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Secrets of Europe that Europeans do not know and that the world must know

The surprising certainty is that Europeans do not know the truth of their history since the invasions of gangs from around the Altai Mountains in East Asia to Europe and Western Asia in 2400 BC. The most strange and sad thing is that the Europeans did not know their history in all their famous and prestigious academic institutions, and the world did not know the history of Europe before the appearance of the Roman gangs in 753 BC, and that the origin of the Romans was not European, but rather they were from the Amorites, Bedouins of the Levant.

The world lives in a prevalent ignorance about the history of Europe in the Middle Ages and also the modern history of it since the emergence of Viking gangs in 800 AD. There is no clear opinion about the origin of the Vikings pirate gangs and the sudden events that preceded their appearance, which changed the history of Europe and the whole world without exception, and its effects are still present today, especially in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the European Union and NATO.

The peoples of the region and the world must know the realities of Europe’s secrets, because these secrets determine international policy relations, the validity of economic transactions, markets, and the influence of international institutions.

First, that the Akkadians and the Hyksos are the alliance of the Amorite Levant Bedouins with the Turkic Bedouins, started in 2334 BC in Sumer and repeated in 1670 BC in Kmt

Second, the Bedouins of the Levant are the Umayyads, the Hebrew Jews and the Romans. The Bedouins Turkic are the Abbasids, the Khazars, and the Zionists

And thirdly, the Vikings made the Khazar Zionists, kings, and the wealthy of Europe and the European Union. And the Turkic Vikings enslaved the Europeans and shipped them as slaves and forced labor and for reproduction and entertainment centuries before the slavery campaigns on Africans. European slaves were cheaper than African slaves.

Fourth, France, Britain, Canada and all the Americas invaded and occupied by the Turkic Vikings, Zionists Khazars a thousand years ago, and the Americas were not discovered by Columbus five hundred years ago, as is commonly believed

Fifthly, the Levantine Hyksos colonized the peoples of the region and claim that they are Arabs and that it was Arab occupation of those peoples while the Arabs were under the occupation of the Levant Amorites

Sixthly, the United States of America is not one coherent entity, but rather a place of two opposites. The conflict in the United States of America since the American Civil War is between a group of separatist Confederates, the Vikings, the first Turkic invaders, and the proponents of slavery and their followers, and the other group is the anti-slavery European Federalists and their associates.

Seventhly, the conflict between the Turkic Vikings and their followers and the other group, the Europeans and their partners, is still escalating in the form of the left-wing Liberal Democratic Party in the face of the right-wing conservative Republican Party.

Eighth, the terms “west” and “westerners” and “white man” mean the invaders from East Asia who swept the world with raids in the direction of the West, and not by the West and Western Europeans, whose color is closer to pink. The Scots and Irish people were brave, skilled and strong in fighting Turkic Vikings

And ninth, there is an undeclared association and alliance that includes the Democratic Turkic Vikings with the European Union and the kings and wealthy people of Europe, as well as the Chinese Communist Party. While the conservative Republican Europeans and their partners and the patriotic Han in the so-called China and the rest of the peoples have no organization

If the peoples of the world and Europe knew these nine secrets, they would be able to protect their security and economic interests and achieve comprehensive development. The processes of manufacturing and spreading epidemics, the production of viruses, globalization, weakening the sovereignty of the national state, inflation, and gangs of terrorism, religious forgery, and corruption of politics, the economy, sports, art and control of the media are orchestrated actions and they are symptoms of one disease and are not diseases in themselves.

Foreign and domestic policies, national and regional security strategies, economic and development management plans, and others must depend on a correct understanding of the history and the present and planning for the future based on the secrets of Europe that Europeans and the world do not know.

Mind cannot easily comprehend what the Turkic Mongolian & Levant Amorites gangs did to Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia and Asia. In the year 750 AD, the evil and criminality of the Turkic Mongolian gangs exploded in every direction in the world, from around Altai Mountains, and their gangs committed the atrocities of the Abbasids, the Khazars and the Vikings.

