raid the Mediterranean, create colonies and reconnect with the stranded Hyksos in Carthage who were looting North and West Africa.

By 1200 BC, Amorite Hebrew piracy gave them unchallenged control over all the Mediterranean islands and coasts. Amorite Hebrew pirates attacked and weakened North Africans and Southern Europeans and most of them fled inlands. Hebrews kept following and attacking the fleeing Europeans. These attacks resulted in Troy Wars, the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC and the Sea Pirates/ People.

In 800 BC, Amorite Hebrew pirates moved into Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia to prepare to invade Italy and create a base in southern Europe facing Carthage in North Africa. In 753 BC, Amorite Hebrew pirates with African and European slaves and mercenaries created a miserable, backward small village calling it Rome. From this village the Roman Empire and Age came without history or civilization


Defining terrorism and Ukraine reveals the differences between the intruder West and authentic Europe

Terrorism is defined as all kinds of crimes, whether armed, religious or not, committed by organized gangs from the Amorite Levant and their Turkic Mongolian partners from East Asia in any field plus West African Fulani groups and their branches in the World

The causes and objectives of Russian operations in Ukraine

Russian military operations in Ukraine is between Europe and the West and are aimed at

First, to protect Russia from Ukraine becoming a base for attacks with various types of Western weapons, means and programs against European Russia

Secondly, to save Ukraine from the domination of the Turkic Ashkenazi, which began in 740 AD when the Abbasids agreed with the Khazars to establish the Ashkenazim and raid Eastern Europe, as well as the removal of the Hebrew-Jewish Amorites from their colony of Canaan

And third, to help European peoples to restore sovereignty and national states from globalization used by the West, represented by the European Union and NATO

The current crisis in Ukraine clearly and powerfully reveals the differences between the intrusive West and authentic Europe. It is never permissible to describe Europeans as Westerners, nor to blame Europeans for the crimes of the West

Currently Ukraine is a colony of Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazim Khazars and Putin is trying to liberate the people of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky is the first Jewish president of Ukraine. The prime minister of the government is Volodymyr Groysman, also an Ashkenazi Jew.

Ukraine is the first country, with the exception of Israel, to have a head of state and prime minister who are both of Jewish origin.

Jews make up only 0.2% of Ukraine’s population but they have held all power and corporations since the creation of the state of Ukraine in 1991.

The concentration of power and wealth in Ukraine increased after they staged a foreign-financed coup that overthrew the elected national head of state in 2014.

Since 2014, all the heads of state of Ukraine and prime ministers of Ukraine are Ashkenazi Jews, Khazar Turkic Mongols, in completely or in part, although the Jewish population is only two people out of every thousand Ukrainian citizens

The people of Ukraine consist of the following groups: Ukrainian 77.8%, Russian 17.3%, Belarusian 0.6%, Moldavian 0.5%, Crimean Tatar 0.5%, Bulgarian 0.4%, Hungarian 0.3%, Romanian 0.3%, Polish 0.3%, Jewish 0.2%, other 1.8% (2001 est.)

Ukraine, in its current state, is an entity affiliated with the Jewish entity, the global Ashkenazi Zionism, and the Turkic Mongolian groups in the world.

أوكرانيا حاليا هي مستعمرة تركمنغول خزر أشكيناز وبوتين يحاول تحرير شعب أوكرانيا

فولوديمير زيلينسكي هو أول رئيس يهودي لأوكرانيا. ورئيس وزراء الحكومة هو فولوديمير غرويسمان وهو يهودي أشكيناز أيضا.

أوكرانيا هي الدولة الأولى، باستثناء إسرائيل، التي لديها رئيس دولة ورئيس وزراء كلاهما من أصل يهودي.

يشكل اليهود 0.2٪ فقط من سكان أوكرانيا ولكنهم يمتلكون كل السلطة والشركات منذ قيام دولة أوكرانيا عام 1991. ازداد تركيز السلطة والثروة في أوكرانيا بعد قيامهم بانقلاب ممول من الخارج أسقط رئيس الدولة الوطنية المنتخب عام 2014

منذ 2014 وكل رؤساء دولة أوكرانيا ورؤساء وزراء أوكرانيا هم يهود اشكيناز خزر تركمنغول بالكامل او جزئيا بالرغم من ان تعداد اليهود هو شخصين من كل ألف مواطن أوكراني

يتكون الشعب في أوكرانيا من المجموعات التالية: الأوكرانية 77.8٪، الروسية 17.3٪، البيلاروسية 0.6٪، المولدوفية 0.5٪، تتار القرم 0.5٪، البلغارية 0.4٪، المجرية 0.3٪، الرومانية 0.3٪، البولندية 0.3٪، اليهودية 0.2٪، الأخرى 1.8٪ (تقديرات عام 2001)

أوكرانيا بوضعها الحالي هي كيان تابع للكيان اليهودي وللصهيونية الأشكنازية العالمية وللمجموعات التركمنغولية في العالم

Dealing in the world necessarily requires knowing the truth of the Abbasids and the Vikings

Knowledge of the Vikings is not only necessary for understanding Russian military operations in Ukraine but for understanding the struggle of powers in Eastern, Central and Western Europe. Rather, it is necessary to understand the causes and results of the two world wars, the origins of the royal families in Europe, the emergence of Britain and revolutions, as well as the colonization of the Americas.