The Amorite Bedouins of the Levant, old partner of Turkic since the time of the Akkadians and Hyksos, participated in their crimes. The crimes and atrocities of the Turkic Mongolian gangs are still being committed in various forms all over the world today. They constitute the power and wealth of Europe and are regulated through the European Union, NATO, globalization organizations, CCP, banking, media, art, religion, sports, and universities.

Turkic Mongolian and Amorite gangs created numerous ruling regimes of foreign raiders. Those heterogeneous colonizing regimes are not tribes or ethnic groups at all. The subjects, slaves and vassals of any Turkic Mongolian and Amorite gangs must not be called by the name of the colonizing regimes.

Turkic Mongolian gangs created the Khazars, Kurds, Babylonians, Persians, Ashkenazi, Abbasids, Vikings, and Normans, cowboys, Turks, Amhara and many more. All these were colonizing ruling regimes made up of foreign savage raiders unrelated to the peoples and lands they conquered and colonized.

Amorite Levant gangs created the Hebrews, Sabaeans, Romans, Moors, Fulani, Fur, Ja’aleen, Tigrinya, and others in West Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. All these were colonizing ruling regimes made up of foreign savage raiders unrelated to the peoples and lands they conquered and colonized.

Where did Vikings originally come from? This question is about the warlords of the Vikings since the rest was certainly a mix. The correct answer is that the Vikings were from Turkic origins from their colonies in East Europe and Northern Caucasus. The claims of Baltic origin have no evidence in history and cultures.

The Vikings’ early expeditions in 10th Century to North America are well documented and accepted as historical fact by most scholars. Around the year 1000 A.D., the Viking explorer Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red, sailed to a place he called “Vinland,” in what is now the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

The homelands of the Vikings were in Scandinavia, but the countries of Scandinavia as we know them today did not exist until the end of the Viking Age. Those Turkic Vikings were the raiders and colonizers of Scandinavia, France, Britain, Canada and the rest of the Americas


What Happened and is Happening Today is Writing and Understanding History and the Present in Reverse

The real Arabs, as well as the real Europeans, did not commit any injustice towards any people in the world except for their submissiveness and falling victim to the Amorite Bedouin gangs of the Levant, including the Hyksos, Hebrews, Romans and Umayyads, as well as their defeat to the Turkic Mongolian gangs from the Bedouins of East Asia, including the Khazars, Vikings, Ashkenazim, Persians, Abbasids and Ottomans

STOP accusing the Arabs and Europeans of crimes committed by the Bedouins of the Amorites of Levant and the Bedouins of the Turkic Mongols in East Asia and their false religious claims and their corrupt social, political, media, moral, economic, religious and educational practices since 2400 BC

All nations and all patriotic entities of the world must realize and act decisively bearing in mind that the European Union, NATO, the Arab League and their affiliated and sponsored organizations and parties, religious institutions and regimes do not represent or serve Europeans and Arabs.

The European Union, NATO, the Arab League and their affiliated and sponsored organizations, religious institutions and regimes and parties are representing and serving the interests of Bedouins Amorites of Levant and the Turkic Mongolians from East Asia who falsely claim they are Arabs and Europeans

Arabs and Europeans must keep mourning after Hyksos Colonization since 1500 BC

People think wrongly that European nations controlled their states; and Europeans colonized many parts of the world. This is indeed Turkic Khazar propaganda.

Poor Europeans were colonized and subjugated since the Amorite Hebrew Romans in 753 BC; and more widely with the addition of the Turkic Khazar Vikings in 800 AD;

then totally with the implementation of International Zionism in 1850 then the Zionist European Union

The Norman yoke is a term denoting the oppressive aspects of feudalism in England, attributed to the impositions of William the Conqueror, the first Norman Viking king of England, his retainers and their descendants. The term was used in English nationalist and democratic discourse from the mid-17th century.

Norman Britain is a Turkic Mongolian colony

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute fled their homeland in Germany and Denmark to Brittan escaping the Turkic Mongolian raids since 400 AD.

The plains of Poland and Ukraine were under Turkic attacks. The reason for fleeing Germany and Denmark was not floods or seeking farming lands as falsely claimed in most books.

The Turkic Mongolian raiders went and defeated the Norway and made piracy fleet and was called Viking from the word pagan.