Less than 1300 years ago, specifically in the year 740 AD, an event equivalent to the beginning of a series of global nuclear explosions shaped the current conditions in politics, economy, security and governance for all the peoples of the world. In that fateful year, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols in the Levant, and the Khazar Turkic Mongols in the North Caucasus agreed to work together to seize all of Europe and the Middle East, which escalated to become a hegemony over the whole world.

With this agreement, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols, established a bloody state for them (750 – 1517 AD) and brutally destroyed their old partners, the Umayyads, the backward Amorites (660 – 750 AD). In the time of the Abbasids, the entire Muhammadan message (610-660 AD) was forged and hijacked and replaced with a religious, political, colonial plan, claiming that it was a religion and that its name was Islam. Abbasid Islam is still dominant and is used today for occupation, expansion and terrorism

In order for the minority Turkic Mongols to overthrow the Umayyad Umayyads, the majority and establish a colony, the Abbasids requested Khazars and agreed to provide them with some of their soldiers, mercenaries and Caucasian slaves. After overthrowing the Umayyads in 750 AD, the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols, pushed the Amorites to the west and south in North Africa, Yemen, Abyssinia and Andalusia. The Turkic Mongols monopolized the Levant, Iraq, the eastern Mediterranean, Iran, central and western Asia and the southern Caucasus.

The Amorite colony in the south of Ugarit (Canaan) was under the occupation of a faction of the Amorites, the Hebrew Jews. In order for the Abbasids, the Turkic Mongols to be able to evacuate and disperse the Hebrew Jews, they settled and replaced some of the Khazars of the Turkic Mongols in the colony of Canaan, and thus appeared what is known as the Western Ashkenazi Jews and the very start of Zionism

The Turkic Mongols Abbasids promoted the claims of Amorite Hebrew Jews that the city of Aelia, the city of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Jesus holy sites, is the same as the lost city of Jerusalem, which contains the Temple of King Solomon and was the capital of the Kingdom of Israel to justify the occupation of the Amorite Hyksos and the Turkic Mongols, and with them Palestine, to southern Ugarit. The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids supported the claims of the Arabism of the Amorites, Palestine, and the Israeliness of the Jews, and a false conflict between them

Coinciding with the conquest of the Middle East by the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, the conquest of the vast, rich and fertile steppes of Ukraine and Poland by their Turkic Mongolian Khazar partners from North Caucasus. The peoples of Eastern Europe, known as the Antis, were shocked by the brutality of the Khazar gangs, and they gathered to protect each other and established an alliance state called Great Moravia (833-907 AD) to protect the Antis peoples of Eastern Europe, who were later called the Slavs, a reference to slavery. Moravia protected the Scandinavian countries for some time from the Khazars in Ukraine and their associates, the Hungarian-Turkic-Mongol gangs that ravaged the Balkans.

Scandinavia is a peninsula and a region in northern Europe consisting of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, but on a large scale, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands are added. The Nordic or Norman region is the broader region and includes broad Scandinavia as well as Greenland, Jan Mayen Island and Svalbard. The Normans of Nordic were peaceful skilled merchants and sailors with all the Antis peoples of Eastern Europe. With the conquest of the North Caucasus by the Khazars in 750 AD to all of Ukraine and Poland, extensive wars began between the Normans and the Turkic Mongolian Khazars about the Norman trade with the Antes.

The Khazars continued to attack the Balkans and the Norman Scandinavian coasts. The battles resulted in great losses among the Normans. With the collapse of the Norman resistance, the Turkic Khazar gangs moved in and formed Viking pirate gangs and used the Normans’ expertise and resources to create pirate fleets and campaigns. The Great Moravian Collapse (833-907AD) was followed by the peak period of Viking pirate gang activity (793-1066AD).

Only after the collapse of Great Moravia did the Turkic Khazars, who became Ashkenazi Jews, launch extensive land raids on all of Europe with Magyars gangs and on the seas through the formation of Viking piracy, the conquest of the seas using the expertise and resources of Norman Scandinavians. In addition, all the coasts of Western Europe, especially England and France, fell into the hands of the Turkic Khazars Vikings, the Ashkenazi Jews, and the ruling authorities of the Ashkenazi Khazars were formed in Western Europe.

Normans actually did not make Viking gangs. The Turkic Mongolian Khazars included elements of the Normans, and historians believed and misled by saying the Vikings pirates were of Scandinavian Norman origin. The Vikings were more Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazi-Khazar than Scandinavian Norman.

The Amorite Hyksos of the Hebrews occupied Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and made the colony of Phoenicia, which destroyed the Mediterranean and overthrew the countries and civilizations of the Aegean, Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily, and the conquest and settlement of Italy and the establishment of the colony of Rome in 753 BC, from which the Romans and the Vatican appeared

What fell on the Normans by diverting their experiences and resources of a people working in trade and at sea into piracy happened before in 1200 BC. Where the Hebrews Amorites Hyksos of the occupied Ugarit, which is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and made the Phoenicia colony for piracy.

Phoenicia destroyed the Mediterranean and overthrew the countries and civilizations of the Aegean, Carthage, Numidia, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily. It made conquest and settlement in Italy and the establishment of the colony of Rome village in 753 BC, from which the Romans, the Vatican. Those were partners with Turkic Persians, Turks as well as Amorites Hebrew Jews

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