Turkic Khazars Viking went after the escaped Anglo-Saxon-Jute in Britain and kept attacking it until they defeated the Anglo-Saxon-Jute and Britons in 1066 AD. The Turkic Mongolian invasion is falsely called the Norman Conquest.

All the rulers of Britain since that time are amalgamation of Turkic Mongolians and collaborators

Levant Bedouins Amorites Hebrew Hyksos colonized the Arabs then made Rome and the Romans in 753 BC and colonized Europe.

Then Turkic Mongolian Khazars nomads from East Asia colonized the both the Arabs and Europe.

Amorites used Arabic and Turkic Mongolians used European languages. Both heterogeneous gangs went on for very long time colonizing different parts of the world since 700 BC and more widely after 800 AD.

The Amorite and Turkic colonizers under many labels claim their colonialism is Arabic and European

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute fled in 400 AD from Turkic Mongolians

Actually, today’s European ruling power is not European at all. The Anglo-Saxon-Jute settlers in Britain were certainly civilian Germanic refugees fleeing their homeland from Turkic Mongolian attacks since 400 AD.

The Anglo-Saxon-Jute did not see the fertile plains of Poland and Ukraine as safe choices because the problem was not floods as claimed in many sources trying to hide the Turkic assaults on Europe including the Anglo-Saxon-Jute since the alleged Indo-European Migrations.

The fleeing Anglo-Saxon-Jute created a power vacuum in north Germany which the Turkic Mongolian raiders filled by installing their own Turkic regimes and Germanic collaborators.

After the Turkic Mongolian controlled north Germany, they attacked Scandinavia and created piracy fleet called Vikings. The Vikings followed the Anglo-Saxon-Jute settlers in Britain and defeated them in the Norman Conquest.

The duke of Normandy was the ruler of the Duchy of Normandy in north-western France. The duchy arose out of a grant of land to the Viking leader Rollo by the French king Charles III in 911. In 924 and again in 933, Normandy was expanded by royal grant.

The Norman Conquest was the military conquest of England by William, duke of Normandy, primarily effected by his decisive victory at the Battle of Hastings (October 14, 1066) and resulting ultimately in profound political, administrative, and social changes in the British.

The control over France, continental Europe and the fall of Britain to Turkic Vikings and their collaborators marked the total fall of Europe in the hands of Turkic Mongolians from that date until today.

The final form of Turkic Mongolian hegemony over Europe switched from obsolete decorative waning monarchs to the Zionist European Union

Few of my Groundbreaking Discoveries in History

The Amorite Hyksos Hebrew origin of the Romans is one of my tens groundbreaking discoveries

Other groundbreaking discoveries of mine include

The Turkic Mongolian Khazar origin of the Vikings and the thrones of Europe

The Amorite Hyksosian Origin of the Hebrew Jews

The Turkic Mongolian Khazar origin of the Ashkenazi Jews and Zionism

The Ethiopian homeland (the country of Punt) for the children of Israel, Israel and Jerusalem

The complete difference between the children of Israel and the Jews

The current total occupation of Europe by the Turkic Mongolian Khazars Zionists and the Amorite Hebrew Romans

Levant Bedouins Amorites and Turkic Mongolian nomads from East Asia colonized the Arabs and Europe, used their languages, and colonized the world. The colonizers claim that their colonialism is Arabic and European

The Zuropean Union ZU and Using Europe against Patriots in the World

Amorite Hyksos Hebrew Jews made the Romans in 753 BC; but Hebrew Jews lost the contest of dominance against their partners and rivals the Turkic Khazars Ashkenazi Jews who invented Zionism in 1850 AD.

The Turkic Khazars made the Vikings/ Wicing/ pagani shaped power and wealth in Western and Northern Europe and made the monarchs and their entourages.

The Turkic Khazars Vikings/ Wicing/ pagani are the base of The European Union

The Amorite Hyksos Hebrew Jews, and their offshoot the Romans, are left with peanuts

The EU is indeed a Zuropean Union. Because it does not represent the peoples of Europe and does not serve their interests

European Union is Castle for Turkic Khazars Zionism and Amorite Hebrew Romans both Hyksos

Castles are Manifestations of Turkic-Amorite Colonialism in Europe

One of the clearest examples and evidence of the fall of Europe and other countries in the region into the hands of the Turkic Mongolian gangs is the widespread construction and use of castles, special forces and prisons, which are centers and tools for the Turkic Mongolian gangs in conquest, control and occupation.

There are more than forty thousand medieval castles and their remains in Europe. It is clear that eastern, northern and western Europe fell into the hands of the Turkic Mongolians, while southern Europe fell into the hands of the Bedouins of the Amorites.

The country with the most castles is Germany. Wales is the county with the largest number of castles. France has the oldest castles in Europe. Windsor Castle in London is the largest of the castles.

The criminality of any Turkic gang is directly related to the size and wealth of the leader’s castle, his family and his entourage.

The irony is that castles in Europe and in other Turkic Mongolian colonies, with their prisons, slave quarters, and fortifications, brutal criminal history are admired as examples of beauty, wealth, splendor, power and luxury.

Wake Up Europe! Amorite Bedouin Hebrew Romans and Turkic Khazars are Colonizing You

I wrote for sometime that the Hebrews are one of the four offshoot gangs from the Hyksos expelled from Kmt in 1523 BC.

The Hyksos are surely Amorites majority and Turkic Mongolian minority but powerful nomadic gangs. Sumer testifies clearly that the Amorites are terrible preventive Bedouins.

The Hebrews colonized Ugarit which is the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean in 1450 BC and made a colony called Phoenicia which started piracy

Male-only Hebrews, who came from their colony Carthage via Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, made Rome corral in 753 BC.

Time will tell soon that my discovery that the Romans are Bedouin Amorites is a breakthrough development in history the world failed to discover for 2500 years

Turkic Khazars invaded Baltic North Europe and created the Vikings and new wide piracy. Turkic Khazar Vikings invaded and colonized West Europe and created the present monarchs and elite.

The so-called European Union is just the International Zionism designed in 1850 AD. The correct name for the EU is Zuropean Union ZU.

No more Amorite-Turkic Hyksos deceptions and forgeries. End of the game.

The Bedouin Amorite Romans are no longer a significant threat for Europe. The major hazard for Europe and the World are the Turkic Khazar and the older Turkic component of the Hyksos

European Union is Castle for Turkic Khazars Zionism and Amorite Hebrew Romans both Hyksos

One of the clearest examples and evidence of the fall of Europe and other countries in the region into the hands of the Turkic Mongolian gangs is the widespread construction and use of castles, special forces and prisons, which are centers and tools for the Turkic Mongolian gangs in conquest, control and occupation.

There are more than forty thousand medieval castles and their remains in Europe. It is clear that eastern, northern and western Europe fell into the hands of the Turkic Mongolians, while southern Europe fell into the hands of the Bedouins of the Amorites.

The country with the most castles is Germany. Wales is the county with the largest number of castles. France has the oldest castles in Europe. Windsor Castle in London is the largest of the castles.

The criminality of any Turkic gang is directly related to the size and wealth of the leader’s castle, his family and his entourage.

The irony is that castles in Europe and in other Turkic Mongolian colonies, with their prisons, slave quarters, and fortifications, are admired as examples of beauty, wealth, splendor, power and luxury.

The History of Piracy in the Old and New Worlds is Amorite of Sham and Turkic Mongolian

In the year 1450 BC, the Amorite Hebrews of the Levant, one of the branches of the Hyksos expelled from Kmt, occupied the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, and those coasts are the home of the Ugarit people, the owner of the ancient history and civilization.

The Hebrews established a colony called Phoenicia. The Hebrews discovered the expertise, knowledge and skills of the Ugarit people in geography, shipbuilding, navigation, and trade. The Amorite Hebrews exploited the defeated Ugarit as laborers and slaves to establish the first sea piracy fleet in the Mediterranean.

The first piracy campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew were the sea bands falsely called the Sea Peoples. This wave of piracy also resulted in bringing Palestinians from different regions.

The second campaigns of Hebrew piracy resulted in the establishment of the colony of Carthage in Tunisia.

The third campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew piracy resulted in the establishment of the colony of Rome, coming from Sicilia, Sardinia and Corsica, and from Rome, they made the Roman colonial empire

The fourth piracy campaigns of the Amorite Hebrew resulted in human hunting and Roman slavery for the southern coasts of Europe and western and northern Africa

In the year 760 AD, gangs of Turkic Mongolians called the Khazars began to raid central and northern Europe and riverine navigation of trade routes between them.

The Turkic Khazars targeted the Baltic peoples for their knowledge of geography, shipbuilding, navigation, and trade and indeed the Khazars defeated the Scandinavians. They made the Vikings

The Turkic Mongolian Khazars exploited the defeated Baltic peoples as laborers and slaves to create the first sea piracy fleet in the North Sea the Vikings or Norsemen “Northmen”, the Viking Age (793–1066 AD)

The first Khazar-Turkic piracy campaigns of the Khazar Viking gangs were in 770 AD, which they called falsely Normans of Scandinavia and resulted in gains the Anglo-Normans ruling class in all Western Europe

The second campaigns of the Khazar Turkic piracy resulted in defeating the Anglo-Saxon in 1066 AD and the establishment of Norman colonies with France as base. The Anglo-French War (1202-1214) divided them

The third campaigns of the Khazar Turkic piracy resulted in the establishment of centers for piracy in Portugal, including and covering the Atlantic and exploration campaigns and raids on Asia.

The fourth campaigns of the Khazar-Turkic-Mongolian piracy resulted in the occupation of the Americas, large human hunting and slavery of the coasts of western and southern Africa and colonization of Asia

Turkic Mongolian Ottomans (1299–1922) deployed the expelled Turkic Mongolian colonizers of Iberia in 1493 AD Reconquista to wage further campaigns of Mediterranean and Atlantic piracy and with the Moors slavery on Africa that profited them from the invasion and colonization of the Americas.

Turkic Mongolian Ottomans had the lead in creating and nursing Zionism for Turkic Mongolian Khazars to recolonize south Ugarit that became Canaan in 600 BC. Turkic Mongolian Abbasids agreed in 740 AD with Turkic Khazars to settle some of them in Canaan creating western Jews. It was to displace Hebrew Jews who were Amorite Umayyads. Turkic Mongolian Khazars left Canaan to Western Europe and Americas. In 1850, they with the Ottomans decided to create a political entity called Israel, and Ottoman colonial officers facilitated the project with acknowledgement and support from Palestinians.

The Fall of Western Europeans and the Han Nation Following the Viking Age

Khazars are not an ethic group of a nation, they are like cowboys, and they are a global phenomenon originated from the Far East. They controlled and formed subject groups including the Vikings and that led the creations of all monarchs including the Windsor of UK.

The Viking Age (793–1066 AD) led to the monarchs of the High Middle Ages, or High Medieval Period, the period of European history that lasted from around 1000 AD to the 1300s. The High Middle Ages preceded by the Early Middle Ages and were followed by the Late Middle Ages, which ended around AD 1500

The Turkic Khazars attacked Western Europe coming via Northern Europe. The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos attacked Western Europe in the form of Romans. The Hyksos since 1670 BC were a coalition between 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolian.

There Were Indeed Blacks in Han that became China called Chinese

The Mongol-led Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) ruled before the establishment of the Ming dynasty of Han origin (1368–1644). The Javans sent 300 black slaves as tribute to the Ming dynasty in 1381. When the Ming dynasty crushed the Miao Rebellions in 1460, they castrated 1,565 Miao boys, which resulted in the deaths of 329 of them. They turned the survivors into eunuch slaves. The Guizhou Governor who ordered the castration of the Miao was reprimanded and condemned by Emperor Yingzong of Ming for doing it once the Ming government heard of the event. Since 329 of the boys died, they had to castrate even more. On 30 Jan 1406, the Ming Yongle Emperor expressed horror when the Ryukyuans castrated some of their own children to become eunuchs to give them to Yongle. Yongle said that the boys who were castrated were innocent and didn’t deserve castration, and he returned the boys to Ryukyu and instructed them not to send eunuchs again.

Ming rulers, as a way of limiting slavery because of their inability to prohibit it, passed a decree that limited the number of slaves that could be held per household and extracted a severe tax from slave owners. The case of black Chinese is related to Turkic Mongolian colonization over the Han who are the vast majority in what became China. The colonizers brought black African slaves as they did in the Americas, Europe and wherever they invaded.

Natural differences in features and color occur in any nation as scattered and ancient cases not like in slavery and invasions. World colonial history is dominated by Portuguese. People will assume wrongly that these so-called Portuguese are Europeans. Colonial Portuguese as well as Viking are indeed Turkic Mongolian of Khazar origin. Although the African community in China seems to be a quite recent phenomenon, African migrants in fact first appeared in southern China in the second half of the sixteenth century, when pioneer Portuguese navigators arrived and settled in Macao (Morais, 2009, 1–19).

Africans were assigned as galleys in the trading ships that sailed from Macao to Portugal’s posts in India and Japan; they were also employed in private households or at Jesuit missions in southern China. Some Africans who came to China as slaves served under Chinese forces or became pirates who ravaged Chinese coasts (Show, 1988, 250).

Despite the abolition of slavery in 1878, African migrants from Mozambique, Guinea and Angola continued to arrive in Macao, where they served in the Portuguese colonial army as soldiers guarding the governor’s palace (Morais, 2009, 5). The Portuguese government kept these African troops in Macao until 1975. The African soldiers left the territory to return to their newly formed home countries.

Sephardim are Hebrew Amorites of 600 BC while Ashkenazim are Turkic Khazars of 740 AD

The Akkadians colonized Sumer (2334 – 2154 BC) and the Hyksos who colonized Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC) were an alliance of nomadic gangs composed of 90% Amorites of Levant plus 10% Turkic Mongolians of East Asia.

Kmt expelled the fighters of Hyksos in 1523 BC and the civilians refused to leave northern Kmt, remained trying to bring Kmt to downfall and takeover. Most of the expelled Hyksos fled eastward to the Levant but some fled westward to join a big number of Hyksos who were already looting and enslaving West Africa.

Gangs from the Meshwesh Berber joined the Hyksos and made bases in North Africa to push the Tuareg, the only true Amazigh, southward and takeover the north of their homeland. The alliance between Amorite-Turkic Hyksos with the Meshwesh Berber made the pale Fulani, which the collected heterogeneous victims of black West Africans were the black Fulani.

The expelled Hyksos in Levant branched to four gangs: 1. Hebrew targeting Ugarit (the eastern coast of the Mediterranean); 2. Mitanni targeting Ebla (today Syria); 3. Kassite targeting Sumer (today Iraq); and 4. Mukarribs targeting the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha and then targeted Punt Lands.

Hyksos in North Africa sought alternative routes to connect with West Asia. They tried to go around Kmt by inland southern route. This route caused raiding the regions in the southern Nile Valley in 1500 BC and the downfall of the kingdoms of Kerma Civilization on the six Nile Cataracts the southern neighbor of Kmt.

Sudden and mysterious death of Queen Hatshepsut at the age of 50 occurred in January 1458 BC. Immediately following the death of Queen Hatshepsut, the Hebrew Amorite Hyksos made an alliance with her successor and foe Thutmose III to invade and colonized Ugarit.

Thutmose III joined the creation of the Hebrew Amorite Hyksos colony of Phoenicia. The resources, trade, and navigation expertise of Ugarit helped the Hebrew to create the Phoenician piracy fleet. Hebrew Phoenician piracy raided all the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean and made Carthage their base, which had the early stranded Hyksos.

The Hebrew Amorite Hyksos attacked the Aegean islands and their Anatolian land. The attacks caused the Trojan wars, the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse of 1177 BC and the Sea Peoples/ pirating gangs and the West Bank Palestinians.

From southern Arabia, the Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs raided and colonized costal central Punt Land and made D’mt colony (in today Eritrea). The Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs made D’mt to raid, loot and enslave the rich kingdoms of Sheba (Tigray) and Israel (in Afar Triangle).

Following the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, the Amorite Hyksos Mukarribs of D’mt with elders from Judah tribe invaded Jerusalem and looted the Temple and expelled the rest of the Israelites northward.

In 780 BC in Africa, the mixed gangs of Amorite-Turkic Hyksos with Meshwesh Berber and black Fulani came under one gang leader and formed Kush kingdom to invade Kmt of the 24 Dynasty, which defeated and expelled the Hyksos rulers of the 22 and 23 dynasties. Kush went to support the Hebrews in Phoenicia who the Sumerian Assur attacked to liberate Ugarit and to assist Kmt.

From their bases in Cecelia, Corsica and Sardinian the Carthage Hebrew Amorite gangs moved into Italy in 753 BC, made a Carthage Hebrew Amorite corral, and called it Rome. This was the Carthage Hebrew Amorite beginning of the Roman Empire.

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos kept attacking Sumer and in 610 BC waged a major assault. The Hyksos defeated the allied armies of Kmt and Assur in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC. The defeat ended Sumer and accelerated the fall of Kmt into the Third Dark/ Intermediate Period (1070 – 664 BC) then the Turkic Persian in (525–404 BC), the final collapse by Persians in 343 BC

Following the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC and they reconstructed their colonies to resemble states with narratives and the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos renamed their gangs to Jews; Kurds; Babylonians and Sabaeans.

The Babylonians instructed the Mukarribs of D’mt to loot and destroy Solomon’s Temple, sell the Israelites into slavery to passing ships and to Amorite Mukarribs colonies on the southern and western coasts of Arabia; and make a copy of Sheba in Yemen and call it Sabaean Kingdom.

The Babylonians ordered Mukarribs to bring elders of Judah to help to create Jews, Hebrew, Hebrew Bible and Judaism to turn the south of Ugarit into a Hebrew colony of Canaan and make a copy of the Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem. The Amorite Hyksos were the origin of Hebrew Jews as well as the Romans.

Jesus was born from an Israelite migrant family from Punt. The birth and teachings of Jesus were great threats for the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos and their Judah collaborators. The Amorite Hebrew and Romans together with the Turkic Persians and Kurds succeeded in crucifying Jesus, persecute, and kill believers

610 years later, Mohamed brought another serious threat for all branches of the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos. The teachings of Mohamed were strong call to fight the colonizers of the Arabs and liberate Arabia. The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos knew the threats and used influential Amorites pretending to be Arabs to persecute and kill Mohamed and his believers. Mohamed had no place to go other than to the stronghold of the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos in Yathrib (latter Medina).

The Amorite-Turkic Hyksos succeeded in ending the Caliphate period (632–661) brutally. They installed the Amorite pretentious Arabs as the Umayyad Caliphate (661–750). The Umayyad Caliphate created their cult called Amorite Umayyad Islam. The militant Turkic part of Hyksos decided to break their 3000-year alliance with the Amorites and takeover power from the Amorite Umayyad

In 740, Turkic militants sought alliance with other Turkic groups colonizing different parts of the region. The Turkic Khazars agreed to move part of them to colonize Canaan, call themselves Zionist Jews, and replace the Amorite Hebrew Jews. The Turkic groups forced the Amorite Hebrew Jews to move westwards to North Africa and Iberia. The Amorite Hebrew Jews made up the Sephardim in Iberia and Rome.

Turkic groups succeeded in creating the Turkic Abbasid Caliphate (750–1517) and their cult called Turkic Abbasid Islam. The remaining majority of Turkic Khazars raided Europe starting with the steppe of Ukraine and Poland. Their settlements were the Ashkenazim and strongly linked to the Zionism since 750 AD.

The Turkic Khazars raids on Central Europe targeted the trade routes leading to the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. After defeating Norsemen, they used the resources, trade, and navigation expertise of the Norse helped the Turkic Khazars to create the Viking piracy fleet and the Viking Period.

The Viking raided the coasts and the islands of Western Europe and created colonies and the monarchs of today. The Iberian kingdoms expelled the Amorite Hebrew Umayyad in 1492. The Ottomans brought some Iberian Sephardim and Ashkenazim to their capital and settled some in their Balkan and North African colonies. Sephardim and Ashkenazim worked together and colonized the Americas and with the Fulani and Berber Moors enslaved West Africans and shipped them to the Americas

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